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Arsenal 5-0 Sheffield United – player ratings

Arsenal hosted Sheffield United after winning away in Seville in midweek and the Emirates faithful were treated to a thumping 5-0 win.

An Eddie Nketiah hat-trick, a Vieira penalty and a rare Tomiyasu goal sealed the victory.

Here’s how the players rated this evening.

Read the Arsenal 5-0 Sheffield United match report and see the goals here 

Arsenal 5-0 Sheffield United – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above David Raya. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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I had a really weird sense of deja vu when u read Raya’s, but then realised that it’s still the Sevilla game ratings 😂


Just gave a 10 to Nketiah but his average was 5, which seems a bit harsh.


Five star performance by the boys!
Come Havertz, we’re all waiting for you to take the spot light, look ata brilliant Eddie!


Thought that was harsh on Kai, he played really well today, set up a few chances and was unlucky not to score himself. Story of his Arsenal career so far but still, on a day like today dude deserves an 8 surely.


I believe Henry didn’t score for 14 games. Based on fans these days he would have never got the chance to score at all


up to 9.5 now. the wankers voted early i guess

Funsho Patrick

Eddie , steady, ready!!


Ready, Eddie, Goal!


Eddie, Steady, Cook!


I. Love me some Mo but I love me an Eddie hat trick. I love some Martineli but I love me some Take a Hero goal.
I saw some Smith a dash of Nelson and sprinkle of Viera, paint me silly and call me a Bokke!



Exit the Lemming

Alan, Sammy and Patrick?


Some passes Declan Rice made today, never knew he had that in his locker! It’s already looking like his ability on the ball is improving. So good to spend 100M and have it WORK.

10/10 Arteta for a solid rotation. We have been crying out for that.


He’s still improving as a player, that’s the inconceivable part. Might be worth 200mil soon…


Pair him up with that other 100m English kid that’s rocking it in Madrid.

In North London, to clarify.


That would obviously be a dream but the only way Real agrees to sell Bellingham in the next 5 years is if videos of Florentino Perez get leaked showing him to be a mix between Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and “2 Girls 1 Cup”.

Which wouldn’t be all that surprising come to think of it, but still probably unlikely


England will actually have that this Euros. What a team that will be.


Unfortunately that literally all time midfield could be completely cancelled out by the utter mediocrity of chaps like Tripier, Maguire, Pickford, whoever Southgate plays instead of Ben White and Southgate himself 🤷

Exit the Lemming

Speaking as a Scotsman, I’m now terrified of what England might now win with Bellingham in the team.


Jude out of reach, but I continue to dream of springing Camavinga to North London

Guns Up

Solid rotation and very sensible substitutions. Haven’t been as many chances for it so far this season, but there were many times last season when I was screaming for him to get Saka off and rested/protected in similar circumstances to today. Hopefully a harbinger of things to come.


hmm… amazing performance by Gabriel, and Jesus i think….

Bergkamp's Pilot

Pretty sure neither Big Gabi or Lamela featured today??

Heavenly Chapecoense

I’ve never said anything bad about Nketiah’s ability to score goals. I want everybody to know this. Said two days ago he would only fulfill his potential towards retirement but that is only an error on timing, lol.

Exit the Lemming

This kiddies is what the sound of furious back peddling sounds like


Sevillafield United were shit today

Public Elneny

I’ve seen teams defend worse against us, but not offered as little as they did in possession.

SLC Gooner

They have a bunch of injuries, and at this point I’m feeling sorry for them. Looking like they will challenge for worst team in PL history.

Exit the Lemming

Yes, hampered by injuries to three first choice centre halves but this was offset by Arteta’s rotation to a certain extent. Teams who play a low block but without a plan B, have nothing to offer as soon as they go behind apart from damage limitation

Heavenly Chapecoense

Our players need to know they can do it every games.


Every game they can score 5 goals? Are you high? As good as we were, the opponents are a really poor team.

Exit the Lemming

Derby’s pitiful 11 points total for a whole premier league season is seriously in danger


Christ! It was all a dream!

Cliff Bastin



It’s called rotation

Cliff Bastin

Sir, blogs initial list had Gabriel. Fixed though 👍🏼

Glory Hunter

@Billy Dunmore what game were u watching? 😂😂

Cranky Colin

Eddie Njesus…… recovered quickly from that hamstring


You had one job!


Can’t get the staff 😘🤣

Dorset Gooner

VAR call on this report methinks!!

Dorset Gooner

I hope it’s not Blogs who’s gone through early comments down-thumbing us for the mistake😉

Bill Hall

70% of the world is covered by water, the rest is covered by Declan Rice 😉


We’ve obviously missed Elneny at corners. That one for Tomi’s goal was the sort of corner that doesn’t get past the first defender, but Mo read it, raced out, and flicked it on. He’s no world-beater, but he’s solid and never lets us down, even when he’s not played for a long time.

Exit the Lemming

Although I agree with this up to a point, the most attractive thing about Mo for Arsenal, is his complete lack of ambition. He could be a regular starter at another decent top flight club.


Today Havertz anticipated the next pass more than in prior games. Though we made a big step forward today.


He not we


… and that shot, right at the end of injury time, showed that he doesn’t hide, which is the important thing. Though I suspect that had he got it on target, the goalie might have saved it.

Exit the Lemming

Why would any of our players hide when they’re 5 up?

Exit the Lemming

He’ll be running in the right direction soon at this rate



Solomon Grover



How is Trossard 7 and Mo 8, when he was on only for just few minutes? Don’t begrudge Mo his 8, but Trossard was very good after coming on. No one deserved less than 8 today.


Trossard was super lively from minute one of coming on


As in I never believe I will see blogs give a player a 10. A great performance and that’s really playing in gear three.


Bloggs didn’t…

Guns Up

Blogs had the day off to attend – not the author for this one.

Charlie George

That’s all.

Fucking love it. The haters might want to check his stats for shooting frequency, accuracy and goals per minute. All better than Jesus.

Those are facts.

Not saying he should play every week but he’s much better than he’s given credit for. And at 24 his best is yet to come. Loved to see him take the armband too.

Frank Bascombe

99% of them on here were slagging him off the other night.


he was shit the other night…


Somthing tells me Eddie gets a 10 because its Eddie. If Jesus had scored those goals it would be maybe a 9? Right?


Different guy did rating today


Ah! That explains it because i thought that Jesus performance vs Sevilla was just as good. Sure, three goals but the defence they had…well.


You feel better about yourself after that?


So great to see Elneny back out there after so long. I know he had waited ages for that moment. Great to have some experience behind Rice and Jorginho while Partey is out. So happy too to see ESR get a start and do well, I hope that will justify for minutes for him. To me he is best option to play in the middle with Odegaard when Rice either needs a break or is playing the 6. A much better option than Havertz in the midfield. Havertz had a great opportunity today to really get involved and impose himself,… Read more »

Charlie Carter

Eddies on fire, your defence is terrified , la la la la la la la la la la la

Cool Papa Bellerin

I love The Smith. Can they just let him have one shot without a world class save or header off the line? Man deserves a goal.


Well he did slip before a shot with the goal yawning


That was going in by the way! Good header stopped that!


I still hope Man united get run over tomorrow. Thats the feelings i have for that club. 😀

Exit the Lemming

Without Ollie as the designated driver, I’m not so sure. I’d prefer Utd to take points off City frankly, as the former ain’t getting anywhere near the title.

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

What on earth did Havertz do in this game?
How he gets the odd start here and there and Ramsdale doesn’t is sad and wrong.

Merlin’s Panini

A great performance all round. These are the sort of games we need to be racking up the goal difference in so this was great to see.
Props to Nketiah who has surely earned himself a start in the next game or two. Let’s hope he keeps up this level now.

Exit the Lemming

Just waiting for the ‘Nketiah for England’ and ‘Will Jesus get his place back?’ bandwagons to be dusted off and set in motion once again. Yes his hat-trick was brilliantly executed against one of the worst sides to have ever graced to premiership to date but this is the same guy most of you were posting on here last week that the club should sell/deport or turn into catfood. In fact one cerebral giant posted that watching Eddie play is like being waterboarded.


Honestly that was a 10/10 performance from Zinchenko in the first half

Exit the Lemming

ESR 8.5?! Yes he worked hard and got an assist (a 10 yard pass for Eddie’s howitzer of a 3rd) but was mostly ineffectual and practically invisible throughout IMO. Glad to see him getting game time of course, but Havertz aside, there’s no-one I’d sacrifice to give him a start otherwise. Surely Partey, Odegaard and Trossard are in front of ESR in the queue?


Benjamin’s hair needs to be WHITE!

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