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Arsenal 4-1 Newcastle – player ratings

Arsenal cut the gap on Liverpool to 2 points after spanking Newcastle 4-1 at the Emirates this evening.

It was 2-0 at the break after a Sven Botman OG and a brilliant Kai Havertz goal, and further strikes from Bukayo Saka and Jakub Kiwior extended the lead and secured the points. Former Gunner Joe Willock got a consolation for the visitors but only one team deserved anything from the game, and it wasn’t them.

Here’s how the players rated this evening.

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Read the Arsenal 4-1 Newcastle match report and see the goals here 

Arsenal 4-1 Newcastle – Player Ratings

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0/10 Dan Burn blocking ESR’s certain goal. You are supposed to allow him score, you tall oaf!

All jokes aside, that was so beautiful to watch after what they did in November.

Cranky Colin

Big Oaf u mean😂


We’ve run riot with Raya has nothing to do since Kiwior starts. I love Zinny but I have to say that we are more secured at the back with Kiwior, we are faster going forward and no more tippy tappy.


kiwior recovery speed is insane too!


No rating for ESR? Damned, he only has 12 minutes and he nearly scored twice. Surely deserved something.


Anyone understand why NU fans are akwys topless?


It’s a weird macho thing. Shows that they are proper hardcore fans as opposed to the soft southern fans who dress appropriately for the season.

Cygan's barber

Can’t afford clothes


It’s to show their sculpted, tanned abs!!


It’s the accent. It’s so impenetrable that even the locals are often obliged to remove their shirts and resort to semaphore to get the message across.


Really like ESR’s energy from the moment he came on – that run he went on was tops!


Jorginho was crucial for the way we absolutely dominated them today!


I love Jorginho’d performance. But did you see the way Rice harried Bruno Guimaraes from behind over and over again in the first half? It was like an elder brother playing with his junior brother. The c*nty.Bruno spent more time on the floor that actual playing. Cheered insanely every time Rice did that!


I did! Loved it and cheered for it just the same! 😂


Utterly owned him.


Rice has Guimaraes in hell all night.


Until he was taken for being useless when not kicking people




loved it!!!
dirty bruno…

The Arsenal

Criminally underrated player.


The reason for Arsenal’s dominance was the speed on the ball. Newcastle couldn’t get close to our players before they had passed the ball on.

Joginho, however, for all his strengths, slows the play. He always wants one or two touches.

The same could be said for Gabriel and Kiwior. Quicker thinking please:)


Hurricane Arsenal strikes again.


It’s getting boring now, isn’t it? This whole smashing teams week in, week out in the toughest league in the world!


Not for me, I like it

Ben Swain

Big up Ewen MacIntosh


We may not be perfect but we are a very very good team

Olawale Olayemi

Have enjoyed watching Newcastle fall off a cliff from the heights they went to last season


Revenge for that travesty at St James Park earlier this season where they were offside, the ball was out of play, Gabriel was fouled and the ball didn’t cross the line and Magpies are the scum of the avian world, 4-1 for joy you nasty feathered freaks and Anthony Gordon is HIDEOUS!


Great game. Dominated them.

Schar and Bruno had good games hahahah. Howe, the dirtiest and most overrated manager in the league.


Magpie twats 😂


Apart from Willock they have a group of very unlikeable people in their team. Howe included.

Exit the Lemming

Seems kinda harsh on a man who would probably tend his neighbor’s plants while they are away on holiday.

Same old Oli

Cracking stuff.. Saturday evenings really don’t get much better then that. A potential banana skin demolished!
Jorginho was phenomenal and really allowed the rest of the midfield to get forward. Special shout out to Kiwior, who I suggested a while back looked good for a player playing out of position at left back.. how wrong I was, he’s grown into the position and is getting better each week.


Jorg was motm, was quality today


When Zinny is fit, I’d not be so sure he gets his place back.


That’s the response we were looking for after the midweek disappointment, but got to learn keep up the concentration for the full 90. I’d have bitten your arm off for 4-1 today however it happened going into the game.


Rumours floating around that Arteta took the team on a detour from Porto via Dubai, and specifically salt twat’s restaurant. What does he put in that meat?


Hate to be that guy but says Kiwiors first goal for the club, I’m pretty sure he scored against Wolves in the last game of last season.


I’m not usually the person to defend Raya but in this case to say he had little to do feels only true if you judge a goalkeeper in the conventional sense. Thought he moved the ball outstandingly today, and there was a sequence where he came really far outside his box twice within a minute to stop dangerous Newcastle breaks, one of those could easily have been a goal at a crucial point but it never seems that dangerous when stopped that early


Except whet Paul Tierney’s fat arse blocked the counter attack!


I gave him an extra point for braining that fat twat Tierney.


Every time the ball goes back to him it’s like one touch and fires it in to one of our outfield players. I love how commanding he is on crosses and always alert to get the ball up the pitch – and fast. Really seems to help our overall domination of teams.

Emi Rates

So happy we spanked Stokecastle on Oil today. Nice for Willock to score against us but it still irks me that we didn’t keep a clean sheet and humiliated those cunts with more goals.

Today’s result will do though. It’ll do very nicely indeed!

Exit the Lemming

It is just me or was it rather unnerving to see Burn rinse nelson for pace for their goal?

Tom 007

Street mentality from the lads.. bulied then to kingdom come…. Sweet revenge.. 3points.. bramall lane after 8 days.. reload the guns n behold, the firing goes on. COYG….


It wasn’t Kiwior’s first goal for the club. He scored against Wolves at the end of last season.


Seems that every game ESR gets around 20 minutes he does something very positive in front of goal. Still think there is a big time player in there

Gosh the team looks so good. The structure, the flexibility the rotations goodness.

Exit the Lemming

He’s clearly a talented player bur Arteta doesn’t seem to trust him


He’s now one of the first attackers off the bench. Either trying to bump up his value before selling or signs that he’s worked his way into the managers thoughts.

We’ll find out in the summer.

I suspect things like losing Willock for their goal (a harsh criticism) is the high bar that might see him go 😕


But he did let Willock run off him for their goal. Do we see that from Odegaard or Havertz? Maybe that comes from a lack of rhythm, but that’s surely what he’s got to improve if he wants more minutes


Raya never ceases to be our worst player in the ratings for no apparent reason. Thankfully, according to the stats he is the best keeper we had in the last few years so everything is actually fine. Also, damn, Havertz starting to look really good and I wasn’t expecting that.


He gets low ratings because the defenders in front of him stop the ball from arriving in his zone. Selfish defenders, not allowing Raya to save any shots


Revenge well served. Guimaeres subbed off, hahaha


Would’ve preferred a red card.


Can we give man of the match to the set piece coach yet !!!


Coach of the Match? If it’s any consolation for him though, that man is getting a pretty serious paycheck next season


You have to wonder about his performance bonuses


Wish there was a coach rating!

Man Manny

I am really beginning to enjoy watching Kai Havertz play in this Arsenal team. He is so important to what Arteta wants to do.
The bickering from pundits over his £65m price tag has gone cold.

The Arsenal

People thought Havertz is some silky slickster ozil type player. Where he is actually more a hardworking awkward scrappy type. What he brings to the team is balance. I actually really enjoy watching him. As you said he is doing what ARTETA wants him to do. He gives us another angle/option of attack.

Emi Rates

I’m sure Old Hairy Hands will pipe up over some irrelevant bollocks soon.

Exit the Lemming

Yes, celebrating your own team’s goals makes you gay….

A Different George

Can’t on principle help Chelsea in any way–otherwise almost ready to raise an extra 5 or 10 million for Havertz as we are for Rice.

Exit the Lemming

One good game does not a $65m price tag make


Two yellow card posts in a row, the boy’s had a nightmare and the crowd are booing him down the tunnel…


One good game? He’s been one of the most important players in this run of form


Hand on heart ? I’ll eat my own toes but this is the best football I have ever seen an Arsenal side play. Honestly think for player ratings they should ALL get the same mark !! They are just a team & when cameras cut to the exceptional Jorginho him Martinelli & Rambo were smiling & enjoying life ! Great to see such a close bond ! Well done lads exceptional stuff !!!


At the start it felt very like watching us stuff Chris Coleman’s Fulham under Wenger. One touch the fuck out of the ball and watch the opposition run themselves to death trying to get hold of it.


Benny Blanco MOTM for me. What a performance from someone who has been as consistent as rice and turned Gordon into Pimm’s tonight


He was great shutting down Gordon but is still getting his head around the midfield inversion thing, I suspect. A few times where we had a large vacuum down the left and he had to really scramble back. I feel he needs to get more adept at when to drift in and when to stay wide to prevent counters.


To be honest, I don’t think Zinchenko is any better at that side of it, but Gabby is rather better at doing two jobs to cover than Big Willy is.

The Arsenal

That was good. so good. Happy for Havertz and Kiwior. I think Kiwior has earned the spot for now. As for Havertz irrespective of what you think of his performances our most free flowing games have been with him up front. Dont think Jesus or Zinchenko should just walk back in. Jorginho was brilliant today but im really hoping to see a fit and firing Partey in there with rice. Think we can go to even higher levels this season.

Exit the Lemming

Never thought I’d type this: Havertz was excellent throughout.


raya stopped a couple of 1v1s. came outside to snuff out a couple of dangerous balls over the top. did with crosses in the box. if that was ramsdale, the rating would be a 9.


Bit rough on dave , blogs , think rays claiming crosses , playing g ball and oozing class is making a major difference, long gone are days where teams.targetted ramsdale and gabri to close down and make them panic, honestly belive raya has helped gabris confidence on the ball

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Why did you guys do that to Kiwior?

Aleksander Wło darz

Let’s Rock!


With Kiwior playing as a LB and not inverting. Is there an opportunity for Tierny to push himself into the picture?

A few seasons ago he was our best player and touted as a future captain.
Injury has plagued him, the romantic side of me wants him back in the picture!

Also, when Jorginho was at Chelsea and he came 2nd in the Ballon D’or, I thought he was over hyped.. but oh my! How good is he!! I love the way he plays, he just keeps us ticking… Jooorginnhooo

mike D

I love Tierney – but Kiwior is there now and growing with every game, and Zinny, and Timber. It just ain’t gonna happen (but best of luck to him in the future)

Exit the Lemming

I’ve always thought that Tierney is the best left wing back we have. Keeping him fit has proved a bridge too far however

The legend of Salibaba

Magpie twats indeed. Loved the win, love the number of goals we are scoring. Not a criticism but I don’t get the kiwior hype, I actually think he’s been relatively poor in most games (west ham in particular) NB I want him to do well and have nothing against him


Kiwior is doing fantastic. Thank goodness we have him with Tomi timber and zinchenko all out. he’s like a second Ben white on the left. Tall, athletic, assured, cultured left foot – he’s ticking along brilliantly. Got a goal, looked solid AF in all areas of his game. Don’t understand how you came to this judgment on him. I’m delighted with him


We are playing with those 4 who were supposed to be our 4 centerbacks, and oh my, they are good!

Exit the Lemming

Kiwior didn’t put a foot wrong the whole game


Fuck Magpies Forever!

Crash Fistfight

The missed chance aside, ESR’s biggest contribution was that great run down the left hand side. Why, oh why, can’t he be an option for that left forward role?

Exit the Lemming

He played well in the limited time he was allotted but allowed Willock to run off him for their goal

Crash Fistfight

Yeah, again playing in the middle. I think his lack of tactical nouse (I love ESR but that’s not really his strong point) is more of a liability if he plays through the middle.

I don’t get it.

Chris B

“aRsENaL nEeD aN OuT aNd OUt stRiKeR”


So much talk about that, then they go and swing the goal difference +16 in the next four games 🤣. The team is solid as a rock defensively and full of goals.


Just saw Saka is joint top scorer across all Euro leagues… with guess who?

Vlahovic – imagine we had ’em both!!


Every damn goal is scored by an Arsenal player both present and ex.


Arsenal doesn’t have a microwave because revenge is a dish best served cold


Now, lets do the same to Porto


And we have a lot of hatchets to burry. Aston villa and Porto. I’ll be here


Love you blogs, but I can tell you are still bitter about Raya replacing Ramsdale


Just shows what a mess Chelsea are they had Jorginho and Havertz but spent an insane amount of money trying to improve on them


If we had come out for the Second Half with as much ferocity as the First it could have been 10-0. A fabulous performance and it may come down to Goal Difference so more of the same at Sheffield United …… COYG


What’s up with Kiwior. Rated lowest of the team by fans here, (even below even the subs Blogs didn’t rate). Despite all the good things said about his performance, and scoring.


Arteta has made this a great team and I only realised the other day he’s done it by buying premiere league experience and peppered it with talent. we have White and Trossard from Brighton, Rice from west ham, Georginiho and Havertz from Chelsea, Jesus and Zinni from City, plus our own Hale end boys adding the magic, quite clever really. It allows the likes of Martinelli, Gabrielle, Kiwior to come into the team and be surrounded by experience of the league its got to have made the transition easier for them. The teams a great mix at the moment in… Read more »


The Rating doesn’t open on mobile app anymore… I don’t know if others are facing the same problem

Peter Sivewright

Love the way that havetz is now playing.

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