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Nottingham Forest 1-2 Arsenal – player ratings

Arsenal took three points away from home this evening after goals from Gabriel Jesus and Bukayo Saka gave the Gunners a 2-1 win over Nottingham Forest.

A late Tayo Awoniyi goal made it a nervous finish, but in truth this was a game Arsenal dominated and from which they deserved the maximum return.

Here’s how the players rated this evening.

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above David Raya. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

Read the Nottingham Forest 1-2 Arsenal match report and see the goals here 

Nottingham Forest 1-2 Arsenal – Player Ratings

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Trossard was brilliant when he came on did exactly what you want someone to do in the situation. Great sub to have.
Onwards and upwards. Please be more clinical on Sunday, lads.


I hate to point fingers at individuals when we win but as good as Trossard was with fresh legs, Eddie who came on at the same time will want to see that back. He stood in no man’s land instead of pressing their defender who couldn’t believe the amount of time and space he was afforded. That diagonal ball from defence that led to their goal might not have come with any sort of pressing from our number 14. On the whole, we tend to panic and kick it up in the air once our lead has been reduced. At… Read more »


I will start Smith Rowe instead of Havertz for Sunday vs the red. Agree?


I like ESR but he’s been out with injuries for a long long time. Yesterday he did ok but you can see he’s still finding his rythm. I’d start him more in these kind of games to build his confidence and sharpness. Havertz on the other hand has been fit, sharp but poor with his finishing. 4 league goals and we are talking many open goal incidents he has missed ( getting in a position to have those chances shouldn’t be overlooked). He could be having 10+ goals already and doesn’t start every game. That and his size and defensive… Read more »



Henri Like-a-new-signingsbury

Absolutely not, he was anonymouse.


See my comment above – Eddie utterly ineffectual, compared with Jesus who, despite his size, manages to hold-up just about any ball he gets, never being dispossessed, and works tirelessly. Eddie, sadly, is really now just a waste of space up front.
ESR still has something simmering just below the surface – just needs a few starts… class is permanent.


Surprised this isn’t more of a talking point. It was so noticeable real time. May be bad memory – but I don’t think that pass got played any other time during the game by Forest

Olawale Olayemi

Now let’s smash them scousers and the title race is back on


Chelski will turn over the pool too

Exit the Lemming

I’d love that be true but just can’t see it happening


It would be great to see that happen, but I think it is a very remote possibility.


Can we go back to the old rating selection system? This is really annoying on mobile


Listen to your users. And the Android app is stuck in 2013.


Where did you learn your manners Marge?


Is this the fault of the board? Does ownership need a kick up the arse!? Fire the ratings coach and bring in a new blog physio!

A Different George

The ratings coach needs to stand in the front of the blog whenever the ratings are happening.

Gervinho is Driving

For me, it was quite a bit easier to simply read the big ol’ rating number in the old version. The little stars, the gray text restating Blog’s rating, and the smaller text now used in the descriptive sentence are harder to read. (Browser on mobile.)

But, hey, it’s free!


Just commented similar but you’ve already said it much better than I did 🙂

Jamie Ryan

Yes, both the font size and position of the player’s rating render it far less visible now. Perhaps use a larger font and move to the right.


Fine on my mobile browser, although sometimes I have to fiddle to get the right star rating. But it’s much smoother than the previous version

Jesus of Sao Paulo

Harder to get the right star especially for an old geezer like yours truly, but a lot smoother than the old system.


I preferred being able to see the ratings for each player immediately, I have to squint a bit now as the stars and writing are pretty small. The rating number should be the biggest text imo.
Otherwise it works fine on my android phone.


Browser as well…


It’s not an improvement, and if you want some proper feedback, you could elaborate a bit more on the description of the individuals performance. See Pain in the Arse’s ratings for reference. Becoming my go to player ratings fix. Much love to the arseblog and everything else you guys offer though.

El Mintero

Harder to read.


I prefer the old rating system too but this can be better with some working on. This one is harder to select. I’m having to click 3 or 4 times to get 7.5 right. Also, it’s showing 6.5 stars for an average of 6.98 and 7 stars for an average of 7.48.
My life is hard enough Blogs. I don’t want to have to continue checking these things


Fine on my mobile


Same here. I use a Huawei.


Can’t say I like the new rating design. Stars are tricky to push, everything looks smaller, and averages don’t seem to be calculating live.


Haven’t checked it out on the phone yet but it looks much smoother and more modern on a desktop browser than the old one. The only thing I’d change is make the text a wee bit bigger for both the Arseblog rating and blogs’ comments


Sorry, Blogs, I’m not sure if I really like the new format. For me, it’s much harder to read. I doubt you’ll change back but could you possibly make the text under the ratings larger and bolder? It’s very hard to read on my (large) screen. This critique is offered in the spirit of supportive feedback, so don’t at me punters! Happy for the win after a frustrating first half.


Agreed, no idea what sort of improvement the new rating system is supposed to convey, but it ain’t it imo.


Thanks! To reiterate, this comes from a daily visitor and a big fan, so hopefully not just negative carping. I may well be in the minority but for me, the visuals are much less legible and the comments (as I wrote) are very hard to read. That said, please, keep doing the great work you do!


To clarify re. the graphics, on my (Chrome) browser seem too large and bold – overwhelming the text – especially your comments (which is the reason I read the post). Not sure how this appears to those using the phone app(s).


While you’re tweaking the ratings layout you could retire 1-7 under Declan Rice. They arent ever needed.


Great stuff, the mental assurances we will get for breaking thru that barrier and gaining the 3 points. The quick break and an end result will do confidence world of old.
We will beat the pool but leo deserves his start and to stiffle trent as he follows him into cm .
Start kai instead of ESR it’s not ESR done much wrong just he’d have better impact off bench and kai caused them alot of problem s in the away game. With partey on bench , were winning that everyday


If Salah is fit, we cannot start Zinch at left-back… that is a mismatch waiting to happen!


I love this confidence, going to borrow some if that’s ok. I think Liverpool will be a very tight game. We can do it but we need to be clinical. At least the game should be more open. There will be space for us let’s make it count!


The ball was passed along much quicker on the right with White and Saka–Zinchenko needs to release his passes quicker.


This bloody standing-on-the-ball bollocks when we’re in mid-transition… what’s that all about, ffs??


Could it be an MA instruction? Raya is foot on ball king, followed by Zink, then Martin, and Rice is doing it too now. I understand why they do it, to suck in defenders and create space. But they do it, then take the easy pass anyway. Sucking in players won’t result in a line breaking pass every time, but it should be happening at a higher rate. I also think going back to Emery years were too hesitant to attempt final balls. I watch other teams and there’s no reluctance to try a dinked pass over the back line,… Read more »


hear hear – controlled (more measured and thus, slower paced) possession doesn’t penetrate the 7 man low-block, which is what we invariably face these days.

Spanish Gooner

Not his fault but this really wasn’t the game for Martinelli. He does the business when he’s got some space to work with and will be fantastic in the CL, but against a deep block I’d rather put ESR left wing and have another technician, Jorginho, in midfield.


who are these people up voting this? the first leg when we were just as lost… who opened them up for our first goal?

Ellis McPickle

A win is a win. Anyone else like the look of Murillo? Plays a lot like Big Gab.


No. Don’t like his mullet.


My mistake, it was Montiel with the mullet, not Murillo.


First half was a re run of so many games this season, don’t break down the low block and have all the possession but zero trouble for the keeper. Second half was much better, looking forward instead of back or sideways, doing things that little bit quicker. But the current difference between us and Liverpool is that when they had a very similar first half against Bournemouth recently they ended up winning 4 nil without a hint of stress. We get to two nil, don’t put the game sway when we had countless opportunities to do so and end up… Read more »


I like the new rating system, in the interests feedback. Using android mobile on a browser. I use the app to read the daily blog but have used browser for player ratings for some time now as it formats better. The ratings don’t seem to work at all on the android app now but I don’t mind


Awoniyi’s stats from last season really caught my eye. Didn’t see the game today but him coming on for the second half and banging one in seems pretty consistent with that form. Young, strong and scores goals. Is he the cheaper, more easily available alternative to Toney many have been looking for?


Always rated him, unsure why others don’t

Like White and Rice

He’s scored against us in each of the last 3 games that we’ve faced him. We need to buy him to at least put a stop to that.

I thought he fouled Saliba on his goal today though– if he played for Arsenal he would definitely be called for a foul for doing that same thing.


I agree, Saliba went for the ball Awoniyi jumped at the man. Can’t blame him though, it’s what all good strikers do, and sometimes they get away with it. At least it didn’t cost us any points!


He’s big, strong and fights for it… Eddie, are you watching?


I’d take him over Eddie 8 days out of 7 !

Glasgow Gunner

Felt unnecessarily tense.


That’s been kinda what I’ve felt for 90% of our games for the last 20 years 🙂
We’re winning a lot more of them, though. But still… I love this team, but they’re taking a toll on my nerves *and* my liver. Curse you, gooner-discount-at-my-local-pub!


7 for Zinny is bonkers.


That’s what Ben White said.


Yeah – that ‘afters’ was very telling. Clearly, he’s fed up with Zinch repeatedly going AWOL and costing us at key moments. I shudder to think what Salah will get away if Mik starts Zinch on Sunday.


‘get away with’ …

El Mintero

Agree. Nowhere on their goal…again. Didn’t think Saliba played well either. Do agree that Jesus motm.


This is why you need to do A/B testing before introducing new features.

Gervinho is Driving

This is why you need to pay for this site


Great to see ESR out there. I think he’ll get sharper as he gets more minutes. What’s with Saka’s corners? Straight to Turner. Nice finish with the weaker foot, though. We needed that. Very impressed with Odegaard’s control. If Rice and Gabriel were hurt, it didn’t show. Zinchenko caught out again. It’s like he can’t decide whether to hold the offside line or cover his man, and does neither.


Good summation. ZInch’s forward offering is NOT worth the liabiity he creates on defence.
It already has – and will continue to – cost us priceless points, in the final analysis.


Number of downvotes is interesting. So…
(a) has Zinch NOT already cost us key points this season?
(b) do you honestly believe he will match up to the likes of Salah, etc in upcoming games?

We all know the answers, whether we accept them or not.

Exit the Lemming

The boat sailed a long time ago for ESR IMO. Very talented player that Arteta clearly doesn’t have the first idea how to put to best use in his starting 11.

Ian wrights team photos middle finger

New ratings is awful. Nothing to do with browser or phone.


7 for White is very generous. I can see why Zinny had a go at him at the end…bang average most games.


I thought he did really well second half. Kept the ball moving whenever out attacks up the right were about to break down. He creates space when there is none.


At least he’s not repeatedly caught out of position and unable to win a header in defence… hmmm?

El Mintero

White was better than Zinchenko!!


Hey Blogs, constructive feedback on new design: 1. Like the general design and layout. With a few tweaks, it’ll look great. 2. Too much scrolling required so I would remove the line with Score and Formation, as it doesn’t add much imo. The score is given 3 or 4 times already. 3. Reduce the white space (padding) around each section, it’s OTT – really got carried away with the padding. Makes the page too long and empty. 4. Layout of the player names is a bit clunky / misaligned. 5. The font size of your player comments is hard to… Read more »

Paul Dunne

This is a fabulous app, really enjoy but similar to other comments I’m really not enjoying the new player ratings system, particularly on mobile app. Like other users this is intended in the spirit of constructive criticism.


Winning is nice. But all our sterile possession is useless. Created next to nothing for 70 minutes, only a few real chances. Scored off a throw-in and on a counter, not because we created little triangles and broke them down. Can’t really seem to do that to any team right now. Odegaard feels like the only creator in these situations. Might be time for a plan b, like concede possession at times to break on the counter, putting our speedy wingers in space. I’m curious how many goals this season have come from breaking down teams with possession. Probably not… Read more »

Exit the Lemming

Brighton seemed to set the trend for doing this?


Thought Zinchenko was MoTM for me. Everything went through him


Including the standard should I head it ? Play offside or stay tight to his man ? Went through his head processed as aaaah f**k it not again !!! Reason why Citeh sold him !


I see what you did there 😆


Arseblog Admin….How about a bigger font size for the rating. Make it easier on the eye for your older audience.


Sometimes I wish Zinchenko would just stop trying to make the world’s most incisive pass from 80 yards out and just play the ball. I felt he slowed things down and clogged things up for other players in similar positions. You get about four good passes from Zinny a game but I do wonder what else we could get if he just moved the ball faster so others can pick at the lock instead.

El Mintero

Or what else we could get if we just sold him and reinvested where we need to…hmm.


Some quickfire thoughts: Zinch AGAIN out of position costs us a goal – yes, ultimately Saliba’s clumsy stumble, but the original cross shoulda been snuffed out before that even happened. Mik’s insisting on a left-back who isn’t, continues to be Ukrainian roulette! Clearly Benny has had enough of Zinch’s going AWOL at key moments – witness the argy after the final whistle. What is this standing on the ball bollocks??? It began with, yes, Zinch – but now Big Gabi and even Martin are doing it! Painful to watch especially in the first half, when we really needed to move… Read more »

El Mintero

Pretty much nailed it. 👍


We were pretty average in the first half and only sporadically better in the second. Perhaps our plan was to bore Forest into submission? Having said that, we stuck to the plan and a couple of moments of brilliance gave us the goals we needed. Forest, to give them credit were a tough nut to crack and got a goal that we defended very poorly. Saliba allowed himself to get out muscled but really, the whole defence should have shut the move down before that. We will need to do a lot better at the weekend.


Every team struggles against a “parked bus”… in recent times renamed as a “low block”.


The ratings have never worked for me in the past. Now it’s clean and easy to use. 👍👍


Struggling with the new version but I’m old with fat sausage fingers so I guess it will just take time to get used to it! It’d be great to see a rating for Arteta to see what you and others thought of his team selection, subs and timing thereof etc. Cheers.


Finally got the hang of the new player rating system, I liked the old one but this one will grow on me now I’ve worked it out. Thanks for all your hard work Blogs


Smith Rowe starts again on Sunday…I absolutely agree!! He is way more dynamic and skillful then Havertz.
Quicker play less tricky passes more early shots…please!

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