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Timber returns to full training

Arsenal have been handed an injury boost after Jurrien Timber returned to full training ahead of our clash with Sheffield United on Monday.

The 22 year old sustained an ACL injury in our first Premier League game of the season, after impressing during pre-season following his move from Ajax in July.

The official website reported evening, “The Dutchman …received a warm welcome from his teammates at Wednesday’s special training session at Emirates Stadium.”

It comes after Mikel Arteta spoke positively last week about his potential involvement before the end of the season. However, expectations should remain somewhat tempered, as there is difference between returning to full contact training and being ready to play in the Premier League and Champions League.

It might be a few weeks before we see him really pushing for competitive minutes, but this is a big step forward, and hopefully his reintegration goes smoothly.

Gabriel Jesus and Thomas Partey also took part in the session, although Takehiro Tomiyasu and Oleksandr Zinchenko were not visible in the publicly released training pictures.

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Literally like a new signing!!

David C

I never get sick of this joke because it reminds me of our beloved former coach Prof Wenger!


Side track. Apologies in advance. But am I the onky one who finds this Liverpool kids thing nauseating? Also why do people think them and City won’t falter but us instead?

I mean we are far stronger than last season have managed injuries far better and are Bout to have a full strength team in the business end of the season so why do they think we are likely to falter?

Welcome return Justin


I’m with you, they are the media’s chosen ones now spurs have fallen away. Wait for the comparisons of pools cost of midfield vs arsenals, net spend, etc etc. it feels like a Mexican stand off atm. Liverpool fans are lapping up the hype but they are worried that if they don’t win the league Klopp can be called a cup manager(I know Roy Keane won’t hold back on how many titles he won when it comes to it) I’d be hoping for a draw with them and united in the next round of fa cup to push a game… Read more »


Don’t think there is replays anymore


I belive that we going to win at Etihad. I also think Than Teg Hag might cause a minor shock. I think we will win against Chelsea but only just. I think Liverpool will beat city but will falter immediately after that. I have a funny feeling that pool might finish closer to fifth in points than to whoever wins the title.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Liverpool fans do my head in. They act like they’ve been a dominant, all conquering team. The truth is, since I started watching football in 87, they’ve won 3 league titles


Growing up they have always been my biggest rival. No spurs fans in school. I preferred united fans to them when we were slogging it out for titles. Liverpool fans will always remind me of that annoying neighbour that would try to persuade you everything they do is better.


The media order of brown nosing:
1) Spurs (who knows why)
2) Liverpool (ooooh so emotional!)
3) Newcastle (poor plucky losers)
4) Man Utd (bbc Salford/neville/rio)

Whilst we have a few who go to bat for us on the athletic, guardian, Wrighty etc, most want us to fail. They hate us for some reason and I’m happy about this.

It Is What It Is

If you don’t have haters, you’re doing something wrong. Long may the contingent grow.

house of goons

Happy for the “experts” to underestimate us. I get worried when they start singing our praising. Plus I enjoy shouting cunt at the TV every time neville, mccoist or carragher say something stuped and/or annoying. cunts. Cunts!


Let’s hope he isn’t wooden.


I think he still has to prove he’s better than Kiwior. OTOH he can cover for right back as well, so, exciting news.


Going into the season everyone assumed he was better than Kiwior. Hope is cause Kiwior is very good


He did show it too in preseason and helping us beat City for the Community Shield, it seemed like he was a sort of Zinchenko on offense but who’s much more of a natural defender, and faster than any of our current full backs. So at full fitness probably the number 1 choice there. That said I am 100% sure it’s going to take him till some time into next season to get back to that, so please everyone, pleeeease can we not get impatient with the lad! This is probably wasting time and as soon as he has a… Read more »


Kiwior has been excellent of late, but he doesn’t have the versatility of Zinny (or Timber based on what we know). I’m super excited to have Timber back, Kiwior playing great footy, and the experience, leadership and guile of Zinny (who is basically built for technical CL footy).There will be situations for all three. It is so weird how much the fanbase has soured on Zinny and scapegoating him for mostly a lot of bollocks…

El Mintero

Not that weird. He’s shit defensively and always injured. We should sell him in the summer and look for an upgrade.


Competition and depth are good — plus they offer something different.

Anyway we will soon need to replace Cedric. 😉

Cannon and ball and arsen’all

He actually came to the club as a centre back who can play right back or defensive mid.. Left back was not a recognised position for him when he arrived, and seemingly he could not force TP5 out of the right back berth at that stage, so he slotted in at left back. We have a whole lot of versatility in that back line

El Mintero

Spot on. He’s played most of his footie on the right side before joining us. Either RB or right center-half. We stuck him on the left and voila he does his ACL…As an aside, many sports physicians point to links between disproportionate number of knee injuries suffered when players “switch sides” so to speak…

Norwegian Wood

Having Timber and White (Partey at the start of the season) on either side should allow us to invert from either the left or right mid games to disrupt opposition shape.

That’s how he has the edge over Kivior and Zinny. He can defend as one of three defenders, and he can invert as one of two midfielders. Basically what White is doing right now, but he’s better at it.

Robert Bagshaw

That’s great news hopefully we see him in the next month


Hey blogs, are we not getting a “by the numbers” for the Newcastle game?



Tomiyasu Vain

And even their 1 comes with the astrix that it was our lad.what did it

Cliff Bastin

Number of times Bruno Guimaraes looked absolutely knackered – 29


Also, Bruno just looked shit vs us last week as did Schar. But Bruno looks average when in Newcastle and the ref is giving them all the calls. Hash tag elbow.


I am a proud Patreon member, are you?


Number of times Ben White clattered Bruno Guiramaes – 2
Number of times humanity was happy after Ben White twice clattered Guiramaes – 2


What the hell happened to Tomiyasu?



El Mintero

Wow. Who da thunk it.

Lord Bendnter

Injured until next international break, and so on and so forth


Haven’t you heard? He plays for Japan.

I miss santi cazorla

Tomiyasu entering into the ever injured arsenal “what if” list…Wilshire, Diaby, Etc.


Not yet he doesn’t. Still time and hope.




Ahhh, Mozart. Thanks for reminding me.
And against the spuds.😊


Rvp was on that list forever and then he blazed out of it


And quickly became a twat, then blazed right back to it.


Whether he plays this season its great to see him back, Jesus & Partey also, Tomi & Zichenko can’t be far away from returning aswell, having ESR, Eddie, Nelson, Trossard and lets not forget Ramsbo and with our 1st eleven playing superbly this must be our strongest squad line up I’ve seen for a very long time, it seems gone are the days when i thought if we could remain at halftime 0-0 away to man c, liverpool, chelsea, man u, even spuds we could nick a result, still early days but we are a team to be reckoned with… Read more »




Timber. Never in doubt he wood return. Maybe against Forest? He will have an axe to grind. Some might leaf for a new branch or walk the plank but Timber will not be shivered.


Been pining for his return, have you? Don’t get all sappy!


just boo.


I think he needs to teak a few parts of his game before he gets a starting place.


How did you log so many puns? Great to see though, anyone who thought Timber was deadwood this season was barking up the wrong tree!


His knee must be OaK now

I miss santi cazorla

Timber coming to grab the silver

Forest gooner

Guy from my profession



Man Manny

This season has basically passed him by. But he’ll be there for the title defence next season.


This is nothing short of miraculous. Well done Jurrien. Well done to the medical team.


Does this mean that we’re returning to the Partey at right back experiment?


Completely unrelated to the above story. With Chelski advancing in the FA Cup they’re now scheduled to play Leicester on 16th March which was the date we were playing them, so assume this is another fixture that will be shifted…


He looked incredible preseason. It will take time but he looked a hell of a player. Think they may be more careful with him after jesus struggles. That said, not doubting he can make an impact this season. To come from Ajax and slot in that fast, he could also get back in fast as well.


Joined arsenal, new team, new position, no problem. Here’s hoping. COYG

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Personally, I’d like him to have a sort of long pre season, and return to the pitch next season

Evans Ndege Boundi

I could love to see timber back in the team soon.


This guy’s got some Wolverine DNA going on, what a recovery!

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