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Burnley 0-5 Arsenal – player ratings

It was another impressive away day for Arsenal after they spanked Burnley 5-0 to take all three points at Turf Moor.

Martin Odegaard opened the score before Bukayo Saka’ betted from the spot to make it 2-0 at the break. In the second half, Saka bagged again, Leandro Trossard scored after missing a host of good chances, and Kai Havertz rounded things out with an excellent individual effort which saw him nutmeg the defender before finishing with his right foot.

All in all, a very good day in which three points were augmented by another goal difference boost.

Here’s how the players rated this evening.

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above David Raya. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

Read the Burnley 0-5 Arsenal match report and see the goals here 

Burnley 0-5 Arsenal – Player Ratings

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Yea but we really need a billion pound striker.


What did we do in Dubai?! Incredible run, the attacking football has been slick, could have scored even more today. The thing that is most striking though is how we’re limiting the opportunities from the opposition to basically nothing. Bravo Mikel, we’ve reached another level.


I think just getting away to reset and to recover physically and mentally was huge for the players and coaches.


Our fantastic performances were a result of moving the ball more directly forward combined with crosses and long passes and less tippy tappy like before. I say we should consistently use this platform going into the run in.

Rising Dough

More direct play clearly was the game plan- Arteta correctly figured that higher risk passes meant at worst, momentary loss of possession. Full credit for getting it right. Stronger opponents will call for different tactics, though.

I miss santi cazorla

Dropped nketiah as the second striker. He is now 4th behind jesus, trossard and Kai.

Yankee Gooner

the offense is consistently more fluent with Trossard up top. There is now enough evidence to support this. He should continue to start until his form dips.


I’d also give some credit to Kiwior – he simplifies things a lot from LB. Just moves the ball up quickly – makes runs as and when needed, distributes fairly well and – most NB – is always positionally sound.


Well, we clearly need a striker.

Like White and Rice

We’ll probably bring in that big French kid on a free next year, Kellyann Mmbopp. He’s pretty good, could probably start for us if he keeps it up.

Tricks Popsicle

She sounds like a right bint!


Burnley defenders: “there’s no way he can throw the ball that far”
Kiwior: “bet”


Is it just me or does he look a lot like superman ? Well to me anyway !!! Looks entrenched there at the moment & I’m happy though I still favour Sammy Nelson

Sammy Nelsons Arse

Me too


Sammy did have a very big arse.


Wasn’t shy about showing it off either!


Sammy put the Arse in Arsenal!

Matt P

I became a Kiwior convert a few games ago. Impressive.

Matthew Costa

He’s made strides from his shit play earlier this season. Also converted


No cap.


Loving the way we killing games now


Still can’t do the ratings?


Honestly didn’t foresee Kiwior becoming a first XI player but if he keeps up performances like this I’m starting to believe! Delighted for him.


Weirdly I did foresee it but I thought it might happen in Gabriel’s position either due to injury or Gabriel leaving, now it seems like it could happen with Gabriel also in the team which thank god because big Gabby might honestly be the best defender in the world right now..?? Is there anyone else you’d rather have?


I think I’m more assured with him at the left back position, though he does not invert like Ziny he doesn’t shy away moving forward. He help created Trossard goal and almost scored vs Becker 2 weeks ago.


Kiwior was in the starting line-up against Chelsea at home last season. I remember thinking how composed he was, on the ball. Calm, assured, he was comfortable giving out instructions, he did a good job. I’d hoped he’d get a run of games but it didn’t happen. But you could see that he wasn’t out of his depth. Glad to see its beginning to happen for him this season.


Called it some time back – he just does the basics really well, but is now showing some flair as well, which has come with the rhythm and confidence of having a few games on the trot.

That’s thing about defenders – they MUST have the basics in place, because it grounds the entire team. Then, they can bring some more creative aspects but Zinch was all about constant trying creative stuff at the cost of those basic requirements – and it cost us again and again.

A Different George

Now, come on Chelsea–words that usually make me gag.

Sammy Nelsons Arse

Words that make my wife gag as well. Never name your cock after a team of pricks !!!



Sammy Nelsons Arse



Yeah, no.


much like Sammy Nelson’s shorts, you’ve let yourself down

Tricks Popsicle



As long as she doesn’t.


They actually did it. For the first time in many decades, Chelsea FC have done something positive for the world.

Man Manny

This forward line is so fluid it could slip through prison bars unhindered.
Kai and Trossard are almost like invisible men.


A treat to watch. Reminded me a little of the Henry, Vieira, Pires days: game wrapped up by an hour time, the final 30 an enjoyable stroll.




And now we don’t look like a “little” team in stature anymore ! That defence man !!! That midfield man !!!! That forward line without a forward man !!! And here we go ? We’re a better team with Kai Havertz in it wherever he plays !!! Efficient not flashy I’ll take that all day long ! Great day so far !!!!


Kai was brilliant, was involved in goals 2, 3 and 4 before scoring.


“Bukayo Saka’ betted from the spot”
Uh oh, hope we don’t have an Ivan Toney-esque ban coming up! 😉

Reality check

The adjustment Aeteta has made to Ode’s role in the team is on par with him moving Saka to right wing.. like Bernardo, no one even bothers closing him down when he receives the ball deep, just turns and pings the ball around. Arteta has freed up Martinelli and Saka in the same move too.


With Kiwior settling so good now and with Timber and Tomi coming back, I don’t think there is any reason Zinchenko plays again. Now we are creating and scoring for fun without the defensive liability that he brings. Time to move him on.


He’s the sort of player I’d love to have in the squad even if he isn’t playing, will never complain and always have the best attitude and come on and do a job when needed, and he loves the club and this team. Imagine what a luxury if he’s our 6th or 7th defender.


I’d agree – it’s great that Kiwior has stepped up and that Zinch is now a ‘nice to have’. But that will then always depend on what his potential market price would be: we have to consider what he would bring and how that cash could be used to strengthen elsewhere.
But not sure he’d fetch more than 30m at present… and what could/would be buy for that?


Don’t get carried away. There’s definitely games that Zinchenko is suited to. I’m just glad we have options with different profiles. Isn’t that the unpredictability we wanted? Besides,Zinchenko could still be useful in a midfield role.


Nah, he’s still a quality option there against teams that sit deep. Also plenty talented enough to provide cover for a midfield position.
But who knows.


That’s so disrespectful! Zinchenko is an absolute baller he literally reinvented the LB role. I agree he doesn’t need to play every game.(his body also won’t allow this) I also love how well Kiwior is playing (Ben white MK2!) But no need to throw zinny under the bus


Spot on Tony I agree completely no more slow painful build up play as well.


Cedric’s celebration for the fifth goal: 9/10.


Damn you arteta you have fooled us again. I never knew Havertz was an absolute beast


I mean he’s 6’4″

Blackpool Albert

10s all around.


Great effort all around. Hard to pick one MOTM. Could have been even more goals were it not for several squandered opportunities in the box. Pleased to see us leading in GD (at least until City plays its games in hand. As blogs mentioned, good to see Kiwior growing into the left-back role. Although he didn’t have a lot to do, Raya also seems much more comfortable than in the first half of the season.


Raya is more comfortable as a direct result of having a LB who plays… well… left back!!


Several Comments- 1) MO’s energy is off the charts. 2) Rice didnt do anything, but his job. He did that remarkably well. What a player. 3) Kai’s best game for arsenal. Contributed as always defensively as always but was tearing Burnley apart with the ball. 4) Ben White since he got rid of the white hair has been brilliant. And how he is always the player screwing around in the goal for corners. He really enjoys that it seems. 5) Nelson must get on the field more often. There seems to be a lot of player there. 6) Notwithstanding all… Read more »

Tricks Popsicle

Jesus wept…… 🙄


You sir are a man of culture!

Master Floda

10/10 Tottenham getting battered everywhere they go, mate


Even when they don’t go anywhere.


They are going nowhere fast.

Exit the Lemming

Getting rinsed at the Armitage Shanks Stadium seems apt. There’s a reason urinal cakes are blue….

Pa Chigo

I can only imagine how many goals this team will score if they had a ‘proper striker’.


Odegaard and Havertz both get the same score? You okay blogs?

Matt P

Can the Havertz haters please now shut the fuck up???


I had my doubts but he is certainly looking good the last few weeks.

Vaibhav Pandey

His movement is always causing problems to the opposition and his work rate on and off the ball has improved quite a lot. Now I look forward for him to start every match. Martinelli and Havertz have now started to combine together much better than earlier in the season.

djourou's nutmeg

i don’t enjoy when people judge a player based solely on their last 5 appearances, whether good or bad


There is a lot going on back in Poland when it comes to Kiwior. The most popular opinion is – “should we call him up to the national team? Like he is just a sub player in Arsenal and he will never gonna break to the first 11”. Well… I hope after game like this mouths of our “experts” will stay shut.

Exit the Lemming

He already has 19 caps for Poland

Austin Bud

I remember a big thing for Poland is that if you aren’t being uses regularly for your club they won’t call you up. It’s Kiwior (when he wasn’t playing regularly) and another bloke that make their nat’l team albeit not regs for club

cereal killer

Trosard is a bit selfish!!
2 clear changes that he wasted,could lead a goal if he pass to saka and martinelli .


Everyone does that. That’s why players like Mesut Ozil and Martin Odegaard are a rarity and diamonds.


Can anyone explain to me why Martinelli hasn’t officially been given the assist for Ødegaard’s goal? None of Sofascore, FPL or Transfermarkt have it marked as his assist.


the cross took a heavy deflection which directed the ball towards ødegaard.

Only one Dennis Bergkamp

Hahaha. 11/10 from me for that Bellamy comment. One of the most aggravating players in his time, so happy to see him aggravated

Exit the Lemming

Yes, he has one of those little faces you just wouldn’t get tired punching


Absolutely brilliant game it was, five star Arsenal.
Porto up next at the Dragon, & i’m confident we’ll come out with a good result………..maybe a great one even.

Onwards and Upwards!


I meant “Dragao”. Autocorrect ish.


Which means Dragon in English, so you’re all good there mate.

Bill Hall

Best defensive lineup we have had for many years. And no disrespect meant to previous Arsenal defenders!

Solomon Grover

Weren’t a pen, and Ødegaard got away with a foul and injuring Ramsey at what should have been 2-0. Great goals but lucky. Something about this team, maybe the fans or the TV angle, that prevents the players from finding that (mistaken) early Martinelli assist. Something that Man City was always great at until lately is finding that spin and angle that sets the square ball pull back on the first bounce perfectly for an easy assist. Martinelli didn’t intend that but he executed perfectly, in fact he did it unique to City since they usually play with a left… Read more »

Exit the Lemming

So no to drugs kids


Yeah – don’t know what he’s on but love to know where he buys it.

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