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Rice: Everything is starting to click

Declan Rice says he’s been blown away by Mikel Arteta’s attention to detail and says things have started to click for him at Arsenal following last weekend’s Community Shield win over Manchester City.

After missing the first couple of weeks of pre-season while his move from West Ham was finalised, the Gunners’ club-record signing has produced a series of low-key cameos in the build-up to the new campaign.

Having built up his fitness and got used to his new surroundings, it sounds as though he’s now coming into his own.

“In the last four weeks, I’ve grown so much already and learned so much about football that I hadn’t seen before,” he told TNT Sports. 

“I’m honestly seeing the game in a completely different way already. Tactically, on the ball, off the ball. I’m happy to know I’m learning so much because I’m trying to push myself to learn. Since the Community Shield, I feel I’ve taken a big step; everything is starting to click.”

Having played the majority of his football for David Moyes and Gareth Southgate, and having briefly worked with Manuel Pellegrini and Slaven Bilic, it’s interesting to hear Rice talk in such glowing terms about Arteta’s approach.

“I was blown away; and working with him day-to-day, it’s just another level.

“Seeing how he works, how his mind operates, picking up stuff, seeing how he goes into detail on the opposition, and how he wants to improve us as players, individually and collectively, is really impressive.

“It’s just the finer details of what he goes into, so there are no excuses on matchday. You can’t say, ‘we’ve not worked on this or that’.

“You’re given everything and it’s literally down to you to go and perform. The finer details you go into are on another level, and I’ve never seen that before.”

Rice is expected to make his Premier League debut for the Gunners in tomorrow’s showdown with Nottingham Forest at Emirates Stadium.

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Nothing to say other than my three year old wanted to see what the comment button did. What follows is him 😆
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Excellent comment


This is almost, word for word, Kane’s leaving speech.



I know you couldn’t hold it back any longer.


This is the best comment I’ve recently read


Yep, that’s Spurs in a nutshell..
Well said…

Tom 007

The combination of Xhaka, Partey n Odergard worked better in the middle of the pitch last season I hope the combo of Rice, Partey n Odergard does the same and the 3 pointers will flow..


Every player keeps directly or indirectly calling him a genius.
They must be right, right?

Bleeding Gums Murphy

Only the true messiah denies his divinity


Always a good move to say nice things about the boss. That’s what I tell my staff…..

Teryima Adi

Le Professeur, Monsieur Arteta

Johnny 4 Hats

Alright, I don’t listen to or read about City players interviews. But I swear I don’t even hear this about Pep. Not as much at least.

But every single player that crosses Mikel’s path just can’t shut up about him.

It’s way too early to say, but I think Arteta’s legacy could be just as astonishing and groundbreaking as Guardiola’s.


Only those bought PR and bloggers who don’t respect Arteta and praises Edu above him. He’s on the road to greatness.

Wanyama IV

No need to put on down in order to elavate the other.

They’ve both done a great job at the club.

Wanyama IV


Mayor McCheese

I’m pretty sure the exact quote from Rice is, “everything is starting to snap, crackle, and pop.”

Bleeding Gums Murphy

Nice one centurion, like it, like it.


Declan Rice Crispies is definitely the next stage in the evolution of breakfast cereal, if he doesn’t get a sponsorship offer from them he’s doing something wrong

Dennis Elbow

I prefer a bowl of Declan Ricicles.


Apparently Spurs are trying to sign Tony the Tiger to replace Kane.

The move broke down, however, when Tony’s agent reported that he had had breakfast at the Spurs training ground and left early, declaring “Theyyyyyyyyyyyy’re SHITE….!!”


Nice one…
As long it’s not boiling over …

William Nilliam

Rice is nice


Pop some Bombay Potatoes and a Chicken Vindaloo alongside it and you have a piece of heaven right there on a plate.😉

Man Manny

I wonder how David would feel reading this; even Southgate.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

We’ve got Super Mik Arteta


I sincerely hope that the box-to-box performance he gave at Wembley is an indication of the long term role Arteta sees for him.

His link up play was superb and those sorties into forward positions mean that he will be amongst the goals and assists.

A Deluxe Xhaka, if you will.

I now (finally) get why Josh Edu and Arteta told us all to Be Excited.

Treating the household to one of my famous Full English breakfasts and then me and my youngest lad are Emirates bound!!



I’m at the age where everything starting to click is not a good thing.

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