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Arsenal introduce mid-season update to ticket ballot process

Arsenal supporters applying for matchday tickets for men’s matches via red and silver ballots will be able to select a preferred price band following feedback from supporters.

The update is set to be introduced on 15 December when the ballot for tickets for the Premier League game with Liverpool opens.

Since the club introduced the ballot system earlier in the season, fans have had to settle for whatever priced seat was allotted to them. That was understandably a source of frustration given the prices in the general admission areas vary quite substantially.

The club will also introduce a new priority window for supporters unsuccessful in the ballot to purchase any tickets made available on the Ticket Exchange. On average, that’s around 4,500 tickets for each game.

It’s hoped that limiting access to ballot applicants will also minimise the risk of tickets falling into the hands of touts using online bots. Again, this change will be introduced next week.

While there have definitely been teething problems with the new ticketing policy, the club maintains that the new system is fairer than its predecessor. The old process involved members joining an online queue, usually during work hours, to make their purchase.

Not everyone agrees but, in an attempt to be more transparent, Arsenal have released the latest ballot statistics covering the first 13 home games up to and including West Ham.

  • 41% of members (Silver, Red & Junior Gunners) have entered at least one ballot up to and including the West Ham ballot
  • 0.2% of members have entered all 13 ballots – this equates to 0.2 per cent of Red members and 1 per cent of Silver members
  • 217 members who have entered every ballot and not been successful in any – this represents 0.2% of all members who have entered at least one ballot
  • Of 217 members who have been unsuccessful in all ballots, 105 are Red Members, 31 are Silver Members and 81 are Junior Gunners

They have also invited interested supporters to apply to be part of a new ticketing consultation. You can sign up here.

On a separate note, Arsenal have confirmed to Arseblog News that they plan to improve the mobile connectivity at Emirates Stadium at the end of the season. It’s long been a gripe that spectators struggle to connect to web services both on the concourse and terraces, so that’s welcome news.

Plans for a new PA system in the stadium have been put on hold for the time being.

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Giuseppe Hovno

81 v sad jnr gunners


Entered all ballots and only got one (Seville) as a silver member. Not at all impressed with this system at all and definitely would not call it a fair.


Do they always play a wrestlers theme before the 2nd half? I have noticed ‘the game’ by Motorhead, chyna’s theme, and cult of personality by living colour

Nainsley Aitland Miles

They’ve been doing that for a couple of years.

They played Razor Ramon’s theme after Scott Hall died.


Might be in the minority here… But I actually LIKE the signal is shit.
Too many people on their phones as it is.


Totally agree. Watch the game !


Got to say the current system depends entirely on how you perceive fairness. I’m now a season ticket holder (after a 15 year wait) but I lived in London with a red membership for 10 years and got to every single game I wanted to with it. Some matches (e.g. Barca/Bayern CL games) I had to basically live on the ticket exchange waiting for someone to put their ticket up. So I thought that system was fair because it rewarded patience and whoever was most dedicated ultimately got tickets. Perhaps others think a random allocation is better but I’d be… Read more »


Fair point, but think about people that work emergency services for example? Not necessarily that easy to live on the ticket exchange.


What was that about the PA system? Sorry… didn’t quite catch what was said…


I’m an ex-pat who now lives in Australia and long term silver member.

I come back to London once a year for two to three weeks, and that means I can only enter a ballot for one, or maybe two games, per season if lucky.

I find this system highly disadvantages fans in situations such as myself who only have the opportunity to attend one match a year.

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