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Chelsea 2-2 Arsenal – player ratings

A scabby penalty and Mykhaylo Mudrky fluke looked as if they were going to give Chelsea a win over Arsenal at Stamford Bridge this evening.

However, a great finish from Declan Rice and a superb Leandro Trossard goal earned the Gunners a point that perhaps the overall performance didn’t merit – but it’s against Chelsea so they can go stick it.

Here’s how the players rated this evening.

Read the Chelsea 2-2 Arsenal and see the goals here 

Chelsea 2-2 Arsenal – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above David Raya. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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Nice come back


That Onanaesque howler helps us


Both goalies played like onanists today!


But nothing like as bad as the ref!


Googled “onanists” wish I hadn’t. 🙂

Unfettered tr...

Underrated comment..


I think its safe to say it is time to end the raya experiment we got out of jail big time today we were awful


Wouldn’t say losing 2 points is getting out of jail. Parole with a bunch of community service at best.


100% agree


And yes re Raya. As Blogs says, I don’t know if you can necessarily blame the Mudryk goal on him, but he’s shaky, and has been almost every game, and I’m pretty sure that has an intangible effect on the confidence of the team and the defense in particular. Ramsdale just seems so much more confident.


for Mudryk goal, Raya is out of position, i think a better GK will not be on that position… so still the goal happen due to Rays was out of position


I remember Seaman!


Vs Ronaldinho 2002



Robert R

Ronaldinho admitted he was not trying to score


speaking of onananists

Public Elneny

You really, really can. Fluke has nothing to do with it. If Mudryk had hit his intended target, Raya would have had no chance to intercept the cross or be in position to save the finish as he was wayyy too far to the near post (past it even). There was no threat at the near post, he didn’t need to be there. Complete lack of situational awareness

Man Manny

…and teams are going to target him now. Raya should be taken out of the firing line for his own sake.

Adney Toams



Arteta is stubborn. He’ll stick with Raya, I’m afraid. But for someone who is supposed to be great on the ball he’s thus far below average. So far he does nothing better than Ramsdale, and I’m not just talking about the major error.


I feel more comfortable with Ramsdale playing, especially in the big games. But Raya does have better long range passing accuracy I think. Either way it’s time to get Ramsdale back in, once he’s done with parental leave

Finsbury Park Gooner

Ramsdale is the better keeper and should never have been dropped. But managers are a stubborn breed.


That mudryk goal… White made a sloppy pass to Odegaard who lost the ball which leads to mudryk’s cross that goes in. It was a calamity of errors and a reflection of how poor everyone played


With Ramsdale presumably getting a few days leave for the birth of a baby (something that must have been foreseen) I wonder if getting Raya up to speed was intended/part of the plan. Perhaps we will see a run of games for Ramsdale soon given he will have to play against Brentford. Maybe rotating will become more regular once the team has become sufficiently familiar with both options.


Well, that was weird.


Heh, where is Kanu when you need him.


Love the Bonus rating!!


A point saved rather than two lost.

I am not convinced by Raya. He’s had a run and Arteta should bring Ramsdale back.


Three lost, and then one saved. I see the glass half full but City have floated up into the empty half and back above us in the table


We now have 2 keepers that people feel are not good enough – creating rod for our own back



Finsbury Park Gooner

I’m pretty sure most people were happy with Ramsdale in goal?

Funsho Patrick

A point stolen 😝

Mr Dob Bobalina

Great resolve. Delighted with how Rice took his chance to get Arsenal back in the game. We were poor but fought back. Can’t play well every game, exactly the steel you want from the players when they aren’t playing well.


My concern is that we haven’t really looked good in any game this season. Too happy to retain possession without attacking.

Guns Up

Any PL game? Looked great against PSV.


Chim chiminey
Chim chiminey
Chim chim cher-oo!
Fuck off Anelka cause we’ve got Kanu.
(Irrelevant but my all time favourite chant. What’s yours?)

Austin Bud

Tim Sherwood’s a Goona


You’re wanky, wanky.
Wanky, wanky, wanky, wanky Stapleton.

Cranky Colin

Do we need to talk about Martin?


He was incredibly poor today but that can happen sometimes. He will be back on it next game.

Cranky Colin

I agree mate!
But he does come and go a bit.


Just take a look at the minutes he played recently. I think it explains a lot…

Cranky Colin

Thanks Flash


we have got a deep squad, don‘t we? give him a rest…

A Different George

Ten Hag, asked after their match why he thought Man United started so slowly, said that it often happened after an international break, referencing different systems of play, rhythms, etc. I would add that for some–Odegaard and Norway clearly–these were high-stake, high-tension matches.

El Mintero

He’s been shit since he signed that new deal. But then again, I’ve never been his biggest fan, so there’s that.


Think it’s got nothing to do with minutes, he captains his country and they failed to qualify for Euros last week (I know they can still qualify still nations league if they’re lucky) but I bet that was on his mind today.


And Jesus!!


I’m not one to talk; I sat on the controls and turned the TV off so didn’t know they’d fluked the second goal until I sorted myself out.

Even so, Odegaard’s rating is a tad on the low side, I did think he was doing a huge amount of pressing and not getting much support at times. But hey. We dug out a point when none seemed available. I wonder why Partey wasn’t considered an option from the bench given how much we were struggling to make an impact in midfield…


Odegaard was really poor today, an off game for him. Can happen sometimes, better in the next one.


Not doing well when man-marked


Perhaps because he was doing about two men shift most of the time…if he decides to carry just is own weight 🤔 perhaps it may look like today.


He hasn’t been at his best all season. Starting to get a bit worried about him. He has a big influence on how we play too, when he’s playing well we look so much more fluid and incisive. Hopefully he can find some form soon


On the note of Havertz winning headers, anyone notice he knocked it down in the penalty area at the end but they inexplicably gave a foul against him? Just one of many odd refereeing decisions today


When the Chelski keeper knocked down Jesus, that was an obvious penalty for me.

Exit the Lemming

I agree with you but you know that ‘Chelski’ are now owned by a consortium of American venture capitalists right?


it’s not about current ownership. this current iteration of chavs is owned by Americans but where did they get the value that made Americans want to buy?

Exit the Lemming

From success on the field? Champions League winners 11/12 and 20/21 and Premier League Winners 04/05, 05/06, 09/10, 14/15, 16/17?




Thought the ref gave a hell of a lot of soft free kicks to Chelsea.

That one really boiled my piss.

How can that be a free kick but the goalkeeper flattening Jesus not??? Can’t bear it.

Emi Rates

“How can that be a free kick but the goalkeeper flattening Jesus not???”

Because the ref is yet another incompetent cunt possibly on the take while being protected by the PGMOL who are accountable to no one.

A Different George

I thought the refereeing was awful in exactly the way it often is in the Prem. Every questionable decision favoured the home side, most of them not very important individually. Was Palmer’s foul on Jesus a yellow or a red? Either one was justifiable, but it was always going to be yellow. Some of Cucurella’s fouls on Saka were called–but it took six to get him in the book. The ridiculously obvious deflection of Tomiyasu’s shot–no, it’s a goal kick, not a corner. Seven minutes of added time, during which Caicedo is injured and play is stopped for around a… Read more »


Excellent analysis sir!!

Exit the Lemming

Anyone jumping to win a header who keeps their arms firmly by their sides must resemble a punk rocker circa ’77 doing that dance ‘ the Pogo’


Showed great spirit to get back into it and the subs show how much strength in depth we have. But my goodness we were poor before the changes, Odegaard and Jorginho were especially bad when you’re expecting them to make things happen for us on the ball and feed our forwards.


For me, jorginho is much better off the bench to help sure up games. When he starts he never seems to be on it. Anyway, glad we somehow got a point from that, chelsea will be kicking themselves


Definitely got out of jail. Worst 75 mins in the Premier league this season for sure. Yes their 2nd goal was a fluke but it wouldn’t have happened if Raya wasn’t so badly positioned. For a keeper who is meant to be good with his feet he really gives you the Willie’s every time he gets the ball. Got away with it again today but it is a disaster waitijg to happen.That said, his performance was not why we played so badly. I didn’t give anyone more than 5 out of 10 for first half performance. Really not sure why… Read more »


Folks, I think there is a lot to criticise Raya for based on what we have seen thus far(and our devotion to Ramsdale), BUT I feel like the fluke goal isn’t one


Find it pretty odd we started Jorginho today. Clearly Partey wasn’t ready yet, but ESR and even Havertz are better players for me. Would have moved Dec central (as soon as we did we grabbed a bit more control) and played a bit more in their half. Jorginho isn’t half turning like Dec or Partey and breaking the press.
For me we got rolled in the middle today but what a result that is from 2 down.

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

Ramsdale must return.


Side note: one thing that confuses me is Eddie’s pressing. You’d think substituting Jesus he’d be absolutely fired up to make a statement and then you see Ø pressing with much more intensity.

It seems half-hearted. Would be interested if he’s following some instructions otherwise I would expect Arteta not being happy about it.


To come on as a sub with 20 minutes left and not sprint everywhere or support your captain pressing, very bad sign. We have other options up front if he doesn’t want to give his all when he gets a chance


He’s always been feeble at pressing. He does the Ozil thing where he stops as soon as he gets near the opposition player, so it looks like he’s doing something but he really isn’t. He’s a very strange player at times, for somebody who talks the talk he needs to start walking the walk and putting the effort in, he’s really not good enough.


Everything about Eddie confuses me. Like his decision to shoot w his left from outside the box during a very decent attack. That was mildly amusing, yet perplexing. Eddie is junk…Trossard 6.5 rating? Having a laugh Blogs. That was a sublime finish and he totally saved us. Wonder how he’d do w an actual run of games, surely that’ll remain a mystery…Not sure one decent cross from Saka really justifies Arteta sticking with him today, he was dreadful (against possibly the worst LB in the Prem). Nobody else could play that ball to the back post? That goal was all… Read more »

Man Manny

Our worst performance in the epl this season ends in a draw after an unlikely comeback from two goals down at Stamford Bridge against a resurgent Chelsea side. That gives me cause for real optimism.


I didn’t see any of the game but I come to the same conclusion. COYG!!!

El Mintero

I have the opposite conclusion. Last year this time we would have pumped them 4-0. We were a better team imo.


We will have to agree to disagree on being better last season. However I guess the point is we had an off day, went two goals down and still came away with a 2-2 draw at Stamford bridge. In seasons past we loose that no question. I love this squad even tho we haven’t fully clicked yet. Can’t wait to see it when we actually do!


0/10 for the ref for giving them the pen. Also for denying is one.


TBF, ref never gave the penalty until outvoted by VAR. Same VAR which said nowt over keeper smash.


Can’t believe there aren’t more people talking about this. It’s a joke decision, you can’t jump without putting your arm up and the guy heads it a metre away, what’s he supposed to do?


No shit. I hate the way they call hand balls nowadays. To call that and not the keeper fouling Jesús doesn’t make any sense and leads to fluky results.

Exit the Lemming

I think Ian Wright nailed this during the punditry when he asked: where was the ball going before it was diverted by Saliba’s arm? If Mudryk’s header was on target then the defender has inadvertently denied a goal scoring attempt so yes a pen should be awarded but if NOT on target I don’t see why the defender should be punished for something he has no control over.


Nowt! Is that word still in use? Where? The borderlands area?
we used to hear it in Kentucky from folks who came down from the mountains. Their speech patterns were considered Elizabethan. That was 50 years ago. TVhas suRely killed that off

Dorset Gooner

Still common in UK, particularly those Yorkshire folk!


10/10 for Chelsea being absolute shite in front of goal because the could have easily scored 5.

Exit the Lemming

and despite the paucity of his overall performance, Raya recovered well on two occasions to atone for his initial errors.

Ashburton Patriot

I felt great when we scored the second. But I feel meh overall. Second half disgraceful, but credit to the team for keeping the structure and trusting the process. The fact that we’re still unbeaten after a not-so-great start to the season should give us some hope. This team is just missing a final ingredient to finally click. When it does, like it did in the last 20 mins of this game, we look like we can create goals for fun. Take the point, move on and keep trying to get into that flow state. When we do, it will… Read more »

Ashburton Patriot

1st half disgraceful**


Anyone know why Rambo wasn’t in the squad today?
First half was dreadful against a crap Chelsea side. Comeback was grand though. The spirit in this squad is quite something.
Finally, Jesus really needs to step up now and give us some goals.

Glenn Gomes

He’s wife Georgina has delivered him a baby boy. Congratulations to the family 🎊


She didn’t deliver, that’s the midwife’s job.


His wife had just given birth, that was the explanation on my commentary.


He’s just become a dad is why.

Gervinho is Driving

He’s on Cardiff City’s treatment table.


Well, my take is maybe Odegaard was still down about missing out on the Euros? That and being man marked by Caicedo and Enzo isn’t the most fun. Regardless he seemed to lose trust in his ability to beat the press after a few giveaways. He has to stay confident and trust his abilities.


Was this the worst Odegaard performance in an Arsenal shirt? Not that there were many other standouts but he is usually there to right the ship and today he did not help


Not sure if there’s a better way to submit this feedback but the app is crashing when I go to submit player ratings.

I select “vote” and then it crashes. Doesn’t seem to matter for which player.

I’m also experiencing a crash when selecting “arsecast”.


The arsecast issue is unrelated to the player ratings of course, just figured I’d add that here


Everyone was shit today. Why should the app be different?

Sam I Am

I thought Ben White was well off too, very unlike him. I think someone slipped in a substitute and got the hair wrong.

Exit the Lemming

I thought he was fine

Solomon Grover

Arteta out of 10: Rice CDM no inversion.
Zinchenko maybe gets a 7 at RCM is how bad Ødegaard’s captaincy is LATELY. Ramsdale is pushing near world‐class with a fully fit squad, Rice at RCM is the kicker..(great goal).


Was this written by AI


Nope. This is 100% human nonsense.


We need to get Partey back into the lineup and get Jorginho out of there.




This Raya thing is becoming ridiculous now. Ramsdale has been terrible since February, his clean sheets record was terrible, his passing mediocre and his saves percentage average. He was the worst keeper in the league for the first 4 games. Yet, some people said “he did nothing wrong” to be benched. Ramsdale made mistakes for months according to the stats and you “saw” nothing, now Raya makes a couple of wrong passes and you shout “Raya out”. The bias of some people is ridiculous. Guys, you have to deal with it. Raya is objectively better than Ramsdale according to the… Read more »


Also, If we didn’t have Raya today and Ramsdale’s wife had given birth at the same time then we are starting a Turner/Runarsson level keeper away at Chelski. A harrowing thought.


i don’t think so, last season, he still played even after his wife got a miscarriage, that’s heavier than having a baby, i think for today’s match, why Ramsdale choose not to go to the match is because he knows that he’ll only sat on the bench, so why choose sit in the bench while you have a newborn baby? i believer if he is our 1st option, he’ll come to play in the match

SLC Gooner

Tomi should be starting over Zinch at this point, especially if we’re using Jorghino instead of Partey.
And Ramsdale should be given an opportunity after this. The goal wasn’t entirely his fault, but there were a number of other mistakes. And his long kicking to touch looks worse than Ramsdale’s.


A shit show.


KAN U believe it?!
Glad we played killjoys tonight.


Odegaard hasn’t been much this season. Gets mugged way too easily because most times he doesn’t release the ball in time and is a tad too lateral in the final third. This makes us a wee bit blunt and predictable in attack. Numbers don’t lie and his assists have literally dried up with Saka being forced to take up the slack. Many a time he’ll go lateral or backwards with Nketia and Saka open ahead of him.
Maybe it’s Arteta’s edict that he prioritizes possession over risk but it sure is making him redundant as our playmaker designate.
Overconfidence maybe?


Where was Partey. Why isn’t he playing next to Rice. And why does Arteta make Odegaard run so much. Our pressing is pretty weak, and I’m sorry but we aren’t even playing out of the back with purpose. Pass around and then once we get a leg up we stop and pass it sideways. I really wish we had a number 9 who could score goals.


Everyone being disappointed about a 2-2 draw at Stamford Bridge shows how great of a team we are.

Still unbeaten after playing Man U, Chelsea, City and Spuds, I’ll take that.


spuds should not be in the same line with man city…. and again we draw with spuds due to jorginho’s brain fart….

cereal killer

Raya is overconfident.

Exit the Lemming

I just think he’s acting under strict instruction from Arteta to play out from the back even in situations when that tactic is clearly too risky


Rice never gave up and neither did anyone else. Except Eddie’s pressing. Sometimes Rice would just sprint at the centre back when Eddie had given up. Jesus would have been chasing like a madman. Still some work to do. Great athleticism by Rice

Great Kalu

If you still insist that David is a better goalkeeper, then you are a Raya.


Tomi 6.5???
He desesves 7.5. He played like CDM and pocketed Chelsea’s right hand side.


Not sure about Happy Feet at the back.


we need TP back and at his best!


O/10 Ben White’s new hair

Exit the Lemming

What’s the best thing about David Raya? He’s not Robert Sanchez. Yes, Raya had a ‘mare but Chelsea’s basket case in mittens looked in need of a basic refresher in Newton’s First Law of Motion. Let’s not go in too hard on our own keeper as he’s clearly acting on strict instructions from Arteta to keep playing out from the back even when the odds are not in favour of this tactic. Why I’m not a football manager: I would have hooked Saka before half time and therefore denied everyone his improved 2nd half performance and setting up our equalizer.… Read more »


basically only two words on Odegaard’s performance from today’s blog and player’s rating combined?………. i am starting to worry about him in BIG games now.


If Raya being in the team for his abilityto play the pass i dont give much for it. A Lot of his world class passning went for throw ins and almost cost us the game. Play the better keeper and keep the chelsea players out of the lineup and it will be better.

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