Monday, May 20, 2024

Raya and Vieira start: Everton v Arsenal team news

Arsenal are at Goodison Park to take on Everton this afternoon, looking for three points there for the first time since 2017.

Here are the official line-ups.

Everton: To follow


Arsenal: Raya, White, Saliba, Gabriel, Zinchenko, Rice, Vieira, Odegaard, Martinelli, Saka, Nketiah

Subs: Ramsdale, Tomiyasu, Kiwior, Jorginho, Smith Rowe, Trossard, Havertz, Nelson, Jesus

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Happy about Vieira getting a well earned chance but I don’t feel like Aaron deserves to be dropped like that, what has he done wrong?

Unless it’s about saving him for the Champions League.


Saving him? For a goalkeeper? Not having that.
I trust Arteta though. Happy with Vieira starting.


A player doesn’t have to do something wrong to be part of creating competition in the squad.


Fair enough, if this is really the mentality in the squad then fair play to Mikel, to Aaron, to all of them.

karl g

If you recall Leno vs Ramsdale, the pattern was the same. I doubt we’ll see much of Arron from now, as Mikel has been a long time fan Raya.


Having said that I’m a bit nervous about Fabio starting seemingly at the 8, I don’t think that’s where he’s done his best work when he’s come on and I never felt like that’s his best position. Perhaps he’ll be interchanging with Odegaard in terms of playing further forward…? Either way really hope this will work as I really think he’s a super talented player when used right.


Havertz hasn’t raised the level in his starts. Happy to give Vieira a chance to do that. His performances so far this season warrant that opportunity


Like I said, his performances so far this season weren’t in that position so I’m not sure that puts him in the best place to succeed. I really don’t see what the negativity is about, I literally said I’m happy to see him start and think he’s super talented, I just don’t want him to again do badly at a position he’s not suited for and then the same fans who are downvoting me now will be all over him again just like they were last season saying he’s not good enough. Christ.


Agree Havertz hasn’t yet, but felt like this is a better game for him than Vieira tbh, hopefully be proved wrong about that. Vieira has been decent yeah, but Everton’s strength is physicality more than the other teams we’ve played so far, and that’s basically Vieira’s weakness.


That is exactly where he has had his best games for us. As the left sided Odegaard. I’m excited


A left sided Ode yes, but Odegaard plays essentially as a 10, further up and much less box to box/defensive than has been expected of Xhaka and Rice when playing with him. Vieira has impressed a ton but not on the defensive end, I really think people have been severely overlooking and underestimating Havertz’s contribution on that end. If he’s out that will need to be replaced, hopefully between Vieira and perhaps Ode dropping back more and playing more of a traditional 8 role they can manage it.


*Xhaka and Havertz


Good points let’s see how it goes. Hope we smash them!

Walter White

Agreed. Of all games I thought this game would be perfect for Havertz. That physicality would be appreciated.
But here’s to Vieira making a difference! He has been knocking quite heavily of late.


I actually think it’s good for Havertz to be dropped for a bit, he needs a breather and some time to settle and the angry fans could use some time to settle down too so he can play more freely next time he starts. I guess Partey missing means Vieira is the only real candidate to replace Kai, so I guess Mikel’s hand was forced in a way. So yeah here’s to that, really hope Fabio can defend as good as he’s been attacking lately. Perhaps against Everton he won’t even need to.


He will definitely start in CL


I clearly remember the same complaints when we were getting Ødegard on loan from Madrid. Fans didn’t know why we were getting in another young player in the same position as ESR. I wonder if they still feel the same way today. Ramsdale didn’t make sense with Leno in the team but here we are so yes this is a big club and every now and then your/my favourite player will not play.
The only person I feel sorry for is Raya if/when he makes his first error and all goalkeepers do.


Any decent keeper made sense with error prone Leno in the team.


Looking at the overall selection, I think Arteta wants a better control of the ball. No disrespect to Ramsdale, Raya is better with the ball at his feet. I also think he edges it on coming for crosses. This too could come in handy today when Everton gets a corner kick.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Maybe Raya looks better in training


There’s plenty Football to go around, they will be fine.


Aaron to start his first CL game, which he and his other teammates earned for from last season. I know this maybe a stretch to say this, esp for a goalkeeper but I do think we should save home for CL games….


Sorry for the typo… is him (Aaron), not home…. And for Havertz, he has CL experience so save him for that game also make sense? Anyway, trust Arteta! COYG! Take that darn 3 points from Everton at their home, in their face!


Maybe not so much about “saving” – but we have two top class keepers to play. Aaron earned us champions league and wants to play in it. Might see a more interesting rotation than cup/league from MA. Aaron for champs and Prem games around FA ties – oppo for Raya


Well deserved start for Vieira. Glad to see that Mikel is rewarding Fabio for his recent good form. Clean sheet for Raya!


Not so surprised at Fabio! But Raya. Wow! Arteta proves his ruthlessness again! Overall we should get all 3 points with this team. COYG!!

Man Manny

What is ruthless about dropping Ramsdale for Raya? Rams has done nothing wrong, has he? Methinks Ramsdale will have the honour of being between the sticks when Arsenal resume CL football. Arteta is just smartly avoiding probing questions by fielding Raya today.


Surprised to see Raya starting this early in the league. But saw somewhere that ramsdale hast the worst shotstoping percentage in the league so far. Great to see fabio getting a chance from the begining.


That’s because we haven’t been conceding many chances in the league. And the chance we do gift the opposition they scored, so of course Ramsdale will have a very low save percentage.
We have an average xG for goals conceded of 0.7 iirc which is among the lowest in the league right now.


Arteta is ruthless. I like it


What a squad. Please act cruel revenge on Everton and Dyche

Cranky Colin

Fucks sake!


about what exactly?


Everything. He’s cranky. 😉


We can win this game, COYG


Strong bench for us too.


Jesus has to start


Why not bring him back slowly? Nkethia was great so far.


Jesus is the best striker at the club: he must start

Bleeding gums murphy

Couldn’t agree more. He offers so much more than running about. Hopefully nketia will get a goal but it’s Jesus all day long for me. Hope it don’t bite on the arse


He also just flew to Brazil and back.


Tired arms then?


his record against Everton alone makes him the better choice I think. Also I was gambling on him for my fantasy team lol. Hopefully Eddie has a good game though, coyg


It looks like this is the beginning of the end for Ramsdale.

And maybe Havertz too!


Or perhaps he’s just rotating the team because we have champions league on Wednesday?


You don’t need to rotate goalkeepers. It would make sense if Raya played in the cups, but Raya starting this game looks ominous for Ramsdale. Your number one keeper starts in the PL.

Alan Sunderland

100%, don’t know why people don’t get that we didn’t pay 30 million for a back up keeper. They wanted Raya before ramsdale was signed. We have just kicked off and played the ball straight to Raya, got to be the first time a keeper ever took to 2nd touch of a game.


Go back and look at the rest of our matches. Every opening kick-off to start either the match or the second half goes basck to the keeper.

Hair on Ram's Tail

Yes, it’s necessary to keep everyone sharp and not sitting around on the bench getting rusty.
Ramsdale played for England 4 days ago but Raya didn’t play for Spain and hasn’t played a game in a long time.


Let’s just wait and see. I’m sure Arteta still has plans for both of them.

East London Gooner

Are you tottenham in disguise?


Now that was classless and uncalled for.


I have downvoted (disagreed) tons with Fats through the years, but I have never insulted him or the dialogue accusing him of being a Sp*rs fan.


Thankfully judging by his Players Tribune article, Rammsdale doesn’t seem even remotely likely to share that opinion


The whole point of buying Raya, Havertz etc is to have competition in the squad and allow for rotation. City have two players for every position and can make these sort of changes with no drop in quality. That’s what we’re working towards and it means that some ‘first choice’ players will sit out some games. Keeps them hungry but also (hopefully) avoids the dropoff that did for us last season.


Brighton seems to have 3 per position and they look happy 😃


Agreed. Ramsdale is a Fabianski level keeper, I bet he will be sold in the summer to a mid/low table side.


Typical toxic Fatgooner. You write Havertz off after just 4 matches and also England’s best keeper too. I bet you’re a fan of the joke AFTV.


You’re wrong!!!

I wrote Havertz off after ONE game

Alan Sunderland

the fat man didn’t buy Raya or pick him to start today. Arteta thinks he’s a better keeper than ramsdale, that’s why he bought him.


Over complicated thinking for me here.

Was GK the reason we didn’t win the league?
Viera has earned a start for me but why choose a physical team away for the moment?
Tinkering is the reason we have 10 points instead of 12 as much as anything.


Fair. Havertz needs to earn his place in the team like everyone else. No1 should be entitled to a starting spot.

Man Manny

Rice, Ødegaard and Vieira midfield against the “giants” of Everton will be an interesting battle: artistry vs brawn.


At last Raya starts! When Raya starts actually saving shots and getting clean sheets then people will understand what Ramsdale has done wrong for the last months.

Teryima Adi

Arteta is a strange one, with case of Raya and Ramsdale.

Teryima Adi

With the case of*

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

2 starter keepers never works.
Why would Ramsdale stay if he knows he could go elsewhere and never be dropped when he’s playing well!


OK. Which other top clubs have had two top keepers at the same time and rotated them?
What went wrong?

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...



I’ll reserve judgement on the keeper issue for now !


Some bench!

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

I think these are good changes to make, before the big one next weekend

Bleeding gums murphy

That’s just insane to be even thinking about next week ffs


Looking at the playing 11 and each and the bench, and knowing that partey and timber are also around…what a transformation! Each and everyone on there can have a proper impact on the team and there are few if any passengers.


The different knock on YouTube gave a really good theory that Raya will be play when we play more dominating football and ramsdale when we expect more shots against us


Definitely good to see some rotation and likely saving Jesus to start midweek. I know Raya has been excelling in training and will be good to see him get a game in finally, with two quality keepers it will be good to have some rotation to keep them sharp and also hungry. Sure Ramsdale will start midweek.

Bleeding gums murphy

For me Jesus starts, we can tie them up in knots in their final third with Jesus. With nketia he will make runs. Massive difference. Come on you gunners

Great Kalu

Am deeply conflicted over the Raya / Ramsdale issue. I am big fan of the latter.

Moronic Inferno

Wrong game to start Viera?, hope not, love that little fella.

Billy bob

Poor match thus far, not going to break the dropped points streak at goodison


Great prediction.


Can anyone explain why Martinellis goal was offside? The ball completely changed direction after the block from Everton.


Because the rule about it deflecting off an opposition player was changed at the beginning of last season so that even if a ball forward DOES touch an opponent, it’s still considered “playing the ball forward” unless the defender has an actual chance to control the ball when it touches him. The rule was changed specifically to avoid the scenarios we’ve suffered in the past where a ball just barely brushes a defender who had no chance to actually play it, and that made someone originally in an offside position, onside.


We need to give Saka more freedom. Let him take up some central positions. It’s too easy to defend against us right now. Let’s go boys.

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

Vieira off now!


Mikel is taking the piss now, he knows we can beat them with 10 men.

Emi Rates

I love Trossard!

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