Friday, February 23, 2024

Fulham 2-1 Arsenal – player ratings

Arsenal missed another chance to go top of the Premier League this afternoon, losing a second consecutive London derby as Fulham ran out 2-1 winners at Craven Cottage.

It was probably the Gunners least effective performance in attack and defence this season, and there’s plenty for Mikel Arteta to do ahead of the FA Cup game against Liverpool, and the January break.

Here’s how the players rated this evening.

Read the Fulham 2-1 Arsenal match report and see the goals here 

Fulham 2-1 Arsenal – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above David Raya. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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Finsbury Park Gooner

ESR stays on the bench for some unknown reason 😭

Crash Fistfight

Better than both Nelson and Trossard out wide, but apparently he’s a “not good enough” #8 now.


ESR on for Eddie and Havertz up front would have been my first sub today. Missed exactly what ESR can offer.


A traffic cone on for Eddie would have been an improvement.


The line up, tactics and substitutions didnt work. Its on the boss, I think. We got into a mini crisis, MA has to tackle it quickly, including making use of the transfer window


I was all for this! We were utter crap today.


He gave his hand to Martinelli when our brasilian was subbed and Gabriel simply ignored it.

Crash Fistfight

ESR? Weird.


Just watch it again!


He looked sharp when he came on against West Ham. He has the eye for a goal; he can change the momentum but somehow he is not playing.


This game was crying out for ESR


We need to end this f**king slide


Trossard used to be a game changer when he came on. He seems haggard and full of mistakes now. Think the boys are feeling the strain of the schedule lately. Let’s hope it’s the wake up call we need. Keep your heads up gooners, 2024 could be a great year 🤞🏻


To be fair to Trossard, he surely knows that no matter what he does or no matter how well he plays, he is always going to be dropped for returning Martinelli/Havertz etc. That must play on someone’s mind & impact on his performances.


Does Trossard even deserve to come on based on his set piece delivery? I can’t grasp how someone so technical is so bad at corners.

djourou's nutmeg

this. granted, we have scored from some of his corners, but these last few games ALL of the corners he takes seem to be low at the first post, and ALL of them are easily cleared away. how can this happen time and time again?? i don’t understand


Fair point…but I’m really talking about last season & early this season. Trossard has had some great performances, both starting & as sub….jut no matter how out of form or tired Martinelli is, he will be picked ahead of Trossard regardless


He also has a history of some real anonymous performances when he starts a game.


By this logic saka shouldnt ever play again. He missed an open shot and his crosses and set pieces were none better

El Mintero

Getting dropped for that waste of space Havertz would do anyone’s head in…


Some of these players seem massively out of form.


What’s weird is this is the easiest Christmas period schedule I can ever remember.


That was a bad perfomance on all levels unfortunately. West Ham game maybe wasn’t a fluke. A lot of players seem tired or can’t get it together. Worrying times – our last games , except against Brighton, have not been great. Maybe our form or maybe it’s our mental side as well. Either way – a lot to do if we are going to make it work again smoothly. Happy new years – hope for a better January.


Or simply the manager?


Baffling comment. Seriously, what should he have done?

Club would be so FUCKED without Arteta.

A Different George

Completely different from West Ham, which we dominated from start to finish (well, actually without except for finishing) constant progressive movement, many chances and half-chances. Here, we were slow, including slow of thought, very little incisiveness.

While I don’t think it was the only problem by a long shot, the people who think Zinchenko slows us up–well, this is what we look like without Zinchenko. Without both Partey, and Zinchenko, we don’t turn possession into attack nearly enough.

Exit the Lemming

Not sure that ‘dominated’ is the right word for what little we did versus West Ham. For all the stats being bandied about with 30 shots and 8 million touches in their box etc we NEVER looked like scoring and of those shots, all but about 3 were off target or straight at their keeper. West Ham never looked troubled by our possession and their own attacking play on the few occasions they did break on us was a lot more fluid and incisive than our own


MA is not the guy to get us to the next level. The tactics and rotation are atrocious. The imitation game is up, time to move on.


lol grow up


Arteta needs to change tactics and step out of the shadow of Guardiola – if he cannot change this then he may need to leave – you cannot spend half a billion and have nothing to show for it – doldrums lifting or not. It’s reality.


We were top of the league *this week*. Anyone calling for the manager to be fired needs their head examined.


Whilst I do think sacking Arteta is ludicrous and very reactive, he does need to shoulder a lot of blame considering our current form. We’re slower in the build, we are less attacking than last year and we don’t seem to be taking our chances, leaving to rue missed chances when we dropped points. He is so slow to reacting when we need to change and make substitutions. Plus frankly I feel that being top of the league has lost any legitimacy considering we bottled the title last season. So until we actually win the league, achieving top of the… Read more »

Exit the Lemming

An FA Cup, a Community Shield, 8th, 8th, 5th then 2nd place finishes is hardly ‘having nothing to show for it’.


Hes literally saved the club from the doldrums


And we appreciate him for that, honestly. But by his own standards he set, and the ruthlesslness he’s shown his squad, he needs to be cut. He’s simply not a tactician, and his rotation management is terrible.


Agree.He got rid of egos and brought discipline back, but that is it. He is stubborn, inflexible and not tactically astute.
He cannot get the best out of this group and damages the confidence of the subs. After four years , he has taken this team as far as he can. The players need to hear fresh ideas and need the freedom to express themselves the way other teams do. It all looks absurdly , rigidly patterned
with nothing there when we are worked out.

Exit the Lemming

Yes, we are clearly getting worse on the evidence of an FA Cup and 8th, 8th, 5th and 2nd place finishes. At this rate of regression we might win the league….

Exit the Lemming

Plenty peeps beating a steady rhythm on those round here today…


Football is a business. Arteta built a great squad but he’s not getting the best out of them. His stubbornness about inverted fullbacks–Kiwior was atrocious at it today–borders on pathological. If this form continues and there are no trophies, I wouldn’t be surprised to see MA sacked. Ask yourself who has a better overall squad than Arsenal. But we aren’t looking like it in games.


Well yes, if we continue to get 0 points from every game (as we have the last two), Arteta is in trouble.

Perhaps a bit of perspective is in order.

Exit the Lemming

A better overall squad that Arsenal? Try Man City, Liverpool, Man Utd and (once Poch gets his shit together) Chelsea. They all have deeper squads and more strength in depth than Arsenal (regardless of current league position)


Toxicity personified 🫣🫣🫣😡😡😡


Let’s say you’re right (you’re not). Who are you hiring?


He’s the right man. Needs to be quicker changing things around when it’s not working.


I don’t like Arteta as a person or a manager. He’s arrogant, stubborn and tactically immature. But he is the man for this Arsenal moment. He’s young and very smart and he will learn humility, accept that he is not the sine qua non, and develop into a top-shelf manager. Arsenal will win with him.


Bit generous with some of the marks. It would seem that Mikel only trusts around 15 players and the rest just benchwarmers.

Need more than a goal scorer.


A bit is an understatement.


Collectively, a 3/10 performance. How they all turn to mud and lose their confidence at the same time is bizarre. They have all gone off the boil. Besides the gift from Agent Leno, did he have to make another save? From 30 chances vs WHAM to virtually nothing today. IMHO we were very lucky vs L’Pool. Stone cold penalty for MO handling the ball and TAA missing a sitter. We could have lost that one as well. Toney’s price just went up – not sure if he’d make much difference – there’s no service our striker. Too much dilly-dallying and… Read more »


We didn’t have 30 chances against West Ham, we shot 30 times 22 times off target, if that can be considered some type of achievement, it’s the wrong type

Exit the Lemming

of the remaining 8 that were on target I think at least 6 were straight at the keeper

Exit the Lemming

Not even Toney would bet on us winning any time soon…


I didn’t score anybody above a 3 today. Toothless in attack and ponderous on the ball. A really bad day.


We’ve been quite bad to watch lately. Last season we were beautiful to watch for the most part. I’m still optimistic about this season but we’ve got to start doing more in attack.


We should be able to rate the manager too — he’s a part of the problem. He needs to adjust things quicker when the game isn’t going our way. He says he’s “ruthless,” but that only seems to apply to certain players, not everyone.


I think we’ve played the same style all season. I’m but sure he knows how to change it.


* I’m not sure


This! He’s out of depth.


I actually don’t think that this run of form reflects on any particular player. People love to pick on Eddie for example, and while I agree that we need another striker, none of the other players were that much better anyway. It’s a systematic issue that has to change now. Arteta talked about “control” and while he might have been traumatized by the run last year when we let leads slip vs. Liverpool and West Ham in the run-in, let’s not forget how good we were for most of that season and how thrilling we were to watch. Even our… Read more »


Watch the 22nd minute. Eddie had the ball in the centre and he has no confidence taking on the defenders. He passed t the flank and the rest is history.

Crash Fistfight

I’m repeating what others have said, but we didn’t lose the league last season because of a lack of control.

We lost it because Saliba and Tomiyasu got injured at the same time and we had to play Rob Holding.

God is a Gooner

No, we lost because of Arteta’s reaction to these injuries. He refused to setup the team differently which exposed holding’s weaknesses.
A one-man midfield infront of Holding, away to City in a title decider? Absolutely fucking idiotic.

Exit the Lemming

That’s only partially true and too harsh on Rob Holding. Zinchenko, Magalhães,Tierney Kiwior and even Odegaard was just as culpable for defensive gaffes during our horrendous end of season run from April to May 2023 which included surrendering two goals leads to Liverpool and West Ham.


The thing with last season was that it was fueled by the first half-season where we picked up 50 points in 19 games, thereafter we got just 34-35, same we have got this season. So maybe we are such a big Title Contenders to begin with.


Yep, this is who we’ve been since opposition defenses stopped playing as high and started doubling our wingers. We’re another year or two away from having a title-caliber squad.


Absolutely, disappointed to say don’t see any title with this squad! Also this doubling or tripling against our wingers is such a bogus excuse brought up by Mikel. It’s a game of 11 men, if 1 or 2 players are being doubled/tripled against that should create space for others!! Also there was not so much doubling our wingers today and yet they were poor. Further, missing chances has got nothing to do with being doubled up.


Exactly – Saka wasn’t ‘doubled’ when he hoofed an open goal high enough to get 3 points in a rugby match!! He had all the time and space in the world and simply cocked it up. Eddie didn’t get a shot within 2m of the goal. Havertz ran around and tackled (unlike Eddie) but was utterly ineffective. Martinelli did his Duracell bunny thing but his crosses whizzed through an empty box where an HFB may have buried one or two of them. Declan seems to have forgotten how to pass to a team mate. Benny Blank was exactly that –… Read more »

Exit the Lemming

City have to play most weeks against teams who sit in very deep with a low block but never seem to have a problem breaking through the lines to score. That said they have better players than us in almost every position…


Not if we keep acquiring players the caliber of Raya, Havertz, Kiwior, Cedric, Viera, Lokanga, Tavares, and keep players like Nelson and ESR who he doesn’t trust, especially when he does trust Eddie for some reason?!


*not such a big Title Contenders to begin with.


I agree with most of what you are saying, I feel that we tried to “control” the games against Liverpool and West Ham last year, dropping our tempo as a result, letting both teams back in it. Today our team was tired, and Fulham were much sharper. What concerns me the most(apart from not having a proven goalscorer) is our poor passing to our front players and our pretty average crossing. Our play is often too intricate, and I know that I am sounding old school, but inthe last 10 minutes I would have liked us to get the ball… Read more »


Fully agree, my exact thoughts!!!


MA never said he wanted control. The question was put to him and he said he wanted domination. Rice, is the reason it feels like control, without Partey’s guile we dont hurt teams enough with our possession.


Barely got involved at all and still got a 5 for that? Maybe i could play for arsenal too? Im quite good at running around as long as im well fed. I like steak and fries.

Exit the Lemming

Are you Win?


How many top 10 clubs currently swap their 2nd choice striker with Eddie? I think none.


U think right

Fireman Sam

Correct. He’s not the only one who performed like shit today though – I can’t believe our players still can’t take corners.


You are right, they were all shit today, but with most you will hope to see better next game, with Eddie? Nah!

The Badger

From the very first minute I was in disbelief with what I was watching. Walking football is for the over 60’s, what on earth were we doing? It’s almost as though Mikel said “Go out there and show no fight, no passion, bore the fans to tears” It was disgusting stuff to watch after the shit sandwich we were fed on Thursday. I’m at a loss as to what’s happened at Arsenal. Did we get poisoned or a mystery bug is going around the team? WTF was Saka doing hitting a first time volley when he could’ve taken it down,… Read more »


We have played pedestrian football almost all season baring a couple hours of football maybe, but our defense and Rice have bailed us out mostly, but now that they are making mistakes, we are getting in a hole. I think we have scored just 2 goals from open play in the last 5 games and we were supposed to be City’s biggest challenger? Compared to last season, all we needed was some depth in squad, but instead Mikel went full Einstein and changed the system, or maybe it’s just poor form or bit of both, but the way it’s going… Read more »


I wasn’t Xhakas biggest fan, but we miss him. Also, I am not a Raya hater, but he doesn’t save a lot of shots, does he.We seem to let in a lot of the shots on target that we face.


I was actually a Xhaka fan, though he did disappoint me a number of times, but the thing with him was though he had some brain-fart moments, he played with lot of heart and brought big fight to our midfield, which is missing greatly with Kai. Also Xhaka was a leader

Exit the Lemming

Who threw away the captains armband in contempt at the Emirates. Truly a role model for the kids maaan.


Somebody should put this comment in a christmas card and send it to Mik and the lads, because it’s spot on


It was like watching Southgates Enfland team. Endlessly passing it around at the back. No urgency. No trying to beat a man. No real slick passing. Not what we’re used to under Mikel, so hopefully just a blip.


We’ve been Chronic going forward for a while, slow and boring, too easy to defend against, any team playing on the break will cause us problems, need a drastic improvement.. and quick


Im times like this i recommend gloating at others. Spurs are not winning anything and man u are in worse shape than us. At least thats something.


🐌⚽️<🐆⚽️ let's start playing 🐆⚽️

cereal killer

When I said Arteta is not a winning coach some were mad at me lol
Bottling two titles in the same calendar year lol
Also two season ago bottle top four lol


You probably have a Harry Kane Jersey on you’re wall….

Exit the Lemming

Or maybe just the shorts….?


Our only hope is that Pep changes his tactics and Arteta copies them and it works.
Its all over anyway…


MA will be a year delayed to copy them and by then it won’t work anymore.

cereal killer

I believe some of our players are not happy with this arrogant arteta .


Tactically one dimensional which doesn’t work against a well organised low block unless the players are really on it & today they looked like they’d never played together before.
Yes, tired. Yes, probably feeling the pressure to win & regain top spot, but that was woefull.


Ah yes, the sweet and familiar pain returns. Just in time for the new year. Going to let it wash over me now along with drinks.

Arshavins left foot

Extra rating 0/10 for a manager that is as likely to win the premier league as Gary Linekar wil be prime minister one day. Thank you for dropping the best PL keeper last season. Thank you for sending out on loan one of the best British left backs and thanks so much for refusing to play one of the best scoring outfield players in ESR. Thanks so much by letting Xhaka go when he had his best season and replacing him with a Chelsea failure. Time to reinstate Ramsey, sign left back, attacking midfielder and Ivan Toney. Without these signings… Read more »


You are obviously very disappointed, like the rest of us.However, we are defnmately still title contenders We are equal to Liverpool and better than Villa and Spuds. That leaves City, and yes they can go on a big run, but they have struggled this season too.

We sorely need a striker, we put in a perfect cross from the left today in the dying minutes, I thought Jesus was certain to get on the end of it, but inexplicably he only half- heartedly went for it


We lost to villa and drew with spurs at home. We simply have trouble scoring.

Arshavins left foot

Another factor is Chippy, that the absence of Xhaka has had some impact on the performance of Martinelli. Offensively, Xhaka was very often high pressing and supporting Martinelli and they combined very well. I cant see Havertz at all even with my glasses on. Where was Havertz yesterday? Most Significantly, when our left back went to explore the rest of the pitch, Xhaka was very good at covering there and taking some of the burden of Martinelli. If you watch Martinelli, he covers so much ground and has too much responsibility to cover both ends of the pitch.A new left… Read more »

Exit the Lemming

Xhaka is gone. The rest of us have also moved on.

Exit the Lemming

We’ll be lucky to finish top 4 at this rate.


I don’t have anything against Raya, but does buying a goalkeeper who isn’t vastly superior to the one you have seem like good business? Especially when you don’t trust basically half of your outfield players?


I get where you are coming from but as Raya was initially a loan that we don’t pay for until next summer I don’t think not bringing him in would have allowed us to sign another outfield player in the summer.


Have we played, saka, martinelli amd odegaard into the ground already or are we just too predictable, as we do the exact same thing every time. No fluidity. And let’s face it. When saka and martinelli cut in 95 percent of the time easy to defend. Ok, tnite one cut in led to a goal but we create nothing with movement. It’s always saka or martinelli cutting in, hoping to get through the double team. Nelson and nketiah are not good enough to help us win the title. Not their fault we lost but they give us nothing going forward.… Read more »


We make it easy to double team them with our slow play. One time we played it forward fast the second man couldn’t get out to Martinelli fast enough and he cut in and we scored. Liverpool did this to us by finding Salah early so he was one on one with Zinny


Why are we so bad at throw-ins? We are very slow and seem to lose the ball far more than other teams.


I remember thinking Kiwior is struggling with these throw-ins(I think is was him anyway, on 2-or 3- that got me to take notice)


Ben white is no better at throw ins. Zinny is much the same


Worried about Ben – he seems to have utterly lost any confidence to take the ball forward: dithering, hesitant, dibby-dabby square balls and reverses to Saliba 8 times out of 10… zero penetration down the right and Tomi didn’t make much difference either.
The one time we played it quickly out left to Gabi M, we scored! And then we promptly decided to stand on the ball, square it and reverse it at every possible occasion.


It’s called energy. It’s called fight. It’s called commitment.
None of which was present at Fulham.

djourou's nutmeg

just as you can’t mention a single negative aspect on this blog when we win, you’ll excuse me if my comment today doesn’t include a single positive aspect. while i like how defensively solid white can be, i’ve always questioned what he brings to our attack. we’ve seen him play some very good passes and assists, but is it good enough if it takes him 37 passes to deliver a killer one? kiwior is clearly not favoured by the manager, and with an ever struggling zinchenko, who creates as many goals as he gives away, you can’t help but feel… Read more »


I felt sorry for Martinelli today. There were so many times he was available for a pass out left and Kiwior, big Gabby and Rice all turned back the other way to play a backwards or sideways pass. It’s was similar in the WH and AV games. The only time he got a quick pass we scored


It happens all the time and people get on his case, he’s isolated out there and can’t do it all by himself. By the time they do pass it to him he’s treble marked and there’s no support and nobody in the middle to cross. The whole thing is so sloooowwwwww and there’s no movement. If this is control then Mikel can shove it, give us some pass and move, mix it up with some balls over the top, stop trying to walk the ball into the net, we used to be good and this is just boring, and it… Read more »

Aleksander Włodarz

From being the masters of the Big Come Backs to the champions of the big come downs in a swift way 🤔😭


I know we can’t spend much, if any, money in January unless we sell (and that likely is not going to happen and if we do sell it will be for minimal amounts), but we need to work some magic and get a loan or two in as something needs to change or we will not be in the top four much less compete for the title. Too many players way out of form yet having to continue to play them because we have no depth and players like ESR are not being given a chance at more minutes. What… Read more »


Year over, slump over too (hopefully). We go again.


Clearly not getting the vibe. Arent you aware this is a “F1RE ARTETAAAAAAA!!!!!11!!!!!!!” Kinda comments section? What the living fuck is wrong with people on here?

Have an upvote.

Jean Ralphio

Our players need to learn how to strike a ball. So slow. We desperately need to fix midfield and add progressive passers. Literally every team has plenty of them except for us. Just Odegaard. Also Saka and Martinelli should drive inside more, it always seems like we create dangerous situations when they do that. We are not ready to challenge for the title yet, let’s be honest. We’re in a situation where if Martinelli and Saka are taken care of, our attacking threat is neutralised. Add a midfielder that can play a through ball and, along with Timber/Zinchenko/Partey/Fabio/ESR, we will… Read more »

T. House

This is the fifth year in a row where they have gone into a tailspin after playing at Anfield. They would be better off just forfeiting against Liverpool. I firmly believe they would have six points from the last three matches if they had literally not gone to Anfield and just taken the L without leaving London Conley. This sounds insane, but the numbers don’t lie.

Exit the Lemming

Happy New Year to everyone in Broadmoor.

Neál Martin

Saka higher than Martinelli? Are you on the drink early? Martinelli was the best of the front three by a distance. Shouldn’t have been the one to make way!


Martinelli started off brightly, but faded. He missed our best chance of the day and, apart from creating the goal, probably has the worst “on target” record this season, from our attacking players. One of the things that I like about ESR is that he invariably gets his attempt on target


Best chance of the day was the ball falling to Saka in front of goal with no one about to mark him. Had time to settle it before shooting.


Bollocks – the only time he got quick service, he created the goal (which Saka almost managed to butcher!). The best chance fell to Saka and – with all the time and space on the planet – he hoofed it into the bloody Thames!

Merlin’s Panini

This game needed rotation in the starting lineup. Zinchenko, despite his hapless defending of late, is so important in our progression of the ball. The front three look dead, despite Saka’s goal, and that’s a position where we have a few options that could’ve been given a start today. ESR and Nelson are good enough to play against Fulham and cause problems. Running the same players into the ground is no good for them or their motivation to keep performing.
Thank fuck there are so few games in January.




I am so confused why no one is really worried. We were on 53 points this time last season… 1 win in 6 is not how we win the league


Try Havertz as no 9
Try Jesus as no 8
Try Nwaneri as sub
Let Saka rest, give chance to ESR & Reiss
Sub earlier
Kiwior is a CB



Exit the Lemming

Havertz played as a 9 for Chelsea. Their pot bellied racist supporters will tell you he was shit. He’s really an attacking midfielder who is at his best playing from a central or right-sided position in a front three. (allegedly)


Ever since Arteta installed Raya in place of Ramsdale he consistently has talked about using a control game to keep the ballvaway from the opposition, but what I see is slow movement out from the back and slow methodical passing in midfield giving our opposition plenty of time to form a solid wall of defense. We’ve lost that aggressiveness going forward on the attack rapidly.

Exit the Lemming

Better to revert to our previously expansive style, score, then revert to this numbing ‘controlling’ style to see out the remainder of the game?


We move the ball so slowly out of the back and then pass side to side in MF andcthen we try to squeeze our way through s defense that has been given plenty of time to prepare. It’s a terrible style that will continue to stifle our scoring.


Exactly this. Saliba, Gabriel and Rice playing around between themselves allowing the opposition to set up. We desperately need a more progressive MF against these type of teams. Partey is a far more progressive option that we need back asap (or someone like him if he goes in Jan). Rice has been A* all season up to now but this pissing around playing it back and sideways just plays into the opponents hands. We had Jorginho on the bench and he’s capable of slide rule passing to cut open defences. MA needs to figure out a solution and fast because… Read more »

Exit the Lemming

If the players are acting on instructions, wouldn’t Partey or Jorginho also just end up playing the safe pass?


Another slow-motion car crash. The guys we bring in from the squad don’t seem good enough and the ones we rely on from the starting XI appear out of form and jaded. This doesn’t bode well.

Exit the Lemming

lack of squad depth is ALL on Arteta


Can we blame this one on Zinchenko too?


We were never going to win the league. But still the reactions to this are baffling.

Calling for the managers job? Are you completely mental?

Exit the Lemming

Ange hasn’t even been sacked by Spuds yet….so disrespectful


Why is it that every player seems to lose form at the same time?!…It must be contagious!! Reset desperately needed!


Xhaka was such a key part of our attack

Exit the Lemming

He contributed two very good seasons at Arsenal (the last two) which dwarfed his previous 5 years at the club where he will be remembered as a slow, immobile DM with the turning circle of the Queen Mary and the indiscipline of a sugar amped toddler. He’s gone, everyone’s moved on from the cult of Xhaka. Why can’t you?


Why did we play exciting football last season to this controlled boring “controlled play” now. We’ve become painfully and boring to watch. City are that as well but we don’t need to ape that play


I read this ratings every week and I get that you guys love Arsenal but if we are honest every rating you give should be at least -1. Arsenal were fucking awful today a 5 rating for most players is to generous. They played fucking awful.


Happy new year everyone!!

Yesterday, the game was exactly what it looked in the last days of Arsene Wenger. Lack of off-the-ball movement by forwards meant not many options to pass and inability of lack of courage to play the ball over the top was another point.

I don’t know why we would pass from White to Saliba to Gabriel and to Kwior but nothing over the top. Either the forwards need to drop deep to start creating something or we need to start playing over the top.


Too many players bang out of form at the same time. And somehow it seems to be spreading through the team. I didnt think we played well v L’Pool. We were fortunate with a point. Too slow in the build up. Slow in attack. Waiting for the opposition to get back and settle,then trying to play through them. And it turns into a game of pinball in the box. Where we over commit players and get caught on the break. Teams have figured this out. The ESR situation is confusing! He is someone who can contribute,but not being utilized.There are… Read more »

Jim Carnegie

Why only 6 for Raya? he made no errors and played a part in our goal

Exit the Lemming

His handling, positioning and distribution have been good recently but he always gets beaten with the result stick despite not being at fault for the goals conceded against Fulham or West Ham (where he saved a pen) I think he’s got to score a 30 yrd worldie in the top bins to get a 7.

Jim the gooner

I know we’ve been found out but when we did get opportunities to cross we were awful as was our passing. Fully agreed with the comments about ESR. Not sure what he’s done to upset Senor perfect hair but he always looks forward and dispenses with needless passes. A truly great talent

Exit the Lemming

…and one that has somehow blossomed in inverse proportion to both his game-time or negligible contributions from the bench?


A big fat lonely zero for all of them.

No one wanted the ball, no one wanted to know.

Easily Arteta’s worst game in charge. The horse shoe tippy tippy never did work.

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