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FA charge Arteta over post-Newcastle comments

The FA have announced that Mikel Arteta is to be charged for the comments he made in his post-game press conference following the Gunners 1-0 defeat to Newcastle on November 4th.

The Arsenal boss was incandescent over the fact that Anthony Gordon’s goal was allowed to stand, saying, “We have to talk about the result because we have to talk about how the hell this goal stands. It’s incredible.

“I feel embarrassed but I have to be the one now coming here to try to defend the club and please ask for help because it’s an absolute disgrace that this goal is allowed. It’s an absolute disgrace.

“For more than one reason at least, it’s not a goal. And it’s too much a stake here. We put so much effort in.

“It’s so difficult to compete at this level. And it’s an absolute disgrace. Again, I feel embarrassed. I’ve been more than 20 years in this country and this is nowhere near the level to describe this as the best league in the world. I am sorry.”

In a statement, the The FA said:

Regulation and Discipline update: Mikel Arteta has been charged with a breach of FA Rule E3.1 following comments that he made in media interviews after Arsenal’s Premier League game against Newcastle United on Saturday 4 November.

It’s alleged that his comments constitute misconduct as they are insulting towards match officials and/or detrimental to the game and/or bring the game into disrepute. Mikel Arteta has until Tuesday 21 November to provide a response to this charge.

When you read back what he said, he spoke quite specifically about the incident. He didn’t, for example, say publicly that he didn’t like 80% of referees – but we’ve heard very little about that for some reason.

Anyway, let’s see how it all plays out. An FA/PGMOL stitch-up wouldn’t be at all surprising.

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The fascinating thing about the audio from the Guimaraes incident is it shows how the refs don’t have the slightest understanding of the actual rules of the game they are supposedly enforcing. “It isn’t nice, but it isn’t any more than a yellow” “his arm isn’t used as a weapon” – what? The rules specifically state that deliberately striking someone in the head is a red card, unless the force is “negligible,” which nobody can possible argue that was (and the refs themselves don’t say it was in the audio). It doesn’t say “it’s only a red if you use… Read more »


The refs know the rules. They’re not incompetent. They’re corrupt. That’s quite a different. It is literally the PGMOL that is “detrimental to the game and/or bring[ing] the game into disrepute”

A Different George

Was ignoring the Havertz probable red also part of the plot? So that they could point to this to show they are not biased? That, nmy friend, is what is called a rabbit hole.

Instead, read what supporters of other clubs–Liverpool, Wolves, Brighton for example (even Spurs!)–say about referees. The same as us. I think Blogs has it right: the main “bias” of VAR officials is their desire to make life easy for their “mates” on the pitch, which makes VAR useless.


If I were Arteta, my defence will be all about that assault to the head by that thug in boots. It will be along the lines of how can we say we’re serious about head injuries when an assault like that is allowed to go unpunished.

Eric Blair

There will be no defence, the FA aren’t interested in a fair hearing, they want to make an example of Arteta.


[PGMOL] are insulting towards match officials [fans’ intelligence] and/or detrimental to the game and/or bring the game into disrepute.



A work colleague of mine is a referee. He doesn’t even play football, he just referees games.
I feel most referees don’t every really play so they don’t understand that a small push in the back when you are going to jump will send you flying the other direction.

Celebration Police

The problem is that you have current and ex-players who support the notion. Phrases like, it’s just a nudge, the game has gone soft, it’s dramatic, etc. People who don’t play the game take that as truth and run with it. While refs have problems, biased pundits play a big role in this mess as well. Many of them focus on blaming Arteta rather than the atrocities that were committed on the field.


They understood that just fine to cancel it saka’s goal.


This is true, I have a friend who is a referee but never really played as a kid with the rest of us.


“Ball looks out….but I can’t give it”
Refereeing standards 2023.


This was always going to happen – just hope it’s only a fine and not a touchline ban.


They took their time didn’t they?

karl g

They wanted to make their Michael Owen presentation first.

Kentish Gooner

This comment wins 😂


Well they had to look at it from all the angles and discuss it to make sure they all agreed before coming up with the answer in the script they were given to start with.


The gaslighting continues


Yeah, the only thing bringing the game into disrepute is the PGMOL and their inability to apply the rules of the game evenly and competently from match to match throughout a season and from season to season. Well, I guess also the FA and the pundits who defend them shamelessly every week. Oh, and the filthy lucre … oh, and Spurs!

I think Arteta should remain defiant, maintain his criticisms of the officials when they get it wrong, and continue to log the evidence. Wear the charge like a badge of honour, much as Wenger used to do.


I do not doubt for a second that the pundits are just a cog in the whole bent, twisted and corrupt machine. A well polished [paid-off] cog.

Eric Blair

A well-oiled machine?


I would happily pay Elcom Musk or some tech savvy bloke in Google , Chatgpy to create an AI which can replace all of these clowns.


They’d program bias into the AI


Stevie Wonder could single handedly ref a game better than these bozos.


VAR has stopped the officials from making onfield decisions. They don’t want to make a mistake and think they have the backup of the var room. Except the var don’t want to make decisions and undermine the refs. It needs a complete overhaul.

Without var I’m convinced the lino would have flagged the ball out and the foul, regardless whether it is correct or not that’s how it would have gone.

Alberto Balsam Mendez Rodriguez

The problem is the people using it,
VAR was originally going to do offsides and ball out of play automatically,
but for some weird reason the Premier League or PGMOL decided to go with referee ‘feels’ instead.

karl g

What about the VAR officials who didn’t apply the rules for violent conduct. Moreover, they didn’t even understand them?

Emi Rates

They can do what they want. They could probably ignore the technology entirely while getting pissed and dancing naked in the VAR room on match day and the only thing that would happen is a fine for whoever dares complain about it. Such is the charmed existence of the protected elites of football.

Eric Blair

Not sure they didn’t understand them, I mean the rule is absolutely clear and a fundamental rule in how the game is played.

Either they panicked or were influenced in some way but outside forces.


they’re going to throw the book at him, probably will hit sometime when we play city away or down under at mate fc


So more propaganda by the FA as usual? How about they follow rules that are written. That’s all we ask.


Corrupt bunch


Arteta raised some valid points but the big question is did he use them as a weapon? Nothing more than a yellow for me. Check complete


Nobody want to mention the havertz tackle, or the fact that the publicly available evidence very much demonstrates that it would have been wrong to rule it out. Artetas embarrassingly childish outburst is only matched by those who can’t see it for what it is, and try to pretend like he’s a truth speaking freedom fighter shamefully silenced by those in power. Hilariously blind.

Bill Hall

Either a Spud or a troll?
Possibly both 🤔


Side issue here, is quite how ridiculous the length of time this has all taken.
Let’s pretend that we agree Mikel is in the wrong. And he gets a 1 match touchline ban. And let’s also pretend our next that comes into play is say, Liverpool.
The game the ban would’ve fallen on would be a hugely important one. Vs what it could/should have been (Burnley). If they didn’t spend all that time with their thumb up their ass.
It’s so, SO poor on all counts.


Corrupt cunts

Emi Rates

“detrimental to the game and/or bring the game into disrepute”

They’re talking about PGMOL and its corrupt officials here, right?


Guilty of telling it like it is. Hang, draw and quarter him I say.


Penalizing Arteta with a fine and letting match officials go Scot free is CORRUPTION in broad daylight. It’s a DISGRACE and DISREPUTE to English football. PGMOL should be ashamed but it’s SHAMELESS governing body.


To paraphrase Wenger, they are a dishonest federation.

One thing: it’s not often our fan base is fully united on anything but in this instance we are unanimous in our disdain for PGMOL!



With the FA it’s 100% the nail that sticks out that gets the hammer. Fall in line, or forever suffer the payback.

But no matter the punishment I stand behind Arteta speaking up on this one completely. It’s got to be said.

Fuck the FA, and Fuck the completely dodgy refereeing. They earned the scrutiny they are facing right now, and rather than fix it, they’re covering it up.


Arsenal should double down and just produce footages of all the bad referreeing decisions that have gone against us lately. Brentford offside goal. Douglas Luiz corner kick goal where Ramsdale was hugged and impeded by opponent – no foul says VAR. Ben White disallowed goal for the slightest touch on GK arms, absolutely laughable. Disallowed goal vs Burnley last week for alleged push by Saka. Where is the consistency? Arteta is right, somebody needs to help because PGMOL is incompetent and corrupt and the FA is condoning it. If there needs to be conclusive evidence for a goal to be… Read more »

Typical tantrums

Wait, was Klopp also charged for his rant?

Celebration Police

He is not Arsenal’s manager. Charges are only for Arsenals. Remember, we only focus on focus on Arteta’s touchline behaviors, but find Fergie, Klopp, Conte, etc. refreshing. No one cares about Unai’s touchline behaviors anymore because he doesn’t manage arsenal


It would be funny if it wasn’t true. Not to mention your username – is there another club that gets the attention of the Celebration Police like Arsenal does?!
“No one likes us. We don’t care.”

A Different George

Guardiola, the most prestigious manager of the most powerful club in England, just served a touchline ban. Don’t make stuff up.

Gunner 1975

You’re right. Even that fool Carragher now suddenly rates Unai as the third best manager in the PL behind Pep and Klopp.🤔.


lol i cant put into words what i think about that. not if i want to be nice at least.

Norwegian Wood

Can’t Arsenal challenge any fines or bans?

Because it can’t be hard to prove that what transpired on November 4th was indeed a disgrace.


He’s just commenting on what he’s seen and is more than fair in his description of the event. He could’ve been a lot harsher because it’s either supreme incompetence or corruption and if people can’t call it out that in itself is disgraceful. I notice there hasn’t been an apology about the terrible officiating in this game probably because they don’t like being called out for this atrocious performance.


There’s got to be a decent investigative journalist somewhere who can dig the dirt around PGMOL, the FA and the Premier League, and expose their dodgy dealings, surely? The whole set up stinks, and if it’s not corrupt it’s at very least incompetent, biased, and not fit for purpose. It’s going to take all clubs or all fans to get together, and at the moment there’s too much tribalism for anything to happen, so they’ll all carry on with their absurd little TV programme and tell everyone how marvellous they all are. I read somewhere that it’s a clause within… Read more »


Unfortunately the only way to find conclusive proof of corruption is by hacking emails. Everything else gets brushed under the carpet as inadmissible evidence and even this is no guarantee (note the 115 charges where nothing is happening). Whilst I think several members of PGMOL are quite thick, I am sure they are very careful about their ‘dealings’. Look at what happened to the guy who hacked Abu Dhabi…sorry I mean Man City: ‘A panel of three judges found Pinto guilty of nine offences and imposed a suspended prison sentence of four years.’ Who every does this is effectively setting… Read more »

Mikels Arteta

Fuck the FA
60K at the Emirates with a chant denouncing the FA is in order


If it was me id go up on the stage and say the same thing again. I guess a fine wont hurt his economy in the long run anyway. Id even add more spice to it this time. If it was anyone who should get a hearing its those in charge of the VAR in that game.

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