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“Everything has started to come together” – Arteta on shy Havertz’s big week

Having scored a late winner against Brentford and the first of Arsenal’s six goals in midweek against Lens, it’s been a cracking week for Kai Havertz. 

While it’s taken Kai Havertz longer than hoped to settle at the Emirates, there have been signs in the last week that he’s finally turned a corner. 

A winner at Brentford quickly followed by the first of Arsenal’s six goals against Lens has made for a cracking week for the Germany international who, with the help of an earworm terrace chant, appears to be winning over the the Gunners’ faithful. 

Asked what the club have done to help the summer signing in recent weeks, manager Mikel Arteta said: 

“First of all, we support him like with any other player and then we give him the tools and the time to excel his qualities and I think that’s what he’s doing. Everything has started to come together. 

“A lot of things he was doing right he continues to do so and now in front of goal he’s been very efficient.”

Not the most demonstrative player, Havertz appears somewhat aloof compared to others when he steps over the white line. It’s likely he’s also been struggling for confidence while he comes to terms with new surroundings, teammates and playing style. 

It’s doubtful a couple of goals will turn him into a mouth-frothing Xhaka-like presence but it should provide a bit of a pep. 

“He’s been very positive and so influential in a good way to his teammates and the team,” continued Arteta. “But obviously [now] he’s confident and he’s really looking forward.

“When you feel loved, when you feel respected and when you feel admired, things are much easier. Your energy is better, your body language is better. I think that’s the way he’s felt in the last few days.”

On Saturday, Arteta made a big deal of frogmarching Havertz over to the away supporters to enjoy a moment in the spotlight. The manager clearly felt it was important for the attacker to soak up the plaudits even though he’s not the type to seek attention. 

“He’s very respectful and he’s not someone that wants to be there in the front line, or at least he doesn’t show it in that way,” said Arteta.

“But then if you ask him to go to war, he will be the first one down there, but he doesn’t want to take that credit.”

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Johnny 4 Hats

Arteta must’ve asked him to go to war on Wednesday night because the German was seriously invading some French territory…


Mais seulement un peu de le résistance


look at it this way, Henry didn’t score for his first eight games and he ended up pretty alright…


No pressure Kai.


Hope you’re right, but did Henry show any glimpses in those first few games?


Also look at it this way, Mount, McAllister haven’t scored but they are not under pressure or judgement. It amuses me that Kai who seemingly is here to replace Xhaka is judged on Pipo Inzaghi poaching standards. Would Xhaka be judged on his goals if he had remained?


Mac Allister is being played at the base of midfield (and out of position) Mount is definitely under pressure and judgement from Man United fans No-one has been judging Havertz against Inzaghi If Xhaka had been playing like Havertz he would have been judged like Havertz Maybe Havertz got some unfair flack by being ex-Chelsea and being viewed already as a flop. But people expected a player brought in as an upgrade to Xhaka to show more offensively in games than a few safe passes in midfield and some headers (I defy you to find a Havertz season highlights videos… Read more »

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

I agree with your points on the whole – but city signed jack grealish for £100m and I don’t recall even a fraction of the debate about his first season at city (underwhelming) as Havertz has received in his first few months with us


First season? Look at his best seasons for city, like 2 goals and 3 assists for 100M

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

This! Where is the pressure on £50m Richarlson. Where is the pressure on £88m Mudryk. Antony, and Sancho both cost more than Kai, where’s the constant press attention on their returns? Lukaku cost chelsea £99m – 99 problems but negative press coverage ain’t one. I’m not one for feeding into the narrative that Arsenal are subject to any more negative treatment than any other team from the press or match officials (I’m very much in the win some / lose some camp on that front), but it is clear that for some reason our big money signings seem to be… Read more »


Good point but maybe part of the problem is our own fanbase?

The media love to feed on the reactions of fans to get more clicks.

Wasn’t a peep out of City fans in Grealish’s first year. Chilled. Nothing to look at.

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

I agree with this – Chelsea don’t have many fans so it’s pretty pointless criticising their players, same with city – but it doesn’t excuse united’s awful big-money signings getting a free pass

Celebration Police

Before he scored against Brentford, I had this feeling that Havertz will end up scoring 20+ goals with some assists this season. Those goals will involve important match winning and title clinching goals. Now that I’ve said that, 20+ goals sounds crazy considering where we are in the season and how far he is from that. But you never know.


10 would be a very good return. His off-the-ball stats and workrate have been impressing.


Well, 100M Grealish will have 2 goals, 3 assists and 10000000 sit on your ass and ask the ref for a booking and all wil be well


Henry didn’t miss tap ins.


Bergkamp took even longer to “settle”..

Heavenly Chapecoense

Have no haverzion for Havertz.
Dull pun but I love it.


That’s just awful. But I love it.

Sense of humour can be like that, you either have it, or you don’t Havertz.


I Havertz heard two such awful puns back to back. It’s awful!


Love it too. But don’t give up your day job. Yet.

Cranky Colin

I was at Lens game….
Havertz was amazing……full stop.

( well, apart from the fact he operated near Rice a lot so then it’s hard for him to be noticeable)


I really like havertz and i think he will come good. It looks like he just needs a hand round the shoulder to help get his confidence up, which he is getting from arteta and the players (and seemingly the fans now). Hopefully his goal scoring form continues!


If we build havertz up and offer him some support and stability I think he will thrive in much the same way he did at before moving to the plastic overspenders across town

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