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Newcastle 1-0 Arsenal – player ratings

Arsenal went down 1-0 to Newcastle thanks to a contentious Anthony Gordon goal, while the home side were lucky to keep all 11 men on the pitch after Bruno Guimares was allowed to forearm smash Jorginho in the head but VAR said that was ok.

Here’s how the players rated this evening.

Read the Newcastle 1-0 Arsenal match report and see the goal here 

Newcastle 1-0 Arsenal – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above David Raya. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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karl g

Havertz best performance for Arsenal unfortunately wasted.


I really liked that challenge he put in on Burn, he needs to show that fire more often.

Exit the Lemming

Agreed, the more red cards he invites, the less time we’ll have to endure him being on the pitch


So many guys behind the attackers had very good performances. Sadly we lacked creativity and even that aside we simply lack a killer instinct. I will reference that incredible run Rice made in the first half, plays a ball to Eddie who had no idea where the ball was BUT saka gets the ball in the box 9 yards from goal and he casually takes his time, tries to turn back on his favorite foot without any awareness nobody gives you 5 seconds in the box. He’s a top lad, probably our best player but very average players burry us… Read more »


I think Saka and Martinelli were creating opportunities, but without the creativity of Jesus and Odegard in the middle the chance to create a goal was missing. It is difficult with just one of them missing, but with both missing we lost that final bit of creativity needed.


We’re really missing their link up play in the final third to speed up the tempo and pull defenders in different directions.


Unfortunately, both Jesus and Partey are injury prone. They are hard to replaced can cost us dearly.


Great game by Havertz great fighter, hopefully, it’s upward from here.
10/10 for Arteta calling out the officials and VAR.
6s around for the fight.
COYG let’s wrap up UCL stuff on Wednesday!!!


Definitely getting fined for it though, we know a fine is coming. It’s inevitable, we are Arsenal and hated by the referees and association alike. At which point do teams start suing PGMOL?

Exit the Lemming

0/10 for Arteta coaching a side that are unable to play to the whistle and for picking a goalkeeper unable to come and gather a routine cross

djourou's nutmeg

i thought the team played the way havertz has played the whole season, including this match. completely indifferent and toothless. it’s boring to see the exact same performance from the same players over and over again, and no changes. every day kai havertz and nketiah start for us is a drop less of patience i have for mikel.


Sorry, toothless perhaps but to call Havertz indifferent is simply nonsense. Tough game all round.

Exit the Lemming

Somewhere between indifferent and letting your frustration boil over there is a middle ground called playing well and contributing positively to the team. Kai Havertz clearly missed that memo.

El Mintero

I can understand that point of view. The irony is this was easily Havertz’s best game for Arsenal. He finally showed a bit of dig and got stuck in. But was it enough? Was it anywhere near the level of Granit last year? Unfortunately no. Our team is playing boring tiki taki ponderous bulls hit football these days a million miles from last season. Kinda worrying.

Unfettered tr...

Agreed. Havertz did come alive today. I hope he sustains that level of aggression going forward.


Blame it on poor recruitment, we might be back to default settings….


Rice is a star. Timber superb, sadly injured. Havertz very good tonight. You should have gone to Specsavers.

El Mintero

Timber had 2 great games in pre season dude, chill on how amazing he is. Havertz put a couple of tackles in tonight – bravo. Fck all else though.

Exit the Lemming

Yep,it seems an incredibly small sample size from which to derive superlatives. Lets wish him a speedy recovery first and a good career at Arsenal second




Funny how players from teams owned by Middle Eastern states are not getting sent off by PGMOL officials who are being paid 4X as much £’s when they officiate in ME leagues as when they do in Prem league.

T. House

Remember when the league forced Abramovich to sell Cheisea? For the good of the league, it’s time to force the sheikhs to sell their teams before their corruption destroys the league.

Exit the Lemming

If we can’t keep our players out of the bookies what chance do think you have of getting rid of those evil Johnny Foreigners who own most of our clubs? This kiddies is the sort of bigoted paranoid bollocks that made Brexit possible. INGERLUND INGERLUND INGERLUND.


Getting calls right real time is hard. Watching the replay with many angles and still blowing it is corrupt.

El Mintero

The refereeing tonight was absolutely fkn shocking. That Newcastle goal was wrong on THREE counts…fck me worse referring I’ve seen in years. Guimaraes escapes a red? Fkn disgraceful.

Exit the Lemming

Both Guimaraes and Havertz should have walked


White should get docked points for not getting out to the ball that led to the goal. Nonegotiable.


Completely agree.

Cool Papa Bellerin

THANK YOU. I think he’s an excellent player overall and I love him as a character, but there are so many times where he’s just a little bit out of position or a little too slow to react. Not sure if he loses focus or what, but it’s been an issue the entire time he’s been with the club.

El Mintero


Exit the Lemming

Not just White, but Saliba and Jorgingo were also culpable in not preventing the wide delivery


We’ve got to start calling PGMOL what it is, a PIGMOLE.

Emi Rates


Exit the Lemming

…or start calling you Fucklberry?


What’s up with Saka?


Suffered too much kicking by Burn and never got into the game. The absence of Partey and Odegaard is also proving costly for Saka.


He got only moments in the season. Very good moments anyway, but we need him as a leader.


Dip in form but last week against Sheffield was the first time he hadn’t had a goal/assist involvement in a long looooooong time in the league.
When such times come you need others to take the load off but our options at number 9 are very very underwhelming compared to what our widemen contribute

djourou's nutmeg

yes he’s been playing bad for a few weeks now. it’s a bad patch, like almost every player in the world has. the difference is, other players usually are allowed to have a purple patch and got someone to come in for them until they’re back at their best. saka, on the other hand, has been solely handed the responsibility to cover our right wing for 4 years now. so to my eyes, every bad match from saka is as much a fault by the club as it is by him.

Unfettered tr...

It’s more than a bad patch. He’s been this way since last season. We often pull up the G/A stats to support his position as the ‘best right winger’ in the league, but it fails to offer an objective narrative. The eye test tells us that the threat per play he offers, is below par for a player with as high a usage rate as he commands. He needs to act much quicker, on recieving the ball, to surprise the opposition. If doubled, draw and dish the ball to an advancing teammate, with the appropriate level of ‘ball appreciation’. His… Read more »

Exit the Lemming

Yes, it’s unthinkable that a player could be culpable for his own drop in form


Sorry blogs, I know you love Saka, but he wasn’t just quiet today, he was completely anonymous and should of been taken off at halftime. He’s clearly burnt out and needs some rest.

Brazilian Gooner

There was one loose ball at the first half where he WALKED to the ball and tried to cut to the left foot with a clear angle for the right. If he was fast this would be a clear goal chance with his right foot, pissed me off


I’m starting to think the conversation about ‘over-playing’ Saka has become, well, pretty over-played. He honestly plays no more minutes than the majority of other key players across the premier league top 6, but because of Arteta’s Saka comments a year ago about demanding a lot of minutes from the top players, we just assume that his load is greater than anyone else’s. It isn’t. It’s not like he was physically labouring in this game or anything, it just looked like he was playing within himself and not taking the risks he does when he’s at his best. I hope… Read more »


That could be true. Not sure where low confidence has come from but when a player is tired they usually play within themselves to conserve energy and no crumble to the ground from exhaustion.


Agreed, there could well be a genuine issue of fatigue of course, I’m just not as convinced that’s the case. Like that weird moment where Saka cuts straight back onto his left and into an oncoming defender when there’s a clear chance to go first time with his weaker foot. Something’s not right there, just a real lack of conviction. Feels like our defensive half of our team’s hit an absolute elite level compared to last year, whereas our attack’s quite badly regressed. Seriously hope these things level out and all’s well come the second half of the season. Ending… Read more »


Contrary to what MA thinks, I think less control and a bit more chaos would be beneficial. Sure we might concede a few more, but with out talent we trouncing most teams.


Absolutely, we were back to the dreaded 2020/21 horse-shoe today. Such frustrating viewing. Could have had 20 minutes extra time and I couldn’t have seen us scoring. Keeping everything crossed this is only temporary while that defensive structure is completely set, and some of the swashbuckling 22/23 style returns before long.

Unfettered tr...

Conserve energy??
I’ve heard this trotted out quite often by our fans regarding most analysis of this player. If you’re fatigued, communicate so with the coaching staff. It might mean you get to sit for a few games, but it’s less to the detriment of the team and your hard earned reputation.
Just as mentioned above by @sean Saka minutes are in the same ball park as other stars in the league (and Europe).

Exit the Lemming

That ‘exhaustion’ was clearly not caused by having to take on his fullback on the outside. He didn’t do this once. Ditto Martinelli as both cut inside EVERY SINGLE TIME (under Arteta’s instructions?)


Predictable & too easy to keep out of the game when there’s no creativity in midfield. We really missed Odegaard today.


He was being kicked to pieces out there, and we know he’s been carrying a knock. Hard to keep getting smashed up when the ref won’t do his job.

Exit the Lemming

If he’s carrying a knock then why risk exacerbating that by playing him and possibly inviting irreparable damage?

Kevin Russell

Without odegard, he got triple teamed a lot. Fouled 4 times.


This wasn’t enjoyable, neither has this season been for the most part. Can we just fast forward to the part where we become really good again?

Adney Toams

I actually wonder if that’s going to happen this season! ☹️


It’s been a while.


I think Arteta’s greenness is really showing this season. He’s done so much for us but honestly not sure if he has the experience required to push the squad over to the next level. Remains to be seen but it’s been tough watching this season.


It’s probably the weight of expectations. Some of his recruitment decisions have been a bit strange. I don’t think we are title challengers this season. We have definitely regressed.


There is only one title challenger this season. And for the next five or so.


We’re probably a bit off the pace this season but will definitely be back at it next season. Both Arteta and Edu will have learned from this season’s transfer mistakes and all we really need are two things – a top quality striker and a top quality box-to-box ball moving midfielder. Our defense is already great and Timber will be coming back so it will be even more so. I don’t see how with those two needs filled (provided no catastrophic injuries) we won’t be again challenging for the title, and also the Champions League honestly. Don’t forget some of… Read more »


Disagree with most of that. Mostly it’s injuries that have doomed us.
Havertz was a swing and a miss, though. Not sure what he was thinking there.


Everyone is talking about injuries but how are they happening..I don’t think arteta knows how to manage load, we have champions league now and players are dropping like flies.

Kevin Russell

Partey is always hurt, Jesus is always hurt, no odegard for a game or two. But without Jesus and odegard we don’t press very well. They are excellent pressers.

Exit the Lemming

Newcastle had 7 of their squad missing through injury and they also play in the Champions League and seem to be doing just fine.




The officials were the stars, but Arsenal was unable to get past Newcastle’s defense. A draw was all we were going to get, and we should have gotten a draw, but VAR failure again. The Guimares forearm shiver to Jorginho was a red card everywhere but St. James’s Park. A poor offensive display from us.

Exit the Lemming

Arsenal failure, not VAR failure cost us 3 points


I think White was switched off at the Newcastle goal.


Yup. We stopped playing when we though the ball the went out. Not good.

Exit the Lemming

Yeah, together with Saliba and Jorginho who were also nearest the crosser


I think Eddie is the least liked Hale Ender in history.

Just me


Master Floda

We adored him until he went for the oligarch money


Spent most of a season injured and then cried about playing time as an excuse… absolute that and his legacy is forever tarnished.


Blogs always make sure to add something negative to his rating, only adds toxicity!

Don Cazorleone

Raya is fucking shit


You are a honest but a simple minded man 😁

Greg in Seattle

Look in the mirror.

Exit the Lemming

(In a Robert De Niro voice) You talking to me?


I thought he did very well up until the goal. He dealt with some seriously bad back passes well and his distribution was generally excellent.

Master Floda

He had a weak punch before and then he flapped at it for the goal. I don’t care about his passing if he can’t do the goalkeeping basics, i.e. keeping that fucking ball out of the net. He’s the flappiest Arsenal keeper since Flappyhandsky himself.

El Mintero

The goal was fkn terrible from Raya perspective. This whole situation is fkd up…both of them are scared shitless to make mistakes now. End result is sub- optimal goalkeeping regardless of who is playing.


Rice & Saliba get into any side as starters in the prem ! Eddie gets not a jot of service so I won’t blame him Havertz looked like he wanted it I admired that he didn’t hide But it’s been said a lot recently we have no fluidity Afraid that is Arteta but the VAR thing ??? What the f**k !!! The ref ditto AGAIN !!! Ødegaard & Partey & Jesus no ratings and by God we miss them when they aren’t there !


Absolute disgrace. I’m disgusted.


If Jesus’ injury problems persist, then can we please go with an ‘anyone but Nketiah up front’ plan until January? Sure, not the nicest position to be taking as a supporter, but plenty of the arsenal fanbase reached this point with the likes of Mustafi, Kolasanic etc. And while he may not have quite got to those lows, I don’t see why Eddie should get a pass here- especially for the standards we want to hit now compared to 5 or 6 years ago. I’ve just absolutely had enough at this point. He has to be one of the most… Read more »

Adney Toams

You have to wonder if keeping Balogun might have been a good option!


Well I didn’t think so at the time with Jesus back, Trossard having done well centrally last year, Havertz as a wild card alternative and yes, even Eddie perhaps having something to prove. Felt like we were set and there was a chance to cash in on Balogun. Fair to say my mindset on our attack has changed pretty quickly these past couple months


Eddie is not the answer but neither is Balogun.


The point it… we will never know, having flogged the Flo.

Exit the Lemming

It’s a moot point if he didn’t want to stay.

El Mintero


Neál Martin

6.5 for Tomi is harsh. I thought he and Rice were our two best players. 7.5 Tomi, 8 Rice.

El Mintero

Rice was outstanding – 9 for me.


Feel like we’ve been a little found out this season. Without Partey, Odegaard and Jesus all on song, we’re too predictable in attack and seriously lack verticality and pace in our passing. Will be a lot of people on here pointing the finger at Saka and possibly Martinelli, but it’s easy to defend against any winger when the ball gets to them so slowly and there’s zero support.

Greg in Seattle

We talk about strikers, and that’s true, but we need to be looking for Partey’s replacement if Rice isn’t going to play there. The best player is useless if he can’t stay on the pitch. Jorginho is a squad player at this point of his career.

El Mintero

Rice would / should be the heir to Partey. Then we really need a left 8…it sure ain’t Havertz…then we need a striker….it sure ain’t Eddie and Jesus is perma-injured.


Is john lukic busy these days?

Adney Toams

Well, Ramsdale wasn’t!

Cranky Colin

Cmon …….. we played well in the Toon cauldron.
Howe and his band of steroidal men are up and coming….. like it or not.
I’m not depressed just sad.

As for VAR and Mikel, I think it’s battle that he won’t win, there was nothing “clear and obvious “.
Move on.


What is more ‘clear and obvious’ than thrusting BOTH your arms, outstretched, into an opponent’s back and shoving him to the ground???

Exit the Lemming

I’m sure Gabriel’s been kissed harder than that


Ben white could of gone out to willock quicker he allowed him to cross the ball which caused the goal, have to mark him down for that


But – in fairness – he and Jorginho both thought the ball was clearly out


Schoolboy basics… play to the whistle!


A few takeaways
1. Enough with this Raya nonsense. He’s not improved ye one bit. He’s command of his area is suspect.
2. There’s a Granit Xhaka sized hole in this team. Something hasn’t clicked offensively. That defense – attack balance we had last season is no more.
3. How on earth did Bruno stay on that pitch? The ball is gone, he clearly has intent to harm even from merely looking at his face. VAR????

Emi Rates

Bruno G (sounds like a shit rapper from the 90s) is the new Costa.

Master Floda

I’ll go even further: he’s the most annoying little twat since Joey Barton.

Exit the Lemming

Let’s hope not. Diego Costa played against Arsenal 7 times in his career and won 5 of those. Bruno G has played 4 Won 2 Drawn 1 and Lost 1


This game really showed why we need a striker in January as Nketiah just doesn’t add what we need in games like this. Really missed Odegaard out there. Would have been much stronger with Rice at the 6 with Jorginho on the bench.


Bruno is a disgrace. At best the refs were cowards in front of those fans. At worst who the fuck knows, the northern alliance pgmol are clowns. That said we were not good and didn’t deserve to win.

Monkey knees

Corruption right here.


Time for Saka through the middle, he doesn’t get enough protection out right.
Wrong tactics today: put Dec alongside Saka, haverts and Jorgi together.
Goal is a goal, I thought it was out – we’re clutching at straws if you think that’s a foul.
All eyes on a Chelsea 1 nil win

Press Box Gooner

Agree with Saka through the middle – he looks the part when he comes inside. Also, he won’t be double or triple marked there, which is the case when he’s out wide. And when he does manage to create space for himself out there and shake off a marker(s) he’s invariably fouled – more often than not, as was the case with Burn today who chopped him down twice in almost as many minutes, the opponent escapes punishment.

Aleksander Włodarz

What a terrible waste of energy and effort… the Gunners were robbed of 1 point today

Rasaq Lawal

Arsenal is seriously in need of strikers.

Fireman Sam

Don’t see how Eddie and Saka get the same rating as Martinelli. For me Martinelli was a 7, the other two more like a 5.

I get that our overall play and tactics don’t help, but at least GM looks dangerous whenever he gets the ball.

Exit the Lemming

Saka was awful. Eddie is Eddie and Martinelli was fine.


Obviously we are the better team but without Jesus and the captain we don’t have the creativity.

Big Fred

Gone backwards this season after indifferent recruitment this summer unfortunately

Big Fred

Havertz terribly of the pace of you was at the game and not an armchair fan. Waste of a player like playing with 10 men … honestly


mohammad bin salmen’s pgmol, take a bow you’ve earned your little brown envelopes!

Cool Papa Bellerin

There is no greater aggregation of punchable faces in all of Christendom than Newcastle United

Emi Rates

I was saying that to the wife as we watched the game too. Well I admit I didn’t use the word aggregation and I went beyond Christendom but my sentiment was identical. If I needed a face transplant I would ask for the face of Gordon so I could have the pleasure of punching myself in front of the mirror every day.


We can say what we want but not playing to the whistle was a disgrace. Shocking!

Steve Dahlgren

Stuart Attwell in charge is guaranteed to job one team, and likely both. And so it was.

Quentin Quarantino

Say what you like! We don’t have the strength of squad to boss games like this when we are missing a few big players.
Lots done, but plenty more to do.


I think we might need a centre forward. The number is irrelevant.


VAR has just provided an extra layer of potential corruption into the game

Andrew Schulz

Put Raya in at LB if you value his passing so much. Put the gloves on a GK for a change. Inexcusable cross into the box, reffing aside.

Unfettered tr...

I’d like to start by saying THAT WAS PURE DAYLIGHT ROBBERY AT ST. JAMES PARK! It was intriguingly tight defensively for both sides, but the gods (PGMOL officials) decided to intervene in the proceedings by giving Perseus (Newcastle FC) a helping hand. I questioned, for the first time, the legitimacy of league when that goal was awarded. I felt that the fellas at Stockley Park got a word from the powers that be to let the goal stand. Why? To create a talking point and apoplectic call-ins for their follow-up shows. The games prior to ours were uneventful, especially with… Read more »

The Gunner of Oz

Corrupt to the bone! I’ve been saying this for a while now. For an Arsenal goal to stand its got to be without fault as in no fingers laid on any of the opposing team. We’re not allowed a day off whereas other team can have off days and still win with the help of the ref or var. An absolute disgrace! They’re ruining the game! Zero consistency! The English league is turning into a joke. Can’t wait for this corruption to blow and be made public like it did in Italy.

Santa’s Thigh Grab

The government is not investigating this possibility, I wonder why. Same government that pressured the PL to accept the Saudi bid. Why would the government do that? We are living in an age of extreme government corruption being bought off by Russian Oligarchs and Middle East Oiligarchs. It’s pretty obvious at this point and people still think football couldn’t be corrupted when it’s obvious government has been corrupted by the same moneyed interests.


Really dislike the games where the offensive output boils down to get it to Saka or Martinelli way outside the box and pray for magic. Pgmol are shite


At the earliest levels of football you learn to play to the whistle. Regardless of whether anyone thinks the goal should have stood. The defence and goal keeper were asleep for that “goal”, which is why Gabriel and Raya are out of position.
Personally I think it is too weak to say the ball went out of play. The real issue is how the cross is dealt with.

Exit the Lemming

Agree 100% but most on here will just use the VAR issues as camouflage to hide our own shortcomings. A poor attacking performance from Arsenal who sorely missed the guile and creativity of Jesus and Odegaard. It could have been a great game but was ruined by unnecessary aggro from both teams. Bruno Guimaraes and Havertz were both deserving of red cards. In fact the former probably deserved 3 or 4 and a a long stint of community service before he was eventually only booked. I’m not going to waste my time going down the multi-lane rabbit hole surrounding the… Read more »


Second time Raya has beet at fault for crosses and cost us points now. Time to end this experiment and put Ramsdale back where he belongs and deserves to be. Also, i didnt expect us to get anything from this game4 with two mediocre ex chelsea players and a premiership striker up front. This has to be fixed asap. I understand that we have injuries but at least play the better keeper.

Jim Carnegie

When it became evident Newcastle were doubling up on Saka and Martinelli, a Plan B was required but not forthcoming. If there’s no space on the flanks, the middle is more open. Rice exploited this a couple of times but no-one else did. Maybe if Trossard had replaced Eddie early on to be a false 9 he could have done so?


Well. We are talking about Jorgonho, Harvetz and Eddie here. Not going to exploit anything.Ur right about trossard.


Raya’s problem with crosses is his starting position far to near his near post then giving him no chance with any cross going towards the back post, and how many times have we seen this with him this season. With all the ipads stuck in front of the coaching team the goalkeeping coach should have noticed this after the Tottenham game.


Havertz is supposed to do more than “put in a few good tackles.” He does nothing to improve the attack, which is why Chelsea was thrilled to dump him.


We were always going to struggle for chances with that 11. Who is the creative force? That’s down to Arteta. It took Jorginho 18 minutes to play a forward pass. Absolute downgrade from Xhaka and was a 3 or 4 max rating in my book. Is he superior to Elneny? Viera? Zinchenko? Sure gets a lot of tic for a slow, unathletic, mediocre tackling, non-rangy + no creativity passer type player. What’s he bring to the table?? Sideways, backwards, sideways. Maybe that scoop pass he keeps trying will come off one of these games, surely he’s got plenty more before… Read more »

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