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Arteta plays down Ramsdale departure talk

Mikel Arteta has made it clear he’s not willing to let Aaron Ramsdale leave in January, despite the fact the 25 year old has lost his place to David Raya, and is now facing questions over his inclusion in the England squad.

Earlier this week, Gareth Southgate spoke about his situation at Arsenal, saying, “We have to see how the situation develops. I have spoken to him about it.

“He is fighting for a place at Arsenal. We love his profile and the things he offers, among other things, in the game with the ball.

“But as a keeper, the reality is that if we get to March, and six months have passed without regular playing time, then I can’t make any guarantees. Aaron knows that well. He is completely realistic about it all.”

Considering Southgate continues to pick players Kalvin Phillips and Harry Maguire when not appearing for their clubs, as well as Jordan Henderson who is playing in a retirement league, it smacks of double-standards.

It’s not a topic that has come up between Arteta and Ramsdale, but with Euro 2024 on the horizon, it was put to the Arsenal manager that he might seek more playing time in order to push for his international place.

“Well, first of all my door is open to speak to any player, ” he said.

“We just want the best for our players and we know the influence that we can have, sometimes positively, sometimes not so positively towards them.

“We will always try to do our best to help them, but this is a team sport that needs 24 players that you have to fulfil a role.

“And the role that you have in August, it might be very different to the one you have in March.

“So making early decisions in my experience is not something good at all. And as well because the team has certain needs that have to be accomplished.

“In order to do that you cannot do it with 6, 10 or 14 players. It is impossible. So you need everyone and Aaron has a really important role in the team.

And when asked if he had a message for any clubs who might be considering a January move for Ramsdale, Arteta continued, “I have no message for any clubs. I can talk about my players, how much I like my players, how much I like Aaron, and that we want Aaron with us, that’s for sure.”

With Arsenal out of the EFL Cup, Ramsdale’s next action could be after the Interlull when we visit Brentford – and because of Raya’s loan move, he will be ineligible for that fixture.

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Fucking stupid signing Raya, looks more and more dumb every day.

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

Absolutely. With Ramsdale in the team we had a class act the fans loved that was only going to get better and better. In Raya we have an Almunia/Leno Mk2. Yeah they’re ok but never do you get excited about them or think they can make the difference.


I’m not really sure what you both are talking about. Raya is an excellent keeper and better than Ramsdale currently. Yea hes made mistakes so does every keeper. Hes adapting to a new club with better players in a system hes not used too. Some people need to have some appreciation for what they have.


I’m not sure he is better to be honest, I don’t believe stats paint the whole picture in life.

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

Are you kidding? Paint your stats any way you’d like. We’re almost always talking about some form of error with Raya. Tell me once where he’s absolutely nailed it for a whole game? Or had a moment like Ramsdale’s free kick save against Leicester.

Norwegian Wood

Against Sp*rs. He made an impossible save before they’d score.

karl g

And then missed the cross that Son scores from.

Norwegian Wood

If we put a lens on Ramsdale from last season, we’ll find many blunders to pick out. In the City game where he made fantastic saves, he sent us on our way to defeat by letting the first one in.

Even at home, he had no business rushing out after it was clear Tom’s back pass was short. That’s where Raya clearly edges him. Having a cooler head.

Public Elneny

Oh come on Leno is and was 10x the keeper Almunia ever was! You can’t mention them together

karl g

Agreed. Now Ramsdale can never really regain confidence that he is wanted at Arsenal. I think we need a new keeper next summer.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Arteta seems to be sending the message he will eat his humble pie by the end of the season.

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

To replace Raya.


To be honest I’m sick of the sight of a short keeper in our net. I was with Ospina and I was with Leno who had little authority. I feel exactly the same now with Raya who’s been caught gambling on two crosses already and cost us points.
With Ramsdale we finally found a goalkeeper with presence, who would make the difference in a tight game, and pull off a save that keeps the points. I see very little if any marginal gains so far. If anything we’ve gone backwards.


I agree. I’d just argue that it is actually three crosses where he has gambled and cost us a goal. If you can bear it, go back and look at the passage of play just before Spurs’ first goal against us this season. A deep cross comes in, but Raya has moved too far out of position, and for what should have been a simple catch on a poor cross he ends up flapping back into play to directly to Son, who takes a shot, the ball rebounds out, and then ten seconds later Son scores.

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

Yet Arteta stays blinkered to his easily rectifiable mistake.

Johnny 4 Hats

I have to say, in less harsh tones, I agree. If Raya was a massive step up from Ramsdale it would have made sense to unsettle the team like this. But I don’t think there’s a strong enough argument to say Raya has been a step up at all. On the contrary, we look a little more shaky I would argue. And all this drama is so unnecessary when we are trying to get our business done. Every game it’s ‘shot of Ramsdale on the bench’ and we get endless media stories about the saga. I feel it’s really unsettled… Read more »


You do wonder if there wasn’t a hint of nepotism…

Norwegian Wood


Mari, Ceballos, and Bellerin all moved on by Arteta and they’re all Spaniards for players of different nationalities.

Lovable characters like Elneny who bring intangible value, sat on the bench by more capable and less popular characters.


The discussionis is about GK though,no?

karl g

Can Aaron ever be sure he has the manager’s confidence any longer. I can’t see his value tanking though.


Rays feels me with confidence in away matches where Ramsdales priorities seem to be engaging with the home crowd.
Also we’ve stopped conceding with every first shot on target.

God is a Gooner

This has got nothing to do with Raya. We’ve become much more solid by replacing Zinchenko with Tomiyasu, and added Rice the best defensive midfielder in the league.


Mikel clearly disagrees


really?…so newcastle didnt happen then?

Norwegian Wood

Who says the team is unsettled? All the narrative y’all run by are being run by fans and pundits.

If Ramsdale would like to leave to play elsewhere, rather than fight for his place, that’s really fine.

All the players in the team recognize that this is the case with their positions as well. You don’t meet the mark, you sit on the bench.

Arteta wants to win. If Ramsdale were the best chance of him doing that, at least in his own eyes, Ramsdale would be in goal.

People approaching this decision like it’s sentimental.

Johnny 4 Hats

Just using the eye test, I’ve seen some really dodgy stuff from Raya, especially with the ball at his feet. And yeah, Rambo isn’t perfect. But if he’d come in and done what Raya has done in his first 10 games, we’d be feeling justified in saying Arteta shouldn’t have signed him. Instead, Rambo was utterly transformative when he arrived and made a lot of us look stupid for suggesting Leno was perfectly good enough. That same leap just hasn’t happened here and I think we, as fans, despite being 1000% behind Arteta, have a right to suggest he’s made… Read more »

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

I’ve got me a left field theory on this one. In most lines of work you learn how to do your job by working with those who know how to do it. Arteta wants a keeper who plays football as well as keeps goal – that wasn’t Leno and Rammers hasn’t looked confident with the ball at his feet (albeit it his distribution is accurate when he is not under pressure).
My theory is we’ve paid £3m to bring in someone for Rammers to learn off day in day out so we can make him the complete keeper


My heart wants to believe your theory, but I’m not sure my head can.

Rambo No1

my thoughts exactly. thats why he was brought in as a loan an extended his contract at Brentford.


So what you’re saying is you’ll use your eye test (because it cannot be beaten in an argument, quite literally) and ignore all data that shows this season and last season (and previous seasons) that Raya is better at distribution, saves more goals than expected, cuts out WAY more crossed, and makes more sweeper actions…. But to my eyes he’s not good so he’s not…as someone else put it “stats nonsense”. Sounds more like a Tory rally.

Johnny 4 Hats

Honestly, I don’t look at stats. Maybe there’s this entire world that I’m missing. I’m sure there is. That’s where the game has gone.

But up until about 10 years ago we had to rely on our eyes. So I’m not going to completely disregard what I see on a Saturday and Wednesday night. And I’m seeing a lot of blunders and a lot of uncertainty.

If a goalkeeper lets crosses fly over his head against Chelsea and Newcastle then I don’t massively care if his long ball distribution stats are good.


Devil’s advocate here is that Ramsdale was making a lot of errors while being asked to play a much simpler playing style, particularly towards the end of last season. However, just relying on the eye test means that is easily forgotten because it was a long time ago, Raya is being microscoped because many love and favour Ramsdale. Yet, the data confirm Raya is saving more goals, making less errors, claiming more crosses and making more sweeper actions. As I said elsewhere, if those data were not so positive, there would be a legit case to be made to drop… Read more »

Johnny 4 Hats

I actually don’t have an agenda like some fans do. I don’t really care if Ramsdale is likeable or humble or whatever. It is about who is better. And if Raya clubs baby seals but is a massively superior goalkeeper, then I want him in goal. I’ve seen Ramsdale make some utterly world class saves. Saves that have won us games we otherwise would have drawn. I’ve seen him literally perform the impossible multiple times. I also see Ramsdale as a young goalkeeper who is prone to panic a little, go long a little too often and generally be a… Read more »


Raya has clubbed 0 seals in all his seasons in the EPL. I rest my case.

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

I’m a devils avocado for Ramsdale, but I believe he can learn a lot from Raya. I think Raya is providing what MA wants and the stats support that – but for me Ramsdale is the future. Sure he has aspects that he can improve on, but he ain’t gonna learn that by training with players who aren’t better than him at the things he needs to improve on. This is why competition is healthy – you respect people for being able to do the things that you cannot do – and if you are ambitious then you study how… Read more »


“I don’t look at stats”. Points for being honest at least.

Thank God you’re not making any decisions for the club.

El Mintero

I agree with your take. But the exact same – and more – could be said about Havertz. But yet you defend Havertz’s role in the team. Why is that?


I once had a thought, or should I say, you had it first …
Perfectly put, Norwegian Wood.


A good signing but not being used correctly; competition for places can only be welcomed. The problem is he has been signed as a number 1 and Ramsdale’s only hope of playing is the domestic cups or Raya picking up an injury. It’s not a fair and open competition for the spot if Raya faces no consequences for errors.


By contrast, it appears Ramsdale has paid a very heavy price for some errors last season. It would be nice to see that same ruthlessness applied to Raya.

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

Yep. A gigantic lie from the start from Arteta. Rotation/competition has never applied to the keepers.


Yep. Said previously this is Arteta’s hill to die on. He ain’t budging, yet Raya has not added any obvious benefit. Arguably he is extremely lucky not have been punished multiple more times already. Situation has only added insecurity for both players.


We should have spent £65m on a striker instead of Havertz as well


Ramsdale situation is unbelievable. Though he was great last year, he had some errors, so we bought a competitor to make him raise his level. This year he was dropped because of errors, his competitor is making more errors (counting errors leading to a goal), but he is not back to the goal. This would unsettle any player. This is just unfair and selfish from the manager to make his point. The fact that Arteta has made great work does NOT mean everything he does is correct and I would never buy the narrative of In someone we trust, or… Read more »

Mikels Arteta

We should sack the GK coach who recommended both Runarsson and Raya.
Both Raya and Ramsdale make similar errors, we need a fresh pair of eyes working with our goalies. Stamp out those little mistakes

Gus Caesar

I actually was wondering whether AR might start tomorrow. If you think about it, with Brentford next week, it would be logical to give AR some minutes now. That is if MA is genuine when he says that AR will get his chances (which, for the record, I don’t think he is).


How many times has Arteta subbed (or even rotated) his goalkeeper following the “I need to sub my goalkeeper” speech? Bingo.

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

I’ve been saying that for ages and every time blinkered Gooners thumb me down. Why doesn’t any journalist call him out on this lie?

Adney Toams

I’m with you all the way!

Norwegian Wood

How are you guys attacking the manager because your favorite player has lost his place? I struggle to understand it. The manager is literally the establishment. To think that a manager who has brought us this far can be attacked this much because one player lost his place is ridiculous, really. Happened with Auba. Happened with Ozil. “Arteta doesn’t know how to manage big characters. He has his favorites. It’s a small man syndrome.” Still the club has steadily progressed. When will y’all stop and realize that this is a manager who desperately wants to win, and if he see… Read more »

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

Ok, you’re using ridiculous examples. & besides I agreed with his handling of those situations, we knew something had to give.
However with Ramsdale there was no impending reason to make a change for a replacement that was not an upgrade.
Also with those other examples there was no blatant lie to cover up what he was doing.
He brought in Raya to be No1. So be a man and say that, not the bollox about rotation and bringing on a keeper in the 70th minute.

Norwegian Wood

Arteta doesn’t sign players to be number 1s. Every player fights for their place.

Raya must have outperformed Ramsdale in training, reason he’s in the team. It’s simple. There is no being a man here. If Ramsdale flips it on Raya and outperforms him in training on the drills Arteta prioritizes, Ramsdale will be reinstated.

It’s simple.


It’s not so much what he’s done, it’s the way he’s done it. It’d have been one thing to say “I think Raya is better, he plays now.” But he didn’t say that. He talked about having two equally good keepers that he would rotate from game to game or maybe even within a single game, then he hasn’t done that all. Raya’s played no matter what. It’s not what Arteta said he was going to do.

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

Agreed. Yet the blinkers brigade on here refuse to accept it.


It’s the same brigade that foolishly hold that it’s only Arsenal English fan base faulting MA for creating this unnecessary goalkeeping situation. Generally it’s pointless to go for that one tenth of 1% perfection. But then MA kept happing on fine margins and the difference that could make, I wholeheartedly conceded that perhaps Raya was that positive fine margin in goalkeeping terms. However with over a quarter of the season gone, there is no single stat to prove that replacing AR with DR has been accretive in anyway. It’s been, arguably, dilutive in most parts. We have had more misses… Read more »

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

Yep. Thankfully the Gooners in the stadium make it very clear who our No1 is. We finally had a unified fan base but on this decision he’s managed to split them.


Not a chance. Arteta has picked his keeper. As is his right.

No foot Norbert

It’s clear to me now rammers is the better keeper. Raya has made too many errors.


Take the blinkers off man. With Raya we play a different style of football. He’s ASKED to take more risks than Ramsdale ever was. Why? Because he is a technically far superior player 2022/23 & 2023/24: Raya: pass%: 64.3 & 79.3 ; launch% 50.7 & 28; launch cmp% 39.3 & 41.2; Raya: pass%: 67.9 & 81.2 ; launch% 36.2 & 21.2; launch cmp% 26.2 & 33.3; Not only that, but look at the data on goals prevented vs expected since the start of 2022/23 season: Raya 6.18 vs Ramsdale -3.04 And post shot expected goals minus goals allowed 2022/23 &… Read more »


Isn’t the c9aching staff to improve player development?


Have you considered that players stats are partially informed by the team they’re playing for, and that a player being a good fit/high performer at one club doesn’t always translate to other clubs?

I’m assuming you were also a vehement defender of Pepe as well? Class numbers in France after all.

No foot Norbert

I can literally think of 7 mistakes off the top of my head, not all of them leading to goals of course but nonetheless worrying. He’s played about 10 games this season

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

Exactly. How many times were we talking about mistakes with Ramsdale? Yep he made them but more often we talked about how many times he saved us.

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

Haha! Spot on.


SO, then look at the data from this season. They still ALL point to Raya being better. And you use Pepe from the French league vs Raya with extensive EPL experience as your argument? Just wow…
Imagine if Raya was English and Ramsdale Spanish…

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

Stat nonsense.
We finally had a keeper we could truly be proud of, loved the fans, loved playing for the shirt and was very consistent and capable of pure brilliance (Leicester free kick save) now we have Raya. A player you use stats to get us excited about.
No thanks.


Yes, of course data is utter BS. Now give me my right to spot subjective nonsense based on the fact that one goalie is from the country where I’m from and the other one a foreigner took his job – can you believe these immigrants taking all out jobs.

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

My family are immigrants. Not from Spain but another European country. So stop talking yet more nonsense.


Everyone’s family is immigrants at some point. The only reason this is an issue is because Ramsdale is a good guy and proper like him AND he’s English. The data shows he’s very clearly not as good as Raya, but you all wave away the data because you have no interest in changing your mind because you like him and he’s English. Of Raya numbers were rubbish at Arsenal he’s be dropped but the reality is that they’re not, they’re actually really impressive.


Do you really expect me to read all of that?


No, because you’ve already made up your mind.


Aaron will probably push to leave, and you can’t blame him. We’d then need to find a new goalkeeper next summer, as by then Arteta will probably have accepted that Raya is not good enough and too error prone if we want to be challenging for the League or Champions League.

Adney Toams

Yeh, same old same old with Arteta!


Arteta has not been honest and fair to the fans regarding Ramsdale. If it is reasons other than ability, I suggest Ramsdale leave for greener pasture. The only advice to him is that playing for a club like Arsenal helped improve his stats because of the solid players and defenders around him. If he move to bottom team, Southgate won’t come looking for him as well even if he plays regularly.




further; “Well, first of all my door is open to speak to any player.” Suggests he hasn’t spoken to Ramsdale directly about this. “We just want the best for our players and we know the influence that we can have, sometimes positively, sometimes not so positively towards them. We will always try to do our best to help them, but this is a team sport that needs 24 players that you have to fulfil a role. And the role that you have in August, it might be very different to the one you have in March.” This is hardly encouraging… Read more »

Public Elneny

Tbf it was the same with Saliba when he was at Nice and Marseille. Didn’t matter whether he was winning the league player of the month, making his international debut, or consistently looking like a sure fire world class talent – when asked about him it was all ‘he has to work hard, we have others who deserve their places’. A lot of us were proven wrong in our belief of what his intentions for Saliba were, but I don’t think reading into his consistently icy words was foolish. For someone who was at the front and centre of the… Read more »


If think it was kind of dick move from Arteta not to let him play the first Champions League game at least, after all he helped the team to get there. To see some rando getting the chance of his life without moving a finger must cut deep for Ramsdale.

For now he only had backhanded compliments from “the boss”

This is an inverted Willian situation

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

FFS! I do love Arteta but this is just utter bollox.
So we’ve gone from talk of rotation in every position and ‘if I want to change a GK in the 70th minute’ to ‘Aaron has a really important role to play’.
You’ve fcked this up boss and was it worth for a player who is not an upgrade?

Norwegian Wood

We are playing out better from the back. You’ve not noticed it because it feels like you’ve come to accept it. A lot of the time, Ramsdale would have booted those balls long and we’d lose possession.

Stop it with the agenda.

Norwegian Wood

Come to expect* it…

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

Sorry but I’m not sure I remember any issues with booting it when needed.

Norwegian Wood

Exactly. Arteta does. The intention is to keep the ball for as much as possible. Booting it when necessary with Nketiah up front literally means ceding possession.

See now that it’s not personal?


I don’t think Arteta has gotten a whole lot wrong during his tenure, but I think this Raya/Ramsdale thing will go down as a major blunder. I think the signing was good (assuming it’s genuinely an option and not an obligation to buy) – you’re getting a proven keeper with prem experience through the door to provide genuine competition. However, continuing with Raya when it’s blatantly obvious Ramsdale should be starting is A) potentially going to be detrimental to our season – the mistakes don’t look like stopping anytime soon, and B) a terrible example to set to the rest… Read more »


The Willian transfer is one of the worst of the post-Park era. And that was an Arteta signing.


Thanks Tucker Carlson. I mean, this place is losing the plot with this Raya/Ramsdale thing. There is no objectivity, just pure subjective analysis and emotions, and here you’re wishing he gets injured (not bad though of course) and getting up votes for it… Just wow! God save out King!


I literally said that I didn’t want to feel like that, but just to be clear, the rationale is Ramsdale getting an opportunity for a few weeks rather than “Raya’s been poor so I hope he does his ACL”. I thought that was obvious but just to be clear.

I appreciate that wishing any sort of injury on a player isn’t great though, I’m not defending it.

Adney Toams

I WAS an Arteta fan, but Raya just doesn’t cut it for me – PLUS he’s NO command over the backline either!
I just can’t see the logic here…..

Norwegian Wood

You were his fan?

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

Can you not see the difference between his ruthlessness against a former captain in Auba who took the piss when it came to setting an example and a Lev Yasmin nominated keeper who he gave a brand new contract too?
Naaaah course you can’t.

Norwegian Wood

I can see the difference.

He wanted Auba out of the club because he’d been failing on the non-negotiables.

He hasn’t asked that Ramsdale be sold. He just lost his place. Like any other player in the team.


How can Ramsdale take that from Southgate seriously when he’s sat in a squad with Maguire, Philips and Henderson. He will be around the England team longer than Southgate, just needs to ride this patch out. He needs to spend this year taking in everything that Arteta thinks Raya has that he doesn’t. He’s still young and at a massive club, I’m sure this comes good in the end.

karl g

It is different from a defender. They have others to cover them and a goalkeeper has no backup.

I would turn it around the there way and say how can an England use anyone who is not playing regular first team football.


Yes that’s the point. You can’t tell one player he’s out because he isn’t playing regularly but at the same time pick players for a year who haven’t played regularly.

I’d argue its worse for a defender or a midfielder to come in cold and play international football than a goalkeeper.


What boggles the mind is Pickford just isn’t that good. He’s not bad, but Rambo would bring so much more. Southgate is a scared manager, he’ll never take a risk and it’s why England won’t win a major trophy under him.


Here’s my simple take. Everyone wanted an upgrade on Matt Turner but as long as the new guy didn’t have the quality to bench AR. We could have signed prime Buffon and the unhappiness would still be on steroids. If we had Hein as the number 2 with Matt gone it would still be same levels of moaning. Not saying Raya is better than Aaron or worse or the team is doing better or worse, that’s not a consideration here. We could have signed prime Messi in 2010 and all the excitment would die out once fans didn’t see Chamberlain… Read more »

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

Not at all. This tactic will result in Ramsdale leaving and us signing another Matt turner. Pointless.

Norwegian Wood

No. You don’t know the plans of the club.

And even if that proved to be the case, hasn’t it been y’all who have screamed that there can’t be two number 1s at the club?

Are your opinions being made from a position of fondness for Ramsdale, the player?

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

No, it comes from a place where we finally had a very good young goalkeeper who would only get better replaced with another that is certainly no staggering upgrade. And that as I’ve said too many times to mention that no team in the world has 2 No1s

Norwegian Wood

So you want the manager to reinstate your good young GK who he watches every week in training and finds less impressive than the player he chooses to play?

Even as you do not watch the team train, and you aren’t privy to proper information on their abilities and shortcomings, at least, on an intricate level.


Amazing to find Gooners back to their bickering self. That love-in didn’t last very long after last year. Why? Because we are all the best managers of our team. We all know better than anybody else. Change is very painful. Especially if we don’t see instant results. Rice is God’s present to Arsenal. Havertz is Chelsea crap. Xhaka finally made it good last year. Why did Arteta sell him for Kai?Ramsdale was amazing because he made a brilliant saves against Liverpool, Leicester and others last year. Raya is a fumbling fool. Basically all of us have these opinions. Let’s think… Read more »


Raya’s handling has been impeccable from day one.His long kicking is very good .His one one on one decision making is very good as he doesn’t rush out or go to ground when he is facing the attacker. Examples recently are jackson/ chelsea when clean through ….gordon/newcastle when through in the left channel، and the sevilla player on Wednesday night who out muscled saliba in the 2nd half giving Raya a decision to make and thankfully he made the right decision and didn’t rush out making easier for the striker. All 3 times a goal was thwarted by Raya making… Read more »

Norwegian Wood

They are just fond of Ramsdale. There is nothing you could say. They like him so they want him to be starting games. Ridiculous.

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

Yeah Ramsdale is terrible, you’re right.

Norwegian Wood

He’s not terrible. He’s a fantastic goalkeeper and my second favorite player in the team behind Odegaard. I love him to pieces, but I love Arsenal more, man. And I’m aware that Arteta is literally the establishment. I’m aware he wishes to do well, and I’m think he has done enough for me to trust him and his decisions. Where your confidence to doubt him on this is coming from, I really don’t know. It’s ten games in. We are three points off top. We would be unbeaten in the league bar a really poorly officiated game and would be… Read more »


**Strawman argument alert**

Naked Cygan

Not sure Ramsdale has done much wrong to be dropped like this and Raya has done nothing to say wow he should be our number one goalkeeper. Hope Arteta knows what he is doing.


I think both goal keepers are made worse by current situation, whilst also being expected to play a lot of progressive passes at the point when the opposition’s press is most organised. The rest of the team get to spend a lot of the time passing sideways and backwards. Seems mad to me but Arteta is the expert.

A Gooner in Valencia

This continues to disappoint me every time I think about it. He has been absolutely shat on. He’s good years on Raya and has been brilliant for us and must feel like he’s been stabbed in the back.


Being realistic, best case scenario to stop all this drama is if we sell Rambo for 50m to a club with a shit keeper and a shitton of money like Newcastle or Man Utd.


Whether everyone commenting agrees or not, it seems pretty clear Arteta has made his choice.

I doubt Ramsdale goes in Jan, but we can’t afford to have such a valuable asset as our #2 keeper. Expect he’s gone next summer.

Fireman Sam

Shame MA doesn’t stick to his word: rotation.

What the hell has Aaron done to deserve this?


Rams was part of the squad who helped us qualify for champions League.

And then he’s dropped from the champions league first team.

What the hell.

Mikels Arteta

My main criticism is that if an outfield player was making those mistakes that Raya has made, they’d be on the bench waiting for their next opportunity.
Raya may be more comfortable with the ball, he’s making the same mistakes as Ramsdale has. It must be frustrating seeing Raya make those same mistakes, yet continues to get picked


project ego ongoing


Mostly i prefer to trust that MA knows what’s best for his team but on Ramsdale it feels wrong. For some reason Arteta has replaced a great and colorful keeper that could perhaps have gotten to excellent status by now with an ordinary and colorless one. A core member of his resurgent team for a newcomer with no added value. What this communicates to the team can only be negative. If he had benched Ramsdale for some series of errors or injury it would’ve made sense to everyone. Why he won’t even let him sniff the goalposts for CL games… Read more »

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