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Report: Liverpool 1-1 Arsenal (inc goals)

Arsenal: Raya, White, Saliba, Gabriel, Zinchenko, Rice, Havertz, Odegaard, Saka, Martinelli, Jesus

Subs: Ramsdale, Cedric, Kiwior, Jorginho, Elneny, Smith Rowe, Trossard, Nketiah, Nelson

Arsenal ensured they will be top of the Premier League at Christmas (for the second consecutive season) after drawing 1-1 with Liverpool at Anfield, thanks to a goal from Gabriel.

Mikel Arteta named an unchanged side for the third Premier League game in a row, with Jorginho deemed fit enough for the bench after recovering from a foot injury.

Arsenal started brightly and had two chances within the opening minute, both of which fell to Gabriel Jesus who first saw a deflected effort loop just over before seeing his header from the resulting corner saved by Alisson.

But their positive momentum continued and after four minutes they were ahead when Gabriel beat the offside trap to head past Alisson who was hesitant to deal with Martin Odegaard’s initial free-kick. 1-0.

Liverpool did settle after their early shock and were beginning to isolate Oleksandr Zinchenko down the right side, who was nearly culpable for an equaliser when Mohamed Salah escaped his clutches and shot wide from close range.

The Gunners were also fortunate not to concede a penalty when Odegaard accidentally handled the ball after slipping, although VAR did check the incident and allowed play to continue.

Liverpool did eventually get their equaliser when Trent Alexander-Arnold found Salah with a perfect ball in behind, who stood up Zinchenko, cut inside and fired a near-post effort past David Raya in the blink of an eye. 1-1.

The hosts were forced into an early change when Kostas Tsimikas bounced off Saka and straight into Jurgen Klopp on the touchline – injuring his shoulder in the collision – with Joe Gomez coming on to replace him.

Arsenal had another golden opportunity to re-take the lead when Saka found himself through on goal but a heavy touch meant he couldn’t finish after rounding Alisson, with Martinelli firing the rebound wide with two Liverpool players on the line.

The second half continued like the first, with a frantic pace and Liverpool were beginning to cause Arsenal problems despite their lack of clear cut opportunities.

Arteta’s side were struggling in possession with Martinelli, Odegaard and Zinchenko all guilty of unnecessary giveaways in midfield which gave Liverpool – and their fans – encouragement with the game becoming more open.

Arsenal did have occasional sights at goal with Zinchenko striking over from 20 yards before Saka put a brilliant ball across the six yard box after squaring up Joe Gomez, although no teammates were switched on quickly enough to attack it.

It looked like Liverpool would finally have their moment when a mix-up between Zinchenko and Odegaard kickstarted a five-versus-one counter attack for the hosts – with only Declan Rice back defending – only for Alexander-Arnold to smack the crossbar with just Raya to beat.

A lucky escape for the Gunners who would have been kicking themselves to concede in that fashion.

Arsenal did regain some composure in possession and managed to slow the game down as they threatened to fall apart, with Declan Rice, William Saliba and Gabriel doing their best to keep the game level.

Late on, both sides seemed to agree that a point was fair as their attacks dwindled with legs tiring, bringing a breathless affair to a close.

All square at Anfield – just as it was in April.

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karl g

We played well, but it was there for the taking again and our finishing wasn’t quite good enough.

Top at Christmas isn’t too shabby though!

Bleeding gums murphy

Take the point at anfield. Raya never had much to do. But more clinical calmness in final 3rd and we may have come away with the win. Top at Xmas. 🎅🏼


I think we very brave to play on the front foot at anfield and we did it well. Happy with the top spot!


Imagine then the collective dissapointment of the English media with The Arsenal not losing.


Great game of ice hockey!




Worst pitch since AC Milan away. Must have slipped 20-30 times, which nullified many of our attacks.


I was at that game, dear god, that was just awful, the pitch, the game itself and the way they treat away fans. Fuck AC Milan.


And Wigan away after that rugby game.


Thanks to the rough pitch, Trent’s hit the cross bar. I was so relieved.


The only reason they even had that counter attack was because we slipped, haha!


Old Trafford has a one star catering service and anfield has a local lad doing the grass after school


I thought the two teams were evenly matched. Another Zinchenko defensive mistake cost us the win but a draw away at Anfield isn’t the worst result.


Well on a positive spin it wasn’t his only mistake today so at least his mistake per goal ratio is improved

djourou's nutmeg

i mean, he was facing the best right forward of the world, so can’t really blame it on him. and who knows why we weren’t doubling on salah on the play of the goal. but you do wonder if this wasn’t a game for someone else, like tierney.


Tomiyaso nullified Salah last time to a point of Salah being substituted


Zinchenko was poor for that goal. First he kept moving back allowing Salah to stay on side 1v1 with him, then he showed Salah on his preferred left without putting up much of a defensive fight. I’ve seen wingers defend better to be fair. Also was sloppy too many times in the 2nd half. Tomiyasu would’ve been a better match for Salah, but coming away from Anfield with a point is no cause for remorse. COYG!


Only caught the last 20mins but during that time it seemed like we kind of dominated them, was it reversed prior? Was really proud of the way we played there even if we didn’t get that winner. For Saliba especially it looked like Anfield’s like a morning stroll in the park, he barely broke a sweat while evading their press


I think it’s a bit harsh on Zinchenko there! That was an unbelievable pass to find Salah.

Liverpool’s right side is probably the most fearsome in the league, attacking-wise, and they specifically targeted our left knowing that Zinchenko isn’t a natural defender.

Barring one or two moments where he gave the ball away cheaply, I felt Zinchenko did fine given the circumstances. He had some really nice moments in possession too.

Fireman Sam

Shame we don’t have a natural defender in defence though eh? Zinny gave the ball away so many times to Liverpool today so not sure he’s contributing that much overall given those mistakes. And in defence, sigh… a proper left back would have done better against Salah.

A Different George

Is it actually a shame we don’t have a “natural defender” playing a particular position? Only if, on balance, you are more likely to win games having a “natural defender” in that position than otherwise. If you call Zinchenko’s position “inverting left outside passer,” then you might not want a natural defender playing there


zinky was fine there- the problem was not pressing the player on the ball and jesus/odegaard should really know better




A fair response which helped me reassess my initial reaction.
Also, loved the fact Saliba disembarked the coach sporting a proper big pair of headphones. None of that airpod nonsense 👍


If by mistske you mean misplaced passes I think you will be suprised by how many often our players did that. It’s the nature of our play that tends to happen but not as often we think.


Rice, Gabriel and Saliba outstanding. Very disappointing match from Martinelli and some dreadful errors from Zinch. Really thought we could finally come away with a win. Still top of the table though!

Chinese Gooner

Had Martinelli been at 80% of his usual self, I think we’d have won this one. Too many lose touches and ponderous moments. Was expecting him to skin TAA alive… Really a night to forget for him.


Gutted to see Diaz go off injured, after fouling Saka for the nth time.

djourou's nutmeg

i can’t understand how that endo fella was allowed to keep playing. he made like three sliding tackes after his first yellow, all of them were given as a foul. and suddenly the ref remembered of the existence of the yellow card at the last 5 minutes of the game, giving them for free. ridiculous


Next time we should either avoid breathing so close their players or we should wear this magical Enzo shirt which is invisible to yellow cards


Declan Rice: £105 million cheap. What a bargain!


Don’t think we get a point without him


Well Said. I actually think we will never see a bad game from him


What a great game. Lots of action both ends, could have gone either way. No Rice, no point in my opinion.

But I am sick of these pundits. Let’s get an ex Man U and ex Liverpool player to commentate. No thanks.

Top of the league after 18 games, they should be talking up what a FANTASTIC season we are having with teams like City and Liverpool plus Chelsea and all their spending. But no, it’s all they can do to say we were lucky. It’s not fucking luck after 18 games you cunts.


I take a draw at anfield any day. We have the best defender in world football.


The two best, if they are playing together.


Really tough game on that pitch and against that ref, but a point at Anfield is always a good point.


I don’t think we can complain too much about the ref today. We would have screamed for a penalty there.


I hear that, and that will be the focus but I did think Havertz was unlucky not to get a penalty himself. My main focus was on how much more easily our players were getting booked while Liverpool got away with so much. A lot of “home decisions” today.


Yeah, true about the yellow cards.


If we had 11 Declan Rices I’m pretty sure we’d have won 4-1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a player as consistently amazing across so many consecutive games, he’s simply immense every. single. time.

Odegaard and Martinelli had rare off days, the latter in particular. I thought both Trossard and Eddie gave good accounts of themselves when they came on and we finished the game very strongly. Havertz was terrific throughout yet again.


Havertz looking more and more the part.


I think with 60 we could have got Paqueta which is definitely more of an all round midfielder

Alan Sunderland

He was very good as was Rice, saka martinelli and odegaard have a lot of ability but badly need to start showing it in these types of games. We are only going to go as far as they take us.


The difference in his confidence between now and two months ago is stark. I thought he was helping us then too, but he definitely wasn’t trying the things he’s trying now, did he complete even a single dribble before mid-November? Well lo and behold, the lad can definitely dribble.


Yeah, Marti form in particular is a bit concerning, getting into good position but unable to anything thereafter time and again


it’s not concerning at all, he scored 3 weeks ago and a few days before that too and has had some fantastic games since then, looks like he’s getting back to his best, sometimes you just miss a few

Fireman Sam

Not sure if Martinelli will ever be quite the player we all hoped he would. His finishing is just not there. He’s a great asset still but today he seemed uncharacteristically ponderous when dribbling. Should’ve been hooked earlier for Trossard.


Kinda holds on the ball just a way bit longer than necessary instead of passing, amazing player yes but his final ball/ finish needs improvement.


“his finishing is just not there” at 22 years old hmm, have we ever seen players whose finishing improved since they were 22? Oh wait, that would be most players. We’re also talking about a winger who scored 15 goals in the premier league last season at 21.

Glenn Helder's Perm

I don’t get the anti-Martinelli crowd (and I’m not saying that one comment puts you in that camp). He’s a serious talent – tricksy, fast, willing to run at players. He’s dangerous, and I get the feeling he causes much concern to opposition managers when they’re planning games against us. Sure, there are things he needs to work on but he’s got that spark and raw speed that’s super exciting. And he’s still super young.

I’ll take a point but I feel we could have taken all 3. Onwards and upwards!

Ponsonby Gooner

Martinelli didn’t have his best game but let’s not forget he scored probably our most important goal of the season against City. He’s top quality in my books, just a shame we don’t have another top class winger to rotate a bit with.


Do we get them all for 105 or we have a discount? 2+1 for free?

Gado Gado

Top of the tree!
Happy with the point given the way we gifted them chances.

Parlour’s Pay Packet

I’m not sure about these Martinelli subs, feels like we lose something when he goes off. I don’t know if it’s because he’s knackered or game state but I’d love to see him running at tired legs in the 88th minute.


Thought he was really poor today. Flatters to deceive somewhat, but I think his productivity (or lack thereof) is becoming something we need to really address.
Absolutely love him as a player, but he’s just gotta get his head up and release the ball earlier.


Martinelli was poor tho – not playing with his head up at all


you gotta be braindead lol. martinelli offered nothing when he was fresh. what makes you think he’s gonna blow past defenders when he’s knackered.


Honestly I think it was the pitch. He slipped multiple times and Martinelli needs good footing for the way he plays.


We could start the game with Trossard and bring on Martinelli, but Trossard+Jesus and Martinelli+Eddie don’t quite work as combinations.

karl g

Agreed. He is what keeps defenders worried.

djourou's nutmeg

i thought he had one of the worst offensive performances i’ve seen from an arsenal striker. everytime he had the ball, he gave it away or simply wasted it. like, every single time. i don’t get how he wasn’t subbed earlier, tbh.


Our Bermuda Triangle got us that point today. Our forwards didn’t really show up. Hey ho, onwards and upwards.

Fireman Sam

Eddie was good when he came on. Actually, if he’d been on earlier we might have converted the chance that fizzed across the face of goal.


Hard earned point because we let the foot off the gas after we scored. Saliba, oh Saliba. That man is built different; he so calm on the ball and rarely puts a foot wrong.


Salibe won 100% duels with Salah


Him and Gabriel together can’t disappoint at the moment. I was way more confident when it was Gabriel vs Salah at the counter.


Before everyone hates on Zinny for his shit defending, just think….
When he is our Cedric on the bench we have a proper squad

karl g

I think win that game if Tomiyasu is fit though.


Yep definitely


Such a shame we will barely get to see Timber this season. I think when he’s healthy Zinny will 100% be a rotation option, especially against top sides.


A good point at a very difficult away ground.


For the second season in a row Zinchenko cost us two points with pathetic defending. I said before the game the he was the wrong left-back for this match, didn’t I?

We faded badly in the second half and provided no real attacking threat. We need a striker next month.

For a change we got lucky with the referee: Odegaard stonewall handball in the first half.

We need to beat Liverpool at home now.

We are not a title-winning team yet: three signings needed urgently.

But a satisfying evening.

Ben Swain

Who do you start instead of Zinchenko?

It Is What It Is

Kiwior…. Poor one on one, can’t get back into position, lack of accountability (in game). Teammates will get tired of it all.

Fireman Sam

Shame we loaned Tierney…

Alan Sunderland

any player who thinks like a defender. Most of his mistakes are when he gets drawn towards the ball, or inside to try to steal the ball. He thinks like an midfield player. He struggles to do the basics of playing full back. He actually showed Salah inside onto his left foot for the goal, probably even more of a mistake than getting drawn to the ball to begin with.

Mick Malthouse

Yes we didnt have a choice, but doesnt excuse how bad he was.

Ben Swain

Not for one second saying it does excuse how poor he was – the guy ultimately isn’t a defender.
But my point was the original comment of “didn’t I say he was the wrong choice” shouldn’t garner too many plaudits when the two players who’d start ahead of him are injured. If everyone was fit, I’m pretty sure 99% of Arsenal fans don’t start Zinchenko in this game, but they’re not so that’s redundant


I would have tried Ramsdale instead of Zinchenko!

Zinchenko is a midfielder: he can’t defend.


But we are top 🙂


i think they got lucky with the ref too, he didnt know what a foul was, the advantage rule or when to give yellows out.


Martinelli looks like he’s dribbling on ice today. Embarassing pitch for a top of table clash. Saka and Martinelli missing chances in quick succession means we’d be hard pressed to win tonight. That TAA chance that hit the bar was proper karma for the shite pitch causing Martinelli to slip in the 1st half when all he needed to do was put the ball in the net. Deserved a point and played toe to toe at an away game to one of our biggest rivals. Time to celebrate being top again at Christmas because why not!


…and because: This team deserves it!



Why the arsenal players were slipping so much?


Because Liverpoo watered the hell out of the pitch pregame and at half time, and we weren’t wearing the right footwear. Should have had the long studs in.


A fair enough result considering we played their way for about 75 minutes. Also please, Liverpool, hire a new groundskeeper- current crew cost you a goal and a right back today.

Anders Limpar’s left nut

Liverpool were massively up for that, and we stood toe to toe on their turf. Top result.

Saliba. Unbelievable player.


I’ll take it. If the club get 4 points from 2 games, just like last year, I’ll take it.

Arshavins left foot

Time to put Smith Rows back on left hand side. Martinelli has been a real disappointment this season and Smith Rowe scores goals. Time to buy a left back and goal scorer. Apart from that we played amazing.


Would be interesting to see him get some proper minutes there, yes.


You’re forgetting Timber and Tomi. Don’t think Zinchenko starts this one otherwise.


Really wondering what Nelson needs to do to get a game, I thought both Saka and Martinelli were poor. Especially Martinelli.

It Is What It Is

Whenever we’re ready to talk about our liability….too many this season.


A great game away to a superb team and I feel we could have won it.

Norwegian Wood

Who else noticed the linesman set the ball for an approaching Arnold to enable a quick corner kick?

Those cheats.


Go back and watch it again. The assistant put the ball a good few inches OUTSIDE the arc, so that the Liverpool player would have to move it.

Man Manny

Three straight games without a loss to Liverpool – W1 D2, is a true sign of progress. It was a proper top of the table clash.


I’ll always take a point at Anfield. Zinchenko needs to pull the finger out. I can’t wait for Tomiyasu to return.


Felt like we got yellows for every foul. We still play with a bit of trepidation at this ground. In the end the point is fine.

Der Kaiser

If we can keep Saliba, Gabriel and Rice fit…


Not to take anything out of the brilliance of it but that Salah goal was absolutely avoidable. Zinny had all the opportunity to either block his advance or foul him outside the box. I really hate it when Zinchneko does his Zinny crap but a draw isn’t so bad at the Anfield.
If only Martinelli converted that open shot

Norwegian Wood

Foul Salah outside the box there and you get a yellow in the 20th minute, knowing you’ll be facing him for basically 80 more minutes. Zinny was at fault for not ushering Salah on to his right foot. About shifting back, he was buying time for Martinelli to return and help out, as every sensible defender does against world class wingers. Martinelli should have returned quicker, and Gabriel should have covered the space behind him quicker. All of that could possibly have been avoided if Jesus simply put proper pressure on Arnold to prevent him from hitting accurate 70 yard… Read more »


The moment of the match for me: After a period of intense Liverpool pressure in the second half, the adults in the room, Rice and Havertz, inserted calm into their teammates. As if they were saying: Don’t panic. We are the better team. Let’s calm down and win this thing.

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