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Arteta wary of “new challenge” posed by Postecoglu’s Sp*rs

Sp*rs may have a terrible record away from home in the North London derby – just one win in their last 30 matches – but Mikel Arteta isn’t underestimating our neighbours, who are unbeaten in the league under new manager Ange Postecoglu.

Unlike predecessors Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte, the no-nonsense Australian has set about winning hearts and minds at the other end of the Seven Sisters Road and there’s a feelgood factor around the club that few expected following the departure of Harry Kane for Bavaria.

With both teams riding high in the table, everything is teed up for a firecracker of a game on Sunday.

“It’s a new challenge, a new opportunity,” said Arteta in his pre-game press conference on Friday.

“Obviously, they have a new manager that has done really, really well and I think he’s changed the vibe and everything around the club. And they have a different style [of play] as well, so we need to adapt to that, be ourselves and produce the performance that we need to beat them.”

Postecoglu moved to N17 after two trophy-laden years at Celtic and was recently shortlisted for the FIFA Men’s Best Coach Award. Having inherited a squad that looked like they’d rather be anywhere but Sp*rs, his opening months in the job have been about rebuilding confidence.

“I really like him,” said Arteta. “I had players and I know players that have had him and they always speak really, really highly of him.

“Obviously that’s not a coincidence and you can tell straight away that he’s fitting in in the right way. That’s the beauty of this league, that we have top, top managers, top competition and every game is very difficult.”

Kane’s recent move to Germany means it’s 99% likely he won’t score a penalty against us on Sunday. Having netted 14 goals in 19 matches against us, his absence is certainly a relief even if Arteta thinks Sp*rs have adapted well.

“They have many other qualities and many other players that they can create and make a difference in the game,” he said. “Probably for them it’s obviously a big change but I think they have adapted really well to it.”

He added: “He’s a special player, everything was going through him. He was the one that glided everything together and they did it in many different ways from many different areas of the pitch.

“Now it’s a bit different, I think they have a different style from the last two coaches as well. For sure, they have some specificity in some movements that they make with certain players, so I think it’s a very different team.

“We just focus on the team that they have and especially what we have to do to play the best possible way to create problems for them. That’s what we’re going to try to do on Sunday, to create problems for them and that’s what we’re going to try to do on Sunday.”

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Time to put a dampener on that feel good factor they have. Let’s f*ck them up. Come on Arsenal!!!

Johnny 4 Hats

Yeah, enough of the praise. He’s the spuds manager. Next we’ll be singing…

“And Postecoglou‘s mother is a bloody nice woman if she’s anything like that lovely son of hers”.

We must find the hate. I’m sure he must’ve kicked a hedgehog as a child. He looks the type.

Johnny 4 Hats

Maybe when Skippy the bush kangaroo informed the nearby town that some poor sod had fallen down the well, Ange had pushed them. With his cock.

Emi Rates

Nothing gets my blood boiling like people who push other people with their cocks.

Johnny 4 Hats

I heard he doesn’t flush his wee wee’s down the toilet when he’s staying round someone’s house.

But then he did say that it was the early hours of the morning and he didn’t want to wake the rest of the house by flushing.

In his defence, I’m never sure what to do in that situation.


I heard he circumcised an echidna with a chainsaw…all four penises!


I would love to hear that song!


Who downvotes this??? I agree it’s a tough call. Reminds me of Obama saying about when you go to the toilet on a plane and the previous user left a skid mark. He was saying, as a Person of colour you have to clean that shit up otherwise you fear the judgement. Tbf as a privileged white man I feel the same. But I get the level is higher.

Johnny 4 Hats

I’ve come to the conclusion that it all comes down to the potency of the urine.

If it’s watery and inoffensive I’d shy away from the flush. But if it’s radioactive yellow and smells like a tramps sleeping bag, you gotta risk waking the house.

And yes, if I’m a guest in someone else’s house and it’s dark, I’m sitting. Judge me all you want. But no one forgives a splasher.

Emi Rates

“If it’s watery and inoffensive I’d shy away from the flush. But if it’s radioactive yellow and smells like a tramps sleeping bag, you gotta risk waking the house.”

You do know that White Hart Lane isn’t actually a toilet, right? For as big and impressive as it is, it doesn’t flush. Unfortunately.


Hedgehog? He probably calls them chuzzwazzas


As an Aussie, I used to love big Ange…he’s dead to me now!


I’m south African. So I am loving to hate him.

Heavenly Chapecoense

They are minnows in front of mighty Jesus and “Oh de god”.


Odegaard to score on Sunday after signing his new long term contract to put the icing on the cake! 3 -1 to Arsenal I predict.

Alao Alaka

I really want a clean sheet

Declan Fried Rice with Egg

I really want 3 points tbh


Me too but would be funny to see them get a fake early pen to give their feeble minds hope. Then crush them with an onslaught like we did PSV. 4-1 is my prediction.


Please don’t jinx it. We’ve seen the dip in performance every time they sign a new contract


How’s saka doing then? Saliba?

Death by 300,000 Passes

I still love Granit.

I miss santi cazorla

I think we will make them look like toddlers again.


We are riding high, but football is a silly old game. Sentiments can change real quick, I’m worried what bad result would do. Think/hope we’ll batter them, its just caution *bites fingernails*. Saying that, I haven’t got a clue about how they are doing over there, if theres a need to “worry”. But now that I mention it, *checks football app*, the only good result they had is vs Utd. Drew at Brentford and scored 2 in added time to come from behind vs Sheffield. Lost to Fulham in the Cup. Somehow they are getting glorified haha its typical, fuck… Read more »


Utd were dire for most of that game too. Spuds being over hyped for sure but everything previous goes out of the window for this one



Public Elneny

It’s not often we get to play against an inferior team who will open up and go toe to toe with us at the Emirates

Another 4-0 home win!


Sorry Ange, nice Aussie guy act is getting stale already. You’re in for a rude awakening on Sunday. Fully confident that we can go out there and smash them, especially if they come at us and try and attack rather than just sit back and counter. Let’s mash those spuds good and proper!!!


Visiting family and they are trying to get me to go to a Renaissance fair and miss the derby. It’s a shame because I do love a good ren fest 🙁

Giuseppe Hovno

Yes I know the feeling. I have a very important game of Warhammer that I have to miss.


Warhammer games can be good, often great, but few live on in the memory like destroying the old enemy does.


Alright, calm down Roy… “…WARHAMMER!”


Just end them


If we end them, then think of all the schadenfruede we’d miss out on laughing at their miserable existence. Let’s just break them again…and again and again and again. Much more fun!


burying that club and its toilet-shaped stadium once and for all is worth it. besides, there are other comedy clubs to laugh at like manchester united


Man U is a light giggle compared to the ongoing hilarity of the tragicomedy that is Chelsea FC


yes but chelsea don’t have a horrible little bald man with an attitude problem who loses his temper at his employees as manager. think of how bad it could get if they lose to burnley this weekend 🙂


If they lose to Burnley, one obvious outcome is that they won’t have a horrible little bald (etc) for much longer.


Rivalries are what football is all about. Well not everything, crushing rivals over and again completes that circle!


Very Ramsay Bolton of you. Keep them in a cellar, chop their willie off and call them “Reek” as they become your eternal servants…

That can come back to bite you though (literally). I’d rather do away with them once and for all.

Emi Rates

At least they named a football team after him.

Naked Cygan

I am not worried about sp*rs, I am more worried about VAR screwing with us.


which player has played for ange and arteta both? i’m guessing mat ryan but not 100% sure


I think Tim Cahill is their main connection, from when Mikel played at Everton and Ange was national team coach.


On Kane scoring a penalty: so you’re telling me there’s a chance?!


I have the same though too 😆

Jean Ralphio

Did Spurs fans hate Wenger?


Don’t fall for this nice guy Aussie act. Blokes a cunt.

Merlin’s Panini

“following the departure of Harry Kane for Bavaria.” Don’t you mean “Harry Kane (ex-Arsenal)”?

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