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Report: Arsenal 1-1 Monaco [5-4 on pens] inc goals

Arsenal: Ramsdale, Timber, Saliba, Kiwior, Tomiyasu, Partey, Rice, Smith Rowe, Martinelli, Vieira, Nketiah.

Subs: Turner, Hein, Tierney, White, Gabriel, Holding, Jorginho, Havertz, Odegaard, Marquinhos, Saka, Trossard.

Arsenal won the Emirates Cup after a 5-4 penalty shoot-out win over Monaco, after the game finished 1-1 in normal time.

Mikel Arteta handed a first home start to Declan Rice and Jurrien Timber, while also giving playing time to the likes of Emile Smith Rowe, Fabio Vieira, Takehiro Tomiyasu and others who haven’t played a great deal this summer. The Gunners were without Gabriel Jesus who has a knee injury which is to be assessed, according to the club.

The game began at pre-season pace, but Gabriel Martinelli injected a bit of fizz after good work from Vieira and Nketiah. He might have gone down for a penalty but stayed on his feet, allowing the visitors to smother.

Monaco had a sight of goal but the flag went up for offside as Ben Yedder’s tame finish failed to trouble Ramsdale, Rice provided a good ball across their six-yard box but Nketiah didn’t make the most of it, and the striker headed over when Vieira nodded back another Rice cross to him but he was coming back from an offside position.

Martinelli began to cause the Monaco defence some trouble down the left, a last gasp intervention denying a pull back to Nketiah, before Saliba was harshly booked for a mistimed sliding tackle just outside our box. A lovely touch from Eddie saw him next to put in a low cross, but again there was nobody there to apply the finish.

In the 31st minute, Monaco went ahead when Camara got beyond Martinelli too easily to put in a cross which Fofana headed home from close range, leaving Ramsdale with no chance to make a save. 0-1.

Good defending denied Nketiah after a clever quick free kick from Smith Rowe, and from the resulting corner Partey headed over. Having already been booked, Saliba committed another foul to stop a counter, but in the circumstances, Anthony Taylor kept his second yellow in his pocket. There was a big chance for Monaco from the free kick, but the lad missed his header completely.

Partey sent Timber down the right but his low cross was defended well, and after a good interception and pass from Tomiyasu, Rice was denied a goal by an outstanding piece of defending from Maripan. From the corner, Tomiyasu’s header was brilliantly saved by the keeper, forcing another corner, and from there Arsenal equalised. The corner came in from Martinelli, and the number 14 arrived at the back post to volley home and to send the teams in level at the break. 1-1.

There were no half-time changes from Mikel Arteta, but the first big chance of the second period came from Monaco. They broke down their left, crossed it in, Ben Yedder hit the right hand post on the stretch and the ball rebounded back off Ramsdale and somehow squirted wide of the far post. Golovin had another opportunity which was easy for the Arsenal keeper, but the chances were worryingly good for the opposition.

At the other end, Martinelli fired over after Vieira set him up following good work from Partey, and around the hour mark, Arteta made changes as Martin Odegaard, Jorginho, Gabriel, Kieran Tierney, Kai Havertz, Ben White, and Leandro Trossard replaced Martinelli, Timber, Smith Rowe, Saliba, Rice, Tomiyasu, and Partey.

Gabriel picked up a booking for a foul on Minamino after the Japan international did him on the turn, and Ben Yedder followed him into the book for a similar foul on Vieira. Trossard was sent through by Jorginho but saw his effort saved, and the Belgian then set up Odegaard who fired over the bar.

Ramsdale was forced into a save after a Fofana shot deflected off Gabriel, Vieira forced Kohn into a good save with a right-footed shot, and Gabriel headed over from a corner as we headed into the final 10 minutes of normal time.

Marquinhos replaced goalscorer Nketiah with 8 minutes to go, meaning Trossard went central with the substitute taking his place on the left. There was nothing much in the way of chances in the final few minutes, and after two minutes of added time the final whistle blew.

A penalty shoot-out was going to happen anyway, but with the game drawn, the destination of the cup was now dependent on it. It went as follows, Monaco shooting first.

Enriques ⚽️ 0-1
Odegaard ⚽️ 1-1
Fofana ⚽️ 1-2
Joringho ⚽️ 2-2
Diatta ⚽️ 2-3
Havertz ⚽️ 3-3
Minamino ❌ (Ramsdale save) 3-3
Vieira ⚽️ 4-3
Some bloke ⚽️ 4-4
Gabriel ⚽️ 5-4

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First? I don’t deserve this.

Mayor McCheese

Many years ago, I fished for Walleye (or Pickerel). Absolutely delicious. So I’d say you deserve all good things, my sweet, sweet finny friend.

Kentish Gooner



Seriously think we should get the cheque book out and bring in Some Bloke. Even just as a penalty taker.


We have more depth but there’s a real log-jam in midfield. We are getting close to a too many cooks situation. Each player brings something different to the party, but the chemistry is all over the place. Sometimes less is more and I’m not sure Arteta has shown he can adequately rotate a big squad yet. For him it’s been first XI until a player breaks down. Will be interested to see how many players he trusts when it matters. Having spent 200m plus we look very light upfront. Especially with the Jesus news. While Partey looked like the 100m… Read more »

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

Vieira was Arsenal’s best player according to sofascore – hopefully he can silence a few critics this season


I thought his final ball was quite poor and I wouldn’t want him as back up for Saka on the right.

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

Agreed – but I don’t think he’s considered as Saka’s back up (that’s Nelson as it stands, who is injured)


He wasn’t. He really wasn’t.

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

Well, like I say, according to sofascore he was (7.7 rating)


Did you actualy watch the game? Or are you basing your arguments on Sofascore ratings?

Viera had most ball contacts and all of his completed passes were always to the player closest to him. He actually wasted EVERY single final ball when we created opportunities with quick passing. There is no way you have watched the game and actually arguing that he was any good!

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

He made 4 key passes compared to ESR’s zero and Martinelli’s 2. I guess the next argument that he is too weak and not physical enough? He won 5 of his 12 ground duels compared to ESR winning 1 from 7 and Martinelli 3 from 7.


So you havent watched the game 😄

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

Or perhaps I back up my opinion on his performance with stats?


A million times I’ve asked you And then I ask you over Again, you only answer Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps … This was Doris Day, not me 🙂 I don’t want to get into an argument because I know you won’t change you mind disregarding the actual argument. I wholeheartedly recomend books from Daniel Kahneman (Thinking fast and thinking slow, Noise). It is great reading on cognitive bias and forming of oppinion. I get that you think Viera is being made a scapegoat which is legit. Even though the game was only preparation and unimportant and is totaly unnecessary to look… Read more »

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

It is ironic that you’d suggest a book on cognitive bias given that is exactly what you’re displaying by disregarding stats in favour of your own personal opinion. I’ll build upon this. You say that he cannot function as an 8 or a 10 in Arteta’s system – yet he functioned to a very high standard in this system during his brief time with Porto. During the 21/22 season he played an average of about 50 minutes per match. In less than 20 starts he got 14 assists and 6 goals. His season heat map shows the positions he occupied… Read more »


The nice thing about stats is that they can always be used at wil to confirm or deny anything, especially in football. For example comparing stats from Viera and lets say Marquinhos I can argue that latter is 4 time more effective ( per played minutes) and you can not deny that as a fact whereas is totaly and uterly ludicrous statement and tells you nothing that has any effect onto how Arsenal play football. I’ve seen enough not to make decision on his entire future but on his future playing for Arsenal. We can gladly rediscuss it begining of… Read more »

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

I haven’t seen any comments including from myself that says he will make it at arsenal. The point that myself and others are making is that he has only had one season here, so the constant criticism is unjust – especially after a reasonable performance in a new formation where he is again singled out for criticism by some

Ebuka Nwaokeke

Partey is irreplaceable…


He was not messing around today for sure, what a player




My takes on the game: – Arsenal TV crew needs to seriously up their game if they’re charging fee for the games – Partey is worth hell lot more than 30 mil – Arteta is playing Viera into Willian 2.0 version – Timber is the quickest newcomet in adjusting to our style of play – Tomiyasu and Saliba stil need time to get back to the level we’ve seen them playing – Tierney is a really solid and reliable left back and should not be let go cheaply because he is among the best in PL in his position (not… Read more »


Can you elaborate on the Willian 2.0 comment? That doesn’t sound positive but I might be misinterpreting


You are not misinterpreting. Viera played 82 minutes, probably had the most ball contacts of all the players on the pitch and produced absolutelly nothing. Not in linking play, not in creating chances, not in creating space for others or finding other players with passing in final third. Not in wining any duels either. He wasted number of potential opportunities. When we eventualy managed to create overload with quick plays on the counter, his final ball was attrocious. Best aspect of his play were corner kick deliveries. So he has got more minutes in preseason than any other non-starting player… Read more »


I haven’t watched any of the games other than highlights so I’ll defer to you somewhat for the analysis, but “didn’t show anything” seems quite harsh considering he had a great goal against Barcelona and scored both of his penalty kicks in these last two games. As for your analysis of his link up play, if he had the most touches surely he’s doing something right? Even his harshest critics tend to admit he has a good final ball but were mainly going at him for disappearing from games and not asserting himself, sounds like now he’s doing the opposite… Read more »

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

You single out Vieira for criticism and say nothing about ESR? Why?
Vieira won 5 ground duels ESR won 1.
Vieira made 4 key passes ESR made 0.
Vieira created 1 big chance ESR created 0.


Ooohhh Sofascore stats again without watching the game. No he didn’t have 4 key passes. Or you name two out of 4 and I will rest my case. ESR didn’t have a good game either but didn’t have the ball that much and surely didn’t waste so many balls in the final third. The trouble was that we’ve played like we play with the Saka on the right and Viera is not Saka. He tried at least six take-ons and came through not a single time when one on one with the defender. Again, it is not his fault that… Read more »


I could be said that you’re the one who either didn’t watch the game or watched it through hate filled glasses. Give over, it’s boring.

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

Just to point out, Vieira never has been or never will be a winger. He played a total of 156 minutes on the left wing in his final season at Porto, and has played a couple of times on the left wing for Portugal U21s when he was 19. He played on the right wing last night as we didn’t have other options given the charity shield game for Saka on Sunday and injuries to Nelson and Jesus. Add this to the fact that we were playing an unusual formation for us, and the fact that the front 4 have… Read more »

Karl g

None of us want to hear this after spending £35m and having a great name. However, you’re spot on. Vieira’s Arsenal career adds up to 2 long range goals and a host of safe passes.

I really hope he makes some progress soon.


Still pre season, but overall I think we’ve looked really switched off defensively. Need to sharpen up when the league starts

Mayor McCheese

Yes, gave away too many chances. Thank goodness chubby Ben Yedder cushioned the ball into Ramsdale’s arms on that one v. one! Partey, Smith Rowe, Trossard, and Tierney impressed. Havertz won the ball impressively in midfield when he came on.


I agree, we were terrible at the back. I thought everyone looked off the pace. Also the worst match day experience at the emirates today. I would go into it but it will just make me mad again

Man Manny

My thoughts too.


Great shout Chuffy, even when we have players back its like am i the one to pick this player up ? i know they are friendlies with a lot of changes on the pitch but we really need to tighten up back there it was what cost us the league 🤔


Mikel, hear me out – I know you bought the two midfield toys to play in specific positions. But Partey is too good to not start at the base. Rice looked like a faster and energetic version of Xhaka in that left position, that’s ideal!

If we don’t get in a cover for Saka, then as a left-footed playmaker coming off the right, Havertz can’t do any worse than Fabio Viera.


Boriiiiiiiing…. It’s time to pick the first 11 and stick to them for some time. Tired of Viera on the wing. Better to put Marquinhos


Did u watch the match? Viera was good today.


He was above average with the ball and was terrible without it. Partey and ESR were forced out of position because of Viera failing to press or track back.


I thought Viera was pretty sloppy. Still looks like he’ll get muscled out in most games. He’s clearly got skill but he just doesn’t look ready IMO.

Mayor McCheese

Fouled, mostly, by Monaco’s Magassa, who should have received at least two yellows today, the first for shoving Vieira in the face early in the first half. In a real game, Vieira would have had him on a yellow early and had the roasting of him. Anyway, I like the way Vieira held off two or three defenders in the second half to create a chance for…I want to say Rice? Promising performance from him. No way he was more sloppy than the rest of the team. Sharper than most, I’d say.


Football is a competition, you have to win in the small details.
He lost most of his duels. I’ve seen more tougher and less muscular men.
It’s not always about muscle mass, it’s the willingness to get stuck in.


It feels like almost everyone has soured on him already after one season, his first in England at a young age, and most aren’t even giving him a fair chance anymore


Exactly this, he was not worse than any of the other players on that pitch. Has he become the latest scapegoat? I hope not.

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

It appears that some people were not humbled by the Xhaka redemption curve and have learned nothing from this


Exactly, and Xhaka wasn’t even young at any point in that curve. Young players tend to get better. I’m not saying he’s assured to make it at Arsenal but surely he deserves a bit more patience and us rooting for him, if we’re only going to buy ready-made stars now and stop developing players we might as well sell the club to an oligarch.


Here’s my take on it (having correctly counseled against the instant crucifying of numerous players before): he’s young and has come out of a relatively ‘soft’ physical league; he’s been used sporadically, without a solid run in the side; he seems to be addressing some of last season’s main criticisms (defs looks tougher in contact); he unquestionably has excellent feet and good vision; he can bury a long shot when he has the opportunity. I would defs give him the game-time to keep showing an upward trajectory. We have the match minutes to kill this season, and with the investment… Read more »


Come come now!

Dont you know that the trend among the angry AFC fans corps – the “real” fans because they feel compelled to complain and pile on players – is to hate on Fabio Vieira? No matter what.

Do get with the program!

(that’s sarcasm, obvs.)


I’d agree Cheese-meister (can i abbreviate to just Cheezeister, or perhaps even Cheezta?).
AFL’s (supra) personal hate-crusade aside, I thought Viera was defs stronger on the ball and more committed going at defenders. He stood up way better to the man-handling he was getting and, given he’s never played on the right wing, did a decent job.
Would’ve liked to see more tracking back on defence and pressing stuff, though.

Mayor McCheese

Partey was Arsenal’s MOTM, though. Unreal. So glad he’s not moving this summer.




Vieira was okay IMO he just needs to learn to play through contact and stay on his feet better – seems like every little contact he has to go down and flail his arms at the ref – but he is good technically. I am still not convinced by Nketiah despite his goal today (his first in a 6 months or so) – the team seems to fare better when Jesus is on the pitch or even when Balogun was on the pitch. I really hope we keep Flo or if Arteta has an issue with him – then we… Read more »


Something is wrong with the energy in the team.


Mikel needs to wave his arms faster and point more vigorously. That’ll fix it.


New players and Arteta unsure of his strongest team possibly. Hopefully sorted by Forest.


Let us hope.


It’s called Pre Season.



Mayor McCheese

It’s called Pashon!


Ramsdale saved a pen!!!


They cheekily put 4/5 of their pens down the middle. Still outstanding that he made a correct guess and stayed put on that save but easier when a trend had already started to establish itself.


Trossard is exciting when he gets the ball. The same sort of exciting as when Alexis Sanchez got the ball you knew he was going to do something


Yep, Trossard is starting to remind me a lot of Sanchez. To think that’s he’s just one option we have… that’s quite impressive.


Alexis is a free agent by the way… What about a cheeky 3 month contract while Jesus is out?


I’d far rather have Santi back for the benefit ‘mini-season’ that he never got.
Mik’s best mate… still very fit… bring in to operate as a super-sub for a dozen matches!

SLC Gooner

Was a pretty sloppy match, but probably to be expected at this point and with this mix of players that haven’t previously played a lot together.
Martinelli looks like he’s getting sharper. Eddie has his good points, but seems a pretty big drop from Jesus or Trossard to him. He doesn’t have the close control skills.


Hope there won’t be too much of an uproar when Trossard and Partey start in the 8 and 6 respectively, because to me they look the best in those positions. Wonder if Arteta will be brave enough to put £165 million on the bench.

Eric Blair

Trossard ought to start as a false 9 in Jesus’s absence, then Partey and Rice in midfield.


I have a feeling Trosser might just step and become the striker we didn’t drop 100m on… please Lord!

Eric Blair

Oops, mentioned the ‘P’ word again, shouldn’t that be over with now he’s staying and seemingly in the clear? Anyway,

Trossard ought to start as a false 9 in Jesus’s absence, then number 5 and Rice in midfield.


Well, Rice and Havertz both have to learn a new role, Rice as a lone DM and Havertz as a marauding 8, so they will understandably need time to settle, and I think Mikel knew that when he spent a huge amount of money on them.

It’s good to know that our alternative options are of such quality, though.


I think we lack cohesion as a defensive unit, possibly with the amount of ages we’ve been making. Monaco caught us out quite easily on transitions. Hopefully by the opening day Arteta has found a back 4 to settle on.


Bet your house on White, Saliba, Gabriel, Timber.

Mayor McCheese

I like the sound of your horn blow!


I like a house built from solid Timber


Glued with Saliba?


That’s disgusting

Pac Franklin

The game was very fantastic 🎯. But a very big thanks to Aaron Ramsdale who saved the penalty

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

A lot of work to do, in the next 10 days or so


Well, well, well a draw maybe not going to be enough for the second game in Monaco


That was more disjointed than I expected at this stage although Mikel seemed to have split up the usual combinations and neither half was our strongest team. Everyone still looks a bit rusty though, still lots of work to be done. Jurrien Timber looked the pick of the new signings, Vieira looks stronger, Trossard adds control and trickery, Martinelli and Smith Rowe were lively, but the decision making was a bit off from everyone. Good to see Tomi back, and hope Bukayo was just rested and nothing bad.

Eric Blair

Have a feeling this could be a tricky season for us, the start at least. I’m quietly readjusting my expectations after the Jesus news.

El Mintero

I don’t like the vibe. Last pre-season we were scrappy and up for a fight. Right now we’re looking bloated with a lot of money invested and not a lot going the other way. Some major streamlining required and the team needs to settle quickly and start hitting full stride soon.


I can’t see us selling Partey in this window

Master Floda

Eddie’s movement to peel away from the defender and the finish were brilliant. Maybe it’s because he reminds me of Wrighty in these moments that I’m not as bearish on him as most.


Still a tad fragmented, especially on defence, but I am quietly getting more and more excited about this coming season. Because (from back to front!): defence, whilst looking disorganised, is better resourced than it has been since Ma caught her tits in the mangle (Timber/Tomi, Ben, Kiwi, Big Willy, Gab The Beast, Timber/Tierney… and Ziiiiiiinch); the new, improved (injury-free) Partey is playing as well as I’ve ever seen him play… Am I the only one who increasingly wants to call him Gilberto? the signs of his gelling into a killer chemistry with Rice are sprouting green shoots – AND Timber… Read more »

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