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Post-Liverpool quotes round-up: Arteta, Klopp, Rice, Van Dijk, Keane, Wright, Clichy & more

Goals from Bukayo Saka, Gabriel Martinelli and substitute Leandro Trossard helped Arsenal to a famous 3-1 win over Liverpool as Jurgen Klopp’s league leaders self-destructed in the face of a dominant Gunners’ performance.

While Mikel Arteta’s side handed the visitors a way back into the game on the brink of half time – Gabriel Magalhaes putting into his own net after a mix-up between William Saliba and keeper David Raya – they were thankful the mistake simply inspired the Reds to make costly errors of their own.

Here’s what the managers, players, pundits and stattos had to say on a forgettable afternoon for Virgil van Dijk and Alisson.

Mikel Arteta on the win…

“I’m very happy. It was a huge game that was going to dictate where we are and where we’re going to be. What the players produced was phenomenal. When they do that I have to put my energy in too. We are connecting with our people. We tried to produce a video to tell them how much we need them. They [fans] got the best out of every player today.

Source: BBC Sport 


Jurgen Klopp on his side’s performance…

It was, in general, not our day. I think, that we can really admit that Arsenal deserved the three points, even when the circumstances were obviously a bit strange. But it was clear that they’d go for us. It was similar to the cup game, in the cup game they had even bigger chances. We scored that goal before half-time, or they scored it, because having nil shots on target and having a goal on it is a bit strange. But I thought we found a way into the game, we had to adapt in a lot of moments today, so bring players in positions and bring them back after injury, all these kind of things all came together and then you come here to Arsenal. A little bit of that’s the explanation. I think if you don’t concede a second, which was really strange, then Arsenal might become a little bit nervous or stuff like this, and then the crowd is not as ecstatic as they were after the 2-1, and then everything can be different.

Source: Sky Sports

Kai Havertz on the role of the supporters…

The small details made the difference today. Definitely our mentality and obviously the supporters helping us. We needed them today; they showed big belief and made us run. We are very happy about the three points.



Declan Rice on a good Sunday…

They’ve been the best team in the league. If you look on paper and you look statistically, it’s only their second loss today. But we knew how big today was. Going into the game, the momentum we needed from everyone, from the staff, the players, the fans, I think it transmitted onto the field today. And I think you could see for a full 90 minutes that was a team that would do anything to win a football match. In the end, we come out victorious and it’s a very good Sunday all round.

Source: beIN SPORTS

Virgil van Dijk on his mistake for Arsenal’s second goal…

The 2-1 goal, I take full responsibility for that, but it’s a big turning point in the game. I should have done better, I should have made a better decision there. It hurts for me, and it hurts for the rest of the team. It was a big turning point in the game because I think especially after the break, we were so good. We had opportunities, we were dominant and I think the atmosphere started to become a little bit more nervous. Arsenal is a very good team and they will always try to stay in the game, but we were very dominant, especially in the second half. And then came the turning point. It’s my responsibility. I should just clear it, but I made the split-second wrong decision and unfortunately, these things happen sometimes in football. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that it hurts.

Source: Sky Sports


Arteta on Jorginho and what he brings to the squad…

Unbelievable. I’ve always said that he’s an example, a role model. He’s been in a lot of pain as well, because he has an issue that he’s been carrying for months. He didn’t want to stop, he’s been playing with that, he’s been training as the first one in and the last one out, and for all the kids, for everybody at the club, you want to look in the mirror at somebody, just look at him and how he behaves. He’s won everything, and if you ask him not to play, or to play one minute like last week, he’s happy to go there. You ask him to play 98 minutes at the rhythm and he’s able to do that, so I’m really lucky to have players like this.

Source: Post-game press conference 

Ex-Gunner Gael Clichy on Arsenal deserving the points

Overall, tactically, I think they were better. Arteta picked a really strong team with few players out. I think they deserve it. We can talk all night long about the mistakes, anything we want. I think they were the better team today. Yes, they suffered maybe for 15 minutes, but you have to give credit. If they had lost the game, it would have been [an ] eight points [gap]. They didn’t want that. Liverpool wanted that. They didn’t manage to do it.

Source: Sky Sports


Gary Neville on Arsenal not having a proper striker…

How many times this season have I seen and am going to see an Arsenal centre forward who isn’t actually a centre forward arrive too late in the box when the cross comes in? It’s so frustrating to watch, it’s Havertz who comes in late on his heels – he needs to be there earlier. He needs to get across his man, he’s in no-man’s-land, he’ll never be found by Saka in the position he’s in.

Source: Sky Sports (via Mirror Football)

Declan Rice on not letting heads drop at half time…

We’ve got some great characters in the team who were pushing it on, driving it on at half-time, and that wasn’t a moment to let our heads drop. We couldn’t let one moment of lacking concentration affect what we’d done for that 45 [minutes]. We knew in the second half it was going to be a tough game, but in the end, we gave it everything and we got the three points, which was massive for us.

Source: beIN SPORTS


Arteta on Martin Odegaard growing into the captaincy…

He’s been amazing. He’s growing and growing as a leader. He’s hugely respected, as well as his character, and what he does for the team every single day. Big performance and a happy day.

Source: Viaplay Fotball

Jamie Carragher on Martin Odegaard celebrating with club photographer Stuart MacFarlane…

Just get down the tunnel! You’ve won a big game, you’ve got the three points, you’re back in the title race, just get down the tunnel. I’m being serious, honestly.

Source: Sky Sports


Arteta on the fitness of Jesus (who missed the game) and Zinchenko & Saka who were both subbed…

With Gabby we expect it to be something about days, and with Alex we don’t know because he had some feeling in his calf again and we had to take him off. He [Saka] should be fine, I think. He got a kick on the ankle or the back of his foot, but he should be fine.

Source: Post-game press conference

Roy Keane on Liverpool’s performance…

In terms of the intensity from the first whistle to the last, in possession and without, I can’t believe how bad they were. Again, credit to Arsenal, they turned up and were at it, but Liverpool, defensively, were like a pub team defending.

Source: Sky Sports


Ian Wright on the celebration police trying to piss on Arsenal’s parade…

The negativity towards my manager, man. What has he done apart from celebrating the goals, celebrating his team, celebrating a team that is trying to beat these juggernauts, Liverpool and Man City, you know, and because he’s celebrating. Because Martin Odegaard, he’s taken a picture with Stuart the photographer, a lifelong Gunner – this man’s been supporting Arsenal since he’s what five or something ridiculous like that – taking a picture in front of the North Bank, what’s wrong with the captain doing that? It doesn’t mean it’s got anything to do with the fact we’ve beaten Liverpool, that’s just an opportunity. Why is  everybody trying to kill the joy, don’t kill the joy. There’s so much of the season to go as soon as Arsenal do anything they just come under the pile on. It’s like we can’t have any joy. Don’t let them spoil the joy. Keep doing what you’re doing. Whatever’s going to be, will be. Do not kill the joy. Keep doing what you’re doing. My manager, celebrate with passion like you do because that’s what it’s about, man. People are expecting us to bottle it and lose these games and we’re going through it, we’re getting ourselves through, through injuries and everything. And the hatred is just so intense. Just leave us alone, man. Leave us alone in the joy. Enjoy, Arsenal fans. Enjoy our moments. Because that’s all this game is, moments. And we had one tonight. We beat the great Liverpool, who are top of the league. Up the Gunners.

Source: @IanWright0

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Gado Gado

Oh Wrighty, you lovely human being. So well put.


Poor Carragher isn’t smart enough to realise the PR job Ødegaard is doing, getting the fans behind him, behind the team.


Carragher is right though. No need to celebrate victory over a pub team. Let’s celebrate wins over bigger teams in that city. Teams like Tranmere Rovers and Everton.


Honestly, you could’ve just ended your point after enough.


He is was just being jealous and a sore loser.


What do people really expect from a man who lacks self-control he spat at fans?

house of goons

Forever known as, “The Spitter” in our house.

Plus, neville’s a cunt. That is all.


Surely we need a statue of the man!

Eric Blair

I feel more and more as if he is the living breathing soul of the club these days


Well said Ian Wright


Got to love Wrighty ❤️


Perfect from Wrighty! Keys, Neville, Carragher, you lot of miserable fuckers can just fuck right off into the event horizon of the nearest black hole and get gravitationally shredded into your constituent subatomic particles, you fucking pack of snivelling killjoys.


That’s also extremely well articulated. The joy that was felt in the stadium and all around the world of gooners, is all that matters. If they can’t understand that. then I pity em. I suspect deep down they do, but they’re just bellends.


If there was a Nobel Prize for cursing you might’ve just won it, very well put. Having said that I don’t think I want to find out what Neville and Carragher’s constituent particles look like


How can I like this thrice? ❤️❤️❤️


Carragher explaining that “this result is better for Citythanit is for Arsenal”…..
What would have been better for Arsenal then? A draw or a loss???
This one was absolutely ridiculous!

Eric Blair

Bitterer than a pint of bitter with a lemon on top.


There was a time when I heard Gary Neville say, “ to beat Arsenal, you’ve got to score more goals than them’

Yes, you weapons graded plum, that’s how fucking football works!

Santi’s Phonebox

Excellent use of the phrase “sniveling killjoys”, I very much enjoyed that, both because it was funny and the truth.

Johnny Longbow

I honestly can’t remember a more negative reaction to a win, where the winning side gets almost zero credit. Apparently, Arsenal did nothing but put the ball in the net three times versus Pool’s 1. Trust in Wrighty to speak truth to the talking heads at Sky Central. I no longer listen to their commentary during matches, such is the utter bullcrap spouted on the regular. I only listened post-match today to hear from our players and manager and instantly regretted it. Good game. The best team won. End of.

Gunner In Hawaii

4 times to 0. 😉


Arsenal 3.52 xG Liverpool 0.41 xG

blimey that’s not just a beating, that’s a demolition. Spanked them so hard their butt cheeks will stay the colour of our shirts till next weekend

after the break, we were so good, we were dominant 

That’s a pretty ridiculous thing to say, now you’re just being a dijk

Just get down the tunnel! 

No Jamie, how about you get down the tunnel. The tunnel of your own arse. Oh wait, you’ve been there the entire time…


The xG surely skewed a little bit by our unusual second. Like, half a second before the ball bounced it would’ve been 0.01. Half a second after it was 0.95.


And also by the first, with the save from Havertz shot presenting Saka with another high XG opportunity. That said, we were more positive, more likely to score, and well deserving of the 3 goals. Pool were reduced to shots from distance, and hardly deserved their 1 goal. Reminds me of the critique they were putting on us, that we are set piece merchants, yet their team heavily relied on shots from distance and quick breaks. Your style is your style, but we create plenty chances. liverpool equally shoot a lot from outside but that didn’t work form them yesterday.… Read more »


This celebration police thing is so stupid. Do Carragher and co know that the entire arsenal community are laughing at him? Probably a lot of the non arsenal community too. Wrighty summed things up brilliantly.


wonder if the next manager of Liverpool will have them training to “north London forever”??

Celebration Police

Wrighty spoke the mind of every arsenal fan. Why the hatred? Everyone should have the right to celebrate however they deem fit. If you don’t like it, go and sleep or find something to do. Klopp running to the field or pumping fists to fans, Mou knee sliding, Fergie hairdryer for refs, or Conte the maniac are all cute but Arteta is rude. I can guess the excuses that these losers will make when arsenal wins EPL and UCL. Liverpool is rebuilding and Klopp leaving affected them. Man City is still stuck in treble hole or something that. They’ll forget… Read more »

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

LOVED Ramsdale giving that muppet Antony Taylor a mouthful from the bench.


I was laughing my arse off, wondering if anyone caught that. I’m pretty sure I saw him shout “TIMEWAASSTIIIIING” at some point. Love you, Ramsdale. Puts a lot of the negativity about our keepers to rest for me. He’s not exactly showing that he’s bitter and negative on the bench. Quite the contrary.

Santi’s Phonebox

A disgrace to his federation.

Emi Rates

No matter how we play, Neville remains a penis with ears attached to it.

Eric Blair

I’ve heard penis’s make more sense.

Merlin’s Panini

No wonder he cocked it up at Valencia


What about carragher, what an a class asshole irrelevant cry baby.
Why didn’t he just break down in tears and say if we had Mo , we’d beat u .
Anything to be a pissy pissface.
Lads can celebrate how ever the fuck they want.
I think we will go well in the league for sure but will be days where our lack of a outright goalscorer will see us draw or loose but in champions league I’m certain we have the team and tactics to win it I’m putting 20 on us to win it

Santi’s Phonebox

Carragher was ripped that the narrative he had built in his head of Liverpool winning the league as a farewell to Klopp has been ruined. Makes our victory even more satisfying.


We won an intense, emotional, draining, adrenaline-heavy, exciting game against a fierce and historic opponent. The media can go to hell. We can enjoy it however we want.

Blackpool Albert

Wrighty made me cry. Again.


FUCK OFF you crying wankers! You sounded PATHETIC trying to complain your way out of being clearly beaten!


—included Neville b/c he’s so blatantly anti Arsenal that he deserves inclusion…


I guess fans of other clubs can’t understand when the players are not just working for the club but are part and parcel of the club as well.. Something you can’t buy for A Billion pounds. Up the gunners


Haha Neville what a twat. His United is ship shape though 🙄

Rising Dough

What Jamie Carragher will never say:

“I’ll just be quiet now. I’m on TV, I’ve got paid, let them celebrate, so I’ll be quiet. It’s a game of joy, honestly.”

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