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Arteta on dropping points, building connections, strikers and January

Mikel Arteta met the press ahead of our game against Burnley today. Here is the embargoed section of his press conference, in which he talked about dropping points, his strikers, possible January moves, and more.

City having a 3 point gap at the top …

We cannot be looking at other teams when we have played 10, 11 Premier League matches. This is a long marathon, things are going to change, momentum is going to shift and at the end you have to look and in this league you’re going to have to need 96 to 100 points to win it. C’est fini! When you’re going to get them is a different story, but this is the target and in order to do that you’re going to have to play so well and win a lot of matches, more matches that anyone has ever won in this club, that’s for sure, to win it.

Even dropping one point hurts …

You drop one and the other team winning three, so it’s a big difference. That’s why those matches are so important and at the end can have a big influence in the course of the season.

Does City playing after put more pressure on the Burnley game?

We know that we have to win it but you cannot focus on the outcome, you have to focus on the process and how we’re going to get prepared tomorrow to give our best to win the game. And then the result will take care of itself and that’s what we’re going to do.

Changes in attacking units influencing attacking threat …

There are many factors, but we had other units as well that we have considered less, you know, so there are certain units that are working really well. We have had a lot of problems with availability of players, especially in the attacking areas and in the fast players that we put in the last line. And yeah, having that chemistry and playing minutes and being together, it’s very, very important because timing is everything, especially when you’re attacking in small spaces.

On defensive foundations …

That’s what we have to do, because there are certain things that are going to allow you always to be there, and we do a lot of those things really, really well, and other things that we have to improve. And thank God that we still have a lot of room to improve.

On players needing different things during a season …

When you go to the individual player, he can go through a difficult period and sometimes it’s related to performance, sometimes it’s related to what happens in his private life that can really affect him and they need love and support. But maybe that same player has done something in his life that is not the best thing to do for his professional career and his performance. That player needs something very different in that moment, and we have to keep our eyes and ears open all the time to try to give the players what they need. That’s our job.

Reaction to Newcastle comments might inhibit other managers from speaking out …

No, I think everything here is being done in a really constructive way. You know, when I said what my duty was and obviously the FA has its own duties and they have to do the processes that are required. We will respond to that in the best possible way and we move forward. We learn from the past and we move forward together because the most important thing is how we’re going to look after this beautiful game.

On Jesus, Nketiah and adding something to the forward line in January …

They are great and I am so happy to have them. For me, they are the best in the world (laughs)! That’s my assessment.

On injuries up front …

I would love to have them all, but at the moment not. But maybe in two weeks’ time the picture will change and it will be better. But as well as an opportunity for the rest to shine, because it’s really tough when someone is playing and the other one is sitting on the bench looking at me saying, ‘What are you doing?!’. So it gives them an opportunity now to show how good they are.

On David Moyes saying post-game interviews can get you in trouble if you say what you really think …

He’s a Scottish and Basque. Yeah, it’s not in my nature for sure, but yeah, you can always learn. And David is a really wise and experienced manager and he’s doing it is for a reason. But as well I have to be consistent, and I’ve always tried to be honest and transparent and act with integrity and defend my beliefs.

Hopefully I’m not in trouble, and hopefully this can be taken in a constructive way and we can move forward.

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“does city playing after put more pressure on the Burnley game” sorry is this April or November


If city plays first and open up a 6 point gap, I’d see how some pressure would exist. I’ve never seen any pressure in playing first when you are chasing. But this is Arsenal. Thank God we’ve moved on from the days of every game being a test and the next game being the test if we won the previous test. Now this nonsense about city playing first, have they noticed that we are 4th and the other two teams and even the likes of Villa and even inconsistent 7hag’s team are close?

Bergkamp 3:16

Thank you very much. I was just as stupefied by the stupidity of the question and blatant desperation to instil a sense of fear. As if Arsenal playing before is in anyway a bad thing. It’s a fucking good thing because it puts the fucking pressure on City who I know are just as fucking weary of us!! Fuck these mindless journos. Fuck the lot of them. Always trying to create a false narrative to fit a baseless and redundant agenda


They’re going to throw the book at you gaffer. You dared question Those in Charge. Haven’t you heard the referees are the only ones who know and understand the rules?


Nice bottle edit on the table!

Peter Cechs helmet



So soo hoping to see Trossard kept up top for today. I’ve probably come down on Nketiah a lot harder than I’d have liked, but the main reason for that is it’s probably my biggest point of confusion with Arteta. He must see something in Eddie that I just can’t. We all thought he was taken out of the team for Trossard last year, but forget he was actually dealing with an injury. I thought it was a “knock” at the time, but it turned out to be genuine, and I worry he never would have been benched at all… Read more »

Bleeding gums murphy

Last season the last five games consecutively he started before the injured, he scored none, assisted none, had no shots on target and created one chance for odegarrd at villa away. Not sure how much evidence needed to show he’s not at the level we require. Wish the man (he’s not young anymore in football terms) well and he seems a decent chap. Arteta mentions chemistry up front, he has an awful blind spot if he sees chemistry when nketia plays. Hoping trossard or Havertz even start up front today.


It’s honestly the same story every time he comes into the first team. Whether it’s the time he replaced Lacazette a couple of seasons ago, or the last couple of times with Jesus. Catches everyone off guard and puts in some high energy performances for the first couple of games, managing to actually look quite impressive. But then he drastically tails off once defenders get wise to him and nullify any potential threat he has. We can all see it happening, and yet for some reason the manager just persists with him anyway. That’s why I mentioned the Eddie situation… Read more »


The fact that fans of other clubs hate Arteta so much is a sign of what a great job he’s doing. Hopefully that continues today with the three points.

Come on Arsenal!


I think he has still a lot to prove, no doubt he has tons of potential but counting him as someone in the same league as Pep or that Nazi ( Klopp) is a bit premature.


Wow, is klopp really ‘that’ bad?


Pls understand the crux of my message about Arteta. The classification of Klopp is not too relevant.


Klopp is a hypocrite and annoying but surely that’s a bit over the top mate.


not the best joke… ☹️


Defensively in the last 3 home matches we have allowed six shots in total – this includes the game with City

Emi Rates

PGMOL is a joke. The only sensible thing us to sack them off and bring in new people. The PL needs a de-PGMOLification.

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