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Report: Jesus travels to Brazil despite injury worries

After Arsenal’s 3-1 win over Burnley on Saturday, it was reported that Arsenal and Brazil were at loggerheads over Gabriel Jesus.

The striker hasn’t played since October, and although he has yet to return to full training for his club, his national side were insistent he join them to be assessed by their own medical staff.

This afternoon, Simon Collings of the Evening Standard says Jesus has travelled to Brazil, putting Mikel Arteta and Arsenal fans on tenterhooks with regard the player’s fitness.

With games against Colombia and Argentina, and with Richarlison absent due to surgery on his gooch, Brazil are short up front, but it feels like they are taking a risk with the 26 year old.

Head coach Fernando Diniz spoke last week of his decision, saying, “In the last squad, we hadn’t called up Martinelli from Arsenal. He didn’t report to the CBF in a very complete way, so we didn’t imagine that Martinelli would be ready to play against Venezuela and Uruguay, and he was ready to play before our games.

“Because of this too, we’re going to bring Gabriel Jesus in to find out his real condition, because we still have 15 days to go until the games, so we believe he could be fit enough to play, because I like him a lot.”

There is some good news, however, with Martin Odegaard set to miss Norway’s games against Faroe Islands and Scotland. He’ll remain at London Colney, looking to work his way back to full fitness, and hopefully he’ll be rested and fully ready after this Interlull.

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No foot Norbert



Well put


That’s fucking bullshit. Also why do our injury prone players always seem to be ok for international duty where they will inevitably banjax themselves again. I’ve seen it over the years with Rosicky, Tierney, and especially Partey.

Naked Cygan

Fking Jesus. He needs to speak up. How the FK u injured for us then jump on a plane for Brazil. FK him. Put his country before his club he can FK off.


I can easily imagine a person cherishing the opportunity to represent his country if not these coming weeks, in the near future and going forward.


I don’t think it’s that simple. He is at least close to being fit and because we had other options we could afford to be conservative, even if he felt ready to play. There are big stakes for Brazil right now so it’s very hard for someone in his position to simply refuse.

Woolwich Tiern time

He does have to compete for that place… all of our Brazillian Gabriel’s place in the national squad isnt a given. I think he goes and urges them to use him sparingly. Might end up being useful minutes

I think the CBF would have done well to shut their mouths rather than referencing Martinelli and in so doing guarenteeing bad blood, but some fools cant help themselves

89 again

Telling one of our best players to fuck off is never a good look. Doing it without a full understanding of whats going on … well … fuck off

Naked Cygan

A. He is injured and he stays.
B. He is semi injured and he stays.
C. He is fit and goes on the plane. If he is fit, he should have been playing or on the bench against Burnley.
D. He has no balls to tell everyone if he is fit or not!
You need to come up with an explanation too if you are going to lecture me. So which is it?


E. He is on his way back to fitness and might be on the bench for one or both games, even though he wasn’t ready yet to play against Burnley?

89 again

I dont know. Thats the point.

Did you even bother to read the post? Brazil manager insisted (as it is their right) on assessing him for themselves, which isn’t much different from what Southgate did to Saka a while ago.


a lot of a player’s value is associated with whether they are a full international. so Jesus being a part of the brazil national team is actually good for arsenal from a business point of view. apart from that there is also the little matter of pride in representing your own country internationally.

Naked Cygan

How is that good from a business point of view if he gets injured again while on international duty? Do u remember the last world Cup? We can’t afford to keep putting all our hopes on Nketia to keep covering for Jesus. If there are any doubts he should be protected so he can fight for his club.


That’s a lot of free-kicks.


why can we not dig our heels in with this? Like Ferguson did or literally every other club used do/does. We are trying to protect the player, not stop him from playing for Brazil ffs. If he comes back even more crocked (which he will), this is going to blow up badly. We are still a bit too much of a soft touch sometimes.

Alberto Balsam Mendez Rodriguez

Think we’re allowed to stop them playing friendlies, but not in competetive games.

A Different George

Another point: Ferguson could only get away with that because the player (Giggs, specifically) was willing. Gabriel Jesus, I am certain, has always dreamed of playing for Brazil, of being the star for Brazil, of winning important games for Brazil. And really, isn’t that the sort of player we want?


Not sure what the protocol is dealing with international teams, but does it make a difference that Gary O’Driscoll is no longer there to update International teams on the medical situation with players? It may be that this was never his responsibility. However you would imagine that updates from a medical expert are less likely to be questioned. Has he been replaced yet?


fair enough. still annoying though!


Probably because Jesus doesn’t want to piss Brazil off. He’d rather fly over, get his tests, hug his mom or whatever, and come back instead of maybe not playing in the next big tournament.

Woolwich Tiern time

Apparantly his on the phone goal celebration is him telling his mum that he has just scored. Good lad.

Probably worth considering what has just happened to Luis Diaz. Bit of a quick catch up with the folks may be no bad thing for his overall morale

Positive pete

At the very least we should be sending our fitness coach with him to keep a close eye on the situation.The same way we did with Partey.With a warning to Brazil about the future release of players if they f** k about with us.


If he comes back injured who is paying his wages? Gotta invoice them, will make them think again

Teryima Adi

Jesus has enough sense not to play for Brazil while nursing an injury. And I don’t think Brazil would put a gun to his head and ask him to play with an injury.


Sad state of affairs for Brazilian football when the best person they can find to coach them has managed 17 different sides and is only 49. His comments on Martinelli highlight he’s well out of his depth in such a big role.


You clearly do not follow Brazilian club football. Diniz is the best coach Brazil has produced for a while. He just won Libertadores with a team that has much less investment than a lot of their Brazilian counterparts.

Also, it’s pretty clear Arsenal tried to protect our players by publishing larger recovery periods than they actually would have – which won’t be well received by any national team, since it seems dishonest. Whether we like it or not, this lack of trust was built by ourselves with Martinelli’s situation

I miss santi cazorla

Don’t mind as long as nketiah doesn’t start




There’s nothing wrong with what the Brazilian FA is doing. Gabriel J is Brazilian, it’s a thing of pride to represent the country and the country FA has as much right as Arsenal FC over the player. Arsenal (or any other European club) cannot bully the Brazilian FA the way they can bully other national FA’s (especially Africans). Nonetheless I believe the Brazilian FA will not be stupid enough to put a partially fit player on the field to play. So if Gabriel J plays for Brazil, then best believe he is fit enough to play for Brazil and of… Read more »


Not enough forwards for Brazil, so they call up injured strikers… Cool.


National Teams priority isn’t the conditions of the player. How often do we see players injured in training whilst on national duty. Unless there is greater sharing of player loading data from clubs to national teams then we will see many more.. However clubs might regard this as proprietary information and national teams can’t afford the facilities and staff that a rich club can. Perhaps the best is to have less fxxxking useless international games. Or international agreements that a player having X injury cannot play for more than Y minutes for international friendlies or games where they have already… Read more »


Gabi Martinelli came off injured, has just come back from a hamstring injury and has also joined the national team. I hope our Gabis are OK.

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