Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Trossard in for Havertz: Arsenal v West Ham team news

Arsenal take on West Ham at home this evening, looking for three points to go back to the top of the Premier League.

Here are of the official line-ups.

Arsenal: Raya, White, Saliba, Gabriel, Zinchenko, Rice, Trossard, Odegaard, Martinelli, Saka, Jesus

Subs: Ramsdale, Kiwior, Cedric, Jorginho, Elneny, Nwaneri, Smith Rowe, Nelson, Nketiah

West Ham: To follow


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DC with a Long range scorcher !


And Rice with a paddy burner. 2-0.

Ashish Mann

That bench is now starting to look very average


Exactly my thoughts. We can’t sustain a challenge with that bench much longer. Sooner or later our first 11 (or 12) will start to miss people. Let’s hope Partey, Tomi and Timber recover soon.


That’s the positivity I was looking for from AFC ‘pre-game line up douches’! Well done!

COYG!!! We get to watch you again.. in hopes you do us proud. we have your back in the stadium and in front of our TV’s regardless of the time!!

Letz dooo theese ((TM) by some nut), but not this spelling of it, ha!



First 11 looks good but with Trossard starting then the bench looks short of ‘game changers’ if things aren’t going to plan.

Alex Nagy

I’d class Nelson and Smith-Rowe as game changers on their day.

Dr. Gooner

Sorry, I’d like to agree, but I can’t. In 2020 that would’ve been true of ESR. Right now he’s a player coming off a long term injury who hasn’t played much, let alone changed any games. Nelson is a good player but certainly not a game changer. He had a wonderful moment against Bournemouth but that was just one moment. Both players are capable of impacting a game, but that’s not really what an impact player is. An impact player is someone who you can EXPECT to impact a game, every single time. I don’t have to name names, we… Read more »


Looked at the bench and first thing that came to my mind is which strikers/wingers are out injured?
Then it hit me, how thin is our squad in attacking positions!


Havertz is actually handy off the bench because he can come in across multiple roles – chasing the game or helping lock in down… In theory of course.




Strong side, sentiment says ESR should have started this one, I honestly miss him in the proper first 11, I want to see what he brings to this team, I know he almost single handedly saved MA his job, but in saying that I trust MA and fully respect his choices, just expressing an opinion.
A massive win will be a great way to end the year.
Thank you Arsenal for all the good memories in 2023!


We’ll play again this year.

Dr. Gooner

I’m sure MA would love for ESR to get back to that type of form that he showed in 2020. It’s been a long road and he’s only just back from another injury. We are all rooting for him but we can’t pin too much hope on him becoming the player he was 3 years ago.


Just want a win ! Would have preferred a win with ESR in the team but I’ll just take the win any old win don’t care how just a win !


I would have preferred Jorginho in that midfield instead of Trosaard. Too lightweight for my liking
But, yes. COYG!!!


Jorginho undoubtedly has his qualities but he‘s hardly a man of steel tbh.

Dr. Gooner

Yeah Jorgi is a lightweight himself, but his positional awareness and discipline are second to none. That said I don’t think we need the extra security in this game. WH are going to attack us in transitions and set pieces, not in settled play.


Need to win it with the starting 11 I feel. Bench is looking like with all these pesky injuries and Havertz suspension. We should have enough. GOONERS!!


Bench is looking light* Autocorrect 🙄🙄


It’s just a Havertz suspension, no injuries in the attacking positions. That’s how light we are in attacking positions.
The starters aside we have Leo, Eddie then beyond that it’s Kai filling the gaps, ESR working his way to fitness/form, Nelson stuck in the purgatory of academy graduate/squad player/potential and that’s it!

It didn’t hit me till today with Leo starting


It would have been nice to give a game to Nelson or Eddie tonight: the squad needs to be rotated. Let’s hope we’re winning well early on so that the subs can come on and rest the starters.


But no matter what.. oh wait, you didn’t talk total bullocks and bring us down as a fanbase in this particular section of the net with your pointless drivel.

So, win draw or lose.. why not give you a chance like you so gracefully gave so many of our players.

COYG!!! Tough game, but we have done it for over a season and a half. despite any sense of reality. We can do this (another spin on, letz do theeis, not trade-marked).


True. But I’d go with that rotation in the FA cup game against liverpool. No guarantees we can win/lose it and it’s a 3rd round game. We need 3 points here tonight so I’d go stronger tonight than that coin toss 3rd round FA cup game

El Titi

At home, dominate possession, create chances, score goals against a defensive counter attacking side … and win. Jorghino is not required.


I like this lineup. Lots of attacking talent. Agree with most on here that the starting XI will likely have to win it because the bench is short of options.


Not famous opinion but keep your tabs for this Paqueta guy.
I would love him as an anti Xhaka.


Does anyone know if Kai got the day off or is he injured?


Got 6 yellow cards, so one day suspension



Malaysian gunner

MA is playing like the Fm ie trying to thread the ball through a Fort.Its a recipe for a sucker punch by WH.
Speed up the attack and start shooting,for God’s sake or the gunners will lose 2-0


Looks clear and obvious to me and don’t get why the linesman hasn’t flagged as he definitely wasn’t certain it stayed in. Calamitous defending though.


Zinchenko is so poor

Billy bob

Only problem is we are losing!!! Beginning to get a bad feeling about this game, sorry guys!!!

Malaysian gunner

The gunners have 90% possession.Goals win games and not stats.Now most teams will have 2/3 defender s hounding Martinellu or Saka
MA is becoming too predictable with his passing frenzy.
So don’t be surprised the hammers win with their their simple direct style.
I hope I am wrong


Lots of possession yet hardly any threat. Really frustrating watch.


Look i don’t wanna play the woe is me card, clear and obvious in itself is objective because to me I sat back relaxed knowing that ball was out, more so than Newcastle. Granted I’m in a bar a few drinks deep but I just don’t understand how that is in


Bad to worse


var is so obviously corrupt. 2 pens not given, one goal allowed. Even I could see the net between the line and Bowens leg.

This is not incompetence.


We’re incompetent.


Crap as crap can be


Cannot believe all the fans leaving


Today we looked like mid table predictable team. Should not come down to centimeters and VAR. Can’t blame VAR for everything. We did nothing right to win today. Zinchenko is becoming big liability for me. Ineffective atack today, thin midfield and error prone defence is how it sums it up for me today. Onto next game is all we can do. It’s embarrassing to be shut out at home by a team that’s not expected to be top 6. Must get a goal getting striker or forget about top 2 let alone title.

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