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Gabriel Magalhaes on his new chant, Arteta’s message, Odegaard & Porto’s Pepe

Arsenal chose defender Gabriel Magalhaes to face the media in the build-up to tonight’s Champions League clash with Porto. The Brazil international took questions in English and Portuguese but only replied in his native tongue.

It wasn’t the most thrilling back-and-forth with the Uefa translation making it feel even more clunky. 

On Mikel Arteta’s message to the team…

He encouraged us. We know it’s a very important match. He gave us a lot of encouragement. We are facing a great team with a great history in the Champions League, but we are ready for this match, for sure. 

On the challenge posed by Porto…

We know how hard the match will be but we are working and we are ready for the match.

On Porto striker Evanilson…

He’s a player that I’ve been with him a few times. But I have not followed him frequently. I know he is a player with great quality and I’m sure that it will be a great match. 

On Arsenal having the ability to compete for the Champions League…

Of course. The team is is in a crescendo, so I think that we’ve learned a lot from the last few years and now we are all focusing on tomorrow’s match. We know that the Champions League is a different thing, it’s a different feeling but we are prepared.

On how big the occasion will be for him personally…

For me personally, I’ve been in a crescendo in terms of level, working every day with my teammates. It’s not by accident that I’m here, I’m quite happy. Sure, it’s a dream to be playing the Champions League and I hope that I can help my team.

On Martin Odegaard…

Martin is a brilliant player. He’s been in a very good crescendo. From the years that I spent with him since he started, he has been helping us a lot and we have been helping him also. I’m sure that he’s a very important player, not just for us but also for the club itself. 

On the new chant bestowed on him by supporters…

First, I was very happy. It’s a recognition of job properly done, we have a very nice relationship and what they do for us in each game, they are always there helping us, so I’m very happy for it. I’m sure that I will do the best I can to make them happy 

On facing veteran Portugal international Pepe…

We are all aware of his history in football, he’s a well-respected player. He’s a player with a very beautiful history in football and I’m very happy to play against him tomorrow. 

On Arsenal’s chances in the tie…

We are fit, we are playing well and as I said it will be a great match so I’m focusing on ourselves not on what FC Porto will do or should do. We are just focusing on what we must do in the field. 

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What’s it with the CRESCENDO and Gabi5?Maybe the new chant should incorporate THE CRESCENDO ?


I love Crescendoing…. Makes all the hard work worth it :-p


Reminds me of V for Vendetta where V is showing Evey the explosion of Big Ben!

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

I saw his press conference and that word was all I got from it.
I came to the comments for one reason, and you didn’t disappoint😀


I just want to be in a crescendo for the rest of the year

Mayor McCheese

Living life on the edge!


I find it fuckin hard to believe that Pepe is a “well respected player”, even his mother must acknowledge what an absolute cnut nugget he is!


looks like his mum is here mate, you got a thumbs down incredibly lol 😀

The Beast

Controversial statement, but I love Pepe exactly because of his longevity as an absolute cnut nugget


Gonna celebrate by shouting CRESCENDOOOOO when we score


The first time he used the word “crescendo” I was quite impressed. By the third one it started to seem like a code word he’s using to communicate secret information to the Brazilian intelligence agency.

That said my love for him is definitely in a crescendo.


Let’s all rise to Sir Gabriel of Cresendo kingdom


I know he just got his chant but inspired by his crescendo:

When he came into the Arsenal
Was a sound of a crescendo
He came into our backline
He lost his teeth on the pitchside
Gabi are you OK?
So, Gabi are you ok
Are you ok, Gabi


You’ve been hit by, you’ve been stuck by: Gabriel Magalhaes.


I like this even more than the other one


Fascinating stuff.

You do wonder, though, how much Brazilians respect Pepe, given that he chose to play for Portugal.


Said what he had to say but I didn’t see a hint of respect in GM’s face.

Naked Cygan

Pepe is 40! Not sure he can keep up with Martinelli or Saka. Maybe they will not play with a high line.


Darn, he looks really focussed. All I’m seeing from his interview is “we are ready to kill Porto”.
Btw this fella is still under-rated, brilliant season so far.


It’s been his best season by far with us. I was a little bit uncertain about him (lack of pace) but he has thrived next to Saliba.


How does one pronounce his surname?

Mzito the Heavy Gooner



this feels fake but I don’t know enough about Brazilian Portuguese to dispute it




Wouldn’t that be Ma-ga-y-yes?

Dr. Gooner

I just know it translates to Magellan 😤


not a PT expert but I think it’s more like mah-gal-yaes, or mah-gal-yice, pretty sure the L isn’t silent in Portuguese

Heavenly Chapecoense

Magal-ha-yes, got it from that staged phone call between David Luiz and Willian on a social network to announce Gabby 06 is coming.




Ma-ga-yaysh is as close as you’ll get although the 1st attempt is quite close too


You mean Gabriel still can/t speak enough good English to hold a simple interview?
After this long in the UK?
Come on, Gaby, I’m sure you can do much better.

Josh Jones

He speaks fine English. They chose gabi because he’s Brazilian who speak Portuguese and we are playing in Porto with Portuguese journos asking questions… he also speaks fluent French which could be why him and saliba are pairing up so well. Who really cares when he does his talking on the pitch


the crescendo is not good enough for you?


Sorry, but f* off

The Beast

How’s your Portuguese coming on?


Wasn’t he in Portugal? Why would he speak in English there?

I miss santi cazorla

Note to self- look up- what is crescendo

Mzito the Heavy Gooner

Upward trajectory (in music – steadily and gradually increasing in volume)

Dr. Gooner

Must be some dodgy translation and not his fault we made him sound weird. Any native Portuguese speakers want to comment?


great point, that probably explains it! Not a Portuguese speaker but in Spanish “creciendo” which sounds almost the same means ‘growing’ (verb progressive tense), so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s similar in Portuguese and got messed up by the translator



Mzito the Heavy Gooner

He’s said “crescendo” as many times as he has scored in the league this season. Get in Big Gabby!


What’s with the liquor bottles. Disarrono and After Shock happened to be staples of my teenage drinking. I still wince every time I see After Shock, I think it rots your insides.


That Amaretto – especially when paired with some ice and sipped slowly – is to die for! Your welcome. 🙂


Much preferable to cinnamon after shock. Unless you like drinking mouthwash!

Les Doodis

Great alongside a pint of Guinness too

Ellis McPickle

I think it’s just taking the piss from the Prime Energy promotion.

Dr. Gooner

The sheer volume of advertising on that photo is mind boggling.


Are you by any chance South African? Man I had it and Jaegga enough for two lifetimes! Hate it both now.


No I’m a yank but the options in parents liquor cabinets was always weird stuff, peach schnapps, after shock, Malibu rum. Maybe the parents hid the normal good stuff. Peach schnapps and 7Up surprisingly nice!


I once wnet to Moz for boys weekedn they had us drinking sprite and milk!

Ellis McPickle

My uncle used to mix whiskey with milk! Said it was smooth going in and rough coming out.


“The Brazil international took questions in English and Portuguese but only replied in a series of high-pitched shrieks.”


Gabi is the new brand embassador for Crescendo

A Different George

Google translate says “crescendo” in Portuguese means “growing.” If you use “growing” or “growth,” it sounds a lot less weird.


Wondering if crescendo was his safe word, with him left twisting in the press conference…

Gunnar Elí

crescendo indeed


Today’s episode of sesame street was brought to you by the letter C and the word crescendo


Did you not get the memo Uefa? At the Arsenal we say “in a good moment” not crescendoing!

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