Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Report: Arsenal 1-0 Man City (inc goal)

Arsenal: Raya, White, Saliba, Gabriel, Zinchenko, Jorginho, Rice, Odegaard, Trossard, Jesus, Nketiah

Subs: Ramsdale, Tomiyasu, Kiwior, Partey, Smith Rowe, Havertz, Vieira, Nelson, Martinelli

Arsenal ended their poor run against Man City at the Emirates this afternoon, as a late Gabriel Martinelli goal was enough for a 1-0 win over the champions.

After much speculation, there was no Bukayo Saka available due to a hamstring strain, ending his incredible run of consecutive starts, while Gabriel Martinelli and Thomas Partey made the bench.

The visitors threatened early from a corner, Declan Rice headed off the line before Nathan Ake put the ball over the bar from close range. It was a let off to say the least.

Jorginho picked up a yellow card for a silly foul on Phil Foden, and a nervous looking David Raya almost handed City a goal when he was slow to clear and was thankful as the ball rebounded off Julian Alvarez and into the side netting.

Raya’s shakiness continued with a poor pass to Rice, Silva was booked for a foul on Eddie, and up the other end Arsenal’s first attempt on goal came in the 26th minute when Nketiah fired a shot wide after a City mistake. There was good fortune for City when Kovacic went through the back of Odegaard, studs on ankle, and he got away with just a yellow card even after a VAR check. It should have been red.

Alvarez shot over from distance, and Kovacic escaped again when he took out Rice with a lunging tackle, but for some reason Michael Oliver immediately waved play ona and didn’t show the most obvious second yellow card you will ever see.

Haaland failed to connect with a dangerous cross from their left hand side, and the first half played out to scoreless conclusion – although City we were very fortunate to have 11 men on the pitch.

There was a half-time change from Arsenal, with Gabriel Martinelli replacing Trossard, and the Brazilian immediately added threat to our left hand side. He produced a dangerous cross, and a shot on target which Ederson saved in the first five minutes of the second period.

Jesus had a chance to pull the ball back into the danger area just after the hour mark, but City defended well. Guardiola made a trio of changes in the 68th minute, bringing on Stones, Nunes and Doku for Lewis, Kovacic and Alvarez. That prompted Mikel Arteta to turn to his bench, putting on Takehiro Tomiyasu, Thomas Partey and Kai Havertz for Zinchenko, Jorginho, and Nketiah.

The game was tight, it looked like it was going to head to a scoreless conclusion, but in the 86th minute we went ahead. Partey played it forward to Tomiyasu, he headed it into the path of Havertz who laid it back to Martinelli whose shot hit Ake and wrong-footed Ederson. 1-0.

The game went into 4 minutes of added time, and Arsenal saw it out well – denying City any threat, and beating Man City and 12th man Michael Oliver at last.

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Mayor McCheese

Declan Rice!


Worth it and some more! And we still haven’t even clicked yet. Big result, that.


Not even Michael Oliver can deny us winning


Ho. ly. sh. it.

Funsho Patrick

Depth…. Maturity…. Havertz….Martinelli….Halaand in Saliba’s pocket…can’t be coherent right now! COYG!!


cannot underestimate how strong Big Gabby and Saliba are together. The terminator didn’t get a look in all game.


Rice, rice baby.


Let’s gooooooooo! Finally broke the City curse – our first Premier League win over them since 2015! Joint top on points going into the international break. Lovely, lovely stuff. Champagne on ice for the boys tonight!

djourou's nutmeg

and our second win this season against the “best team in history”… just at the back of a horrible performance against lens. we might lose to luton town next and score six against real madrid the week after.

Trixie Popsicle



Only 2nd on goals scored!



I’m one of those who wanted Caicedo ahead of Rice. Just shows how much I know about football. But humble pie never tasted so sweet. COYG!!!

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

I always said Rice is a 60m player and no more. Now I say, he was a bargain.

My Man!


Another great performance from Dec. We priced them out with Rice, convinced him to join us instead of them, and beat them twice 2 since he joined. Really elite player. But I also thought after the nervous first 25 or so minutes we contained them in their half. Also Raya who had low confidence level early on was immensely better in the second half. For the first time Arteta made the right decision at HT, removing the ineffective Trossard and introducing Gabi who rattled them with his trickery and who also defended well when needed. And Jesus played well filling… Read more »


Also Saliba and Big Gabi. Really two special characters


Leao was injured as said by Mikel hence the sub


Outstanding. Simple. One thing I enjoyed is Halaand not having a single short. He wasn’t allowed a single second on the ball.


I was so focused on us, I didn’t notice he was playing in his underpants.


🤣 He was! Shot.


Clean sheet. Hoodoo OFF. North London Forever! COYG


Welcomed clean sheet, but Raya was very ify. Poor clearances, slow on the ball, and came out and completely missed a cross.

Maybe Arteta should consider giving Ramsdale another go.

Greg in Seattle

IMO we were static upfield which the camera doesn’t always show, and boy when Havertz came on the long ball was immediately on. I think Eddie was a bit of a problem today.


I like Eddie a lot, but I was like Martin all the time Eddie was playing, like… “come on! press!”

Greg in Seattle

Agreed – I felt like Martin was trying to lead by example and Eddie was either slow on the uptake or just didn’t have the engine.

Bleeding gums murphy

Eddie showed his huge limitations with his lack of awareness to leave ball for odegarrd who would have had great opportunity. He ran about (sometimes) but nowhere near level we require


The tactic is surely to draw Man City players on to him to open up space behind them. Nearly bit us on the arse today with Raya looking very nervous and much too slow. I’d certainly bring Aaron back for a run of games after the international break. Clean sheet at home though, can’t argue with that…


Only first half though. Second he was immaculate with what he had to do.

89 again

Fucking yes


Fucking long ball!


and just like that, Kai Havertz made sense


Finally has his moment eh? And timing couldn’t better

Greg in Seattle

Comment of the day. Abso-freaking-lutely


That ball from Partey to Tomi for the goal was insane. I have missed that guy

Bleeding gums murphy

He is a wonderful player

Arteta ball

Depth no saka no problem.


🙂 Little bit of an “overstatement”…

But I was so relieved to see that Arteta finally put Jesus to the right wing.
Most people do not remember but Jesus performed excellently, when he played there in City.

Saka’s place is unquestionable, but I think Jesus would be a first class replacement, if needed.

Fireman Sam

Jesus was a constant thorn in $ity’s side. Love him.


Raya will be death of us.

Tomaury Bischfeld

We’ve just beaten City 1-0, courtesy of a pinpoint Raya long ball. Top of the league (essentially). Yes he had a shaky first half but maybe not the time to miserably catastrophise?


was Partey’s long ball


was P*rtey’s long ball

Tomaury Bischfeld

I’ve just downvoted my own comment, clearly the post goal, post match delirium affected my memory. But the point about not being a misery guts stands.


Can’t you see his damn passport?


which match that you watch? is raya play as DM?


Are you suggesting that constructive criticism is not warranted even whne we win?

djourou's nutmeg

yes brother but the match ended 15 minutes ago have some joy!!!! we can keep complaining about havertz tomorrow

  1. Time
  2. Place

3. Fanatical.

Santi’s Phonebox

Constructive criticism and analysis always appropriate but that comment was just criticism. Enjoy the win, it’s feckin excellent.

Norwegian Wood

Oh shut up!




Raya was very good in the second half


and we are lucky, those 3 mistakes in the 1st half could be punishable, waiting for arteta to stick to his word regarding the GK position


He was good in the second half.


Who kept more clean sheets? Who has more goals prevented and save percentages according to all the stats? Who has better passing accuracy overall? More high claims? You Ramsdale fanboys need to deal with reality at some point.


Raya doesn’t seem as calm in big games. Hoofing it long under no pressure.


In fairness to him, that’s the biggest game he’s played in his career. That’s the monkey off his back and he looked like he got over it in 2nd half

Norwegian Wood

This is City. Literally the best pressers in world football. Any team that faces them and tries to play it out from the back like we did and had to will come under great pressure. Having a Raya out there was a benefit


Doesn’t gee up the defence either.
Also that ball-playing around the area shit, there’s a time and place. When Citeh’s forwards are breathing down your neck isn’t it.


is raya arsenal player? he still brenford player loan to arsenal, while Ramsdale is arsenal player, if you are a gooner, how could you say something bad about arsenal player to defend brentford player?


We’re all Ramsdale fanboys. he is an Arsenal player.


I’m not a fan boy of either keeper. I just want the best one between the sticks for Arsenal. Not convinced that’s Raya. Three dodgy games for him now. Lens, Spurs and today..
Maybe give Ramsdale another crack after the international break.


Fanboy? You seemed touched. Is Raya beyond criticism? He was teriibke in the first half. He was Nervy. He coukd have cost us the game. He was massive in the second half so please relax yourself Raya Fanboy.

Norwegian Wood

A fantastic win, and this is all you care to report on. Yes. Fan boy.


Another fanboy

Merlin’s Panini

Stats aren’t everything. If you make mistakes when it really matters in big games that shows the character of the player. Ramsdale has shown many times he is a high pressure player and I don’t think he would’ve been as shaky. But credit to Raya for settling into the game. Hopefully that does him some good.
I like both and in the end I just care if we win.


He was shaky today, but to be fair his catching so far has better than Ramsdale. Always seemed to catch them crosses, and had one immense clearance with his fist. We have 2 great goalies, they both improve our squad.


raya miss 1 cross in today match that may cost as a goal, lucky us, even haaland himself seems surprised that raya miss catch that cross thus haaland unable to create the goal


We jave just beaten City in league for first time in years. Enjoy the moment, have your keeper debate another day

The Beast

Prob not. Had a shakey opening 30 mins but looked fine in the 2nd half.

Can’t see that 1st half performance sending him into a murderous rage & topping us all.


Arsenal 1 – PGMOL Man City UAE 0


Beautiful comment


Martinelli you beautiful beautiful man


Finally we are winners against the best team in the world without our best players. Great week ahead guys.

Eric Blair

Yes, we finally beat the 12 men of Man City!

Man Manny

This Arsenal side has a steel about them that is good to see.
Haaland was reduced to a mere spectator.
Great job guys.

Emi Rates

Citeh looked impenetrable until they weren’t. A moment’s slip up from them and we punished them instantly. The stuff of champions!


I gotta say I was waiting for the sting in the tail. We had the bs 1st half var check going against us, the tentative but increasingly good home performance – I didn’t believe that fucker had blown full time until kyle walker was in the tunnel threatening to expose himself to security guards


Our security lads are still pissing themselves over that.
I hear they’re clubbing together to buy a magnifying glass, so they don’t miss anything if it happens again.

Emi Rates

Judging by today’s controversial let off I believe that fucker blows someone in UAE.


So much to say about this match. Thank God for Martinelli. Odegaard worked like a dog. Rice was everywhere. A little shaky at the start but grew into our game and dominated shots. Haaland got very little change out of Saliba. Good play over the pitch and an assist for….Havertz! On a darker note, can you really really believe that City haven’t bought this league? Tomiyasu sent off for two soft yellows and Kovacic staying on in the most ridiculous circumstances. Same with the Mugsmashers decision the other week. We can all see it but the refs can’t? All of… Read more »


Haaland 0.00 xG

Raya seemed to regain his confidence after the goal went in. His long balls immediately started finding a red shirt.

djourou's nutmeg

i’d have started ramsdale this match, yet you have to hand it to him: raya, after playing one month and a half with us, is playing at the same level as ramsdale. but that “aura of calmness” that everyone seemed so quick to pin on raya wasn’t there today. anyway, he’ll only get better, but i agree with you: after the goal, what i thought would be nervy overthits ended up being clinical long passes that led to our best attack in the match!


I reckon Saliba has taken “striker in your pocket” lessons from Rob Holding.


Ooh my!! I was a little surprised when I saw the line up(I guess that Pep was too which makes it 2 of us!) but who the heck would complain about the starting 11 when we’ve got THREE points in the bag? Who?!? NOT even Fatgooner!!!! #COYG

Fireman Sam

“Not even Fatgooner” – that cracked me up!


Over the moon. It’s been a loooooong time coming!!!
No negative comments today. Let’s just enjoy it all.

Chinese Gooner

My fear of Spurs winning the league is somehow much greater than my desire of us winning it


Have no fear. That lot will win nothing.


Today is about The Arsenal

Fireman Sam

Spuds don’t win trophies.


Optimist – “The cup is half full”
Pesimist – “The cup is half empty”
Spurms fan – “What’s a cup?”

Cypriot appendix operation

They won’t, don’t worry.


Aaarrrrsenal Aaaarrrsenal Aaaarrrsenal!!!!!!!!


Come ooooooooooooooooooonnnnnn!!!


What about that Tomi run, huh?


That front 3 of Kai, Tomi, and Martinelli look ver promising…. 😉

Norwegian Wood

Would be nice to hear the moaners moan about Havertz after that shift.

Come on you Gunners!


He’s obviously a big game player. Now we just need to get to the Champions League final so he can score or assist the winning goal for us there..

I miss santi cazorla

He should start at 9 over eddie.


3 of our 4 subs made the goal that won the game, the final stamp of approval that our squad has depth that can actually make the difference in the biggest games

Norwegian Wood

All four, sir. All four.
Long pass by Partey to Tomi. He heads it down for Havertz who marshals Ake, then tees up Nelli for the shot.

All four.


Actually all 4 subs were involved. Partey > Tomi > Havertz > Martinelli


4 of our 4 subs made that goal. partey to tomi to havertz to martinelli.


Actually all of them: Partey’s ball to Tomiyasu, who headed it down to Harvertz, who laid it back to Martinelli, who scored


Great comment


4…. Partey, Tomiyasu, Harvertz, and Martineli


4 of them! Partey made the long pass for Tomi’s run. But you’re right, DEPTH!

I miss santi cazorla

4/4 partey to tomi to kai to gabi


Was it not 4? partey to Tomi to Havertz to martinelli


Wait all 4 of our subs? Just realised it was Partey’s long ball, to Tomiyasu, to Havertz to Martinelli? Almost too good a story to be true.


4 of 4 me think?
Partey to Tomi to Harvetz to Martinelli?


4/4 no? Partey to Tomi to Kai to Gabbbiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


I counted 4. Partey-Tomi-Kai-Nelli
Or did I miss something


All of your corrections plus my own correction to my own comment all got stuck in moderation, but great to see we have just as deep a squad of fact checkers!

I miss santi cazorla

Because you types party


Gabriel Martinelli, you can marry my daughter.


LoL! Without your daughter’s approval😚😊??


She can obviously decide for herself but why wouldn’t she, look at that handsome man. And not just a pretty face either.


Partey to tomi, tomi to havertz, havertz to martinelli… goal!! All four subs played a part in it. Fully disagree with the goalkeeping debacle, but lovely bit of endorsement for arteta that.

djourou's nutmeg

how the duck did kovacic not get a red


Referee’s decision was quackers.


I can understand the referee maybe not having a great look at it on the field. What I can’t understand is VAR having the benefit of all the TV replays we saw, and for some unknown fucking reason failing to intervene. It was a cast-iron, carved-in-stone red card, the kind that get shown at grassroots referee instructional clinics on when to issue cards and what cards to issue. Curtis Jones was sent off AFTER VAR INTERVENTION last week for a lot less than that. (Sorry about the caps but I can’t figure out how to do italics or underlines in… Read more »


Partey to tomi, tomi to havertz, havertz to martinelli… goal!! All four subs played a part in it. Fully disagree with the goalkeeping debacle, but lovely bit of endorsement for arteta that..


A rubbish game but a fantastic result.

I looks like Arteta is maturing as a manager: he sussed out that the way to beat City was to stay solid and just try to nick that chance when it came. This was a George Graham-like Arsenal performance. Built on very solid defending.

We had a bit of luck for the goal but who cares?

MOTM: Rice, Rice and Rice.

Cnut of the match: the referee. Let’s see if Oliver is dropped for the next round of games. That was a second yellow all day long.

A very pleasant surprise this afternoon.


Rubbish game ?! Could you clarify what you mean by Rubbish ?


Not entertaining. Hardly any clear cut scoring chances. And only one goal


Lol. You were expecting a goal fest? It’s Arsenak vs Man City, two of the most tactically drilled teams in club football


Not a rubbish game, but tactical warfare from two teams who respect each other.

Eric Blair

What was your dire prediction before lick off? 3-1 to Man City I believe. When will you start to believe in this team?


We can win the title – but we need to make a couple of signings in the next window. A striker and a winger still needed.

And you’re right: I did predict a defeat. But I’m so glad I’m wrong.

Santi’s Phonebox

We all give thanks that you are generally wrong on every one of your doom and gloom postings.


what‘s happening today, fats? that positiv… 🤔


Not a rubbish game at all. It was a masterclass in tactics from two master tacticians. Arteta had a clear and solid plan, he managed it to perfection, and his team carried it out to perfection.

If you can’t appreciate that, you should just stop watching football.


Shut up, fool!!!
I don’t watch football for tactics: I watch it for goals and excitement!!!

89 again

All 4 of Artetas substitutes contributed to the goal, the team he picked limited City to few chances throughout. Assist for Havertz. Great character shown by the entire group. Maybe Arteta isnt the only one who needs to mature in his approach.


FINALLY! Soooooo happy for the lads!!!!!


So so happy


Think I’ve broken a world record, I’m sure I held my breath for the last 10 mins of that game!


Get tf in!


Grit and a scalpel. We beat them at their own game. Wow, we have arrived!


What an end to the weekend!
No Monday Blues tomorrow!


About time! 🙂 a draw would have been a disaster given the circumstances. Arsenal was much stronger compared to City after all the substitutions. COYG


I felt really good when Partey came on. Before that I was a bit mental and all over the place.

Great win. Oliver is a coward. Martinelli is the difference and Ramsdale should start next game.

Happy happy Joy joy


Oliver is not a coward.
It takes real bravery to be that obviously bent on liveTV.


Strange stifling game by both teams. But a massive, massive win. Saliba and Gabriel phenoms.


one-nil to the Arsenal! (repeat) this game was so so draining. LEGENDS! Rice is worth every penny we’ve spent on him. if there’s one negative, i’ve lost patience for Eddie today. felt like he failed to press so many times, Martin was angry with that so often. i’m ok if he misses chances, that’s forward’s life for you, but if you can’t work your socks off for the team in this game, i don’t want you on the pitch honestly. and i really like the kid, so that was a bummer. but that doesn’t matter, only one thing does. one-nil… Read more »


Exactly my thoughts!


for the 1st time, I salute with the substitution, of all the subs involved in the goal, from Partey to Tomiyasu, to Harvertz, to Martineli, I’m waiting for arteta to stick to his word regarding the GK situation, in the last 3 matches raya is nothing better than Ramsdale, in today match he made 3 mistakes that could be goal for man city


Give it a rest, mate, all of us are happy today.


Partey-Tomi-Havertz-Martinelli made that goal.

All were substitutions.

That is what strength in depth achives for you!


What was that?


Raya was shaky at the start and Nketiah was sloppy, but the rest of the team performed to their highest level today. And what a level that was, goodness. Props to Jesus for playing so well at right wing, all our best moments came from the right, giving exactly the kind of space Martinelli thrives on at the left in the 2nd half.


The best thing it was not a fluky win. No luck. We went toe too toe with then and won. If the ref had done his job and sent off Kovatic it could easily have been more


what a result! shame there is no integrity in the pgmol!


I’m almost glad Kovacic stayed on so there’s no bleating about us beating 10 men- we got to beat 12 instead!!

Eric Blair

Fat Gooner! Where are you?!


Someone is downvoting everyone’s comments. Kevin de Bruyne is that you?


Hi Rodri! 👋


Havertz = big game playa
2021 = Gabby M. gets a second yellow for …nothing…Silva gets a penalty off the VAR for a…DIVE.
2023 = Kovacic gets a let off from a borderline red, then puts in a clear yellow card and gets away with it. Jesus goes down in box – looked like a penalty but no VAR on that. And we still beat them. Karma. Get it! >Biased ref’s eat my ass

Roland Close

Saliba best centre back in the world in my opinion. If he Gabriel and Rice stay fit we will we will be difficult to beat. With our forwards we will always score goals


Lovely to see Kai Havertz and Takehiro Tomiyasu prove the old adage that form is temporary but class is permanent. Really love what those two bring to our squad in terms of techique and physical ability


Declan Fucking Rice!
100m pfff, thats peanuts for the Rice ❤️


roasted peanuts on rice, yummy
*goes to order vietnamese*

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