Friday, December 8, 2023

“Now we see what happens on Sunday” – Raya on Ramsdale competition

Two games. Two clean sheets. Having bided his time for a chance to impress the Arsenal fans, David Raya couldn’t have asked for much more this week.

Now the question is whether he’ll start between the sticks in Sunday’s North London derby.

As things stand, Raya himself doesn’t know. Well, either that or he’s playing his cards close to his chest.

“I’ve just been selected for the last two games, that is just the choice of the gaffer — that is his choice, not my choice, and when Aaron comes in he will need to also fight for the team and to win games,” he told reporters after last night’s 4-0 win over PSV Eindhoven.

“I think it is the first time that two top goalkeepers are in the same team, so that is just part of football now. The gaffer wants two top players for each position, and that is what we have to work with. I have played the last two games and now we see what happens on Sunday.”

Having sacrificed guaranteed football at Brentford, the decision to join Arsenal and fight for the number one shirt with a player who was voted by his peers as the Premier League’s best keeper, was certainly a bold one. Raya says he’s relishing the competition.

“It is something every player has to do — to back yourself to get in the team, and that is why I moved to Arsenal and try to do my best for the team when I’m selected,” he said.

He also let on that Mikel Arteta’s decision to start him at Goodison Park on Sunday may have come sooner than even he was expecting.

“You never know when you’re going to play and that is the hardest thing to do.

“Making your debut for a club like Arsenal, and obviously having Aaron as a team-mate, makes it a bit harder for you, but it came quick. But you never know when it is going to be and you have to be ready.”

Ramsdale was voted man of the match when Arsenal beat Sp*rs 2-0 in January. He took a kick on the back from a home supporter for his troubles.

He may now be wondering whether he has reason to kick himself having seemingly lost his place in the blink of an eye.

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Johnny 4 Hats

If Ramsdale gets the nod on Sunday then Arteta is working on an entirely different tactical and managerial plain to anyone else in the business.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Not the first time, he did with Partey as a LB.


Arteta at the training ground: FIGHT!

Johnny 4 Hats

I think Ramsdale is winning that…




The kind of criticism he readily dismissed was that of the professional critics and opinionators — those aimed at tearing down rather than improving a managers art, for their judgments are based on the standards of their time and therefore tend to censure any vigorous break with convention. Such critics are apt to pronounce any work of true originality bad.

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

When some of the true innovators (Pep, Wenger…not the last 10 years) made origami approaches to the game but still never rotated keepers on a regular basis, it points towards it not being the best idea.

Teryima Adi

Arteta is not rotating keepers- he has his No. 1 in Raya.

El Mintero

Sad to say but I think you’re right. This whole “I can sub keepers in on the 68th min if I think it makes sense” bollocks is fooling no one. He wants to make Raya #1 so just come out and say it. To not do so unfairly disrespects Ramsdale, who obviously must know the writing is on the wall. He didn’t deserve this – he’s still the best keeper we have imo. Arteta will rue this decision…

Dr. Gooner

Wenger and goalkeepers… he inherits Seaman, then signs Lehmann and everything is gravy until 2008. After that though: Almunia, young Fabianszki, young Szczesny, Ospina, old Cech. Yikes. I’m not going to say he didn’t care about the position or that he didn’t have an eye for talent at the position, but I will say the actions of the club around the position between 2008-2019 tell their own story. The position was certainly not valued very highly. All that to say I don’t think Wenger is a great reference point on how to manage the position.

Ray's ice cream Parlour

James wrote this article in 2015 – wonder how an update would look today with Aaron and Raya:

Outside of the top 3, I’m not sure any of the others are anywhere near what we have today.

If it’s not been tried, how can we assume it’s ‘not the best idea’. Wenger tried a lot of new stuff when he arrived – lots of it proved to be groundbreaking.


eat shit! 500‘000‘000 flys can‘t be wrong…


With Raya on the pitch I feel more at ease than I do with Ramsdale.


I’m not convinced yet. Raya has had two of the easiest games we’ll have all season. With just 5 shots on target over two games against relegation fodder and a team far below PL standard.

For all Raya did right yesterday, there were three or four passes straight out of play. I don’t think Ramsdale would have done any worse at all. Big decision this weekend.


Spot on. Let’s be honest Raya could have had a deckchair out against Everton, and last night he had very little to do either. The ball was skidding around and he made a couple of routine early catches, but he wasn’t flawless with his kicking. I agree with the commenter below who says Ramsdale deserved to start based on his performances last season that got us here. This was not a knockout game, it was the first CL group game at home. He’s not even out of form and was fantastic for England just two weeks ago. It was unnecessarily… Read more »


“must be something with Ramsdale behind the scenes” bollocks. That’s speculative nonsense. Statistics show a clear advantage to Raya in terms of distribution (short and long – Raya’s distribution is on par with the best passing keepers in world football) and in the air (crosses/command of area). Without question, streets knows this and it’s a factor in compelling games and direct teams. Also without question was Rammers own form dropping off down the stretch (statistically he was worse last year than his first season with us). None of this is to say Rammers is crap, he’s not he’s excellent and… Read more »


*Arteta* knows this…(dam you autocorrect).

Steve Brignall

I move to officially refer to the manager as Mikel ‘Streets’ Arteta. Hard nosed.


The only misinformation bollocks I see is coming from you, mate. If this is the case, and Arteta’s Arsenal is entirely a meritocracy based on cold, hard stats. Then you explain to me why Eddie starts over Trossard, who has had 15 goal involvements in 25 games since he arrived. I don’t think it was a coincidence the team went off a cliff after Leeds last season when he was dropped. People have short memories and Ramsdale was doing everything Raya is now when he first arrived. Line breaking passes, claiming crosses, the lot. I’m in agreement he has dropped… Read more »


Pretty sure Trossard did just start over Eddie, right? And I agree, that’s who I’d pick. As for the rest, it’s you speculating. In terms of data in 2022/23 (Raya – Ramsdale; [EPL rank]): Save%: 77.7 [1] – 70.6 [11] Launch cmp%: 39.3 [4] – 25.4 [22] PostShotExpectedGoals – goals Scored: +0.13 [4] – -0.05 [12] CrossStop%: 8.7 [2] – 5.8 [16] SweeperAction/90: 1.42 [9] – 1.13 [15] Clean sheet%: 31.6 [7] – 36.8 [5] (Raya on far inferior team) Pass%: 61 – 63 (this despite a difference in launch% of 50.7 – 35.4) Say what you want about stats,… Read more »


I like stats just as much as the next guy. But basing your whole argument on a few percentage points either way +-0.18xG? Come on, that doesn’t convince me Ramsdale didn’t merit a start in a game he earned. I’m all for the best man winning, but at least make it a fair fight. Brentford played a completely different system to us, with completely different players. Raya was hitting long balls to Toney, so is it any surprise he looks good there. Ramsdale had fantastic long ball stats at Bournemouth and Sheffield Utd, I don’t see you bringing them up.… Read more »


“but basing your whole argument on a few percentage points either way +-0.18xG?” I (or rather Arteta actually – unfortunately, I don’t hold much sway over team selection) am basing the argument over quite a bit more than one data point – 5/6 I listed there favour Raya, many by a decent margin. You say “Ramsdale had fantastic long ball stats at Bournemouth and Sheffield Utd”, but provide no evidence. 20/21 for SU his LaunchCmp% was 32.2% (rank: 19; Leno ranked 20). With BM in 19/20 he was 30.1% (rank 18; Leno 21). He was better than Leno, but Leno’s… Read more »


Sure, we agree Ramsdale dropped off last season. But he was still performing at a high level. I want to see Raya against much better opposition to make my mind up whether he is ‘world class’. Like I said, there was nothing to do in these two games, and even then he wasn’t perfect. Don’t forget Ramsdale is 3 years younger than Raya, and on a different team you are comparing apples and oranges. I’m not going to back down that Ramsdale still deserved to start last night. Raya is not a sufficient upgrade to ditch the no1 just like… Read more »


Time to log off, Mrs. Ramsdale…


The very important point you’re missing was laid out very clearly by Stillman ( Adding Raya is about prevention rather than cure. The idea is his elite distribution will reduce opportunities for opponents. Think Ederson, he’s far from a well rounded GK, but he’s the best technically and at distribution in world football. He’s EXACTLY what City needs. Raya is close to Ederson in those areas, but IMO a more complete GK. Rammers is a very well rounded GK, but his distribution just isn’t at the elite level Arteta seems to be looking for. So I disagree, that Raya has… Read more »


I guess we will never know if Ramsdale would have messed up in these easy games. I don’t necessarily disagree with your overall point that Raya may be better for high possession football. But Aaron is a lot younger and hasn’t done enough wrong to be dropped from a competition that he earned a right to play in. For a guy that has just arrived and is still unpacking his locker by the way. That doesn’t sit right with me. There are ways to do things, and changing Ramsdale out for the first home CL game was not the way… Read more »

Dr. Gooner

I don’t see any great mysteries. The move for Raya was about improving the squad. In the short term it leads to some awkwardness as the incumbent and the establishment settle into a new order. Soon enough it becomes apparent who is better for the team and that player is on the pitch more often than not. It’s not dissimilar to the Kieran Tierney situation. He did nothing wrong. It was just that there was a player we could get who was better for the team, and his name was Zinchenko. You could go back even further. Rob Holding did… Read more »


Superb reasoning. COY(Dr.)G!


Trossard is 28, hardly late prime and over the hill. In fact, in a squad full of under 25s, I’d argue he’s exactly what we need. A more experienced head in the front 5. I think your merit discussion falls down when you take into account the team. It’s hard to argue that with Trossard in we have played better, scored more and looked far more fluid than with Eddie. Sure he tries hard, but he isn’t two footed, doesn’t shoot outside the area, and can’t link up nearly as well. As a club we have moved passed development football,… Read more »


Trossard is a great player, but he provided nothing against Fulham. Eddie came on and the goals happened. It isn’t a matter of this guy or that guy, of this #1 or that #1; Arteta isn’t looking for an undroppable starting 11; he’s looking for an unbeatable squad that will compete for 100 minutes twice a week. Some fans need to catch up to the project, which is moving quickly. Ramsdale isn’t benched; Ramsdale hasn’t lost the #1 spot; Ramsdale isn’t being ruthlessly betrayed by his manager, and so on. None of it. Ramsdale has to compete for his spot,… Read more »


Complete sense. But it doesn’t fit with the desire to create drama where there is none.


Great view.
Also, Eddie is a 9, Trossard is not. Trossard is clinical, but up front to play a 9s role? No sir

Teryima Adi

Are you insinuating nepotism?


Where are these numbers from? Not saying that because I don’t believe them (I do). I’d just like to know where I can get this kind of stuff.

You can toggle regular vs advanced stats and change the season.




It doesn’t seem to me that Ramsdale is actually benched. If anything, Arteta’s quotes in the last few days suggest he wants to change up how the GK position is viewed, even going as far as mid-game changes to change the dynamic of a game.


That’s what Arteta said, but I for one don’t believe him, especially after he started Raya last night. It was some high quality coachspeak.

Seems most likely to me that Arteta thinks Raya is a better GK, but doesnlt want to air Ramsdale out in public.

Heavenly Chapecoense

The problem with Nketiah isn’t that he doesn’t have the potential. The big problem is how long it is taking with him. He does show some sheer striker’s qualities but a hyphen is missing in between. Ian Wright instead of just defending him and being his fan should give him technical advice. He can give a call to Henry too. Wenger told Henry who was complaining about timing of passes, do you look in the direction of the player who has the ball while running? Perhaps Nketiah needs some of those “do you…?”.


Fans that think they know better than the manager will always come up short when trying to understand the revolution in competitiveness that has taken place at the club. To say that Ramsdale deserved to start based on his performances last season (!) is really looking at the situation from the wrong angle. As Arteta has stated time and again, and especially with regard to Eddie, training is important, attitude is important, desire is important, exceeding expectations is important. Eddie and Jesus drive each other every day, and they are both benefitting from it. I love Ramsdale – absolutely love… Read more »

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

Why are you thumbing him down? Because he dares to go against the manager or because he’s making sense?
Now that Jesus is fit, do you honestly think Arteta will rotate him unless he’s got a knock or it’s against a lesser team OR that he’s out of form? None of these applied to AR yet he was still rotated.


Nah. The coach prefers Raya. He tried to get him before Ramsdale was here.

Not saying he’s right but I guess I trust him. He certainly was right about Rams over Leno. Not sure why this situation is any different.


I agree. He seems calm and composed and I think it transmits through the team.
That’s my one concern about Ramsdale, he seems more nervous and excitable. I’m hoping he continues to develop and prove me wrong.
Either way, I think Arsenal are benefitting!

Johnny 4 Hats

Raya is to Ramsdale what Emi was to Leno.

Does that make any sense?


In the multi-verse yes


I’d say no, because they were very different keepers. Emi had tons of presence and commanded his area in a way few keepers had done for Arsenal before. On the other hand Leno is a world class goalkeeper in the classical shot stopping sense. At the time the team required a commanding type keeper and it helped us in the league, Emi to get a move and into his national team, and us to cash in. But Arteta always wanted a keeper who could pass the ball calmly and now he has two of them. They have different qualities but… Read more »

Johnny 4 Hats

I just remember when Emi came in there was that same feeling of calm. The defenders seemed somehow more assured and the clean sheets began to flow.

Maybe not a perfect comparison. But I remember feeling similar vibes when Emi took over from Leno.


I agree. It always felt nervy at the back with Leno because his distribution is poor and he also has (had?) a tendency to make saves, but palm more than other GKs the ball rather than catching, which lead to lots of juicy rebounds. Rammers didn’t have the same vibe as Leno, but this does feel like another upgrade in terms of controlling possession. That’s a good thing. Maybe a little harsh on a very good GK (rammers), but this is the cut-throat mentality that we’ve perhaps lacked since the invincibles era.

El Mintero

Ramsdale is an England no1. He doesn’t deserve this imo. You can go crazy with your stats but gk stats are pretty much meaningless in isolation. This will be a make or break decision for Arteta. Along with persisting with Eddie and Havertz. Let’s see at the end of the season. Personally, I don’t like it.but everyone has the right to an opinion…


He’s not the England #1 (Gareth favours Pickford and maybe even Pope), but yes he’s an England GK. I couldn’t disagree more on “GK stats being meaningless in isolation”. The current situation very much supports that. Advanced stats for GKs are becoming increasingly important – GK are expected to be basically outfield level ball players now. Raya is most certainly more technically gifted and a better distributer both short and long than Rammers. Add to that he’s better at collecting crosses/corners and commanding his box (aerially the numbers show a big advantage to Raya too), and that’s what this comes… Read more »

Big L HoP

Gutting decision as fans to see a favourite sidelined… but the stats are undeniable, the eye test looks great and the two clean sheets means Raya has to be seen as our #1. Having an extra ball player in defence is such a game changer too.


Four months ago, Ramsdale signed a new contract and posted this lovely Arsenal-made video to his socials. The way this has played out subsequently just doesn’t sit right with me at all. For all the talk of Arsenal being a family, the importance of connection with fans, the effort and quality that Ramsdale delivered all of last season to get us into the CL again – I felt he should have started last night. Arteta’s ruthlessness, in my opinion, feels slightly misplaced here. What’s the message to the first team? Work your socks off, get into the PL team of… Read more »


After 2 games? Can we chill please. I love Ramsdale as much as anybody but competition is needed at the very highest level. It’s sink or swim. Ramsdale is younger too by the way, this will be good for him.

El Mintero

Ok so following your logic how the fk does Eddie get a start in this team when we are all about continuous improvement and competition for every position? 9 times out of 10 he can’t hit a barn door from 5 yards…

Only here to see Eboue

You’ve nailed it. I feel exactly the same. It gives me serious ‘treat everyone like sh*t so I can get what I want’ vibes to be honest. And to make matters worse, it kind of chimes with the way I felt about arteta as a player, which overall doesn’t make me feel too good about arsenal at the moment. I thought he was subpar and not deserving of the club captaincy as much as Ramsey and Koscielny, and that he used that captaincy to complain and have a go at other players instead of owning up to just how crap… Read more »


You’ve lost me there, mate. Arteta was a great captain, who understood and raised the level of those around him. Aubameyang was and is past it and I completely backed the manager in those circumstances.


Selecting the best team has more factors than “feelings”. I loved Rob Holding and I wanted him to play more, but did I actually think he was better than who we were starting? No! ESR? Love the kid, but injuries hurt him in game time and you go with what works. Our feelings (love affair) with him make it hurt when it doesn’t play. Can’t let my feelings or love for a player to get in the way. Arteta wanted Raya in ’21, but for what ever reason it didn’t work out so we got Ramsdale. So he basically has… Read more »

El Mintero

Nah sorry mate, not buying that. ESR is better than viera and Havertz but doesn’t get a sniff. Our back 4 last year was solid as a rock, gab doesn’t need Raya to make him calm! And Gab – one of our players of the year last season – didn’t even get a start first 3 games…and now Raya is better than our England #1? Some curious decisions made so far from Arteta and we’ve got away with it…let’s see if the tinkering will make us stronger in the long run…but right now I don’t like it…


Being too nice was what got us in the mud that Arteta has pulled us out of. Remember the days when certain players would choose when they wanted to play or would kick up a fuss and sulk when they’re benched. To compete with this machine called Man City you have to be ruthless. Deal with it! Folks acting like it’s the end of Ramsdale’s career.


Sorry but I think you have this wrong. First, any time we talk about “family” in a business/organizational setting I don’t take it that deeply as real family. Second, he hasn’t been thrown out, we have taken steps to improve as a team because Arteta wants us competing at the top level, i.e. with the likes of City, BM, RM. Do you think they shy away from opportunities to improve? Just because Ramsdale has worked hard and done better than a lot of people expected (I always backed him btw) doesn’t mean he owns the gloves at Arsenal. No-one is… Read more »


Good reply, thanks. I don’t disagree in principle with any of that. We’ll have to see what happens at the weekend, but I would have preferred Ramsdale playing last night – I feel like he earned and merited the Champions League start.


Cheers mate and COYG!


I also agree with the sentiment of him getting to play in the CL but there will be more games. Then again, someone like Xhaka would be even more deserving but he is not getting to enjoy that moment.

Teryima Adi

The makes the decision who to play or not.

El Mintero

So why the fk does viera and Havertz start over ESR? Why is Eddie still given a place in the team? Sorry, your logic doesn’t stand up when you look at the broader team…


Sorry, I don’t even understand your point.
Are you saying it has been proven that ESR is currently better suited to play than Vieira and Havertz? And that Eddie is unworthy to be in the squad? (He’s been getting starts because Jesus had to be managed post-op).


I’ve just been selected for the last two games, that is just the choice of the gaffer — that is his choice, not my choice, and when Aaron comes in he will need to also fight for the team and to win games,”
Not sure how I feel about this. I honesty do not. I feel David ought to show a bit of comradie with his fellow Keeper? I just feel he could said this differently it’s almost he knows he is number one now.

Yes its 2 games but man I feel like a disaster coming.

Greg in Seattle

Ramsdale wouldn’t expect that. He was extremely no nonsense when he displaced Leno. IIRC, not a word of sympathy. More like, it could happen to me too and that’s what all keepers deal with. And Leno himself wasn’t graceful about it after he left since he also had a case to make that he’d “done nothing to lose the job”. Team form was meh but fingers weren’t pointing at Leno necessarily.

But no one here thinks that wasn’t the right move for Arteta to have made.


I would rather he shut up at this point or managed something a bit less grating.

djourou's nutmeg

no one was mistreated here. no one talked about mistreatment when nketiah was benched by jesus, why is this any different? maybe one just trained much better than the other, what do you want the manager to do, play the one who trained worse? what message does that give? would you risk losing points based on someone’s feelings? maybe this ends up making ramsdale a better keeper, you make it sound like he was publicly shamed when he’s still part of the team and an important member of the group. he should be concerned about arsenal winning, not about getting… Read more »


Who said anything about being mistreated?

djourou's nutmeg

sorry, i meant to reply to the original poster @aberinkula


Aber.. I endorse totally. Rams goona thru n thru. Mental. Riles opponent fans. Sure made a few mistakes ( YouTube Raya mistakes some worse than onana yest) clear MA8 is ruthless see Reese n ESM but unless you can keep all 24 happy could get ugly l. No doubt Raya will be btwn sticks Sunday Spanish goalie coach connection an all that. But Rams must be feeling his nose has been put out of joint. And for those on here saying Raya more relaxed and calmer etc Pete Schmiks arguably best goalie EPL ever seen weren’t exactly a sea of… Read more »



karl g

When you describe things like that, it doesn’t quite sit right. I guess we’ll see how Raya copes when there is a real test.

There’s only so long Aaron can smile and fist pump all the players entering match. You have to think he’ll be off in the summer if things continue this way and that would be a shame.

Teryima Adi

Aren’t we being too emotional here? The Coach picks the best team to play and we support.


Do you feel the same if Nketiah is dropped for Jesus? Or when it was Zinchenko in for Tierney? Everyone is so weird about Goalkeepers.


It’s seems harsh but sentimentality isn’t allowed at elite level.

Pep ditched Joe Hart almost straight away even though he was Englands no.1 and arguably the best shot stopper in the league.

Arteta knows Raya is that little bit above Ramsdale at this time, Ramsdale is still just a kid in Goalie terms really, he won’t reach his peak years for another 4 to 5 years, Arteta just hasn’t got the time to wait for that if he can have it now.

Greg in Seattle

Arteta made a reference to two occasions where he wished he’d made mid-game keeper changes. We don’t know if was infuriated by a mistake or saw glaring tactical problems that he’d resolve with a better ball playing keeper, or something else. We do know that he didn’t have a strong enough second keeper last year to make a move and now he does. I think when he says “we should have won all of our games” it grates on him that we’ve bled goals, and haven’t always been imperious in putting our foot on teams. I think Ramsdale’s vibe is… Read more »


I agree that it feels ruthless to leave Ramsdale out of Champion’s League when he fought so hard to get us there. But :
– Real Madrid got rid of Keylor Navas after he was so great for them and help them secure many champion’s league. And it was the right decision.
– Arteta has many much more interactions with the players. It’s not just binary (on the team / not on the team). And there’s one thing is GREAT at, it’s making people believe in whatever his plan is. I’m pretty sure Ramsdale understands.

El Mintero

Great post 💯


Raya has better distribution, set piece aerial command ( as he can withstand bully marking better) and long range saves. Ramsdale is the better reflexes for close range shot saves. // Raya all round game seems to bring more defence stability and confidence. Past performances of Ramsdale against Tottenham will no doubt be looked at, and then taken into consideration by the manager. He must think of the team first before the players feelings whoever he chooses.Fans just want a win at any cost.

El Mintero

What about raya’s past performance against spurs?


I love Ramsdale, but Raya is just better. We all know it. I think the players in the team know it too, hence there hasn’t really been any vociferous objections or outrage.


AFC…Supportive and Ruthless! No offense but we have not seen objections or outrage because if there is, that player will never play for Arteta. He is both supportive and understanding and also utterly ruthless about his job…winning titles by making players better and mentally tougher. Note his every calculated words. He congratulated ESW but only on the crowd reception and getting on the pitch, not on his play. As much as I want to see ESW play I think I saw some frustration in his muted reactions to the goal, not sure. We should never forget Arteta sees and experiences… Read more »


Raya exudes confidence. Ramsdale seems skittish.


Rammers for me on Sunday- Raya is fine but he’s very emotionally flat (yes I understand some of you might want that in this game, but) and the derby requires the energy and emotion of the fans. Ramsdale delivers that.


I get you, but I’m trusting MA to make the right call either way. Let’s see!

Heavenly Chapecoense

Partey as a LB too?


I think people are quick to forget the INSANE saves Ramsdale made last season. Whatever Arteta decides to do, it’s very clear that we now have two top top goalkeepers and how this unfolds is quite exciting tbh.

Mikels Arteta

The media is loving it! Making bank on this side narrative

Man Manny

This is getting rather interesting. I remember Leno groping for answers after he had fallen out of favour. I see history repeating itself I’d Arteta persists with Raya as Number One. Ramsgate is too good for a number two.
With benefit of hindsight, no manager would negotiate a loan deal with an option to buy of up to £27m for a backup keeper. I think Arteta always wanted Raya as number one. It was just a matter of time.

Man Manny

And the winner of this contest is Arsenal fc.

El Mintero

Not necessarily…


No way Ramsdale starts on Sunday. Raya is #1 now for sure. Some people prefer to remember the few spectacular saves Ramsdale had last season but they forget his terrible home clean sheet record, his very average overall save stats and his shakyness during the last months of the season. Ramsdale was one of the reasons we lost the league. He was leaking goals. But everyone blamed Holding and the Saliba injury for everything. However Ramsdale’s stats this season are even worse, the worst in the league in fact, and Saliba is healthy and well. The last time Ramsdale had… Read more »


I thought after last season that we were too emotional as a team, that it wasn’t sustainable. We’ve really changed that up, and one of the unfortunate consequences is that our goal celebrations are a lot less vigorous, especially with Xhaka gone. Arteta has relaxed a bit too. But let’s see on Sunday…


Maturation, tweaking, calibration.

Arteta’s Arsenal football machine is being perfected!


Stats and more stats. Every player slumped a little at the end of last season, especially because Saliba went out injured. Arteta insisted on playing Rob Holding for a few matches and our defense fell apart.
If Raya starts Sunday he is the new number 1, and barring injury, Ramsdale will probably be on his way out. Teams don’t have 2 top keepers for a reason.

I have no idea who is better. I prefer Ramsdale because of all he did to get us back where we belong.


People may not like this, but there is very little to argue with it


I imagine Arteta knows who is the better keeper, and will have all the analysis to back it up. If Raya is only 5% better, that means points, and points win leagues. Arteta isnt in the loyalty and preferential treatment business, he is in the winning football trophies business.

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

I hardly think it was down to Raya that we kept clean sheets against these particular teams.
AR back for the derby.

Teryima Adi

Ramsdale is now our No. 2. I feel for him though, but there’s no time for emotions in these things – it’s for the good of the Club.


It’s very early days, let’s have this debate at the end of the season or at least when a clearer picture emerges not just 2 games. I love Ramsdale, I hope he stays and plays. He’s been a big part of us reconnecting with our club and the recent improvements. But let’s all chill it out, enjoy our form, support our team and then make our points and cases with more knowledge, at the minute we’re speculating.. COYG


Say what you want about competition and all, but the game was rigged from the start with Inaki Cana as GK coach.
That is all.


Raya will most probably start against Spurs, position is his to lose now. From the 2 matches he played, I can see very clearly his long balls to the flanks are more accurate than Ramsdale’s.


I’m not sure Arteta has chosen his n1 goalkeeper, yet. It could be a strategy to select Raya in situations where the opposing team would sit in a low block, to be able to use another gifted player with the ball at his feet. I actually think that was the intention behind putting Big Gabi on the bench, in the beginning of the season, to have players with better passing ability on the field. That together with the message he propabably was trying to pass to Partey, that he would still be very much need at Arsenal, even after Rice’s… Read more »

Mikels Arteta

Raya will start against Tottenham. Followed by Ramsdale starting the next 2 games against Brentford and Bournemouth


Ivan Toney – would he be the final piece of a title winning jigsaw, or an expensive misfit not suited to our style of play?

Personally I’d like to see him at Arsenal – certainly would give us that missing ‘plan b’ option when required.

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