Friday, March 1, 2024

Seven Arsenal fixtures moved for TV broadcast

The Premier League have confirmed that seven Arsenal fixtures have been rescheduled after being selected for broadcast in the UK, over the Christmas period and January.

Fixtures against Luton Town, Aston Villa, Brighton, Liverpool have all been changed ahead of Christmas.

Luckily for those planning a heavy Christmas Day, there will be no Boxing Day fixture this season with our initial game against West Ham (planned for December 26th) being moved to December 28th.

Our home game against Crystal Palace – originally scheduled for Saturday, 13th of January – has been moved back one week as part of the Premier League’s winter break.


Luton Town vs Arsenal
Tuesday, 5 December 2023
Amazon Prime

Aston Villa vs Arsenal
Saturday, 9 December 2023
Sky Sports

Arsenal vs Brighton
Sunday, 17 December 2023

Liverpool vs Arsenal
Saturday, 23 December 2023
Sky Sports

Arsenal vs West Ham
Thursday, 28 December 2023
Amazon Prime

Fulham vs Arsenal
Sunday, 31 December 2023
Sky Sports

Arsenal vs Crystal Palace
Saturday, 20 January 2024
TNT Sport

The Premier League TV broadcast selections for match round 22 (January 30/31) will be announced with the February broadcast selections.

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Why even bother with a schedule at this point, seems a bit ridiculous when half or more of the fixtures get moved because TV says so…
Maybe the league and the broadcasters should iron this thing out before the season starts because this looks almost as ridiculous as Howard Webb on TV apologizing every Monday


How did the fail to realise at start of season there would be a winter break?


They didn’t watch game of thrones


They knew, all they do is move half the games to one weekend later.

Mr. G

Seriously, fuck these 8:15pm kick-off times.

David Hillier's luggage

Liverpool away at 5.30pm two days before Christmas is pretty tough on travelling fans. Not as bad as Chelsea going up to Wolves on Christmas Eve though. Ridiculous scheduling, screw Sky for now making me have a morsel of sympathy for traveling Chelsea fans


Why the fuck is Arsenal-Brighton not on TV? Also thought the same with City-Brighton the other week. Brighton are good team, 2nd vs 6th from last year, it’s a huge game. Plus have other interesting factors of Trossard/White/Danny Welbeck against their old clubs. The other games on TV that week are Forest vs Sp*rs, Burnley vs Everton, West Ham vs Wolves and Man U vs Liverpool. Obviously Man U vs Liverpool should be on there but Arsenal vs Brighton should 100% be picked ahead of any of the others


Great post. Surely the time has now come for electronic season tickets so the fans can have full access to all their team’s matches. So many fans now simply can’t get to games, either because of the price or the unavailability of tickets, or because of where they live. Many, many Arsenal fans don’t even live in the UK. In this digital age, where there are cameras at every Premier League ground, it’s crazy that we can’t just pay, sign in and watch a match that for whatever reason we can’t attend. It’s frustrating having to listen to a game… Read more »


I moved to London in my early 20s partly so I could be able to go to games regularly. At the moment I’d see more games if I lived on the other side of the world and watched on TV. It’s fucking crazy.


You can do this now. Sign up for a VPN service, which allows you to set what location/country you’re in (set it for US). Then sign up for NBC Sports/Peacock network online. All for about £15 a month. Watch every PL match, every week. Even replays stay available for weeks.


Are those 3 down votes from Sky, TNT and Prime?


Spot on. Although will never happen while the rights to PL games are sold to the highest bidder. The money from the likes of Sky is too lucrative to turn down for the Premier League and they now have lots of competition. This prices out fans or means that some games are not even shown in the UK, drives up transfer fees and increases the stakes for success and failure, encouraging corruption. Football eating itself.


We had that for a season here in the US. Not sure about elsewhere. Currently I pay for a Paramount+ subscription for Champions League, FuboTV for some EPL fixtures, and Peacock for others. And there is still the occasional game that can be found anywhere. It is frustrating everywhere, and surely all about the money for broadcasters.


How much it costs in England to watch all available games? Just curious.
In India, if you have HotStar subscription, it’s £14 a year. Its for everything in HotStar though, not just PL. So, actual price is even lower.
In Singapore, it comes to around 12£ a month .


Sky and TNT take the piss out of football fans in the UK. I pay more than £100 a month for the privilege.

And that doesn’t include the Prime matches.

Santa’s Thigh Grab

£100 a month is crazy expensive. I have to have subscriptions to Sling, Paramount, ESPN and Peacock to get PL, FA Cup and European Cups. All subscriptions less than £100 a month. Get the VPN.


living abroad, i can see all matches live…


At least it says “UK TV”, as opposed to that bizarre Arsenal vs Brighton in the league cup last year


every match should be on television just like every match should have a set kickoff date and time before the season starts. the broadcasters and league (and the cops) have plenty of time, emergencies excepted, to get themselves organized and instead choose whatever this current setup is.
why is it that major league baseball can schedule a 162 game season and stick to it, yet the premier league cannot

timorous me

What, you’re not looking forward to the Sean Dyche Derby??


It’s not available live on any channels there? I see this and feel lucky that we get all the games through one provider here . I live in another country. It’s the English Premier League, and the fact that people in England can’t watch all the games is somewhat ridiculous!


I am a fan living in Canada with the goal to travel to London two weeks and wanting to attend a home game (I was planning Arsenal vs lutton). I was planning to use the services of Champion travel as it seems the best way to make sure to secure tickets. This rescheduling thing makes me anxious. I’d welcome advice or inputs my fellow gooners

David Hillier's luggage

Scheduling wise, Luton at home is a midweek round in April so there’s little risk of it being postponed or clashing with an FA Cup weekend. However, we’re playing City the weekend before (which will def won’t be a 3pm Sat ko, I’d guess it will move to the 4.30pm Sunday slot) so there’s a high probability Luton might move to either the Weds or Thurs that week. No idea about Champion travel or 3rd party agents, sorry.


Aargh!!! The men’s Brighton game is now at the exact same time as the women’s North London Derby. That’s a disaster!!!

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