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Arsenal 5-0 Crystal Palace – player ratings

Arsenal got back to winning ways in impressive fashion with a 5-0 win over Crystal Palace this afternoon.

Two first half goals from set-pieces provided the platform, while in the second half Leandro Trossard and two late strikes from Gabriel Martinelli ensured the goal drought was

Here’s how the players rated this afternoon.

NOTE: You’ll notice we’ve had a bit of a ratings system upgrade, so if you notice anything a bit weird/funky, please let us know in the comments!

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above David Raya. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

Read the Arsenal 5-0 Crystal Palace match report and see the goals here 

Arsenal 5-0 Crystal Palace – Player Ratings

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Much better. Hopefully that’s what Martinelli needed to kick back into form cause man we need more of this from the forwards. Saka and Jesus still really look like they just need a goal so bad to get them back on track. Big Gabby was star of the day, fucking ridiculous that his second is an OG. it was going in, and then that fucking commentator stating that as the first thing she says in the post game interview. Fuck these agenda driven Muppets. Just leaves a nasty taste in your mouth after a fun game. Literally fun police!


10/10 Raya’s distribution to set up that 3rd goal.


I’ve been a big critic but that was f*ckin excellent.


All game. Raya was excellent. Good influence is typically subtle but it’s there all the time. He just drops long balls onto Jesus and Havertz and Saka like it ain’t no thing consistently.

El Mintero

Not all game. Had a couple of dodgy moments/delivery in the first half. Admittedly excellent throw out for the third goal.


All game? Don’t think so. Some iffy distribution, especially in the first half which invited two of their three on target shots in the first half. Conceded a needless corner in the second half with an acrobatic diving save of what appeared a relatively simple catch. Distribution for the third goal was excellent though. I just don’t see him as an upgrade on Ramsdale, and still think he’s a signing we didn’t need to make. Not saying he’s worse than Ramsdale, just not noticeably better. He’s also a bit of a zed- Ramsdale has a lot more personality about him,… Read more »


He gave a bad one away in the first half.

Jesus of Sao Paulo

Always watching for the mistake uhh. Clean sheet , full stretch save and a couple of wow distribution including a pre-assist but all you saw is the bad one 😳


Mate – that’s the thing with GKs… it only takes one mistake to lose us 3 pts. And it’s not like it hasn’t happened a few times already – if (IF) we’re talking of this current team as title contenders, we simply cannot gloss over such key errors:
title winners and (dare we think it!) CL winners do not miss golden opportunities at one end and gift opponents goals at the other.

Which is precisely what we’ve been doing. We were good yesterday – but Palace were shocking.


I guess Ramsdale never made any mistakes? I seem to remember plenty. Raya is very good, his distribution is a step up and he does exactly what his manager asks him to. He also behaves with the class we expect from Arsenal players, and doesn’t do stupid interviews about “coming to a compromise on the way we play” or being “unable to concentrate for 45 minutes”. Ramsdale was better than Leno. Raya is better than Ramsdale and is a grown up.


Perhaps read my comment before knee-jerking? I talk about GKs – and in case that’s what confusing you – it means goal-keeperS… plural, i.e. both Rambo and Raya. The simple truth is that IF (still a rather large IF at this stage) we are to see ourselves as genuine EPL or CL contenders – comments like the above ‘all you saw is the bad one’ are out of place. Because it only needs one ‘bad one’ to potentially cost us the title… or the CL final… One missed sitter… one brain-fart gift to the opposition. Compound a few of those… Read more »


The comment was clearly about Raya, and if you think we’re ever going to get a perfect team who never concede a goal and never miss a shot then you’re deluded. These players are people, not robots, the performance today was good. Clearly not enough for those who demand perfection.

Crash Fistfight

Was it?

Seems to me like you think any criticism of Raya means advocating for Ramsdale. Whereas nothing in goonshow’s post mentions Ramsdale.

I could be wrong, and goonshow may have posts all over the site saying Ramsdale should be playing instead, but that post above doesn’t indicate as such.


Your comment is clear as day. You pick apart his performance based on one (highly pressured clearance to an opponent 40 yards out who took on a very very low xG chance and hit it well and then Raya makes a quality save. Apart from that he was basically flawless. Once again claimed everything and anything in the air (he’s literally the best at claiming crosses in the league – and miles ahead of Rammers in this area), nonchalantly dropped difficult passes and kicks onto Havertz and Jesus all day long, made saves on anything that came his way, and… Read more »

Exit the Lemming

I’m not with Raya every moment of the day so have no idea how he behaves or what standard of ‘grown up’ he is supposed to be measured against so we’ll just have to bow to your greater first hand knowledge of this.


“Bad ones”. The full stretch save- was that the one where he passed it to the striker to shoot?


While being put into a pressurised quick clearance by Saliba with two defenders closing Raya out quickly, and still it was “the striker” 40 yards from goal who took on a couple touches then hit a blinder, which he saved.

Norwegian Wood

There was a chance too where he launches towards Havertz, who played Jesus through, but the chance came to nothing because… Jesus.


Didn’t work on the app. Said some kind of server error. Couldn’t see the ratinga


The ratings were already shown for me on mobile; the on/off button not working. Plus it already had my scores in there, which is odd as I didn’t vote


Haha, just like our elections where I am from

Mayor of the Woolwich

I bet you’re a gooner from the most populous African country.

Jesus of Sao Paulo

You might need to buy a new phone/tablet. voted from the Maasai Mara jungle. (You might need to google that). Good luck.

Alan Sunderland

You might need to admit you’re a bit of a cnut.(You might need to Google that).Good luck.

Crash Fistfight

There was me thinking the Maasai Mara was plains.


Martinelli on long enough to rate???


Fantastic performance, and like others will say it was great to see ESR so lively. If he can stay fit he should be a very important option for us.

A lot has been said about how we need a new striker, but truth be told we haven’t been creating many chances of the quality that fell to Trossard and Martinelli. Easier chances, more goals, could be as simple as that really.


i play FM 2024, and ESR is one of my key player, he is so good in FM 2024, i play him along side Odegard


I’m a multi millionaire on the demo/practice version of eToro

Exit the Lemming

What do you do in real life?

Reality check

Our finishing has been a bigger concern that creating chances. Ode, Martinelli, and Jesus have all been guilty of missing some very good chances.


I hear that, but apparently, before this game anyway, we were 10th in the league for big chances created. So that tells me that while yes, we’ve not been clinical enough, we also haven’t had as many clear cut opportunities as other teams. And we’re not the only team that has to deal with low blocks. I think it’s a function of our slower tempo this season, favouring control over risk.

Norwegian Wood

You left out Saka, the guy who has actually been missing said chances


In fairness to the boys, Epl Teams have been sitting deep against us all season. The difference is really clear in champions league


As I said higher up, other teams have to deal with low blocks too. In those cases we need to take risks and be more direct to stop opposition teams getting settled defensively, which we did more effectively last season imo.


Partly true – but we’ve nonetheless created plenty of good chances that our players, variously, have squanderd… it ain’t just about the low block, it’s clinically finishing the chances that we do create.

Exit the Lemming

Man City don’t appear to have any problems against EPL teams that play a low block


You don’t get two on one breakaways against most EPL teams; we got at least two today. Palace was all over the place.


You do when we’re 2 or 3 goals up.

Exit the Lemming

Even though it was 5 nil with some great goals, it’s hard to justify as a ‘fantastic’ performance i.e. we’ve actually played better in previous games but just couldn’t score


It’s telling me I’ve voted 10/10 for David Raya.
I haven’t. I never have. I probably (although hopefully wrong) never will. So I’d put that down as a bug

Wauwatosa Gooner

Different rating but same here, states I already voted. Website via Mobile Chrome.


Tells me I voted Raya 1/10, it’s all gone weird., it won’t let me vote at all.

Exit the Lemming

What rating did you give Hilary Clinton before she deleted it?

Des Lynam

Blogs – FYI
Your connection is working correctly.

Vercel is working correctly.

ID: lhr1::7hthm-1705762606020-cb34efd3250a

If you are a visitor, contact the website owner or try again later.
If you are the owner, learn how to fix the error and check the logs.


I got the below error on Firefox:
Application error: a server-side exception has occurred (see the server logs for more information).

Digest: 3489288671


dont use firefox dude…

Fireman Sam

Yeah use a browser that tracks your every move instead

A Different George

Ratings won’t come up. I get this:
Application error: a server-side exception has occurred (see the server logs for more information).

Digest: 3489288671

A Different George

How can you down vote me for posting info Blogs specifically wanted?




Why do you care?

A Different George

I don’t “care,” just wondering about the thought process. Naturally, I assumed the second one would get lots of downvotes.


I bet Jesus sees the same thing in front of goal


I got this on the Android app:

Application error: a server-side exception has occurred (see the server logs for more information).
Digest: 3446758687

And on the website in the browser, I couldn’t rate players from Hertz onwards


But you could’ve rented a very reasonable compact car, at a decent rate, though!


Needed that win against possibly the worst team we’ve faced all season. Unconvinced by the performance again, the goals came from extremely poor Palace defending and we still did not look fluid. Too long to move the ball, walking pace, no creativity in final third. Thank goodness for Gabriel and those set pieces


Ah come on, if your going to criticise when we play well and lose eg. Liverpool then you can’t complain when we don’t hit the heights and win comfortably. You can’t have it every way .

Jesus of Sao Paulo

Tell him this ain’t FIFA. These kids want the perfect life. 🙆🏾‍♂️


Embrace it, Wengerball! 5-0! Embrace it!


You’ve got a point. Yes it’s a win but it really should have been 7 or 8 goals considering how abject Palace were and how rested we were.
I’m happy but I’m under no illusions that everything is brilliant.



Jesus of Sao Paulo

English as a language is on a losing streak!

Exit the Lemming

Fulham put 5 past West Ham back in Dec but no-ones pretending the former are miles better than the latter this season (13th v 6th)

El Mintero

I would agree first half we looked same as last few games – slow and robotic. But I thought we got more on the front foot second half and the third goal was reminiscent of last season’s free flowing football. Agreed palace are weak as piss so let’s not get too carried away just yet.


Miserable bugger…


Ratings are broken for me, Bloggs. Screnshot link


Arteta Out!!


I get it. Sarcasm


Correct. So many fickle fans these days. I can elaborate more if needed

El Mintero

No need. Thanks.


That result was just wha the doctor order, great play from all of the Gabis, it could easily have been more! Also, it shows you can use Martinelli from the bench to ease his minutes a bit


Not working for me…


Still a minor issue on samsung that can only scroll half of the screen. I have a screen recording if you have somewhere to share it. Otherwise top stuff 👏


It will take a few more results like that to get the Salt Bae images out of everyone’s head but it is a good start.


I feel sure the second goal will be given to Gabriel by the dubious goals panel. In any other situation that on-target strike goes down as the attacking player’s goal. Why should it be different when it comes off the goalkeeper?

A Different George

I always think the dubious goals panel was a term invented by Monty Python.

Crash Fistfight

Yeah, that seemed odd. The ball was on target. I’ve never seen that given as an own goal before. It usually has to be heading away from goal before an own goal is given, even if it essentially resulted in the goal.

Chuck Felsea

The only thing I can imagine is that someone thinks that Palace player number 14 could have theoretically cleared it off the line, so if the keeper hadn’t deflected it in, it wouldn’t have been a goal. The ball seems to be going a bit along the line, but certainly not in parallel and I am sure it would have gone in eventually. The mentioned defender is guarding the far post. But I could also be wrong, the clip of Blogs in the report has noslo-mo replay and even if you try to watch that frame by frame you can’t… Read more »

Like White and Rice

If the keeper had faced the same exact shot and deflected it with his hand but it went in anyway, it would never be given as an own goal. But it hits the back of his head and goes in anyway they call that an own goal? Doesn’t make any sense.


And then the pleasure that TNT commentator took as she told Gabriel with her first words “maybe you don’t know this, but your second goal was actually given as an own goal” – like GTFO you dickheads! You could even see on Gabriel’s face he was thinking “fuck you! You’re joy vampire – sucking any pleasure we can take from this away as rapidly as you can”.


And he proceeded after that to just state that he scored two goals off set pieces anyway… Loved that!


I don’t think Gabi’s header was going in. It was an own goal, unfortunately.


I actually think we played better against West Ham and Liverpool in every respect except the one that really counts. I don’t think our performance today was scintillating, but we were more clinical in front of goal and comfortable at the back against a limited Palace side. And at the end of the day that is what moves you up the table. More of the same in the next 17 premier league games please.

Gervinho is Driving

21 shots, 6 shots on target, 5 goals.

El Mintero

Two from a defender from a set piece and two in extra time. Context is important.


Sure, Palace was woeful. They didn’t really contest this match. (No yellow cards either.) But it was great to see us trying to move the ball quickly, and not to settle for a 2-0 or 3-0 win.

Omaha Ill

not able to vote and the ‘hide’ feature not working for me


Same here.

John B

That’s a lot of sevens for a 5-0 win!


Apparently I’ve already voted but I haven’t lol


Wasn’t able to vote – said I already had but I didn’t. Prefer the old system!


The new rating system software – 0/10, sadly.


I would go for a 5 out of ten. Good effort, but lacking in end product.

El Mintero

The ratings text is too small. I liked the old version better.


10/10 on Chromebook.

Bill G.

The player ratings page isn’t working properly on my iPhone, FYI. Pulled it up and all ratings were already revealed despite my having the switch turned off to not show them.

Maybe related to the recent site refresh?


I’m in the US, and I could not rate anyone. It showed me everyone else’s ratings and Arseblog’s ratings (though I had that turned off) and what I rated them, though I in fact was unable to. But it does look better. Just a bug to work out I’m sure.


Can’t you sue Dominion Voting Systems or summat about this?


Ratings all messed up, saying I’ve voted for all the players when I wasn’t given a chance to rate a single one. Also the ratings were not hidden by default at all!


Blogs: I am using Chrome on a desktop.

It says I have already rated (and gives the ratings) even though I have not.. might be a bug.


Exact same for me


Firefox on Mac working fine.


Shout out to Eddie for the assist. It’s now the second time he’s played a well weighted pass in a counter attack situation.


in the past 4 seasons


Only an 8 for big Gabs?! Only tuned in after half time at 2-0 and the first thing the commentators said was “has he not won a header”.. got to be at least a 9 on that alone

Exit the Lemming

His goal(s) aside, he didn’t exactly have a lot of defending to do


Text is a bit small in the ratings I would say.

El Mintero




First time I’m seeing this spanking new player rating system


I could only rate the players who came on as subs.


For me, Arseblog ratings were already displayed AND my own vote was displayed when I hadn’t voted. Using safari on my iPhone 15


Hey blogs, I’m on a Google Pixel 7 using chrome and the ratings are all filled in (says I voted but didn’t) up through esr. I am able to vote for jorginho, kiwior and eddie

Ian wrights team photos middle finger

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

Fireman Sam

Yeah, like getting a new goalie when you already have a great one.


Think your new ratings system is a bit like our performance at Fulham, it’s showing that I have already rated, tried on two devices same result but differing ratings


rating works perfectly, 👏👏👏 nice skin! ( iphone 12, safari, portugal

Erik Melville

It says I already voted when I’ve only just gotten to the site

seth wood

Just a heads up. In the arseblog app for iOS, all ratings are displayed regardless of toggle direction and there’s no where to enter in your own ratings🤷🏼‍♂️


Issue I’m seeing is that the ratings are slightly off—Blogs number rating corresponds to the right amount of stars, but the audience rating looks like it’s one digit off. Otherwise, cool new feature for sure.


Edit: realizing I’m incorrect and this is actually the same issue others are having—says I’ve already voted when I haven’t.


Love the new layout but it’s not working on the app.


The ratings on the app is very difficult to follow or rate. The old version was easier .


Gabriel Jesus was offside a lot. But how does he win the ball so often with two bigger defenders all over him? Not your typical #9, but ya gotta love him.

I thought ESR looked sharp. Arteta has to give him meaningful minutes if we are going to challenge for the title.

Those Martinelli goals were Henryesque. Lovely stuff.

Exit the Lemming

Because the Palace defenders were sh*t throughout? We’re challenging for top 4 NOT the title.


– When I opened the page (on MacBook) it showed me how I ‘had’ voted and didn’t give me the option to actually ……… did say to mention anything weird… your work x


First time using PIA VPN, it says I already voted but I hadn’t. Not sure if it is because of the change or PIA VPN. Hadn’t happened to me with NordVPN or the old system. The previous person does not like Raya, gave him a 5!


Tiring if this constant big-brain fiddling with the site. We need consistency of purpose with these ratings – not some new slide bar gimmick. Fourth place trophy mentality. Until we get a new blogger I’m sad to say we just won’t achieve what fans expect – No! – deserve! #blogsout

Jesus of Sao Paulo

10/10 for the awesome new upgraded rating system Arseblog 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

S To

Point Size of The final rating eg 7/10 and the short comment are far too small to read. The star symbol over shine the above two which are far more important and interesting to read.
Should adjust it ASAP

Colin Toogood

Player ratings closed when I looked at 9:30 AM Sunday morning…


I don’t like the new format. It’s more awkward to read

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