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Post-Chelsea quotes round-up: Arteta, Pochettino, Rice, Wright, Redknapp

Declan Rice and substitute Leandro Trossard scored late goals as Arsenal came from behind to snatch a deserved 2-2 draw with Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

Cole Palmer’s penalty on 15 minutes, awarded for a handball against William Saliba after a VAR review, and Mykhailo Mudryk’s mishit cross three minutes after the break put the hosts in a commanding position before Mikel Arteta’s side mounted an impressive comeback.

Here’s what the managers, players, and pundits had to say after a thrilling 2-2 draw in West London.


Arteta on showing character…

I love the personality of the team, the determination and when you are there and it’s not easy – two-nil down – against Chelsea, you can drop your head and start to look at each other and blame each other. The team never did that and they believed they could do it. It’s a good point in the end.

Source: BBC Football

Mauricio Pochettino on his side’s performance…

Of course we are disappointed at the end, but we can’t only look at the last few minutes. There were many positive things. We were the better team. We lost two points in a way you never want to lose them, but after playing a team that was fighting for the Premier League last season we can take many positives and be proud. We showed great character and personality. We were competitive, we deserved more, and we need to keep believing because good things will arrive. I like the way the players are feeling now. They are really upset. I want to see that. But we need to keep working. We are in a good way.



Arteta on Tomiyasu’s contribution…

We had a big problem with Alex [Zinchenko] with the yellow card and they were targeting him and the contribution of the subs today was magnificent again. He [Tomiyasu] did really well. For Tomi it doesn’t really matter right or left, that’s one of his best qualities. He has this versatility and it’s a joy to have a player like him.

Source: BBC Football


Declan Rice on his goal being inspired by David Beckham…

Everyone’s been talking about this Beckham documentary, and I watched it for the first time last night. The first couple of clips are the game against Wimbledon where he scored from the halfway line and I took a lot of belief from that. I was just thinking that it was bizarre that I watched it last night, and then obviously today taking that shot first time and scoring. It was a special goal to kickstart our comeback, you’ve got to keep shooting – if you shoot, you score!


Arteta on Arsenal’s two goals…

The finish of Declan is top, because it’s still not easy to score. The other is a very different goal with a lot of quality and a lot of subs participating again in that goal that earns a point for the team.



Ian Wright on Rice’s brilliant finish…

It was a brilliant technique. He had to make sure it was curling away form the goalkeeper and he had a split second to actually execute that. That’s the kind of thing, for a team that’s fighting for something, that was the break they needed.

Source: Premier League Productions (via


Jamie Redknapp on Arsenal’s competition in goal…

A lot’s going to be said about Aaron Ramsdale now. But I actually think, forget Ramsdale for a second, what’s actually happened with this has made [Raya] look worse. He looks like a bag of nerves right now. David Raya is really struggling with the pressure and scrutiny that he’s under. He’s giving the ball away. He’s looking like he’s always going to concede goals. This hasn’t helped him, this situation. People said he should leave, Aaron Ramsdale. I disagree, I think he should hang in there. Because I’m not convinced, the way he’s given away so many goals. He’s complicated a situation that he really didn’t need to, Mikel Arteta.

Source: Sky Sports


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Unless Poch considers himself a Gunner (who could blame him with the horrors he’s seen), not sure what he means by “we were the better team”.

Dr. Gooner

I think they were in the first half, not after, didn’t deserve a two goal lead either. Mikel got the team selection wrong today, Pochettino wrong footed him with the false 9 shenanigans and had his players more fired up for this one. Plucky performance by the 1 billion pound underdogs.


The bend on the Rice goal was defying the law of physics.


First half Chelsea were better, quicker to every tackle, second ball, tighter on our influential players and pressed well. It’s like we were being suffocated. But that was mostly because we struggled in the rain, we got better when the rain stopped and started to show more of ourselves. The 2 goals we conceded were stupid, from a dubious penalty and ofcourse a Raya mistake. I get its a fluke but a well positioned goalie saves that there for mistake on the keeper. But good point we take that, we are still top and still haven’t clicked well enough yet.… Read more »


I don’t buy the narrative that their 2nd is a mistake from Raya. He had some bad moments in the match but that wasn’t one of them in my opinion. These things happen from time to time, but he is positioned getting ready to hopefully claim a cross, and not a shot.
Whether Mudryk ment it or not (I’m sure he didn’t), I wonder what the xG would be on an effort from there. Probably something like 0.01…


This is what I saw too. Of course Neville the nuffy was all over Raya and his positioning (I mean that alone should convince anyone of the contrary). Raya has been in that position 1000x and that’s exactly where he should and wants to be for a left sided cross coming in, I’m going to trust the goalie that’s among the best cross claimers in the EPL over some wanker obsessed with heaping misery on arsenal. It’s a fluke goal and completely unintended. His mistake was a pass to a defender, which he got away with. Otherwise he was fine… Read more »


He may very well have been in that position a million times before, but that doesn’t mean he’s immune to making a mistake in the millionth and 1 time. I get the need to anticipate a cross but 2 paces back from where he was helps him a lot more whether it is near post or far post. Had the cross been any good, over the top, I don’t see how he stops it if it’s put in the back post. This is not to say Rasmdale (whom I saw getting lobbed by a fella from the center circle against… Read more »


Disagree (just watched it another 5x), his positioning is bang on. He is aligned with the near post, ~3.5yrds off his line. Where else should he be? Giving up his near post, or closer to his line (which would mean he cannot claim any cross)? As others have pointed out the xG of a goal from that spot is likely ~0.01. He’s in that position to cut the ball off from a cross coming in. If it’s a moderate-to-low height cross – Raya claims it with ease, if it’s a floating cross to the back stick, it’s on the defender… Read more »


I get the probability of the goal is nearly zero, but where Mudryk is he can’t shoot, there for the need to be in front of the near post albeit by that little isn’t good goal minding, he can give a meter off the near post, if Mudryk got into the 18yards then by all means he can take the position he was beaten on.


I think it’s a mistake. He’s a meter or so ahead of his near post when the cross comes. Mudryk is certainly going for a cross and him anticipating it from there makes his position poor. A lob over the top finds the striker in the back post with an entire goal uncovered. but a meter or two back more central allows him to claim the lob over the top or attack a near post cross. he can literally go back or forth better from that position than where he starts off, and had he been a meter or two… Read more »


That positioning would be giving away his near post.


For a cross no, Mudryk wouldn’t shoot from the position he was in (but then again he’s a bonehead, maybe he could have), anyway if he’s a meter or two back then if a shot comes in the near post he can attack it, if it goes over him he can adjust quickly or claim in, it went over him unexpectedly of course but poor position gave him no chance or his supposedly good position got him undone.


Kind of makes sense since he’s their manager.


Rice’s longest range goal for Arsenal in the prem in ages, but remember Ramsey’s long range peach of a volley away in the UCL? My god that was sublime


Surely THAT Cesc goal against Sunderland was from further away?

Emi Rates

“Chelsea are still wankers.”

– Emi Rates

Ellis McPickle

Half a billion just to play like Everton. What bunch of t*ts.

A Different George

Rice’s goal was actually a little better than it looked, I think (and it looked great). Sanchez didn’t pass it out to Rice directly. He stole it. There was a Chelsea player (I can’t figure out who) waiting for the pass, and unaware that Rice was behind him, ready to get in front of him and take the ball. That also meant that Rice had to shoot immediately or he would be tackled/fouled/blocked by the Chelsea player. So, two Chelsea players, not just one, were shit and Rice was doubly good.

Dr. Gooner

I think it was Gallagher. Totally switched off.

Ödegårds Magnifika Fot

I can confirm it was Gallagher. He probably thought Sanchez would pass to Fernandez (makes sense), since he approached Sanchez to receive a pass. But thankfully Sanchez went for a backfooted Gallagher


Somehow even though everything Jamie Redknapp says about Raya I had already thought to myself prior, him saying it makes me want to smack him with a giant fly swatter until he stops buzzing around the room.


I wish all these bullshit pundits would shut the fuck up about our goalkeeper situation and let them settle

Heavenly Chapecoense

I said here that this two No. 1 GK idea would only unsettle both keepers. This is happening now. Not happy to be right about this. I enjoy being wrong (in such cases) as some would have noticed.


There aren’t two number ones. Arteta rates Raya more than Ramsdale.


Jesus out partey in please


Partey at centre forward is the new Vermaelen at DM?


Wierd comment as they play completely different roles in the team.


Once again I’m forced to ask why I pay for a sky subscription. Tottenham and Chelsea pundits in the studio and Neville on co comms.


For Wrighty?


In the UK was hasselbaink and Redknapp


I just want someone to explain to me why Jesus being wiped out by their GK can’t be considered for penalty.

Ray's ice cream Parlour

because the PGMOL are just f***ing useless at their jobs…..

countless errors in every match, every week – all fans complain about them….

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

No quotes on why Ramsdale must return?


Great to have Aaron Ramsdale’s father on the comment pages. Congratulations on your grandson!!

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

That’s really kind, thank you but I’m actually his mum.



karl g

I hope Tomi keeps his place for a while, after some solid performances. Brilliant though Zinchenko was last season, he is struggling with form and we are a bit exposed at left back. Teams have figured out the inverted fullback tactic.


This goes to show how underrated zinny still is among our own fans even. The passing he does from this role is on a level that is basically unparalleled in world football. Teams haven’t “worked it out”. His role and play are so pivotal to what we do. Tomi is a really great option to spell zinny but he’s not close the the passer zinny is and all in all I think zinny has been excellent defensively this season. Teams will target his space naturally, but we’re among the best defensive teams because we know that and plan for it… Read more »

A Different George

I think that’s mostly right. Zinchenko is technically brilliant with an extraordinary ability to find the telling pass. The argument that he is sometimes “out of position” seems silly: he is playing exactly where Arteta wants him and where it makes Arsenal much more likely to win. His weaknesses: he is poor in aerial duels (which is mostly irrelevant). He lacks the recovery pace of a top-level “traditional” fullback, which sometimes matters, but is worth the cost–and is usually compensated by our centre-halves plus Partey/Rice. But it also puts more defensive responsibility on our left winger, which can mean that… Read more »


This is fair and right about what I think. With the yellow it was there right call to sub him. Although I think zinny is a better passer than even lahm, but lahm was the better defender and positionally flawless. Cannot understate how good of a passer zinny is. Even Yesterday he made some incredible passes no one ever makes or even tries. one time he played a fake then split the defense to the wing and we were immediately on the attack. Didn’t end in a goal so it’s forgotten, but it’s that ability to turn benign into an… Read more »

Arsene Wenger No.1

respectfully disagree! Van gaal has been playing similarly with inverted fullbacks in midfield since ajax 1995. there are videos if you dont believe me. its a reason why mikel wanted timber. they are trained that way in ajax. alex is emotional and weak defensively. his passing can be done by partey or rice. mikel is forced to use alex due to timber injury. mikel is also planning for life wihtout gabriel as gk will become the left centreback. do i like it? no. am i the manager? no.

A Different George

I don’t think anyone’s claiming Zinchenko is the first inverted fullback; he wasn’t even the first at Man City. But saying that his passing can be done by Partey or Rice I think misses the whole point of an inverted fullback: it gives you an *extra* player in midfield. There are some other ways to do this. Stones stepping out from his centre half position for Man City is one (and the reason Guardiola was willing to get rid of Canselo even after selling Zinchenko). So is the use of a false 9 sometimes. Most 3-4-3 formations are defensively oriented… Read more »


I’ll rather Invert with centre back tbh…it kinda reverse easily to normal shape when under press


Agreed, poor fella, Miki’s asking him to do 2 jobs of creating and defending, when he makes a wayward pass upfield we are exposed on his side, Gabi has been immense covering for him, had Timber (remember him) not been injured Zinny would be operating at left mid, his best position supplying Martinelli/Trossard and coming inside also, lets not forget how good he is, he played a lot of mins for his country last week which given the situation his country are in must be emotionally draining, Tomi is the better defender obviously as its his natural role, but Zinny… Read more »


I think Sanchez should have been sent off and Arsenal awarded a penalty when he came out and completely took out Jesus.
Arsenal did not turn up for 77 minutes and to be honest we did not really deserve a point but we got one and nearly took all three points if Eddie could have taken his chance but I will definitely take a point from that.

Ödegårds Magnifika Fot

I don’t think we deserved 0 pts if that’s what you are suggesting (and in so doing, propose that Chelsea deserved all 3 pts?) A penalty and a fluke. Let’s say we cancel Rices goal with Mudryks, we still created a “real” goal. I’m not sure that header from Mudryk would’ve been on target. There was an angle from diagonally behind the goal where it looked like it was heading out. Btw looking at that situation again I’m a bit irked that none of them got a yellow for rushing towards the ref. They ought to fking know by now… Read more »


Look at it another way. Mudryk goal is a fluke. A cross that just luckily loops in at the back post. Then they get a penalty off a handball – again lucky (right call IMO, but still it’s a not a clear chance, Saliba just has his arm in the wrong place at the wrong time). Rice’s goal is their mistake then a top-draw piece of interception and finishing. Trossard’s goal is brilliant footy. I didn’t see Chelsea dominating us, in fact apart from their two lucky goals things were very even. Point is fair on another day we coulda… Read more »

Moronic Inferno

Genuine question, do the rules of the game actually allow keepers to assault opponents without any punishment?, seems a bit mad that Jesus could be nearly knocked unconscious with the referee looking on with indifference.

Naked Cygan

How much longer are we going to let VAR screw us over game after game? Crazy penalty for Chelsea, no penalty for Jesus when Sanchez took him out. No second yellow for Palmer asking for a yellow, 20 fouls by chuwawa on Saka. There must be some legal way we can start a case. Every fking game VAR is against us.


Their penalty is fair. The rules are finally being corrected to remove grey area on handball. If the arm is away from the body and ball hits arm – handball. If the arm is beside the body (not extended) and it hits the arm – not handball. Anything else is subjective – how far away does an arm need to be before it is arm to ball and not ball to arm?

However, that was a stonewall Pen on jesus. Sanchez doesn’t get the ball and clatters him. Ridiculous.

Arsene Wenger No.1

we need to talk about alex (cant last 30 mins in epl rhythm, let alone 60, let alone 90 mins…can we give timber more steroids?) ..and martin lately a bit off…

raya is fine, would have preferred an easier intro for all involved ..but mik is utterly ruthless

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