Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Turner: Thanks for the memories, dawgs!

Matt Turner joined Nottingham Forest today in a permanent deal, having spent just one season at Arsenal after his arrival from MLS.

However, the Arsenal fan has enjoyed his time at the club, and sent a message to fans as he begins the next stage of his career.

Via Instagram, he said:

What a time! Thank you for the memories, Gooners. I genuinely gave my all every single day to try to push and help the club as much as I could, I hope the fans always felt that.

My family will forever feel at home in North London, Easton even seemingly fell in love with the sport!

We accomplished so many things and made so many lifelong friendships at Arsenal. That being said, it’s time for a new challenge in my career and for our family life, I’m so excited for what’s to come!

See you on the other side my Dawgs 😉

Matt has been registered in time for an immediate return to the Emirates, when we open the season against Forest on Saturday.

I’m sure we all wish him well at his new club … just not this weekend. Woof!

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Man Manny

Would be pretty special if he played. I doubt though.


Best of luck to him, this should be a deal where everyone’s a winner.
Also, that video is fucking hysterical, how have I never seen it before

Emi Rates

Top man! I hope he gets a very warm greeting from the fans on Saturday.


“Yoga Matt” Turner wish you all the best as you Turn a new page in your career. Should be quite good at that, the turning part. Being a turner and all.

Now before you go ahead and ask me to get my coat I feel like this is the same level of humour as the photoshop in the title so I won’t have it, once you start with that anything goes.

DB10S Air Miles

It’s a dawg eat dawg world


There’s some hunt in that dawg yet, he’ll need it in Forest.


I’ve never seen a dog eat a dog. It’s a man eats kebab world, i’ve seen that.


Ever wonder whats in that kebab?

Blackpool Albert

It’s a dawg eat dawg world. And I’m wearing Milkbone underwear…

Yankee Gooner

99% of readers don’t get the reference; Ma told me.

The Far Post

The old dawg taught Rambo a new PK saving trick, before Turner’ing over a new leaf. 😉

Thank you for everything, and good luck.

The Far Post

The old dawg taught Rambo a new (PK saving) trick, before Turner’ing over a new leaf. 😉

Thank you for everything, and good luck!


photoshop efforts earning blogs a downward facing dawg from me.

Giuseppe Hovno

If an actor had to play Matt Turner Photoshopped As A Dog it’d undoubtedly be Nic Cage


For that job, I like Ben Arfleck.


Also, you’d never get Nic Cage to play a supporting role.
He’d have to be the lead.


Dawg lead?


Prefer Shia La Woof


Arnold Schnauzernegger.
Spaniel Day-Lewis.
So many options.


Hope he has a great time at Forest. Deserves a chance at 29 to be a number one and keep his international no.1 status


Hope the Dean Henderson deal falls through and he gets the #1


He is a decent keeper but must of saw from the bench & in training his chances to replace Ramsbo were limited, loved his Arsenal introduction vid and wish him well, if we get Raya on loan it looks a very good deal, Edu and his team are playing a blinder lately, if he could shift Pepe for a fee Arsenal should put up a statue of him with pen in hand 😀

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