Thursday, April 25, 2024

Everton 0-1 Arsenal – player ratings

Arsenal put their Goodison Park hoodoo to bed with a 1-0 win over Everton this afternoon.

A brilliant second half finish from substitute Leandro Trossard was the difference between the two sides, and the Gunners will return to London with a very good three points in the back pocket.

Here’s how the players rated this afternoon.

Read the Everton 0-1 Arsenal report and see the goals here 

Everton 0-1 Arsenal – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Aaron Ramsdale. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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Olawale Olayemi

Sean Dyche’s unhappy face 10/10

Sammy Nelsons Arse

Unhappy, ugly face

Alan Sunderland

The holding his index fingers up then bringing them together annoys the fuck out of me. Look at me I’m a cunt doing tactics. Hopefully they get relegated.


Look at me I’m a cunt doing tactics bit got me hahaha


I hope they fire fast sean when they’re in last place come February and then hire fat Sam and get relegated anyway.

Tomaury Bischfeld



so no new owner bounce then


I guess it’s difficult to feel positive about being bought by asset-strippers.

Exit the Lemming

Nope. Just an old bouncer in Dyche the Doorman

Naija Gooner

His face looks like a nutsack made from a droopy walnut

Charlie George

Why does he dress like a regional bank manager in the late 1960s?

Does he think the white shirt and black tie lend him an air of authority? Because they don’t: they just make him look like a cunt.


An individual strangled testicle i think


A cross between a strangled testicle and Humpty Dumpty after he fell off the wall

Goodly Morning



Great win, but Trossard deserves to play now. He must be fuming having been so good last season, with end product nearly every game, and flying in preseason, only to find himself 3rd choice at both left 8 and CF.

It’s scandalous man management, and not a meritocracy. People point to one bad half against Fulham, while others get a free pass for multiple bad games in a row. Hope to see way more of him, he fully deserves it.


Imagine how ESR feels after scoring 12 goals in a season in 21-22, fighting to regain his form after a long injury layoff, has a great under-21 tournament and has ZERO minutes this season.


FREE ESR. I love his direct style and ability to take people off the ball. Also very nice timing when arriving in the box late to finish.

Alan Sunderland

agree, the now mythical left 8 position if only we had a lad that could run with the ball, arrive late in the box, was a a good finisher. like an Aaron Ramsey who could dribble, maybe with a bit of size. would be handy if we had a player like that. would save a lot of money could sell both havertz and Viera.

Alan Sunderland

would like to know from the downvoters what they’re looking at. Particularly from Vieira, he’ll never score 12 goals in a season, too slow in getting a shot away. He might set a record for blocked shots. Havertz a superior player, especially off the ball. They won’t score twelve goals combined, and neither of them hold a candle to xhaka defensively. 112 million wasted to replace xhaka with an better attacking player when we already have the player in Smith rowe. Arteta over thinking this position. Our best option is to play rice there if partey is fit, if not… Read more »

El Mintero

Agree with you 💯


If martinelli is out for a couple of weeks (fingers crossed he isn’t and toea crosses that if he is then it’s JUST a couple of weeks), then I would hope ESR would get some minutes atleast down our left. And a chance to prove himself which I pray he grabs because I love the lad.

Exit the Lemming

I also like ESR as a player but we shouldn’t let sentimentality intrude on team selection


Been talking about him forever, yet not many people are paying attention to him, sad though


And even in that half, he mainly played as a CF when everyone knows his is when he operates from the flanks. ESR on my mind😏


That’s the price you pay when you play for a top club. You can play every game for a lesser club, but you know you will win nothing and you will not feature in any press report. Being in Arsenal, you can win team trophies, individual trophies and lots of love from a crazy fan base. So I guess as a player you have to choose what you want.


This. We, as a fan base, need to realize that we can’t have these “romantic notions” of old club heroes if we want to be at the very top. Sure they may come along, and it might happen, but top tier football just isn’t that same thing anymore.

I wish it wasn’t like this – I’m a hopeless romantic too – but it is. We can’t be ruthless and clinical and push for all the trophies, and also be hopelessly sentimental and all mushy-eyed about our beloved players/the-selfserving-mercenary-leeches-that-we-hire-to-achieve-our-ultimate-ambitions.


I’d like some rating for commentators and pundits who keep pointing out the “complaints” from Arteta but never see that Sean Dyche spends three quarters of the game in the fourth officials ear

Johnny 4 Hats

I had to listen to most of the game on the radio while stuck on the M25.

Both commentators endlessly talked about Fabio and Saliba “embarrassing themselves” by going down easily after facial contact.

Were they right? Or was it the usual “soft arsenal” agenda permeating their coverage?

Alex Nagy

Yep, ignore it, they are trying to create narratives out of nothing.


There were a lot of blows to the head of Arsenal players from flailing arms. The referee seemed to think that was mostly ok.
It looked like it was a deliberate Dyck ‘tactic’. We went down when hit in the face, we took our time and we didn’t get bullied or rattled.


Gabriel got a hand/arm hurled against his neck and fell down holding.. his face. All neutrals hate this, and even an Arsenal supporter like myself want it to end. Badly.


Some of it was overdramatic. A fraction of the contact you see happening in any rugby games, but all rolling around and agony faces. I blame the refs. They don’t notice or take account of anything which isn’t accentuated. You can shove Saka in the back but that doesn’t count if he carries on running.

Exit the Lemming

Yes that’s right. The refs are responsible for players cheating and Rugby’s a lot like football isn’t it? get a clue son

Runcorn Gooner

Dyche moaning only 4 minutes injury time. They would not have scored in 104 minutes they were so poor. Dyche will not last much longer. He is a dinosaur.


One of the Relegatosaurs.

Sammy Nelsons Arse

Love Trossard that’s 2 great goals in a week


And both were beauties. He will probably get a run of games now.

Exit the Lemming

Nope. Arteta will drop one of his proven performers for a favourite. He always does.


Would love to know distance covered by Rice. The man was everywhere. Excellent win!


Not sure if he runs as much as it looks like he does, he’s just an insanely intelligent reader of the game and is always in the right place at the right time to make that crucial interception.


Good point.


Controlled that throughout, really mature performance. Thought Zinchenko was excellent in particular.


Man of the match, in my opinion. I was very conserned when Arteta took him off. Changing formation and tactics to ride out a meager lead rarely pays off.


Zinchenko is important to us. You have to keep him injury free so that he can last the whole season. Everton was getting physical towards the end after Arsenal scored, so we need someone that can take the physical challenger and Tomiyasu is a perfect choice.

Exit the Lemming

There’s no doubting Zinchenko’s abilities as a controlling midfield player and perceptive passer but…he can’t defend.


He actually took some shots. I know we play beautiful football, but when we’ve had 666 passes, 99% possession, and we’re playing Everton, have a bloody shot now and then. It *might* bounce off someone (like against United) – it might be a poor clearance – it *might* be anything. I was fuming a bit last night (perhaps the beers helped) that at the break, we’d had complete dominance yet only managed 2 shots. Not “on goal” – just 2 shots (and a disallowed goal). Still. Why not.. 20? or 10. Or .. 5?! It felt like we’d be playing… Read more »


10/10 for Antony Tailor. The way he showed Dyche the piece of paper at the end was a mega move. Loved his facial expression, too 😂


I really hope the bit of paper said “Suck it, scrotum head… LOL”

Blackpool Albert

The lads were outstanding given the bleeding obvious fact that Everton engaged in practicing anti-football. Three points well worked and deserved!


The epitome of a result that a team aiming to win the title has to grind out.

Man Manny

The five games we’ve played so far fetched us 12 points last season. So, it’s +1 point over last season.


7/11- number of our players elbowed in the face today. can’t tell me its just an accident, the behavior is coached. relegate these orcs.

Bill Hall

Another 3 points, a clean sheet and another monkey off our back. Controlled the game well, Everton could have played for 3 days and still not scored, we were rarely troubled!
Plus a weekend where both Dyche and Evil Edna at Man U were very unhappy with the added bonus of Chelsea still being shite, what’s not to love 😊


especially man u loosing. i cant stand them one bit.

Exit the Lemming

Man Utd didn’t just lose. They were dismantled by Brighton

Merlin’s Panini

We made harder work of it than it needed to be but easily deserved the win. Never looked under threat. It’s just that these are the games we ideally want to be winning two or three nil. Trossard clearly has a great attitude and all our other benched players should take him as the example of how to take your chances. Also credit to Fabio Vieira who has had a lot of stick but is making a positive start to this season. I still think there’s a real player there. The way Rice just completely dominates midfield is also pretty… Read more »


Raya looked more commanding in terms of aerial balls. Team worked hard.


Love Ramsdale but honestly thought Raya’s passing was a level above. Good debut!


Great to pick up 3 points against a truly dreadful team like that.
I’m an old codger and like a moan, but commentators seem to endorse blocking players, pulling shirts, diving and other cheating as clever play and fine to do. Gary Neville seems the worst.


Gary Neville has always and ever will be the worst.

Exit the Lemming

Yet he thinks we can win the league this season. That said, the man is an incorrigible cunt


I got the impression that Neville hates Everton almost as much as he hates us


Blogs we’re flicking the switch above ‘David Raya’ not Ramsdale


I lobe Ramsdale. He’s a character, he’s got personality, he seems like a great lad. But Raya is different gravy. Granted he didn’t have a lot to do (if anything) but he just oozes calm, never panicks & in turn that transmits to the rest of the team. I’m calling it, he’s the new no1


I agree Sean. Gutted for Rambo
but Raya looks to be just a different level.


Great guy, Rambo. But I fear for his Arsenal future. Raya seems to be in a different class

Exit the Lemming

Yes, only the very best goalkeepers continue to keep clean sheets when the opposition don’t shoot or even try to score. It will take us flogging Macclesfield 9 nil in the cup before Ramsdale gets another look in

djourou's nutmeg

it was one match guys, the man didn’t have to do a single save and y’all want to make him an arsenal legend already. reminds me of the times mavropanos was gonna be the best defender in the league! that being said, he was the keeper arteta wanted before ramsdale, so… i suspect we might see him on games that require a lot of passing and aerial catching, and leave ramsdale for the games that actually need saves. only time will tell.


Raya is the new toy at Christmas that everyone is excited about. Ramsdale has been excellent for us consistently and deserves a bit more respect I think. Hopefully they’ll both be brilliant, will drive each other to get even better, and will both get plenty of game time.


Everton were very poor, feel we should have won by more. Feel like we haven’t played anywhere near our best yet this season (Man Utd was an amazing finish to the game, but covered up a pretty average performance against an awful United team. Next two home games is where the season really kicks in.


Their game plan was 11 behind the ball and hope for 0-0. Raya was never really tested. Thought Vieira did enough to start the next few games. Love to see ESR get some minutes midweek.


And Declan Rice. I was a tad skeptical at the fee at first but what a player. 100m is gonna look like a bargain come the end of the season


Rice was everywhere. The number of times an opponent suddenly realises he no longer has the ball and Rice does is impressive. He isn’t the fastest, but graduates from the BFG/ Koscielny school of right place; right time. He isn’t flashy, which means at a first glance you don’t think he is doing anything unless you look for it.


Also, he hardly ever looses the ball.


I felt like we handled the period after the goal much better than normal this time. No panic stations, kept hold of the ball and continued to create chances.


Yes, yes, yes. I love Tomi.


Love to see some new plays like the corner routine but also Zinchenko taking shots.


Still no ESR. I know it’s about what Arteta sees in training but I still don’t understand why he wouldn’t suffer through a few rusty performances for the sake of rediscovering the brilliant player who scored 12 EPL goals 2 years ago.


No, we don’t see what Arteta sees in training, and ESR seems to “get better” each game he doesn’t play. I’d rather we keep winnng the points than experimenting with a player that the manager doesn’t trust. If ESR is putting the work in he’ll get his minutes, a rusty player could easily have lost us that game.


Well, you only shake off rust with game time. So which is it, never play him bc his rust could have lost us the game, which will always be true the first few times he plays or you somehow believe putting the work in practice will lead to him magically being in good form the second he eventually steps on the pitch? He won’t. My point still stands, at some point you have to suffer through a few subpar sub appearances to get him going, just like he has done with Havertz. He is simply too good to not let… Read more »


I want to see ESR back but this game was not the place. It was too tight and we needed plenty of big lads and those already at peak confidence to handle the rough housing which was all Everton had.


I’m sorry but ESR can’t do worse than Kai Havertz


I do agree luck has been against him bc we get a slim lead late and then we need defensive reserves, not an attacking player off the bench. I just think the zero minutes is symbolically very aggressive but I hope I’m wrong. I realize it’s a long season and there are many games to play, I hope he gives him the chance to find his rhythm and that it’s truly a meritocracy.


It’s really not about the name or past glories, we should be grateful that performance determines who starts. Nketia kept his place, Viera was given a chance. Everyone will get their chance. What they do with it is totally up to them and helps the gaffer decide who starts which game.


Sean Dyche needs to clear his throat


10/10 to Arteta for dropping Ramsdale


“but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Aaron Ramsdale”


Oupss… should have gone to the end of the comments before posting this one😅


Havertz 0/10! Why did we even buy him?! What an awful performance!!! (sarcasm in case it needs stating)


I’d say his cameo today was consistent with his effort in the first four games. Vieira, while not as good today as when he came on as a sub in other games, deserves to continue to start ahead of the German. I would also like to see ESR get minutes.


So funny how after one match people say Raya is on another level than Ramsdale who was part of a team that finished second, had one of the best defenses until Rob holding came in at the end of the season. Raya might be better but he’s played one match for us and it was against an Everton team that has yet to win.


maybe ramsdale had jetlag or was sick, or didn’t get much sleep because new baby at the house- who knows and who cares, we won the game. judging raya on one game where he had to do basically nothing isn’t fair to either player.

Exit the Lemming

Both Ramsdale and Raya will have sterner tests in training


For the next UCL agme against PSV, would love to see ESR (only if Martinelli has to absent) and Jesus (in place of Eddie), as well as Trossard for Vieira in midfield, I think that spot will work nicely for him

Arteta Tots

time to update trossard’s hair colour in the drawings – worthy of a winner!!


I had a slight moment of “really!?!” when Sean was waddling about his box, in his white shirt, with his impossibly tight black tie and a black armband, and he stretched out his right hand… There were a lot of exchanged looks round the pub…

Also, is anyone else afraid that if we’d had 3 more minutes of added time, his head would have exploded? That tie is so tight round his neck that he may only have oxygen for 90 minutes plus 5….

Exit the Lemming

Everton have supplanted Newcastle as the team with the longest suffering fans in the Premier League. They make Sheff Utd, Luton and Burnley look like members of Europe’s storied elite. Sean Dyche’s legacy at Goodison Park will be his innovative new formation ’10 – 0 – 0′

Solomon Grover

What the heck is happening to this club. End war, don’t roll over and shoot yourself. Emirates era syndrome.

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