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Post-Lens quote round-up: Arteta, Haise, Saliba, Nasri, Danso, Odegaard

Lens came from behind to secure a 2-1 win over Arsenal that takes the Ligue 1 side to the top of Champions League Group B.

Here’s what the coaches, players and pundits had to say about a disappointing evening for the Gunners…


Mikel Arteta on Bukayo Saka’s injury…

He tried to backheel a ball in the first half and he felt something. It was something muscular and he wasn’t comfortable to carry on, so we had to take him off. We don’t know anything more than that. Obviously, it was big enough not to allow him to continue to play the game and that’s obviously a worry for us.

Source: Post-game press conference | Hayters


Franck Haise on his side’s win…

To beat Arsenal when we are 1-0 down, for our first home game in 21 years in the Champions League, obviously it’s an achievement. But on the content [of the match], there are things that we have mastered. We did not outclass Arsenal but we did things well, especially the players. I always put a coin on Lens. What matters is not having four points. This is obviously very important because it gives a lot of confidence. What matters is being up to the task and the players are. Afterwards, there are other matches to prepare and the next match, it is not a Champions League match but a derby, that is the one we must prepare for now.

Source: BeIN Sports



Lens defender Kevin Danso on his side’s win…

I think we gave it our all today in front of our home fans. It was a difficult game. Arsenal had a lot of quality. They made us sit back really deep, but we kept defending and kept our concentration. We won the game, luckily. At home we know how strong we are in front of our fans and that’s what we always try to do, especially when we’re not home. A bit gutted about the clean sheet but we’ll take the three points definitely.

Source: TNT Sports


William Saliba on Arsenal conceding two sloppy goals…

It’s part of the game, we all make mistakes and we’re all together on this. Yeah, of course, we conceded two goals, so we’re not happy.

Source: TNT Sports


Samir Nasri on Lens’ performance…

I said that Lens could hope more than a draw. The players really rose to the occasion here tonight. Looking at the game, they clearly deserve the points. I’m very happy for them.

Source: Canal+


Mikel Arteta on the atmosphere generated by the Lens fans…

Obviously the atmosphere is very…well, I imagine it’s a big energy booster for them. We knew that it’s one of the best. I’ve known since I played in this country, that it’s one of the best in the country and it was great to play, to embrace that moment and play in that atmosphere. In a lot of moments we quietened the crowd but also we give them life in those two situations where we conceded the goals.

Source: Post-game press conference | Hayters




Martin Odegaard on the match…

Of course playing in Europe is tough, we played a good team today, they were strong, it was very difficult for us. But as I said, we need to take a look at ourselves and learn from it, move on.

Source: GFFN


Takehiro Tomiyasu on his late saved effort…

The goalkeeper told me it was a lucky moment because he didn’t react. I needed to put it into the net but I’ll have to score the next one


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Mayor McCheese

Samir Nasri was right, but he’s still an annoying little git!

Fireman Sam

It’s spelt Na$ri remember!

Can you hear the drums Patino?

He also isn’t little anymore. I normally abhor petty tabloid articles but I do enjoy the odd “guess which footballers are fat now” articles. Probably because I am also fat


Something is off with Trossard, this is not me singling him out, there were a lot of players who weren’t up for it but Trossard has had two stinkers this season, and tonight’s game was the second. it just would stick for him, especially in the first half. (a lot moan over Nketiah playing up top, if this is the new trossard, GJ can play on the win and Nketiah up top any day.). In fact, the game needed Nketiah to run in behind, their defensive line had enough space to exploit except GJ likes to come towards the ball… Read more »


Wow, you should manage Arsenal


I could tell from the first minute last night it wasn’t going to work for him. He never plays well when you expect him to and it becomes obvious very quickly when he’s not going to have a good game.

Lord Bendnter

Sorry but how did Nasri get in this conversation? Is he part of the Lens backroom staff?


French show pundit


Alongside Emanuel Frimpong I hope



Heavenly Chapecoense

And Gallas?

Lord Bendnter

Merci Mon Ami!

Naked Cygan

1. Risked Saka which we shouldn’t have. Was a no brainer before City. 2. Too many side to side passes and not enough shots. Reminded me of the Everton game. 3. If your going to play from the back, then fine, but have a plan to get it to the next phase . We wasted so much time and energy passing the ball back with Raya with no end product. 4. Vieira and Nelson were absolutely rubbish tonight. Not in the game, and when they got the ball they were awful. 5. Tomi needs to improve his game when attacking… Read more »


Partey has to be back in the centre of the midfield ASAP


in Declan’s position who in turn takes Kai’s position


Yes please. It also gives us an option to bring havertz on as a striker alternative – a target man we can use, and he can contribute to a press. From what I’ve seen he is just not creative enough and too scared to take anyone on or try anything dynamic to be effective as #8. Absolute downgrade from xhaka.


Rice would have to go into the attack left role that Havertz plays if Partey comes in or move to more of a double pivot behind Odegaard, but then what happens with Zinchenko coming into the middle? We could effectively they a 3-3-3-1 and really clog the middle.

I miss santi cazorla

Kai kai kai the new Willian

karl g

I am willing it to work, because he seems such a decent type. The figures and pictures don’t look good though.

Gooney Tunes

Fuck Samir Nasri.


Na$ri, please

Bill Hall

Surely he could have rested Saka with an eye on the city game and played ESR out wide?


should have rested him in the B’mouth game, and played him only the last half hour if needed yesterday.


Danso danced all over us


Just seen the post match interview with Tomi, he looks absolutely gutted and seems to blame himself for not scoring the goal. Looked like he needed a big hug. ESR in tears after Bournemouth, I don’t like seeing our players so upset. We’re only seven games into the season and the team’s riddled with injuries and look like they’re under serious pressure, it’s not good.


No I think it shows the desire that is required.
Now we get behind them on Sunday and it’s up to them to show up.


The game was calling out for…
Jorghinio…laser paßses tween the lines🧡


Hmm … Saudi Arabia beat Qatar tonight in the CL and I’m feeling good about it. Help me!

I miss santi cazorla

Lol newcastle in their 2nd season are better than Qatar in their 10th season

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