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Report: FA still waiting for Arteta to reply to charge

While most of Arsenal’s squad might be out of town on international duty, it’s still been a very busy 10 days for Mikel Arteta who has finally gotten around to all the chores he’s been putting off since the summer.

He’s cleaned the gutters, spruced up his barbecue before putting it into storage for the winter, resealed the edge of the bath, hung a couple of pictures, called out a man to service the boiler and planned a warm-weather training camp in Dubai in January.

Understandably, the Spaniard is feeling pretty chuffed with life right now. He is, for want of a better term, getting shit done.

What he hasn’t done, is reply to the FA regarding the misconduct charge they chucked his way on 16 November.

He had until Tuesday to explain his comments about the poor standard of officiating in the Premier League – made in the aftermath of an annoying 1-0 defeat at Newcastle – but it must have slipped his mind and now, according to the Evening Standard, they’ve gone ahead and extended the deadline until Friday. They must be desperate to hear from him.

Assuming there are no other household odd jobs that need Mikel’s attention, he might make the time to run his reply to the post office; a photocopied image of a solitary raised finger.

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The fact he has to explain his comments to the FA, says everything about the incompetence of the FA. Their game is being ruined on their watch.


The charge is bringing the game into disrepute. They could not be more hypocritical if they tried.

Now they want him to comment. Utterly pathetic.


They gona give him touchline ban just before an cruncy away game. my guess, lpool.


Fans still waiting for pgmol to do their jobs…

Olawale Olayemi

Mikel giving the FA the silent treatment is what I live for


Dear FA,
Screw you.
Mikel Arteta,
Head coach,
Arsenal FC.


You can’t read this without the lyrics “fuck you I won’t do what you tell me” springing into your head



Emi Rates

Reply to what? The foregone conclusion that stems from corrupt officials and a rigged game? I wouldn’t dignity those bent cunts with a response either unless I absolutely had to.

Fuck them and their bollocks charge.


Dearest FA,
I understand you believe a correct assessment of the state of officiating in the Premier League brings the League into disrepute.

I am in total agreement.

Mikel Arteta
Arsenal Football Club

Josh Ward

Is he obliged to respond?


Klopp got a two-game touchline ban and a 75,000 fine for when he celebrated in the face of the fourth official and then directly accused Paul Tierney of being biased.

“We have our history with Tierney, I really don’t know what he has against us, he has said there is no problem but that cannot be true,” he told Sky Sports.
“How he looks at me, I don’t understand it. My celebration was unnecessary, which is fair but what he said to me when he gave me the yellow card is not OK.”

That was last May.


Ray from Norfolk, Virginia

What about delivering (through Arsenal courier) a big and tasty fresh turd produced by our own beloved Win?


That’s how we roll, on Hampton Roads 😉

Emi Rates

Let Gunnersaurus deliver it. Unless it’s match day of course.


Why hasn’t there been more Win content over the interlullz

Dublin Gooner

Why would he need to explain his comments? They were in foggin’ English, weren’t they?


Pity he didn’t major on the indisputable GBH instead of the theoretically debatable goal. Would’ve made the aftermath more troublesome for the PGMOL and Prem rulebook throwers.


Giving Miki a bit more time to explain his post match comments is to give him a 1 match touchline ban, its obvious they have already made their decision, he didn’t say we were cheated for losing our 1st game of the season but the VARS 3 key decisions on the aspects of the geordies ‘goal’ wasn’t creditable, if Arsenal appeal from the likely ban we could face another 1 match ban which we could very much do without..

Mikels Arteta

His reply: fuck off

Emi Rates

Here is Arteta’s response on a memory stick delivered personally by Gunnersaurus this morning.

karl g

Perhaps he’s transcribing the audio from the VAR hub over the Guimaraes forearm smash. Can you believe the conversation they had?

The tackle before the incident was a yellow as well. The PGMOL should learn to recite “people who live in glass houses should never throw stones”.


I like


He’s probably going over and over what he said, trying to work out which parts of his comments are ambiguous enough to need explaining to the morons at the FA.

Merlin’s Panini

Now de Zerbi has been let off with a warning after saying he doesn’t like 80% of referees, any kind of punishment exceeding that wreaks of bias for a comment on an isolated incident, with a right to feel aggrieved (especially for the push on Gabriel) and a dodgy as fuck piece of audio of the Guimaraes incident. But… I fully expect the corrupt cunts to dish out at least a three game ban.

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