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Rice, Saka and Saliba start: Bournemouth v Arsenal team news

Arsenal take on Bournemouth in the Premier League this afternoon.

Here are the official line-ups.

Bournemouth: Neto, Aarons, Zabarnyi, Senesi, Kerkez, Cook, Philip, Christie, Tavanier, Solanke, Kluivert

Subs: Radu, Smith, Rothwell, Traore, Brooks, Dango, Sinisterra, Semenyo, Moore

Arsenal: Raya, White, Saliba, Gabriel, Zinchenko, Rice, Havertz, Odegaard, Saka, Jesus, Nketiah

Subs: Ramsdale, Tomiyasu, Kiwior, Jorginho, Elneny, Smith Rowe, Vieira, Trossard, Nelson

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Good one! Let’s get those customary 3 points.



2-0. All the anti Eddie stuff has aged really well… started the first goal, won the penalty for the 2nd.

I miss santi cazorla

It is bourmouth ffs. Not even brentford.


Would have preferred Jesus in the middle. Anyway we are strong enough for 3 points.


How many more chances is Eddie going to get? Played ok in midweek, but he hasn’t scored in 6 now. I don’t have any idea why we are trying so hard to shoe horn him in to this team.

Eric Blair

When Arteta gets an idea in his head it’s very hard to shift it. Let’s pray Eddie comes good.

Dr. Gooner

I agree he’s been poor with his decision making and touches in important areas.

I think a big part of it is that he works really hard in training and Arteta wants to reward that.

The other practical aspect is that Jesus hasn’t held up physically in the CF role and so I think we are using Eddie there because he’s more durable. Trying to keep Jesus fit. That’s my best guess.

I miss santi cazorla

I guess Arteta want to prove his decision of handing eddie a massive contract to be a right one. It has now become a question of his ego…so is with Havertz

Teryima Adi

Arteta’s has his favourites.

Bleeding gums murphy

Cannot believe nketia is starting. It’s like Willian all over again. He is not good enough. Nice young fella and really wish him well but he Should not be starting a premiership game for us. Once again it will greatly impact our link up that we have when Jesus plays up top, think psv. And then think any game nketia has started and tell me when we have looked smith throughout.

djourou's nutmeg

i really don’t understand people who complain about nketiah playing games. you’re entitled to think he’s shit, but who else do you want us to play? half the team is injured, there’s no one else. even if you start jesus in the middle (who just came back from a surgery), who else do you wanna play out wide? we only have reiss nelson available right now, do you expect him to play three times a week after playing three times a season the last couple years? how is his body gonna handle that? it’s tiring really


Bye bye Ramsdale, he won’t stay, epic mid week left out again. What has he got to do!?!

Teryima Adi

Isn’t it obvious by now that Ramsdale is No. 2?

Eric Blair

I think that’s what he meant, Ramsdale won’t stuck around to be number 2.

Dr. Gooner

Of course he won’t but he also hasn’t given up on himself besting Raya yet, nor should he.

I will say though as much as I like Ramsdale, I dislike the cult of personality around him. There’s no rational argument for him to be starting over Raya right now, yet the level of bellyaching on his behalf is only increasing. Why? He’s a cool dude and a good player, but he’s not the best GK for this team currently.

Dr. Gooner

B’mouth are going to press high. They forced a goal from Brighton last week that way. Raya has just been better in those situations.

Norwegian Wood

He can go if he won’t stay and fight for his place.

Same goes for every player in that 11.

Eric Blair

Don’t see how much more fighting he can do, except putting Raya on his arse.

Dr. Gooner

How about not launching it long 25 times per game when under pressure? He needs to break the press with his passing. That’s the bar.

Dr. Gooner

He makes great saves, but those are in part a consequence of a chaotic game created by his inabilty to exert control in our half. I don’t want to see him making any saves at all. I want to see him be able to use his left foot to play out from pressure. He can’t do that reliably.


You didn’t watch the Brentford game then ? Or Raya struggling to keep the ball in play v the Spuds ?
All about opinions but personally I think Arteta is needlessly tinkering & being stubborn ?
This is Arsenal our Arsenal & through thick and thin I support them Arteta at the moment is niggling me & I don’t like it !

karl g

They’re about the same under pressure, but the 2nd Spurs goal could have been avoided if Raya was as tall as Ramsdale.

Gisueppe Hovno

Ramsdale just brings an element of chaos to the defence tbh

Johnny 4 Hats

Looking good.

But I want to see Vieira for Havertz and Trossard for Eddie on 60 if we aren’t looking great.

Come on you gooooooooners!!!


_______ ____.
___ I want to see ______ ___ Havertz and ________ ___ Eddie __ __ __ __ ______ looking great.
Come on you gooooooooners!!!


So far, Eddie already delivered, COYG


Think he’s saving Vieira for the CL where his style/physique is still more suitable, at least till he continues to get stronger. Same with Tross perhaps… this will be a physical game and we need those bigger bodies.

Plue as you said 60th min Fab and Tross coming in fresh and zipping through balls and tidy finishes is also something we’ve seen work

Teryima Adi

Arteta is a trickster. 😀
We can take the three points. COYG!!!!!


Shit selection!!!





Teryima Adi

Havertz is on rehabilitation, Fatgooner. We pray to soon see the Leverkusen version not the Chelsea’s.😀


He can do that in the league cup

Bleeding gums murphy

Absolutely fats. As for Eddie, I cannot believe it. Technically not good enough and does have the football brain required at the top level.

Des Lynam

Ah man, how I’d love to see Kai score a couple just for shits and giggles

Eric Blair


Eric Blair

Sorry everyone, I was frothing.


Woah…way to get behind the team!
Shouting WITH CAPS and telling a new player for our club to F-off……..i really hope you go see someone and get some help soon 🙏

Des Lynam

Dude, can you put the reverse jinx on every game now please?


I really don’t understand starting Eddie again. Jesus has to play through the middle. I can understand maybe Trossard or Vieira aren’t fit enough to start, but then play Nelson LW ffs. If we fail to win this game and Eddie plays poorly again I’m going to be incredibly frustrated.
Anyway, COYG, prove me wrong Eddie!

Bleeding gums murphy

Two players who are offering nothing starting again. Play nelson wide left and Jesus up top and trosssrd instead of havertz. Oh well. Here’s to a possible repeat of a disjointed frustrated 90 minutes. Nketia should be no where near staring 11 and havertz has done nothing to justify starting.


In fairness, Eddie had a decent game 🙂


That’s all u can muster to say after all ur rant…like I always say plz leave coaching for arteta to deal with…


Literally everyone that Arteta said was injured in his press conference is playing 🤣🤣

Bill Hall

I don’t like the way Arteta is treating Rambo. He was much better midweek than Raya was last weekend!

Teryima Adi

Deal with it, Bro: Raya’s Arteta’s choice for now.

Bill Hall

Don’t call me bro
I an probably old enough to be your grandpa


Could be two grandpas

Big L HoP

Clearly with that attitude bro

Teryima Adi

Sorry, Bill. So sorry 🙏🏾


Not Eddie again… Jesus.


Yes Jesus again… Eddie.


How does Eddie keep getting games while ESR, Vieira and Nelson are sat on the bench watching him waste chances??

Dr. Gooner

He’s a striker and those guys aren’t. It seems like we are pivoting away from Jesus centrally this season and if we think of him as a winger then he’s just better than those options on the flanks. That’s my best guess.

Eric Blair

But Eddie scores less than Jesus?

Big L HoP

Letting Balogun go would be mad if this were true

Dr. Gooner

Not a CF either

Man Manny

Jesus healed them all, except Martinelli, Timber and Partey. There must be those who don’t believe. 3 points please.


Nketiah again!


Glad most of our injured are available, just hope we can get a lead and get them out for some rest in the second half.

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

So when is this rotating keepers in the premier going to start then?
Ramsdale doesn’t deserve this.
As for Havertz..I hope he’s had lots of cuddles. *sigh*


Has Emery figured out Brighton?!? I think blogs said at one point that he thought someone would eventually…

Dr. Gooner

Nah. It was just one of those days when everything was flying in.


Well dang. Didn’t watch, just saw the score racking up.


Starting 11 is good enough to take 3 points home. I hope they don’t over complicate it. Kai needs a goal from open play. Let’s get it. Eddie needs a good game as I’m starting to sour on him.


Nketiah really needs to work on his ball control. Every high pass is controlled away from him rather than towards him. It’s a skill, and can be developed from constant practice.

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

Another sporadic performance by Raya so far. I wonder if this famed ‘I can switch goalkeepers at half-time’ nonsense will actually happen.
Bring on Ramsdale!

Dr. Gooner


He cleared it long twice when he was put under pressure in his box. Prior to that his distribution was A+. Did you see how he broke that press with the through ball to Zinchenko on 10-ish minutes? Masterful. That’s why he’s playing.

Dr. Gooner
He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

Yeah because Ramsdale has been poor, right?

Dr. Gooner

Eddie was really good this half.

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