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Arteta on natural leader Rice, Jorginho’s mentality and wanting to hug Tomiyasu

In the second half of his pre-West Ham press conference, Mikel Arteta chatted about the impact of Declan Rice, the difficulty facing David Moyes’ sides, his love of Takehiro Tomiyasu and the way Gabriel Magalhaes has changed his mentality to become a big figure at Arsenal. 

Here’s what he had to say…

On his expectations for Rice…

Yeah, we were expecting the best, obviously, because we had to pay big money and we knew the player really well, but something else is the way he’s fitting in, and how loved and respected he is already at the club, in the team. Then obviously the performances he’s put in every single week, he’s probably been one of the most consistent players again in this season and especially in big, big games. He’s been incredibly strong for us, to help us to win those games, so we are delighted to have him.

On what Rice is worth now…

No, that’s not for me to do. I don’t know, when we talk about those figures, I get lost. 

On David Moyes’ sides being difficult to break down…

That’s exactly that, they are very difficult to break down when they go ahead as well in the scoreline. It gets even more difficult. We generated so much as well, especially at home, but we could not capitalise on that. He’s got this talent as well. His teams always have that talent that when you leave the window open a little bit, they are ready to take any advantage from it. That’s the game we’re going to play on Sunday again. 

On West Ham new boy Kalvin-Phillips…

Yes, obviously he made his name playing at Leeds and the way he did and the performance, the consistency that he showed in that team. And then he had a big move and he has everybody’s respect because at the national team level as well, he’s done some important things as well. So he’s a big talent. 

On Jorginho having the mental fortitude to demonstrate his quality…

That’s Jorginho. His biggest strength is his personality, his mentality. Even if he makes a mistake, the next time he’s not going to hide. If you want to be a top team and be a midfielder that wants to command the team, you need to be able to do that and he does it. 

On sin bins and innovating the game…

I don’t want to give any more ideas, I think we have enough ideas and enough people so I prefer not to say anything else. 

On refocusing his team after such a big win…

Talking about West Ham the next day and the things that we can still improve, that we didn’t do that well against Liverpool, and the room for improvement that the team has in many areas, and that’s it. Like we always do.

On Rice being unfazed by the attention of his big move…

Yes, he’s a very mature and confident person, especially for his age, but he’s done a lot in the game as well. He’s done it in the academy and through an education that in my opinion is one of the best in the country. He’s got an environment, a family that is very supportive but very demanding of him and he has dealt with that in a great way. And then he loves what he does and he loves it every single day. He’s very demanding with himself and he wants to get better. He’s got the qualities that God gave him and he keeps developing every day and we have to support him on that. 

On having the qualities to captain the club…

Yeah, he’s got every skill. He’s been captain at youth level, he’s been captain for West Ham, and he’s one that you don’t need to have the armband. When you talk, people listen and pay attention to that or not, and he’s got his natural ability to do that. 

On Tomiyasu’s qualities as a person…

You just want to hug him. You just want to hug him all day and be next to him. He’s always smiling, he’s always positive. The way he looks after people and how humble he is, he’s just adorable. 

On His first impressions of Tomiyasu…

Yeah, his presence. And physically…he looked much bigger than on TV because when we signed him I didn’t have the chance to meet with him in person. So that was a good first impression and then that he’s got this positive energy about him, he’s always smiling and his eyes, he tells you that he’s, transparent, clear and it’s honest, that’s it. 

On Tomiyasu having come through a Barcelona Academy in Japan and its influence…

Yes, I knew that. But as well, I meant education at every level and the culture that they grow in. When you talk about habits and about trying to predict someone’s future, it’s about how this person behaves daily, that is when to make his future. And when you see Tomayasu every single day, how he wakes up, looks after his job, looks after his people, I think something good is going to happen for this guy. 

On the development of Gabriel Magalhaes as he prepares for his 150th appearance…

There are a lot of things that have happened to him. His role in the team has grown. In his personal life as well, he’s got a very different personal life than he had before with his family and his language. And I think now as well, I think he changed a lot of things in his life and he improved his mentality and he can decide what he wants to be and I think he made the right call to take the direction that he took. 

On whether he pushed him to take that direction or he made the decision himself…

A little bit of both. 

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Neville Neville

I fucking love this club

Johnny 4 Hats

I know, right? You can just tell this dressing room is absolutely harmonious and we have no nasty skeletons in our closet.

Just last week a story came out saying Haaland didn’t really like Manchester. VVD is saying he might leave Liverpool. And don’t get me started on United and Chelsea.

But we have zero drama off the field. Everyone sings da ting when offered and no one (not even periphery players like Nelson or Nketiah) are whining about game time or twerking for potential suitors.

Arsenal is a happy place.

It’s been a while.

Gracias Mikel.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Hats off to Johnny.


Skynet is Arteta!!!

Bleeding gums murphy

Arteta is incredible impressive in interviews. Dare I say he is on Wenger levels of intelligence. There’s an aura about the man that I really like. We are lucky to have him. He’s changed the whole club mentality. Some want him sacked if we don’t win the league this year, Lord have mercy on their troubled souls 😂


He has good presentation skills; would do well in any corporate.


Some clubs you root for because they are your club and you want them to win whenever possible. Some clubs you root for because their culture and characters inspire you to root for them and to support them and their “characters” no matter what. With the second situation, winning becomes the byproduct but not the core of your support. I love Arsenal because the vast majority of the time I find reasons to view them through that second lens…COYG!

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