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Arteta suspended for Villa game after third yellow card

Mikel Arteta was booked for his celebrations after Declan Rice scored Arsenal’s 98th minute winner against Luton this evening. It’s his third yellow card of the season, and it means he faces a touchline ban for our trip to Villa Park on Saturday.

Obviously when your team scores a late goal like that, a manager should just sit stone-faced, perhaps offering a curt handshake to his staff, and definitely not enjoy the kind of moment that makes football the game we all love.

The boss told beIN Sport, “I could not be seated in my seat. It was pure emotion. If that’s a yellow… that’s a yellow.”

And it was a yellow, and it’s as stupid and ridiculous as it sounds. Unlike players who require five bookings for a suspension, managers have a lower threshold, and thus he will have watch the game from the Villa Park stands on Saturday evening.

Arteta is also still waiting for a decision from the FA over the charges that were issued after his comments regarding the officiating in the 1-0 defeat to Newcastle. It’s unusual that it has taken this long, and it wouldn’t be at all surprising if he faced a ban for those as well, so brace yourselves.

Still, it can’t spoil what was another dramatic late win for the Gunners. Read the match report here, and check out the player ratings too.

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Celebrating a goal is a crime

Emi Rates

War is peace
Freedom is slavery
Ignorance is strength
The PGMOL is competent


They’re fucking pathetic the way they are trying to push him down. There no way you can control your emotions in a moment like that. If Luton got a last seconds winner how could we begrudge them to go fucking mental all over the pitch. This is why we watch the game.! It’s definitely not to watch the cunting ref ever 2 minutes!


Pgmol fun police ticketing Arteta for showing human emotion


Good title


Celebrate a goal, yellow. Slide through a player studs up, nothing to see here play on.


Waiting for the inevitable Jamie Carragher quote about how these ridiculous Arsenal players led by some lunatic foreigner celebrating a win over Luton Town like a trophy… Fuck the PGMOL (like how the fuck is that not a penalty on Saka?!), fuck the FA, Fuck the “pundits” and most of all fuck the greedy fucking oil barons for destroying everything good in this world!!!


The pulling & dragging on Big Gabby was worse; clear penno


But they told us on Saturday that those shenanigans are perfectly fine against Arsenal.

Santi’s Phonebox

Are there two Daveo’s? My world is spinning.


Verbally abuse ref for several minutes? That’s fine if you’re on the cover of the video game, but celebrating a win? That’s not permitted


If you think about it though, they’re kinda sadistically related- it’s ok to make the ref suffer listening to verbal abuse. If you’re happy about a goal you must cram that way down inside and not feel joy. If someone cuts you down two-footed with studs to the knee, boy, you’d better take that physical assault and not stand up for yourself because the reaction is punished harsher than what would be a criminal offense on the street. Oh, and Jorginho, sorry pal, that elbow in our opinion wasn’t ’brandished like a weapon’ (anyone watching the video knows that in… Read more »

T dog



Nice name dawg




If he went on the pitch and went studs up on Saka’s ankle he would have been fine


How many times did Klopp get booked for racing half the length of the pitch in celebration?


…Abuse a referee on the pitch & on social media (Haaland)…
no sanction!


Hopefully the players will use the injustice as well as the fact they had to beat the ref again as an extra motivation against Villa. Get the three points for your boss in the stands being targeted by the PGMOB and media lads.


Yup, siege mentality. Us vs 19 other teams, the FA, the ref’s, the PMGOL, the Mongol Hordes, the Visigoths, the Illinois Nazis…


Perhaps you were too blind to see or too ignorant to accept the fact that Premier league referees and their Pgmodiots are all incompetent and shouldn’t be running this league. You can celebrate, you can’t criticise, you can’t react. Where is the freedom of expression and speech gone. Dictatorship of the highest order


Hahahaha! Them too!

It’s 104 miles to the title…


Don’t forget the Empire and the Klingons

Emi Rates

I’d have the Illinois Nazis ref the PL before the PGMOL. At least they’re not on UAE’s payroll.


you’d be amazed at the strange bedfellows that authoritarianism will make- look at bibi in israel and mbs in saudi arabia making nice

Eric Blair

I hate Illinois Nazis

Santi’s Phonebox

I hate Illinois Nazi’s.


Fucking joke watch the ban be in place when we play Liverpool.spinless organisation should let our coach’s talk to media instead or arteta just let them slag off officials


This censorship is nonsense and just allows incompetent officials to hide behind it as they can’t be called out for really bad errors.

I get that it’s a ‘hard’ job but it’s easier than in other countries where you genuinely have to worry about the fans.

Celebration Police

Just here to tell y’all to look at my Name. We’re always waiting for arsenal players or manager to celebrate any last minute goal or win, then we strike.


The celebration police have won. :'(

Celebration Police

Yes we have. We’re always waiting for arsenal to celebrate anything. Even we Arsenal win EPL and UCL, we don’t expect them to celebrate. Otherwise, we’ll criticize and ban players, manager, Coaching staff, director of football, and anything related to arsenal

Hey Celebration Police, here’s an idea, maybe you could police the other clubs and punish them just as much as you punish Arsenal when they do the same exact thing, or even worse?
You try that just for a change!

Celebration Police

We don’t do that. Arsenal is our only target because we know they’re about to do something great without breaking laws. We just don’t like genuine winners.


Clever of you to replace “Arsenal” with “Celebration”… we know what you are!


Will emery manage both us and villa ??


No thx. Had enough of that already. 😀

Like White and Rice

Yes, and so there will be 40 shots for each team. It will be very exciting!


He did like to say “we have one plan” a lot.

Man Manny

The quality of football in England deserves better managers of the epl. It’s a train equipped with the latest technology manned by folks trained on old-school locomotive engines!

Emi Rates

Hey PGMOL, he criticised you so now you’re out to get him. We get it.


We will next see Arteta on the sidelines in the new year.

Allen Dickerson

Haters gon’ HATE, and the League hates the Gunners.

Guns Up

If the one little clip I’ve seen is what prompted the card, the PGMOL no longer cares about total exposure to being crooked, cheating fucks. Cuesta even holds him back from celebrating too much.

Eric Blair

In the immortal words of a great man; You have to be very willing to give that.


But he didn’t use his celebration as a weapon, so surely it should be ok?




yes, the pmgol don-t even care it’s so blatant by now…it’s not about one seperate decision in particular – but the accumalation of decisions compared to other decisions given to others…

Andrew The Pom

They are waiting to hand down the punishment for the refereeing comments until right before a huge game. I’d stake my house on it, if I could afford to buy one.


Become a pgmol ref and I bet the moonlighting gigs in the uae could get you that house


Literal celebration police

Eric Blair

Imagine a birthday party at their place. No music, no alcohol, no presents, everyone sat around on chairs in silence, staring at the walls, the sound of a clock ticking…


they would have a good time and not be able to see the contradiction because, well, they’re incompetent


If Mikel took his shirt off while celebrating would he have got two yellows for the action?

Mikels Arteta

A ‘Fuck the FA’ chant is in order


If this doesn’t build siege mentality I don’t know what will. It’s us against them. As George Graham would say, it’s fine that people hate us, it’s part of our history.

mach iii

Have to stay in your seat? What an inhumane beastly organisation.


If manager is seated in the stands, can he communicate with the stand-in manager?


Booking for celebrating a goal. This awful referees can only book for off field event but blind to bookable offences on the pitch. Arrogant idiots!


This is so unbelievably stupid.

..I don’t even know what the foggin estandards are anymore!


PGMOL – Synonyms: Disgrace, Embarrassing, Pathetic.
Also used to denote something that is utterly useless and brainless and cannot be fixed.

No foot Norbert

I’d say it’s completely fixed.

Santi’s Phonebox

100%. It’s literally impossible for any human to be that incompetent at their job.


its clearly not incompetence because if that were the case, you wouldn’t see the same errors repeated by different people- its a training and corruption issue, much in the same way you see american police get away with literal murder and face no consequences


Arteta is simply being targeted now. Even the so called “new rules” were because of him. What’s wrong with the game we love? How about focus on raising the standard of officiating? Jeez ffs

Eric Blair

It’s weird, because from the beginning when he took over I was surprised and impressed by how he would go out of his way not to criticise the refs, I thought it was a smart strategy to garner a little extra from officialdom. Eventually I think he realised he wasting his time and couldn’t contain it anymore!

I think he genuinely tried to get on with the refs but they, or the organisation, simply had it in for him. Whether it was personal or because it’s Arsenal I’m not sure.


Happy for the ref, he finally found that yellow card!
He was rummaging around unable to locate it all game when Luton players were clattering into our players.


They’re going to wait on the Newcastle judgement until after Villa and just before Brighton so they can fuck us for ALL of December.


The FA clearly have an agenda against Arteta. I’m getting so tired of it, and there doesn’t seem to be anything to be done.

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