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“You have to be happy when you win” – Odegaard snaps back at celebration police

Martin Odegaard says Arsenal “will stay humble” as he defended his decision to celebrate Sunday’s 3-1 win over Liverpool with club photographer Stuart MacFarlane.

When the full time whistle went on an enthralling encounter at Emirates Stadium, the Gunners club captain reversed roles with MacFarlane, grabbing his camera to snap a few pics in front of the North Bank.

The decision drew immediate criticism from Jamie Carragher on Sky Sports with the ex-Liverpool defender moaning: “Just get down the tunnel! You’ve won a big game, you’ve got the three points, you’re back in the title race, just get down the tunnel. I’m being serious, honestly.”

Having none of it, Odegaard has since snapped back in comments that are sure to prove popular with the Arsenal fans, who also enjoyed a potentially pivotal afternoon in the season.

“If you’re not allowed to celebrate when you win a game, when are you allowed to celebrate?” said the Norway international.

“We’re happy with the win and we’ll stay humble.”

He added: “I think everyone who loves football, who understands football, they know how much it means to win this game.

“We keep working hard and we prepare for the next one, but of course you have to be happy when you win.

“It was a massive game. It could have been eight points [the gap to Liverpool if Arsenal had lost] and it would look a lot more difficult then, but we showed up, the fans were unbelievable.

“I think we all did this together. You see the club, how together we are, all the players, staff, supporters, everything. So yeah, brilliant to see.”

Odegaard’s comments come hot on the heels of those made by ex-Gunner Ian Wright, who also called on pundits to stop policing Arsenal’s celebrations.

Taking to Instagram, Wrighty said: “Martin Odegaard, he’s taken a picture with Stuart the photographer, a lifelong Gunner – this man’s been supporting Arsenal since he’s what five or something ridiculous like that – taking a picture in front of the North Bank, what’s wrong with the captain doing that?

“It doesn’t mean it’s got anything to do with the fact we’ve beaten Liverpool, that’s just an opportunity. Why is everybody trying to kill the joy, don’t kill the joy.

“There’s so much of the season to go as soon as Arsenal do anything they just come under the pile on. It’s like we can’t have any joy. Don’t let them spoil the joy. Keep doing what you’re doing.”

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Gary “kissing the United badge in front of Liverpool fans” Neville calling our celebrations immature was pretty amazing.


Gary who?


Gary Neville looks like a guy who ended puberty with 1 bollock, patchy pubes and an half inch micropenis, and that’s just his face.


Ok, who downvoted this? If you are going to do it, at least have the balls to stand up and admit it!

Johnny 4 Hats

And forgetting that the badge was actually in the middle of his shirt. Fucking buffoon.


Got to say that this is one of the strangest microcosms in football. I’m not aware of any other team that gets vilified for ‘over celebrating’ its complete nonsense.


Gary and Jamie dancing with the Brentford fans after we lost to them on opening game of the season was obviously a sackable offence in their weird standards


That was truly teeth-itching bias from two supposedly neutral pundits.

Have you ever seen the like aimed at any other club? No, me neither.


Santi’s Phonebox

Feckin love Wrighty! From Gunner to Gooner the man just spits facts. Up the Gunners!


Jamie who?


I couldn’t actually hear him, his high pitched whinning reached inaudible levels, but at the same time my dog started writhing with pain on the floor holding her ears.

Cygan's barber

Some scouse cunt 🤷🏼


You know that sore losser, who’s loves spitting on kids after Liverpool losses a game.

Emi Rates

Have some sympathy, an Everton fan who never qualified for the team he supported and had to settle for the rival. No wonder he’s unable to experience joy.


100% Martin & Wrighty.
Not to forget the idiot Carragher saying if we’d lost, we should be questioning if Arteta was the right man to take Arsenal forward.


Carragher is just a bad loser.
And a cunt.


You forgot ‘cunt’ too


Sorry. Yes, he’s a cunt.

Moronic Inferno

Those two pr*cks are just click baiting hypocrites, fuck them.

Master Floda

When Neville started he was a surprisingly good pundit. But now he’s just out to create controversy, because that’s the easiest way to drive “engagement”. People react to it and then react to reactions. And everyone creates an ad impression, which is why social media platforms push controversy in their algorithms and why Sky loves Neville. That’s also why we constantly talk about referees and why Howard Webb has his own show: more controversy, more engagement, more advertising.


You lost me at “When Neville started he was a surprisingly good pundit”…


His goodness was coincidental I think. He was good because he thought United would be competitive so his analysis tended to be balanced. It’s easy to be gracious whne you are successful. I think he turned toxic whne it became obvious that united where becoming a shambolic mess and Arsenal a team his spent his prime in contention with were reawakening.

Emi Rates

Remember the time he sat down with those tools from AFTV and took them apart over Wenger? He was heading for greatness as a pundit at that point. Don’t know what’s happened to him since. He’s easily in the top five most annoying pundits now.


No one turned me off football like ATFV. To think they profited off slagginng your own team and manager. It was boorish.


I had that thought about this ‘over celebrating’ tripe. It doesn’t seem to happen to any other team in the entire world. But with arsenal its ‘Look at them they won a massive game in the top of the table title clash, how dare they enjoy it! Gloating pricks’.

It’s so ludicrous it gets all of our fan base annoyed and there is a flurry of internet outrage and traffic on these dickheads twitter etc. why we are singled out, I’m not sure.


I’m south African so obviously do not have proper perspective but can anyone say why the media hates Arsenal so munch?


As someone alluded to above, a lot of the pundits are ex players from Man U and Liverpool. Whereas pundits used to give opinions with varying veils of neutrality, there had been a shift recently to a more tribalistic stance from broadcasters. Coupled with a clickbait mentality, the quality of punditary has fallen off a cliff. And of course you’ve always had irrelevant no mark cunts like Keyes who will say literally anything to get their name heard. (I think as well he married his daughter’s best friend which tells you everything you need to know about the hairy handed… Read more »


Yeah that Keyes story is something else. It’s hard to fathom not least because I belive she ws I’ll at the time I think.


I rarely watch those pundits and commentators so I hadn’t realised just how much of a big deal this became. WTF?! Honestly this is all so sickening, the amount of stuff Arsenal are singled out for and made to be the supposed villains of this league, when there are clubs cheating their way to one title after the other with the dirtiest money on earth. The yellow cards for touchline celebrations when potentially leg breaking tackles are shrugged off. If you prefer to ignore that stuff because you want to concentrate on the football itself, that would be one thing,… Read more »


Bravo 👏

om suley

spot on mate


I’ve only just started playing the latest Arsecast, but before hearing the rest of it a MASSIVE salute to James, for ripping Chris Sutton so totally and utterly.Had me in stitches.


Did he get to the Euros, Ken?


Does anyone Clip Arsecast best bits?.. that was absolutely hilarious.

A Different George

James kinda took me in with the part about having to be careful what he says because he is in sports media. Made it that much harder to stop laughing.

El Gooner

What does Carragher know about winning the league?


He knows you shouldnt celebrate it


Gosh, I missed all the pundits’ commentary while I was celebrating a win for the club I love in the sport that I love. Too bad.


Would pay good money for an audio filter which cut Neville’s voice off the commentary. I never pay anything for the stream, but I would happily pay for the filter.


One of the few bright spots of living in America—while I do have to pay for a million streaming subscriptions, I at least rarely hear that moron or Roy Keane, the biggest dunce of them all.


Roy Keane’s whole schtick is that he’s miserable.

Imagine going from one of the best and most feared midfielders in the premier league to becoming Victor Meldrew.


The celebration police are getting exactly what they wanted: no one is talking about how good we were yesterday or how poor liverpool were


Kinda fine? Leaves the pressure off for longer in a way.




As much as I hate Amazon, at least with their coverage you have the ability to turn off the commentary. Sky would never do that because they know everyone would turn these idiots to mute.


Neville will debase himself in the name of ‘engagement’ and Carragher spits at little kids who are having fun, so their opinions are irrelevant.

Anyway, since when is celebrating a massive victory not being humble? Surely the act of acknowledging the scale of the moment is pure humility? Walking off as if it was nothing would be more arrogant, no?

karl g

Mean-spirited killjoys just can’t accept a defeat. Keep it coming, as this means Arsenal are annoying units by winning matches.

karl g


Emi Rates



Who really cares what pundits says, had Liverpool won Klopp would of done his 3 punch shenanigans in front of his supporters at the end of the game, credit to Miki on his line up and tactics, subs aswell, he like the players were top notch, buzzing today, days like yesterday you feel we can go a long way in PL & CL this season

karl g

After having his say on Arsenal celebrating, check out the video of Ferdinand & Scholes going crazy in the studio when Rashford scores against City last year:-)


Or when Carra was gleefully cackling on co-comms with Neville during the Liverpool 7-0 over United last season.
As others have said, this is at least partially if not fully to drive controversy which drives engagement. Hence why Carra has made his profile pic on X Ødegaard with the camera. What a turd.

Cristian Mihalache

I won’t suspect Carragher for being mean, he’s just stupid, period.


This is exactly how he reacted to the dad and his kid. Spitting out tantrums because things didn’t go the way he wanted. Beyond childish.


That’s why some ex players can only be soccer pundits and never manage a club or get the sack within a few months of management 🤣🤣

Group Captain Mandrake

Jamie Carragher. Fuuuuuuck that guy. The nerve of a player having a little harmless fun after a huge game.


We’re having all the fun that’s all. Absolutely love it

Daniel Wynne

hes an amazing footballer but its moments like this and when he went to the fans with Sagoe Jnr that show Odegaard is a great captain


Odegaard was just doing something nice for the photography and no doubt his friend. Is that such a problem Jamie Carragher?


I live near Portland, OR. So I am a fan of the Timbers too. The worst part about that right now is that Phil Neville is our new manager.

Okay I’m back i just had to clean up as I vomited in my mouth again over this. The worst part is if he is good ( doubtful as he wasn’t at Miami) the idea of Gary being happy about this kills me.


If any further proof were required as to how anti-Arsenal biased those Sky cretins are – this was it on a silver platter. Elsewhere in the media other usual suspects such as Chris Sutton and Richard Keys were in full salty flow. Has anyone employing these cretins ever reminded them of their duty to provide some form of impartiality to their discourse? When you look at our own Ian Wright, he clearly cannot curb (nor should he) his love for Arsenal – yet he still manages to give credit to our rivals when it is due. Likewise, Keown, Dixon, Merson,… Read more »

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