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Report: Arsenal set to offer Jorginho new contract

According to a report by PA Sport, Arsenal are set to offer Jorginho a new contract.

The Gunners are known to have had an option to extend the 32-year-old midfielder’s current deal, which ends in June, by a further 12 months, however, it’s unclear if that option lapsed and if we’re now negotiating a new deal from scratch.

If that is the case, it could potentially hand Jorginho’s camp the upper hand in negotiations, especially as several clubs in Italy are keeping tabs on his situation following his recent upturn in form.

Earlier this week agent Joao Santos claimed his client would welcome a reunion with former coach Maurizio Sarri at Lazio and would be suited to several other Serie A sides.

“He’d suit Lazio more, for the presence of coach Sarri who already knows his characteristics very well,” said Santos.

“But also Juve who have a great director of sport like Cristiano Giuntoli, who he spent many years with at Napoli.

“I would not rule out a return to Napoli with new coach Calzona, who used to work with Sarri before that.

He added: “I don’t think Roma would be likely, because there has never been any contact with them, but when it comes to their strength and tradition, everyone would love to play for Milan and Inter.”

Santos’ willingness to discuss Jorginho’s future in public and the timing of today’s report, suggests a fair amount of posturing is taking place. And if we’ve learnt anything this week from Amazon’s new documentary “Married to the Game”, Arsenal would be wise not to let things drag on. Jorgi is known to storm off when he gets impatient.

Arteta was a long-standing fan of Jorginho before he recruited the Italian from Chelsea last January in a deal worth £12 million.

He’s since made 41 appearances, often deputising for Thomas Partey. With the Ghana international and Mohamed Elneny both expected to depart, retention of Jorginho would ensure a level of stability while Arsenal explore the transfer market for more depth.

Elsewhere, Bild reports that Arsenal are one of three big-name clubs keeping an eye on the development of Ajax goalkeeper Diant Ramaj.

The 22-year-old German has established himself as the number one at the Cruyff Arena this season and could be an option should Aaron Ramsdale move on in the summer.

We’ve no idea whether there’s any truth in the story which also claims Bayern and Chelsea are sniffing around.

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Johnny 4 Hats

Makes absolute sense. Elneny off. Partey likely off. We need that experience and calm that Jorginho exudes.

Even three months ago I might have felt differently. But he’s really proved his doubters (including me) wrong.


Man, i really dont want Partey to leave. Just wish he had some luck with injuries, if he did, he would be hard to replace. Still hope we take a chance and it works out, then look at El neny replacement. If we kept Partey and gave Sambi chances coming back of this experience he has gained, I would not be mad about it.


I think off-field chaos took some toll on Partey. It’d be good for all parties to end this season with a Blast and then go on separate ways with satisfaction.


Solid decision. He adds a lot to our team yet isn’t a pain when on the bench, quite the opposite. Top guy!

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Not that solid but somewhat understandable. Athletes are worth their last three or four performances and that should earn you a contract extension in eyes of fans. A young Kante from Ligue 1 or a much improved Lokanga back from loan should also be in the conversation

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

If we lose Elneny and Partey then I’d be comfortable keeping Jorginho, bringing Lokonga back into the squad and integrating Myles Lewis-Skelly

Dr. Gooner

Sambi really impressed me at Luton recently, but I don’t think he is an Arteta player and I see him as more of a double pivot, so not an ideal system fit. Plus he doesn’t have a track record of being able to do it at the highest level. It could work out long term but he’s still a project. This Arsenal team is ready to win all the trophies now, so we need to be thinking much bigger than that. The level of player it would take to improve this unit now is massive. The list is short. Barcelona… Read more »

A Different George

Yeah, I want a young Kante from League 1, because there are a lot of them waiting for our offer. Also, a 17-year old Zidane (okay, I’ll settle for another Cesc). Failing that, Jorginho’s last few performances aren’t something out of the blue; they were completely consistent with the way he has played through his career and so resolved the single doubt about him, his age.


Much improved Lukonga?!


Fair deal though Him extending means bye bye MO. and Iove MO. Honest if not limited. Will miss me some Mo.


I hope Mo scores a banger soon. It’s been some time.


Even coaches from the bench. Hard to find such a player/leader.

Dr. Gooner

That’s a big consideration in the deal I’m sure. Arteta has worked so hard to build this culture and Jorginho will carry the torch with him all around the club. Besides that, obviously also still a top player with a hard to find skill set. He single handedly destroyed Newcastle’s game plan last week. They tried to build a wall in front of the 2 in our 3-2-5 shape in attack because that worked before. Jorginho said thanks mate, I’ll just go over you. He clipped pass after pass on a dime to an attacker in space. Newcastle’s wall became… Read more »

Chipper 49

I would hope that we haven’t let the option lapse. That sort of half arsed contract negotiation belongs firmly in the far too recent past. Happy to extend his contract , his play for us has overcome my ‘ex chelsea’ prejudice . Not keen on his agent however , touting for business like a cheap hooker.

djourou's nutmeg

he’s publicly linked his player to every italian team, putting pressure on arsenal to give him a good deal to fence off suitors, and telling every italian sporting director for the final 4 years of his career that he’d like to go to their club. it’s nasty for us, but that’s exactly what you want your agent to do, really


I’d be shocked if we created an option on an 18 month contract which a) could have lapsed and b) we allowed it to happen. It’s much more likely in my view that we’re looking to extend by more than 12 months and having a commercial conversation about doing that, knowing that we have a strong hand because we can press the button on the 12 month extension whenever we want.

Per's cojones

Makes a lot of sense. Doubt we could get a more experienced guy happy to come on whenever needed and be a solid option for anything cheaper. Esp with Mo probably leaving, would be good to have a solid experienced head in the squad


I won’t be surprised if they give him a sort of player-coach role with a new contract.

Santi’s Phonebox

Hadn’t thought of that, good shout. He seems like he has the leadership experience, likes the responsibility of leading and I can’t think of anyplace better to learn your craft as a new manager. That makes a lot of sense.

William Nilliam

On current form this is an absolute no-brainer


Good move. We need his experience in a young squad. It helps that he’s also a very good player at the base of the mid.


I remember being taken back by the negative reaction to his signing by some parts of the fan group. His quality and experience has been invaluable, and it well never not be funny that Chelsea have spent over £200m trying to replace him and failed!

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

Love it if we extended his deal.
Love so many players are returning.
Do not love the news about a good young keeper we’re interested in when we have a perfectly awesome young keeper already.

We’ll need a backup when we sell Ramsdale for £30m+

Santi’s Phonebox

There’s a scenario that has played in my head that Rammers learns to adapt and add elements of Rsys’s qualities into his game, better patrolling of the box, eliminating crosses with aerial catches, quick release throws and kicks for counter attacks and more confidence in open play as another option at the back. Then he reclaims his position with these additional skills. He will likely be sold, which sucks but at the same time Arsenal seem tighter at the back, clean sheets are up and Rammers needs to play. In life, everyone finds their level.

karl g

He never seems to make a fuss and keeps form when not playing regularly. Even if his form does drop, there seems to be additional value in Jorginho when working with younger players.

A sort of deluxe Elneny.

Dr. Gooner

I kind of get where you’re coming from with that comp but I still broke out in hives.

djourou's nutmeg

if his on pitch performance wasn’t enough, he’s loved by everyone in the team. apparently a very funny guy, but also very professional and well respected, a leader. i think people have always underestimated that side of players, which is funny for a team that in his recent history has had “confidence issues”. so while i don’t think we’re short of leaders right now, im sure everyone in the squad feels more comfortable with him around, and i sure do. so hopefully we can stay with him for, at the very least, one more year


He’s like having a undercoach within the dressing room and I’m sure that’s what Arteta finds priceless right now with this young squad.


It’s a nice idea and somewhat true I’d guess but to me what he provides is somebody who can anticipate and press in the midfield behind odegaard because even if he is only a speed bump, that’s all rice needs to clean up the press and volley us back into the attack

A Different George

He really works well with Rice; I think he would also complement Partey. In a lot of ways, he is a sort of deep-lying Ødegaard–the same role that Zinchenko plays.


Good news, he’s more than proven himself and all against top opponents. Now he can finally get his connect the dots forearm tattoo finished!


He’s been outstanding of late, also a massive presence for the younger members of the squad, the guy has had less injuries in his career than ive put in sicknotes in the last 3 years, at 32 a player who’s looked after himself, has been successful at every level give him a 2 year contract and be done with it.


Ramsdale leaving is terrible news. The way that situation has been instigated and then handled is disgusting. Makes a mockery of Artetas family club sound byte. Ramsdale is the best keeper at Arsenal! If he goes it will leave a very sour taste in the mouth. We won’t win anything with Raya.

Santi’s Phonebox

Good to see your open to change.

The Beast

Might as well dissolve the club if we end up selling him. Don’t see any reason to go on without him really.


So you both believe Raya is an upgrade and Ramsdale has been fairly treated?

Dr. Gooner

This sideshow of an Aaron Ramsdale cult among Arsenal supporters deserves a deep dive psychological analysis and its own 14 part documentary. I’m convinced there are fundamental truths about human nature to be learned here.


Wow. I’m so glad I know so little about what footballers do outside of football 🙂


Laughing, but not judging.

Public Elneny

Makes sense

With Timber hopefully returning and Partey and Elneny leaving, lets bring Zinchenko into midfield full time too


Deffo keep jorgi, experience be critical in addition to controlling and seeing our games .
His successor in form of Martin Zubamendi should be bought this summer to bed him in and at same time Sambi can play 6 and 8 roles .
I know Dec and Martin Od are nearly always fit but better have options and with 4 number 6 options and 2 of them can play 8 , that’s midfield sorted for few seasons .

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