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Post-Everton quotes round-up: Arteta, Dyche, Trossard, Neville, Walcott

Arsenal knew they were in for a tough afternoon at Goodison Park and that’s exactly what they got as Sean Dyche’s side used their arms to make contact with Gunners’ faces as much as they used their feet to kick the ball.

For once, Everton’s physicality wasn’t enough to knock us off kilter as Mikel Arteta’s side stayed composed to secure a 1-0 win that took Arsenal up to fourth in the table.

Here’s our round-up of what the players and coaches had to say…

Mikel Arteta on choosing to start David Raya…

The same rationale that Fabio played here, or Eddie played, and Gabriel Jesus [was on the bench]. I haven’t had a single question why Gabriel Jesus hasn’t started. He has won more trophies than anybody else, including me, in that dressing room. So it’s something that historically is done like this, but I cannot have two players in this position and don’t play them. David has tremendous qualities like Aaron [Ramsdale] has, like Karl [Hein] has, but we have to use them, you know. And it’s like this. I’m a really young manager. I’ve only been three and a half years in the job, and I have a few regrets for what I’ve done. One of them, it was that in two occasions, I felt after 60 minutes and after 85 minutes in two games in this period, [i wanted] to change the keeper in that moment. And I didn’t do it. I didn’t have the courage to do it. But I’m able to take a winger or a striker and put a central defender on and go to a back five to hold that result. And we draw those games and I was so unhappy. And someone is going to do it. And maybe it’s, ah, that’s strange. Why? Why not? Tell me why not. You have all the qualities in another goalkeeper to do something, something has happened, you want to change momentum, do it. You know? It’s a regret that I had, and now my feeling is to get everybody engaged in the team, that they have to play, regardless of competition, and do it. And it’s my message.

Source: Post-game press conference | Hayters


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Mikel Arteta on Arsenal’s dominance…

“It was a long time without a win here. We played a great game, we didn’t give anything away. We dominated the game and created numerous chances. The score should probably have been bigger. I really enjoyed this. Against Manchester United, I saw my face after and it was a bit of relief. This was enjoyment.

Source: BBC Match of the Day


Sean Dyche on Everton’s performance…

It didn’t deserve a win. We defended resolutely but we never got to grips with the ball. The defensive side worked really hard but on the attacking side, we were never really near to laying a glove and making a difference. They pressed well and we were unsure whether to go short or long. You have to get the first pass away on turnover. If you don’t get it away then the team can’t open up on the counter.

Source: BBC Match of the Day



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Sean Dyche on the performance of the officials…

I didn’t think the performance of the officials was on par. I thought we had a penalty, the lad fouls Beto, then Douc (Doucoure) goes into the box, is body-checked and nothing given. Then there are four minutes added at the end.

Source: Sky Sports


Mikel Arteta on Arsenal needing 26 seconds to take the corner that led to the goal…

[sarcastically] That’s a yellow card.

Source: Post-game press conference | Hayters


Mikel Arteta on whether he’s ready for a week of questions about his goalkeepers…

I don’t know. I don’t know. The keeper, the full back, the centre back, the holding midfielder, the attacking midfielder, the striker. I don’t have a clue now. You have any ideas, send me a text.

Source: Viaplay Fotball 


Leandro Trossard on a big week ahead…

I am really excited to be honest. It’s my first game in the Champions League as well, so to do it with Arsenal is a pleasure. I am really looking forward to it.



Gary Neville on Declan Rice’s engine…

Rice’s ability to get back quickly when Arsenal lose the ball is a real feature. The power in his legs just to drive back and get his toe in, really good.

Source: Sky Sports


Theo Walcott on Arsenal’s disallowed goal…

I’m so pleased Arsenal won. Mikel would have been…like he said, he thought it was a goal. If he didn’t get the result it would be very interesting to see what he said.

Source: Sky Sports


Arteta on the support his side received from the travelling Gooners…

They are incredible. Every ground, every day, they keep getting better and better I think, they are enjoying the moment. They are incredibly important for us, and hopefully everybody showed their appreciation for all the time and effort they put in to always be with us. I’ll see you on Wednesday!


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Subbing out keepers seems an odd idea, unless you’re bringing on a penalty specialist


It only seems odd because no-one does it, the game evolves. You get 5 subs now, suddenly bringing on your aerial dominating keeper to cling onto a lead for the last ten minutes, whilst your opponent is pumping balls into the box, isn’t a waste of your subs, chasing a goal? Bring on your line breaking sweeper keeper.


I think the decision the play Raya is bold and brilliant. He’s exceptional on ball and gathering crosses. The stats show that and the game did too. Really flawless game from him and he contributed to the win in a big way. As Arteta says, rammers has strengthens too and it seems we’re open to rotation and playing the most suitable option. Well done. Deserved win. The lines on the off side are so strange, look where the blue line is, it would mean his back leg is about 1-2m across his front and opposite leg. Still really tight, so… Read more »


Not really the game by which to judge a goalkeeper’s performance under fire, was it. I for one am flabbergasted at why Arteta would move from Ramsdale. Bold and brilliant? How so? And Arteta’s reasoning is BS deflection. There are all legit and apparent reasons to not start Jesus or Havertz in favor of Nketiah or Vieira, but I don’t know of any that would convince me Raya was deserving of a start, or Ramsdale of a benching. And please don’t site stats; the team/playing contexts are very different. I’m afraid Arteta is going to get in his own way.… Read more »


Bold, because it’s unexpected and naturally he’ll be questioned for it. Brilliant because he knew we would face a barrage from long balls and crosses and we needed control and confidence coming out from the back under pressure. Raya was basically faultless in both capacities. I really like Rammers, but I said when we signed Raya, he’s too good to be a #2. He’s at least Rammers peer, he might even be better. I question this less than I did to start havertz in the previous games over Gabriel, trossard and Vieira. All three have deserve their place, glad he… Read more »

El Mintero

Lol. We played the mighty Everton and suddenly the brentford keeper won us the game…?!! Hardly bold and certainly not brilliant.


He’s an arsenal keeper mate!


I’m so looking forward to the day Arteta makes a tactical goalkeeper substitution in the 65th minute and the entire British media completely flips out for a full week… god, can we just fast forward to that moment, the thought of seeing Gary Neville’s brain disintegrating on live television fills me with such joy


I’m having trouble imagining the disintegration of empty space. Help me out.


Rip Richard keyes if that happens


He’s messing with them.
Just like the long winding M20.
Media are going to question your very fast.
So let’s spin a tale for them




Times change


I think we have a chance to (permanently) sign a keeper Arteta rates. He’s just trying out to see if he’s actually better than Ramsdale. The explanation is just smoke screen.


Dyche got Mikeled


Dyche should go back and watch the doucoure tumble in the box, he leapt into the defender after he lost control of the ball. That’s cheating.


If it had been the other way round, he’d have said it was cheating & we should’ve been booked


I love Wrighty and he’s a gooner through and through. But watching him on telly do the analysis and try hard to be neutral works my head in. He was drawn into the TV narrative that it was a penalty on Docure and the reference was some unrelated goalkeeper incident in the Newcastle game. To me the most relevant incident was the Harvertz penalty in the United game where again he was drawn into denying the penalty because “yes there’s contact and the defender sticks out a leg but is it enough? The striker is looking for it” bullshit. Trust… Read more »

Rotten Apple

Yep..the guy worked too hard to be the most neutral and most importantly,… the most popular and sought after pundit in the british media…You call it ‘playing along’ and some would call it as being a consummate professional at his job…..but I for one …just don’t buy it … Because for me ..unless one is wearing everton colors or one’s name is Sean Dyche, the Dacoure jump/dive was far too obvious for someone supposedly ‘Neutral’ and blessed with playing experience not to see it for what it is… Dac also was probably a little bit lucky not to get a… Read more »


Neville: ” can’t blame him for trying”… seriously what a fuck head. Imagine the hernia he’d have had if that was against manure. righteous outrage would have been launched against him on every touch for the rest of the game.


michael owen offers more insightful commentary than gary neville, who is a weasel faced prick


Let’s be honest Sean, you could have had 44 minutes of unity time and you wouldn’t have got a shot away

Dr. Gooner

He’s probably talking about the games against Sporting (away) and City (home).


Didn’t Ramsdale start at Sporting and concede that wonder goal? Why would he have put Turner in at that point?

Dr. Gooner

That was in the home leg I believe


Ah fair enough. Thunk I’ve already repressed most memories of ever playing in that competition… what’s it called

Spanish Gooner

I think it’s really worrying that we have a comments section full of people convinced that the referee was biased against us today at the same time as the opposition manager is claiming the exact opposite, and it’s not just this game. The refereeing situation seems to have become completely untenable in terms of standards and furore and I really don’t know what the situation is.

Spanish Gooner

Sorry, did realise I was replying to another post not making my own comment.

Think you’re right about the games though!


About the disallowed goal: it seems odd that the defenders intent (or lack of) is taken in to account but the attackers isn’t. Gabriel wasn’t trying to find Nketiah, and was actually playing the ball backwards. I don’t see why that’s just ignored

A Different George

The attacker’s “intent” is taken into account in exactly the same way. For example, if a defender’s backpass is intercepted by an attacker in an offside position, the attacker is not offside even if the backpass glanced off the heel of the attacker’s teammate while the teammate’s back was turned. And for the same reason: the question is who last “played” the ball, not who did it last touch.


“It’s a regret that I had, and now my feeling is to get everybody engaged in the team, that they have to play, regardless of competition, and do it. And it’s my message.” Hopefully this means players like ESR are well in his plans. I think Mikel has been deliberate in his handling of ESR coming back from his injury and was probably always thinking about playing him when the schedule gets busier and more minutes will be available but I think re-integrating ESR into the starting lineup or number 1/2 off the bench has to be a priority because… Read more »

djourou's nutmeg

i did the same comment last fixture but for some reason it never showed up, so at risk of being tiresome i’ll say it again: i really like these articles gathering mixed reactions inside and outside the team, they’re fun and allow me to catch things that i’d have otherwise missed. good job, keep them coming!


Last two wins have been won off of corner kicks. Being able to win so many corners (we’ve won at least 8 in every match) is such a huge advantage especially in those games in which an opponent is packed in tightly on defense. Glad to see we are trying a number of different plays on them instead of trying to win headers every time.


The keeper is a key player in build up. If the centre back has a poor first half and puts 4 big switches in the stand – he’s subbed. But not the keeper. Until now. Arteta is miles ahead of the conventional crowd. The analysts are worthless. They are years behind.

It Is What It Is

You’d expect Rammers to just go into the hyperbolic time chamber, win – win.

Comfort and security lead to complacency one way or another. I believe we’ll have two goalies who will relish the challenge and improve the levels.

What team has what we have. And just for that …..93 – 94 – 93 – 94

Bob the gunner

Have we properly replaced Dr.Driscoll? Injuries seem to be mounting up.

Dr Nick Riviera

I dont know. But it seems like he’s got his hands full over there at united. Long may it continue.


united need to hire an anger management psychologist, from the sounds of things.


Sure wish he’d have the courage to give ESR a fair go.


So Arteta literally said that in two occasions this season he wanted to substitute the goalkeeper and he regrets not doing it. Ramsdale was making him nervous and rightly so. Looks to me that Ramsdale is done. Arteta didn’t have to say that and it’s quite damning saying that you felt you needed to substitute your goalkeeper.


He didn’t specify at all,certainly not literally,that the two occasions he referenced happened this season. Could be any time across the time he’s been at Arsenal and could be any one of Ramsdale,Leno,Martinez,Runarson(sp) and Turner.

A Different George

I hope it was Martinez.

It Is What It Is

Must have been Leno. Went for less than Turner.

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