Saturday, June 22, 2024

Jesus and Eddie start: Arsenal v Sp*rs team news

It’s North London derby day, and the teams are in.

Here are today’s official line-ups.

Arsenal: Raya, White, Saliba, Gabriel, Zinchenko, Rice, Vieira, Odegaard, Saka, Jesus, Nketiah

Subs: Ramsdale, Cedric, Tomiyasu, Kiwier, Jorginho, Elneny, Smith Rowe, Nelson, Havertz

Sp*rs: Vicario, Porro, Romero, Van de Ven, Udogie, Bissouma, Sarr, Maddison, Kulusevski, Johnson, Son

Subs: Forster, Royal, Dier, Davies, Skipp, Hojberg, Solomon, Richarlison, Veliz

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Let’s goooooooooo!

Anders Limpar




Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Muscle injury


Crap. Any idea for how long?


couple of weeks

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Will let you know once football london, or Arsenal, release that info


Then why not Smith or Reiss? That’s means Jesus out wide.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

I was thinking this might be perfect for Smith on the left, with Jesus centre


Fuck MA. This was unnecessary.


And who’s that KiwiEr🫣?
Anyway, COYG!!!


Trossard tu es où ?!

Declan Fried Rice with Egg

blessure musculaire


le hamstroing est pas fonction


Vous etes Kilometers Kington en disguise et je claim mon cinq livres.

Trossard, hussard pas troussard

Hope he is back for the game against City.


Let’s go get them gunners! COYG.


I’m all in


Where Trossard 😢


Injured. Wouldn’t it be just fantastic if today Kai came of the bench and scored the winner? That would silence the naysayers (including me).

Spurs will not be able to cope with our power, pace & superior technique. 3-0 for us.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

You know injuries are creeping in, when Cedric makes the bench


This is us. All able bodied on the team sheet.


Not the game for Nketiah, he’s too wasteful. I’d have played ESR on the left and kept our favourite shape. Come on, Gunners, let’s smash the spuds!!

Bleeding gums murphy

Unfortunately he really impacts on ability to connect and open teams up. Maybe Arteta thinks as they will leave space he may be useful. I would have started esr.


ESR was very rusty when he came on in midweek. He has barely played this season. Definitely not the game to start him

Anders Limpar

I’m sadly not convinced ESR will ever start again under MA


It would be interesting to see Eddie central and Jesus wide. Maybe they will be a little fluid.


Still the same shape with Jesus on the left. Believe ESR still need more times, especially not for NLD yet. Can come in when we r safe or really need goal.

Anders Limpar

He’ll either score a hatty or spend 90 mins looking more lost then a trophy cabinet at the toilet bowl

Jordy Toews

Could be, if it’s chaotic and GJ get’s dovetailing with him…

I miss santi cazorla

We are losing a player every week 🙁

Bleeding gums murphy

That’s the issue really. He will Nick a goal or be a passenger. We need more, much much more if he ain’t scoring.

Pat Rice and Beans

Sad for Trossard, he was in fine form.

And it seems Raya claimed the #1 spot.



The rate at which we are losing key players to injury this season is really frustrating, especially as this is the sort of game where you could see Trossard having a real impact. COYG, let’s have some more roasted spuds with our Sunday dinner….


Or. Are we just taking players with small knocks out of the firing line so they don’t get worse injuries – where in the past we’ve asked them to play through it?


If injuries to Nelli & Leo were manageable they may have been on the bench. They are not fit to feature!


If you aren’t fit enough to start, you aren’t fit enough for the bench


Like Rummenigge in the semi-final against French 1982…


Not worried about the spuds. We have enough to put those jokers in their place. I’m just worried about more injuries and how many bodies we can get back before Citeh.


Rodri will be suspended for that BTW


I know. But that doesn’t give us any edge as being stupidly touted by a section of the media already. It’s still Pep’s citeh.

Teryima Adi

Raya is officially our No.1. COYG!!!!!


Come at us Sp*rs – we dare you!

Norwegian Wood

I see how Jesus on the left makes sense, even though keeping him central and bringing one other player in on the wings would have made more sense on face value, since Trossard isn’t available.

Tifo had a video up discussing the ball carrying capabilities of Spurs full backs. The way they bypass the press isn’t by intricate passing, but by strong running by full backs, Udogie and Royale. Having Jesus and Saka on the wings should provide better protection against that than anyone else on the bench.

God is a Gooner

But it might be Eddie on the left. He’s played there more than Jesus, who I can’t remember playing there. In that case I’d rather have seen ESR or even Vieira left with Havertz central.
This is a strange lineup and one we haven’t played before. Concerning.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Raya No. 1, Ramsdale No. 2 for MA.

I Like Ebøue-bøue

Despite the circumstances (i.e. Martinelli & Trossard both being unavailable), I’m pretty excited to see how Eddie and Gabi J work together. Hoping that this maybe the birth of a viable and effective Plan A4/A5/A6. 🤞🏼

Billy bob

Ramsdale should have been starting this and the last game!!!


Excited for this one! COYG!! No Marty or Leo, which makes the inclusion of Eddie sensible, seeing hes the fittest/sharpest. And we all know they’re not fixed to a position so I can see Eddie and Jesus in particular just mixing it up. Regarding the keepers, Henry said something where I was like “yeah makes sense”. He said like Arteta saw in Ramsdale a goalie that can get us top 4, done, and now he went and got a goalie who he believes can push us further in chasing and claiming the title. I’m afraid Ramsdale (Champions) league season is… Read more »

Dr. Gooner

Mikel Arteta has identified Pedro Porro as a weak link defensively. Jesus and Eddie are going to interchange attacking him. Jesus will pull out wide and attack him when they are in a settled block and Eddie will run into the spaces he vacates when he gets forward. Eddie will be used as an outlet similar to how Martinelli functions. His direct running and ability to hold up play are important against a pressing team. The key to the game defensively is Maddison. We have to make his life a living hell. If we do that, this Spurs outfit won’t… Read more »

Dr. Gooner

Lots of dynamism and creativity in this team. I really like the balance of it.

Bleeding gums murphy

You got that wrong fella. Eddie has been awful. He’s a championship player at best

Dr. Gooner

I can’t think of a player I’d rather have than him as a backup striker in this squad. Hale End product, humble, hard working, excellent physique, under rated finisher. His main problem is that he doesn’t back himself enough and plays too timid sometimes. The profile is top, top notch. The performances too often aren’t. That’s why he’s still a backup.

Bleeding gums murphy

What you saying now after that performance. 😂😂


When we get injuries, why the f*ckk do we always seem to get two in the SAME position? Ugh

Still think we are too good for the spuds..cmon you gunnerssss!


Jesus ! What a miss. Nketiah is lazy …


Good lord Eddie has been shocking. This game should be dead.


He is practically killing our press with his usual sleep-walking.

Bleeding gums murphy

Our attack is so weakened when he’s on the pitch. He cuts it back for viera and it’s two nil. He can’t hold ball and loses a great opportunity and they go up and end up scoring. Cannot understand why Arteta persists with him. He ain’t good enough.


Regardless of how well Raya does, Arteta’s need to be the smartest person in the room by bringing him in will prove to be costly for Arsenal this season. Ramsdale was voted as the best goalkeeper in the country last year by his peers and coaches, and Arteta decides to replace him with Raya because his “distribution” is .5% better or whatever. We played some of the best football we’ve played in a long time last season, blew away most of our opponents, and only fell apart in the final stages due to injuries and/or fatigue. Now with Ramsdale on… Read more »

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

Why is Eddie starting and why hasn’t he come off yet, it’s clearly not his day.

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

One incredible save by Raya but the rest has been average by him. We need energy of players like Ramsdale in this game!

Dr. Gooner

I’ve been disappointed by his distribution. There’s an air of panic about our defending and for no reason. Just too nervy throughout the team today.

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

Completely agree. Ramsdale is vocal and brings the energy to calm the back line. Bring him on!

Yankee Gooner

Major falloff in his distribution today, agreed. If MA was being honest about subbing keepers, he should do it today—raya is spraying the ball everywhere but to his teammates.

Dr. Gooner

Just lacking composure in front of goal when well placed. I talked about this the other day. Eddie has so much time. He should be faking a shot and cutting it back on his left. Jesus too, he’s free and clear in the box, should pick his spot instead of trying to smash it. Spurs have a good structure throughout the team. They made mistakes in the buildup a few times and Arsenal really should be in the clear if we had better composure, but I have been impressed with their rotations and their spacing. Top coaching. Offensively they will… Read more »

Great Kalu

Nketiah is having a nightmare first half. He looks painfully slow and disinterested. Nelson needs to come in so that Jesus come go central

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

We are much better than the scum. If we don’t beat them it’ll be points dropped and more worryingly a boost for them.

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

Raya iffy from the start of the second half and Havertz on. Oh dear.
Please God don’t let us succumb to these inbred idiots.

Can we sub Rays now


Well done Jorginho.
Fucking Chelsea reject..


why Arsenal, why???


Tragicomical defending at both goals and a shit change from Arteta.




I love the guy but it was a legendary unforced and naive error.


He is ex-Chelsea I can never bring myself to like him.
And speaking of Chelsea rejects yet another game in which Havertz did absolutely nothing.


School boy error from Joghinho


Who could have seen this game going the way it is? We are so much better than the scum, but because of Arteta’s need to appear so much smarter than everyone else by not doing the straightforward thing, he complicated things by changing just for the sake of change. What happened to the way we played last season? Why does he seem so intent on killing any kind of dynamic play in favor of “control”. Why the obsession with “control”? Control what? What’s the point of control? Every game this season bar PSV has been hard fought to the end,… Read more »


There was little control. Sprs was better in possession and with passing too. We were ten times better of course…


This team will never win the league..


Has Arsenal ever signed anyone from Chelsea that amounted to being a half decent player for us?
Jorginho was terrible.
Havertz – we can talk about Havertz all day, but it does not change the fact that he has earned £330,000 for each game played for us and has done absolutely nothing.
This feels worse than a loss for us..

Billy bob

More points dropped!!! Four in total (spuds and Fulham) two gained (Everton) not gonna win the league with pony form like this!!!

Zaraki 22'

The worst NDL in some years. You cant go below this. Let his be the benchmark!

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