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Rice lauds Jorginho quality after midfield masterclass

Declan Rice was full of praise for Jorginho after the Brazilian’s Italian’s outstanding performance in the 3-1 win over Liverpool at the Emirates this evening.

The duo spoke to Sky Sports after the game, and here’s what they had to say.

Was the win sweeter after letting the lead slip in the first half?

Rice: Yeah, look, we knew the importance of the game today. The small margins in football, whether we’d won or lost, the gap would have become either bigger or smaller. And the only focus today with the fans, with the players, with everyone, with the staff, was to win and get three points.

I think from start to finish, from the training leading up to it during the week, it’s been really positive and that transmits onto the pitch and I think you can feel that today.

Was it difficult to go again after letting in the silly goal?

Jorginho: No, it wasn’t. It wasn’t because we believe in ourselves and we rely on each other. That goal wouldn’t change anything of what we’ve done the first 45 minutes. So we knew how to do it, how to get back in the second half and to go again because we knew we could do it. We just had to push each other and keep the energy high.

Why didn’t Arsenal go into their shells?

I think because we got people like him [Jorginho], Skip (Odegaard), myself. People that drive it on, you know, obviously it was a kick in the teeth to concede so late after having a really good first half but I think, like you said, we knew we had such a big 45 minutes in our season and one goal couldn’t affect that so we had to go up there and give it absolutely everything.

Did you think about about the consequences of losing?

Rice: I think when you’re competing for titles and people and stuff like he’s been there before he’ll tell you every game is so important obviously we’ve slipped up in some games of late, but today it was a real important game we had to do it the way we did. These are the moments we live for. As kids we dream about these moments. We’re really happy today.

Who was your player of match? Leave your ratings on: Arsenal 3-1 Liverpool – player ratings

As someone who has won things, does it feel like this group is getting closer?

Jorginho: Definitely, definitely it is. Because it’s such a good group, they listen to each other and no one is selfish here. Everyone thinks for the group, you know, and that’s the most important thing. And the maturity that our team has demonstrated today, it was huge. When we could play and when we couldn’t play from the back, and we said we should go long as well. So that match here has really helped us and took us to where we are.

On midfield calm …

Rice [interjects]: He’s the best at it. No, obviously, before I signed for Arsenal, the prospect of playing with him, Partey, playing against him before, knowing how he controls games, how calm he is on the ball, he’s got qualities that not a lot of other midfielders have.

Is he a guy you’ve looked up to?

Rice: Yeah, of course, I’m a youngster. Playing in the same position obviously he does things that are at such a high quality and for myself I’m trying to learn and I think over the years he’s been such a top player. The manager trusts him wholeheartedly so to come in today and play like he did, he spoke to us yesterday and said the battle tomorrow was going to be massive and we were really up for it today.

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Brazilian Gooner

He is Brazilian. The fact that he chose to represent Italy because of his citizenship doesn’t change it 🤔


I think that Jorginho had a Brazilian father and an Italian mother and his parents moved to Italy when he was in his mid teens. So he’s both. (I could be wrong)

Brazilian Gooner

Actually they are both brazilians aswell, his citzenship comes from way above the tree, grand-grandfather I guess, something very common here in the south of Brazil (where he comes from). I have italian citzenship for the same reason too


Can you play central midfield too in high pressure games?

Brazilian Gooner

Does sunday league reserve team count as high pressure?


The nationality matters not. He belongs to the ARSENAL. Men that feels GOOD!!!!.


His name is Jorginho, slang for little Jorge. About Brazilian as Carnival and Cachaca


He holds both Brazilian and Italian nationalities and was born and grew up in Brazil until he was 15, so yes he’s also Brazilian. The fact he can only choose to play for one national team doesn’t simply delete the other one.


I don’t know whether he feels more of a Brazilian or an Italian, but boy he spends the entire game swearing in Brazilian PT nonstop 😂


Haha does he? That has really tickled me. What a performance from him (jorgi) today tho. Reminded me of how he played against Newcastle last season. Perfect blend of calm and shit housery. We’ve needed a player like this a long time. Fingers crossed he signs da ting for next season.

Santi’s Phonebox

I think we have the ability to extend his contract a year at our choice.


Don’t think any of the other players speak Italian, does Martinelli? He probably wants someone to understand him swearing 😂


100% Gooner.
Top job from him today.


If only the scientist who made Haaland in that lab could merge this two into one! 😉

Mayor McCheese

Rice perfectly blends confidence and humility. Knows he’s one of the guys pushing the team forward, and knows he can learn from someone like Jorginho. Class.

Brazilian Gooner

What a beast Jorginho is, him and Alisson were our best players today




Good one 🤣


Really impressive how he came in cold after bot starting for ages and delivering such a solid shift.


we had a bot starting in midfield for ages? Look Declan Rice’s consistency is almost machine-like but I’m sure he wouldn’t appreciate being called that


This was such a one sided game! We outplayed and outclassed them! Jorginho alongside Rice is a killer combination!
I think chasing the title will suit us better and we will win the league at Old Toilet.

Man Manny

Jorginho was immense. Harvertz did well too. Two lads who were lucky to be rescued from the sinking ship at Stamford Bridge.

Lars Albæk

Harvertz?? He was useless


And they spent how much on the players that replaced them 😂


I always thought he came across like a Brazilian with that surname.

Rice was immense too IMO


Love him, haved loved him from the moment he first put on the Arsenal shirt (of course not a second before, Chelsea eww, Italy eww). Just a classy, super intelligent player, always brings calm to our game and probably the one who has most replaced Xhaka’s “veteran mentor” leadership role in our dressing room


Oh my word Jorginho. We’ve had the Xhaka replacement all these while


Jorginho needs more starts whilst Partey is out, our massing is so much more progressive and he speeds up the tempo of our game which is often quite slow, never takes a second touch if he does not need to. First name on the team sheet if you’re an attacker in this team. shout out to Havertz, very useful outlet and puts in a massive shift. Let’s get Partey, Tomi, Timber back, anything is possible. We could go really far in this yr champions lg celebration police, go and sh1t in your hands and clap, miserable bunch. Must be the… Read more »


Jorghino and Rice absolutely nullified Liverpool midfield today and completely took away the game from them playing narrow box midfield with Ødegaard and Kai. Arteta tactically used Kai in the way Jürgen used to use Firmino. Rice is worth every pence Arsenal paid for him.




Look at those two – hair to make Arteta proud!

Baruch Velleman

The excellence of Jorginho and the efficiency of Kiwior underlines the success of Arteta and Edu in recruitment and tactics

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