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Arteta working hard to change touchline behaviour

Mikel Arteta has admitted he is working hard to change his touchline behaviour in order to better represent Arsenal.

Arteta received criticism for his conduct last season and has been booked twice already this term – meaning a third yellow card would result in a one-game touchline ban.

But the Gunners boss insists he is making a “conscious effort” to act differently despite the competitive nature of top level football.

“Sometimes when I look at myself and I’m so agitated I think it can sometimes give an image that is not the best, mainly for the club,” he told reporters on Friday.

“It’s difficult to accept some decisions when you are in the heat (of the moment), because you are representing the club and you want to defend them. That’s what drives me.

“It’s to defend the players, to defend the club. Nothing else. It’s not about me.

“You are there to be on it and make sure that we are the best we can be and the most competitive we possibly can be. That’s the drive, nothing else.

“I think I am changing. If you think differently, let me know. But I have made a conscious effort.”

The prospect of a ban was something Arteta is taking seriously, but not too seriously, quipping, “I don’t know why we get three yellows and the players can have five.

“You know, we are there every minute of every game. Some players are on the bench, sometimes they are injured, but we are there. We can have only three yellows.

“Players can’t. It’s not fair, no?!”

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You do you Miki

Johnny 4 Hats

Too right.

If you asked someone who knew nothing about football what was the most important thing that a ref should do, they’d most likely say to stop players getting kicked by other players.

But they couldn’t care less about this or the ramifications of dangerous tackles. We get kicked to shit. But it’s our managers touchline behaviour and alleged time wasting that they are most concerned with.


Absobloodylutely !!! I’m fed up of Saka being targeted with err rotation fouls & kicks to his ankles & calves obviously to orders !!! Surely refs can handle a bit of verbals & sort time wasting early (Benny Blanco stop it !) But physical & nasty fouls ??? That’s surely what the cards are for ???
PROTECTION !!! 66 Pele was kicked & fouled out of the world cup & here we are again with Bukayo !!!


And Bukayo is only the latest. It was Wilshere and Walcott before that Ljunburg and Fabregas before that, Will it take another career changing (Eduardo) or career ending (Diaby) injury before anyone takes notice.

Mauro Busdon

It’s a non-issue Mikel. Just keep on keeping on. POGMOL and VAR are simply a WIP

Celebration Police

You don’t have to change anything, boss. You represent us very well.
The critics should change their own behaviors. It’s because they’re used to Soft arsenal and they enjoy bullying us. Why isn’t anyone complaining about Klopp? Why didn’t they complain about Fergie, Conte or Tuchel?

Mikels Arteta

100% agree.
Always thought this witch hunt into his sideline presence was a side story for the media


Yah. Rhymes with “duck them”.

Emi Rates

The only manager whose touchline behaviour I’ve had issues with is Mourinho but that’s because Mourinho is a cunt.

So a manager goes spare inside or just over the lines to his technical box? So fucking what?


Ferguson was a cunt too.

Mr Dob Bobalina

I’ll never forget Mourinho actually poking an opposition coach in the eye.

Santa’s Thigh Grab

The best was when Arsene pushed Mourino and he clutched his chest like he had a heart attack. Wanker.

Public Elneny

Exactly, football isn’t cricket or rugby and nor should it aspire to be


Anyone in O’Hanlons nyc today? Deliberately catching a later flight home to Londo so as to not miss the game!
Great to meet any fellow arseblog Gooner fans!


Referees need to be changed!

Little Cubby

Arteta 💪

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