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Arsenal 2-1 Brentford – player ratings

Arsenal left it late to take three points against Brentford this evening, a late Kai Havertz header giving the Gunners a 2-1 win.

Declan Rice had put us ahead, but a horror mistake from Aaron Ramsdale handed the opposition an equaliser just before half-time. However, for the second time this season, the German beat Brentford with a late header, to send Mikel Arteta’s men top of the table.

Here’s how the players rated this evening.

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Read the Arsenal 2-1 Brentford match report and see the goals here 

Arsenal 2-1 Brentford – Player Ratings

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I love the fight,, resilience and determination of this great team,,, It is moments like this which defines the champions.,,, The bees were a worthy opponent,, impressive performance from the boys


Worthy opponent, maybe… But there was something about their general cuntishness, coupled with red and white stripes that was quite Stoke

Exit the Lemming

You’re just a football snob aren’t you?


Paul Tierney is a c*nty b*stard, isn’t he? One of those would have been a penalty for one
of our title rivals but no chance for us. We won the game, but that pisses me off so much.

Having said that, I was screaming for Havertz to be the one taken off (mostly because of his
yellow) when the second sets of changes were made. But what do I know? Mikel Knows BEST.

Alan Sunderland

Think he was afraid to make a decision today, after last week’s fiasco he probably didn’t want to give anything either way.


Pretty sure that’s his job ? However he is particularly shite at his job so remove his smugness from the refereeing lists please !


Agree, yet the problem with var is it does cast doubt in the officials mind and it can be used as a crutch. Kicking decisions upstairs so to speak.

bball has been harmed for more than soccer by var. my , view make the call and play the game.

Alan Sunderland

didn’t say it wasn’t his job, was making an observation as to why he didn’t want to get involved in making a decision.


Always a good sign around “officials” when half of them are scared shitless and the other half are smug little men with agendas.


Succint and entirely accurate, Sir.

Exit the Lemming

Paul Tierney has refereed 19 Arsenal matches to date and awarded 9 penalty kicks. Arsenal scored with 5 of these and we missed 1. The opposition were awarded 3, scored with 2 and missed 1. This hardly makes him ‘anti Arsenal’ does it?


‘After last weeks fiasco’ If only they could just get rid of the poor performing refs, or send them to League 1. We complain about the same refs, and they are right back to it the next weekend. just breeding either weak refs (afraid to make the decisions) or even worse corrupt ones!


Yeah I actually think his overall reffing was fine. Didn’t take decisions in the box though, wonder how much VAR comes into their heads when deciding to award or not award a penalty.


Agree on both counts but glad Kai stayed on. Re Tierney 💯 wadda cuunce. 2 pens denied and motd? Another cuunce all they talked about was Kai shouldn’t have been on the pitch. Wtf he was expecting the challenge from defender which actually came later than expected. We played them off the park 1st half and save for scoring 2/3 more imho was an outstanding display prob best football we’ve played


I rewatched a clip where you can see their hips bumps together so there was contact. But I don’t think it should’ve been a penalty there. However, Trossard’s situation…

Exit the Lemming

Havertz should have brought his trunks……

Exit the Lemming

We need to learn to accept when we’ve dodged a bullet e.g. when Havertz should have been sent off for a blatant dive BEFORE he scored our winner. Reduced to 10 v 11 at that point would have changed the entire dynamic of the game etc


Saka looked like he hasn’t completely got over his illness from Monday. Hope he’s back on top form on Tuesday.


He did okay, but a big part of his recent success has been due to finding himself in more dangerous attacking positions. In this game he seemed to be too far wide to have a bigger impact. Not sure if that was due to tactics or illness though.


He looked like he was struggling to me as well. He had a good game but was a little off the pace imo


He did seem a bit off, but he was double teamed most of the game and still got to the end line for a few dangerous crosses


Seems Ben White was the answer to the double team. He became the devastating outlet.

Celebration Police

10/10 for Arsenal celebrating another late win again. Shouldn’t they just go inside and not show any emotions?
Havertz is just on fire. I hope he continues this form for the rest of the season and I hope those that keep whining about his signing see why he was signed. Money well spent!

Manu petits left peg

60 million down the drain..

Dennis Asiimwe

Enjoying how Harvatez is coming good for the team. This was a tense game. Ramsdale recovered well from that error.

Bleeding gums Murphy

He recovered well but it did remind me of how nervy he can make the defence and whole stadium really. He did it number of times last season was fine when we were well ahead but in quite a few he brought his bag of doubts.


He is, or was, a young player developing. He will, or would, soon enough be that much more experienced and assured.


Good point – one tends to forget that he is very young for a keeper. Imagine him with another 4-5 years experience under his gloves!

Greg in Seattle

Agree. What bugged me most about that play was he had decided what he was going to do and when he felt pressure didn’t take the easy outlet to Saliba in the corner, which should have been in his line of sight. Credit to him for the second half saves.


Good point raised in the Guardian on the ‘swings and roundabouts’ argument – yes, Raya would not have been caught on that clearance… but would he have had the height and athleticism to make that lob save later on? He’s not the best on looping high shots, as we’ve seen – and lacks a few physical inches on Rambo anyway.

An interesting question, either way.

GAARY Gooner

Ramsdale made it tense. Ramsdale made them believe and fight. Before that Ramsdale error, we were playing in their 3rd and looked like the 2nd goal would come the offered nothing before the goal. But thats what happens when you make mistakes and gift the opponent a chance the grow in belief. It should never had been this close. Ramsdale made it close. Just like he did last season 3 or 4 times last season he would concede early goals in the first min of a game arsenal would be chasing the entire game. sometimes we’ll come out on top… Read more »


I remember those games last. I also seem to remember that a filed payer made a stupid pass to no-one or there was some other outfield issue which led to the shot. As with most goals, they are a number of breakdowns which lead to the goal. It usually not just the keepers fault.

That being said, the goal Ramsdale gave up today was 95% his fault.


Bollocks. Firstly – a number of those Rambo errors came after other players had made brain-farts that put him under pressure. Yes, he could have done better but your ‘chain of causation’ argument begs the question: how far do you go back to apportion blame? Second – a number of our players have had similar ‘brain-farts’ – both last season and this one: White, Saliba, Big Gabi, Ziiinch (a number of times) and Raya himself (the early dive on Porto’s top corner curler, most recently). Third – one can legitimately question whether Raya (given his vulnerability on high looping shots)… Read more »

Man Manny

His two headers against Brentford are worth 4 points. Talk about £65m down the drain.

Bleeding gums Murphy

6 points


4 points, because in both games we were heading for a draw until he headed it in.

So 2 points recovered twice.


Nah 4 points. Both games would of been a draw otherwise, so 4 additional points. He’s really grown into the team and I’ve gone from.being very unsure about him to absolutely loving him. Kai looks bloody good in red and white!

Aleksander Wło darz

🐝 got their arse stung in the end 😅


Ben White MoM


He’s been fabulous the last few games


Havertz is turning out to be such an astute signing.

Man Manny

…and his first season is likely to have more goal contributions than Xhaka’s best and last season for Arsenal. What an inspired signing by Arteta.


I’m convinced this team will be the main contributing factor if I ever develop cardiovascular issues.


And by the way, Saliba looks like he is a chill guy, especially with his baby face. But my world, I have seen him fell two powerful strikers now (Haaland and Toney, today) with subtle body charges. What a tremendous player!


Best of all, he does it legally not ‘legally’


He seems to really relish the contest with those types of players. But I also feel there’s a lot of ‘compound’ strength in the partnership with Big Gabi… quiet and calm as he is, he seems to draw fire from Gabi’s pumped-up shithousery going on!


I really can’t handle this stress anymore. Going into a chemically induced coma. Wake me up in May.


You’ll miss the rollercoaster


You have to respect the absolute balls on Ramsdale. It would have been so easy to put in a shaky second half and just accept that you’ve cost the lads the title. Instead he comes up with clutch saves in what could be his last ever half for us. I feel the teams support for him enabled this also. Whatever you say about him he’s a character and he was one of the key components of our revival as a club. I wish him well in the future and he’ll always be a memorable cult hero for me. COYG.


Ya, I believe that he couldn’t allow the memories of what mat be his final game tainted by a mistake


10/10 for White and Odegaard’s synchronised fist pump also


I don’t think Raya would have saved the toney shot from distance. He’s just not tall enough and probably would have had an even more advanced position. He might not have saved the Collins header either. Not saying I prefer Ramsdale cos he has a sort of mad nervous quality that infects the team, but he more than redeemed himself second half. Well done mate.


Yes indeed !! Those two saves were superb & the error is forgotten but Aaron never will be !!! Total Arsenal star Son I’ll be sad if you do have to leave


The mental gymnastics people make up to excuse Ramsdale is beyond me. So he made a couple of great saves. Good for him, but this is literally his job! Doing what he is supposed to do doesn’t redeem him for doing what he really isn’t supposed to do, gifting them a goal. Arteta brought a new keeper for a reason and it shows, especially the last few months. Ramsdale will be good for a middle-table team that doesn’t play a lot from the back. I wish him a good future, he is a great character for sure.


I wish the lad a great future possibly not in gymnastics like me but a great goalkeeping career
Definition of ’goalkeeping’

(goʊlkiːpɪŋ IPA Pronunciation Guide)
In games such as football and hockey, goalkeeping refers to the activity of guarding the goal.


How about both chance u mentioned not evening happening in the first place due to Raya’s style of play?
Don’t you think it is possible Brentford had 0 attempts on goal if Raya had played today?
Even City only had 1 shot on Target in their last game against Arsenal, despite Raya still finding his feet and nervous in that game.

Mass Gooner

Couldn’t agree more.. he anticipates and catches the ball way more often. He doesn’t allow that goal to be scored and the psyche of the game is completely different. I also think he would come for the collins header and collect the ball…


Err no ? Rayas starting position is infinitely higher than Ramsdale hence Toney effort would have went in ? The second one I’m not sure where you’d have the keeper positioned ? I quite like mine in the goal to save shots and headers but hey it’s a preference However your blind following & admiration of Raya stopping every ball coming in and never ever having to make a save is perhaps a little flawed ??? Just a thought
Ps I like Raya & I’m an Arsenal fan


Raya doesn’t make the mistake for their goal, we go in 1-0 at half time having created a lot and Brentford nothing and the second half is (likely) a lot easier. Raya was making plenty of saves on par with the one for the Collins header when he was at Brentford. I like Ramsdale, but I think we’re finding reasons to praise him even when this game really highlighted why Raya was brought in


You know what? And nothing against Raya he’s been brilliant but when Ramsdale made that save from Tonail I said to my boy Raya wouldn’t have made that save. Just a feeling and we’ll never know


Xhaka was brilliant last season, dominated midfield & scored 5 goals in the league. We replaced him with Havertz who has scored 8 already & can play multiple positions. Safe to assume now we have upgraded in that position?

Brazilian Gooner

As much as I’m loving Kai, it isn’t fair to compare Xhaka’s goal contribution to a guy that is playing as striker in many games… Xhaka’s work rate was outstanding and his position is still unbalanced in our squad, we were totally right sided at times today


Right sided but both our left sided 8s scored…?

El Mintero

Exactly. Havertz at #8 weakens the team. Havertz playing #9 with Jorginho starting in midfield is better. But not convinced this is sustainable to win the league.

Exit the Lemming

They don’t even play in the same position or perform a similar role….


Benjamin White is some player mind ! And just hope that the solidity we have with Kiwior isn’t replaced instantly by Zinny ? Let the pretty boys play Let the animals defend is how we win this thing !!!


We have 11 Pretty Animals on the pitch


Glad for Ramsey he was able to come back from the mistake and make huge contributions to the win in the second half. It’s been a tough season for him and he has supported Raya and the team throughout would have hated to have had his mistake potentially cost us the title.


Wrong Aaron. 😂


£60m down the drain eh? Looking like a really inspired signing, and every time Kai scores it winds up my Chelsea supporting friends like nothing else!


He took time to come good, at first he was completely overshadowed by Rice hitting the ground running at the start of the season, but now he’s holding his own (Rice still better though. Is there anything he cannot do?)

Exit the Lemming

Get a decent haircut?

Neál Martin

I dont know about your world. But in my world, Martin Ødegaard is the most under appreciated player in history. Not only do I think he’s the best player in our team, but also currently the best player in the league. But yet, I have a debate with a fellow gooner that believes he isnt even in the top 3 most important players at the club? And dont get me started on the United fan who says Bruno Fernandes is better! Ødegaard is pure class. He’s the obvious heartbeat of this team. And I bloody love him!

Brazilian Gooner

He has the flair of Ozil combined with the work rate of Rice, he is outstanding


To be honest, if he wins a title hes got to be in the Bergkamp conversation, right?

Billy bob

Kia, oops, arsenal does the double over Brentford 🥳


I assume you mean Kai.
For a second, I was thinking where did Kia Joorabchian come from… hasn’t we got rid of his influence at the club for good? 😁


That was not a good time when that odious man had such a big influence over our club. Good riddance


Those vibes at the end of the match, man, this may actually be our year.



I bet Toney thought that was in as soon as it left his foot.

Mass Gooner

I bet he bet on it.. 😛

cuban coca-cola

Time for another ban, safe bet


A hard earned win against a determined opponent. Overcame a gifted goal by showing a real resolve to get all 3 points. This type of win wasn’t as pretty as recent results but indicates a team growing in maturity and confidence

Exit the Lemming

Brentford are a much better side than most opposition fans would care to admit

cereal killer

Ben white the most under-rated player in the premier league 👏


I do agree that Ramsdale made two very good saves, but I just don’t think we’re in a position where he’s having to even make those if it’s 1-0. Difficult to rate for that reason, for me anyway.

Mass Gooner

Couldn’t agree more.. he’s a fantastic keeper, raya is just better for this team..

Goodly Morning

It’s a little bit like Leno before. The way the system has developed requires a different sort of goalkeeper. Raya has his own flaws but actually is class as well and really fits Artetas style and demands.

Cool Papa Bellerin

Great to see Ramsdale recover from his mistake and great to see his teammates pick him up.

Jamaican gooner

I’m not giving Ramsdale any credit for those saves because it was his mistakes, again, that lead to those saves.

Exit the Lemming

Seems rather harsh but it’s probably a very long way back for Ramsdale as first choice now

cuban coca-cola

The mistake and the saves weren’t even in the same half of the game


I fucking love this team


Brentford sgowed themselves to be a bunch of dickheads. They got what they deserved.


Showed fight – big props to Rambo for clearing his head after that shocker and keeping us in the game… twice!
The opposite to Paul Teardrop – what an utter oxygen thief… doesn’t have the balls to make even one of a number of clear calls with the Bees repeatedly pulling Arsenal players back at every set piece! He would have given Xhaka or Luiz yellows for those fouls.

Sweet revenge with Kai getting up for that header after Brentford trying to do a Porto on every corner… pathetic from Frank, who had clearly instructed them to do that.

Exit the Lemming

Rather a labored win compared to the ease of the past few performances but what’s not to like about being top of the league? Yes the ref got a few decisions wrong but many others would have sent Havertz off for his blatant dive


Bonus point!
10/10 to Saliba for that body charge on Toney, under which the hapless striker hit the deck.

Totally showed him who’s boss! 💪

Tommy Coakley

Why didn’t Ajer go off for 30 seconds after treatment following Havertz first booking? He was involved 15 seconds after the game restarted and their goal came barely 15 seconds later. Am I missing something here?

cuban coca-cola

All other goalkeeping things aside (they’ve already been discussed here to great extent), Rammy’s out ball/throw to trossard early on was absolutely delicious

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