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Arteta on a tough win, love for Havertz and going top of the table

Mikel Arteta was delighted with the performance of his players as Arsenal ground out a 1-0 win at Brentford thanks to a late header by substitute Kai Havertz.

The Gunners were thankful for goalline clearances by Declan Rice and Oleksandr Zinchenko before they found a cutting edge in the final third thanks to the always reliable Bukayo Saka.

The England winner delivered a deliciously tempting cross to the back post in the 89th minute where Havertz, who’d only been on the pitch for 10 minutes, made a decisive contribution.

After the game, Arteta faced questions from TNT Sports. Here’s what he had to say…

On a huge win against a tough opponent…

Yeah, great. We are so happy. I think we fully deserve to win the game. I think the team competed extraordinarily well. We played and we had some big moments. We should have scored much earlier than that. But it’s a really tough place to come. Credit to them for what they do, because they make it really hard for every team here. But I think we showed a lot of resilience and a lot of belief and we were really patient when we had to be and we competed really well. 

On how pleased he is for goalscorer Havertz…

Delighted. You just have to see the reaction of everybody, how much they love him, how much he brings to the team and it’s what he needs to do. Today we believed that he could change the game in those moments with the way they were defending and it was the perfect timing, perfect execution and he won the game for us. That’s what big players do. 

On Aaron Ramsdale…

I think I’m so happy with the team, the way he performed. We got the clean sheet and I’m so happy the way everybody played. 

On Ramsdale being nervous at times…

I think the team was exceptional today. 

On how difficult Brentford made it and baing thankful for a Zinchenko clearance…

Yeah, we made a huge mistake just before that and I think Zinny was the one that cleared us off the line. You need some moments like that, we need some moments that we should have scored more goals as well, but overall you need things to go your way as well in those fine margins to win games. 

On being top of the Premier League again…

Exactly where we want to be and we want to continue to be. That shows in this league with the level that there is this season that the team is in a really good place. You just have to see the behaviour and the way the players fight and work and how much they want it. It’s a joy to work with them. 

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Der Kaiser

All the right messages again from Mikel Arteta!




Beating City and Brentford are both very good signs. If we can avoid the injuries we had last season we have a chance. Fingers crossed!


There have been some moments this season where I thought perhaps our magic djinn that was protecting us last season and helping us get all those last minute winners perhaps might not be there anymore this season, like perhaps the charm has worn off and in those crucial moments when you need luck to go your way we might not have it anymore. But then you see the way we beat Utd, then the deflection for Martinelli’s goal v. City and now today Brentford not scoring from Ramsdale’s howler (on top of other teams not scoring from Raya’s assorted errors… Read more »


Lol at how he ducked those Ramsdale questions 😀


sadly this seems like Aaron’s last game with us, the manager stick with his fellow country man, no matter how many mistakes made, while for Aaron, his 2 mistakes will not be forgiven by the manager


Talking of mistakes, you are forgetting all of the last quarter of last season. I am sure Arteta remembers it more


The stats show Raya has better numbers. Ramsdale did himself no favours against Brentford. Yes, we all love Ramsdale but Arteta has to be ruthless.

Get Raya for £27m who is a better keeper (say the stats) and then sell Ramsale for £50m plus (for a profit)

That is the business of football.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Ramsdale’s a brilliant keeper but realistically highly doubtful we’re getting £50m for him (unless it’s Chelsea, which unfortunately cannot be ruled out).

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Let’s not play the nationality card. Spanish Bellerin was replaced in the squad by Tomiyasu. Spanish Mari was replaced in the squad by White.

It won’t be Ramsdale’s last game. FA Cup Third and Fourth round is in January. Brentford home game is in March. He’ll probably get the PSV game next month if we’ve already won the group by then.


I’d personally like him to get the Lens game this week, give him a confidence boost

Mikels Arteta

The balls in Aaron’s court. A loan move to a club that plays out from the back, without the pressure of gunning for the title may be the best option.
He’s only 25, he still has his whole career ahead of him

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

Saaweeet. So many reasons to feel good about how this one panned out


Re disallowed goal: I understand that technically it’s an offside but I don’t get WHY it’s an offside.

Like what kind of an advantage have we gained in that situation?


Because that’s the rules!


Which rules are pgmol using this half though?


I don’t know that there was conclusive evidence to prove it wasnt the correct decision on field, which is why we were told we deserved to lose against those plucky little sportswashers with 500bn in the bank. So which is it, pgmol? (I understand asking for consistency from a bunch of unaccountable lads club is a bridge too far, but still).


There may be dodgy decisions every week, but that was offside. Clearly and no argument. I wish it wasn’t, but that was the officials doing their job properly.
We won, happy days!


Unless you think the lines are wrong this one was pretty obvious. Offside.


Easy on mate. How would you have felt if the roles were reversed, uh? Honest?


Why doesn’t he say something positive about Ramsdale? Would make psychological sense.


His response after to Ramsdale was in stark contrast to Havertz. Comments but also body language when congratulating them immediately after the match. Long hug and encouragement versus a quick bro hug pat on the back.

Looks like one is part of Arteta’s plans and the other isn’t. Hope Ramsdale can earn his way back into good graces. Wish Arteta can help build his confidence so he can compete at his best.


One of them scored the winner, the other one nearly threw the game.


Exactly and it Sounds to me like a scam. Ramsdale is the newest victim of nepotism, sadly.


Fantastic to grind out the wi!. Have to agree he could have said something positive just give Ramsdale a boost after that, it can only help after all to have a player feeling the love

Unai tears the Spuds a new one on Sunday and my weekend is perfect.

Des Lynam

Cobra Kai. No mercy. Mercy is for the weak. Get the fuck in there.


Ramsdale quotes are really weird. Would’ve been so easy to say “He had a few difficult moments, I was really happy to see him right the ship”.


He’s bored of the discourse around Ramsdale. You guys are all looking at it the wrong way – he’s avoiding the question entirely so that the press stop asking. This actually takes the pressure off Ramsdale more than indulging the press on their stupid, repetitive, boring questions.


The press will keep asking the question until they gey an answer they are satisfied with, no way does this take the pressure off ramsdale

Eric Blair

Fair play for calling it on the Liveblog, Blogs.


It is quite sad that nepotism can exist even in modern day football. The way he is desperate to prove that he was right about Havertz and ready to shrug off Qs about Rambo is starting to get me more than a bit concerned.

Santi’s Phonebox

What definition of nepotism are you using?


Ya Havertz is Arteta’s illegitimate son. The height gives it away.

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