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Rice: I don’t think about my price tag

Declan Rice admits the money Arsenal paid to recruit him from West Ham made him nervous but he’s since learned to just focus on his game.

The England midfielder became the Gunners’ record signing when he moved across London for a fee that could reach £105 million.

After last year’s title challenge, the extraordinary outlay underlined Mikel Arteta’s determination to construct a squad capable of usurping Manchester City. So far, Rice’s performances have suggested the money was well spent.

“When the transfer was going through I was very nervous because of the price tag,” he told The Times ahead of England’s final Euro 2024 qualifier of the year.

“It’s natural to think about that. You’re a human being bought for £105 million, it doesn’t feel very normal. But that was because of what I’d done at West Ham, what they valued me at.

“When I signed for Arsenal, I thought I just need to be Declan Rice, be myself, don’t be any different, everything will go smoothly.

“The first three weeks of pre-season were really tough in terms of the change. When you’re at a new job you start to feel really settled after a few weeks. That really feels the case now.

“In terms of the price tag, I don’t really think about it, I just play the games and try to play as well as possible.”

While nine-figure transfer fees are a recent phenomenon, a proliferation of big moves in the last couple of years has gone some way to normalise the ridiculous cash being thrown around by English clubs.

Jack Grealish was the Premier League’s £100-million-trailblazer when he moved from Aston Villa to Manchester City and the extra-scrutiny seemed to take a toll on the winger’s performances initially. Rice says that pressure is something he recognises, even if he’s making a fist of not being weighed down by it.

“It’s £100 million, it’s a lot of money, I could understand the pressure that comes with it. Not only the pressure you put on yourself but there’s an expectation of being bought for that much money we need to see performances straight away.

“I want to repay the club back straight away, they have invested a lot of money in me, I need to prove why I can go there and change things.

“I can see why Jack struggled maybe at the start — mentally. He was a £100 million footballer but as he wasn’t playing as much, it was probably a bit different for him. Now he’s flying and it’s the same for me.”

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I hate interlulls!!!

Let’s get back to the REAL football this weekend!!!

BTW: Rice and Timber were fantastic signings, but the reason why we won’t win the title was the bonkers money wasted on Havertz!!!

What were you thinking, Arteta?!

Wenger's idol

You are getting old now, and your whining and negativity is becoming boring, not funny anymore


As is the delusion and moral preaching that comes from those who never face the obvious truths and wonder what happened at the end of the season, or have their excuses ready.

It’s been decades of you lot now and no titles.

Who are the fools?

Hit me with the reds boys you know who you are

Arsene's Smirk

The funny thing is that we’re all passengers on this often bumpy train ride called Arsenal but some of us have delusions of becoming the driver.


So far the fools would be you and that asshole you’re defending. No one is delusional or preaching you silly douche (the irony of your preach was lovely, though). Excuses for what? No one needs to defend AFC to you. You can cry, bitch and moan if we don’t win any silverware. You sound like you’re looking forward to that. People are sick of that asshole’s endless bullshit – there is no way to mute the Piers Morgan wannabe, so we’re stuck reading his repetitive drivel when we check out the messages – he makes this place seem like Twitter.… Read more »


Goal scoring left back apparently 🙂


It’s not a bad shout, he is literally playing at Arsenal more like a defender or defensive midfielder than an attacker (strong defensively, weak in attack: creation, moving with the ball and goal scoring).


65 million for a left-back!


A Different George

How much did Guardiola pay for Kyle Walker (and factor inflation since)? I’m sure you laughed at that.


When you have unlimited money 50 million quid is nothing

Cliff Bastin

He has no output at the moment, true. But I genuinely feel he presses and handles the ball in tight areas better than Xhaka. Watch him during our hundreds of corners as well. He drags the tallest centre backs out of the box. His work is hard to notice.


No output? I thought they said mighty Grealish was flying? They have the same total of league goals and Kai has more assist in the league. One cost 100M and plays in the front 3 positions and the other is a 65 M flop that plays number 8.


I’m hardly ever see eye to eye with Fats (not that he gives a fuck), but the Harvertz signing, especially for “that” fee and his reported wages simply makes no sense.

David Collings

His baking skills need to improve though. Poor effort on Channel 4’s England Team bake off. Gingerbread man of John Terry 🤔


Gingerbread cunt, surely?




The term is actually Gingercunt man

too funky in here

wasn’t anybody else a little unnerved by his revering of John Terry ?


Worth every penny, world class and only getting better.


I do like Jack Grealish. Seems like a top lad even if he does play for that lot. Very good player too. Keep it up Declan – tbh I forgot what you cost already.


They are both world class


As an Irish man this fact cuts deeply


haha yea I understand your pain but listen to them talk. One is as london as it gets and the other sounds like a peaky blinder.


Don’t worry Declan, I dont think about my price tag either. But probably for different reasons…


The price of Rice


Declan Price


Right price Rice.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Declan “my man” Rice

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