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Arsenal to face Kane’s Bayern in Champions League quarter-finals

The draw for the Champions League quarter-finals has been made and Arsenal have been pitted against Bayern Munich.

If Mikel Arteta’s side progress, they will face either Real Madrid or Manchester City in the semi-finals.

The Gunners will play home in the QF first leg on 9/10 April and the away leg on 16/17 April.

The specific dates will be confirmed in due course for those of you looking to book travel and accommodation.

On paper, the record against Bayern isn’t horrifically bad (won 3, drawn 2, lost 7), but when you consider two of Arsenal’s three victories (2005 and 2013) were achieved while chasing ties we ultimately lost it puts things into perspective.

We’ve lost the last three games 5-1 which, frankly, is ridiculous.

Obviously, this tie means there’s going to be lots of talk about Harry Kane returning to haunt us. He’s in fine form, even if Bayern aren’t.

Bring it on.

As an aside, Bayern Munich supporters will be banned from the Emirates after UEFA imposed a one-match ban after fireworks were lobbed on the pitch during their 3-1 win at Lazio earlier this month. They were sitting on a suspended ban already so they aren’t even going to bother appealing.

1/4F draw

Arsenal vs Bayern Munich
Atletico Madrid vs Borussia Dortmund
Real Madrid vs Manchester City
PSG vs Barcelona

1/2F Draw

Arsenal or Bayern vs Real or City
Atletico or Dortmund vs PSG vs Barcelona

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Gonna be great watching Saliba break Hairy Kunt!

Bleeding gums Murphy

Isn’t it just wonderful to be back dining at the very top table. Breathe it in and enjoy.

Johnny 4 Hats

Yup. I’m happy enough. It’s not City. And there probably hasn’t been a better season to get Bayern in a long time.

Plus, Bayern literally broke Arsenal. That 10-2. That killed us. Wenger basically was a dead man walking from that moment on. Our fans never forgot that. It hurt so deeply. It was an utter humiliation.

Nothing would be a bigger statement of where we are now than giving them a spanking.

Bring. It. On.

Man Manny

Alexis Sanchez refused to sign a contract extension after that mauling, a move he later regretted albeit.

Johnny 4 Hats

Did you see the interview Manu Petit gave recently?

So much regret at leaving Arsenal.

We’re massive.

Emi Rates

I watched an assortment of Europa League games yesterday and the Gulf in quality to the CL is enormous. We may not always like the opponents or how they play but the much higher level is evident and it’s great to be part of that.

Johnny 4 Hats

Yeah, but I do worry we haven’t quite cracked European football yet. It seems crazy. I mean, logic would suggest that if we play against Bayern the way we played against West Ham / Newcastle / Sheff Utd / Burnley we’ll absolutely smash them up. But it feels like a whole different game in the CL. Against Porto we really struggled. And I’d be very surprised if Bayern allow us to play the smothering and frenetic attacking game that we want to. As much as I think we are an utterly incredible football team, I’m just not sure we’ll have… Read more »

Emi Rates

They way I look at the CL is that it is what it is. Win or lose we’re up there among the best on the continent, the planet even, and that’s a great thing. Many of us forgot to appreciate what it meant to be there season after season under Wenger. We took it for granted and some of us even wished we would not qualify in some twisted desire for change. We got change alright and personally I can say I prefer where we are right now. We dont have a great European track record and here we are… Read more »


Maybe. Porto weren’t trying to play though. Bayern have to turn up for their home game, their fans demand it

Johnny 4 Hats

Yeah, I’m not sure it’s so much about that. In England we have these 100% commitment games where with both teams it’s all about “who wants it more”. They are intense and combative and that suits a team like Arsenal who are both very physical and devilishly attacking. In England, football is like who can down their pint the quickest. But you go to the continent and it’s all pinot noir and schnapps and aperitifs. What the fuck am I going on about? I dunno. It’s just different. Like, when I was in Germany, I went to a McDonalds but… Read more »


Wonderfully ‘weird-analogy-laden’ comment, Brutha Hats.
But see here – I will give you a very simple freeze-frame comparison as to why things will be different this time vs BM.


White-Saliba-Big G-Rice-Odegaard-Saka… etc

Spot the diff!!

Johnny 4 Hats

You make a great point.

Sometimes I judge myself for not thinking that Arsenal team was shit enough.

Emi Rates

I remember my old chum Vinnie Vega, maybe rest in peace, told me about McDonalds in France and how they call a Big Mac “Le Big Mac”. Can you tell me if its called Ze Big Mac in Germany? Surely it has to be.


We have beaten both City and Liverpool this year so far and done pretty well in the big games in the League, something we’ve had problems with in previous years. So hopefully if we approach Bayern with a similar mindset to those 2 games then we will do well

Johnny 4 Hats

Yeah but, like, the mustard in Bavaria is way off. It’s not English or Dijon. Or that super duper yellow shite. And it’s certainly not wholegrain.

They don’t even call it mustard. They call it senf.

Had you considered this?

Emi Rates

It’s the senf that’ll be our undoing on the day. Neutralise the senf and we have a chance.


I would preferred second tie at home. Still pray for bayern.


Even better watching die bayroids squirm in the Alienz Arena. We don’t need to be scared of anyone, time to dump the little club syndrome – we deserve to be here. This is the Champions League 1/4s, best 8 teams in Europe (and likely the world). You gotta beat the best to be the best..
Time to step up!

Heavenly Chapecoense

The two clubs that know how to beat us:
1. Bayern
2. Man City
We can beat Bayern this time but we’re going to have to defend a lot. This will hinder our scheme thar makes the goal contributors hit the opposition. Computeta may come up with something new though.

Bleeding gums Murphy

We have beat city last two games so I we know how to beat them.
I think you will find Bayern will have to defend a lot against us.


I have a feeling Citeh are about to crash in a major way. Something is off about them and I love it.


Bollocks – see my reply above where I compare the defense and mids we’ve historically had vs Bayern against the current line-up:

Iwobi or Saka?
Ozil or Odegaard?
Coq or Rice?
Bellerin or White?
Mustafi or Saliba?
Kosc or Big Gabi?
Ospina or Raya?

See where I’m going with this…

I miss santi cazorla

Spot on.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Agree but the advantage isn’t clear-cut for:
Kosc or Big Gabi?
Ospina or Raya?

Heavenly Chapecoense

Why Iwobi or Saka? At least go for Walcott vs Saka or Ramsey (2013) vs Saka. Do not get Saka offended I mean.


Koscielny was a great and very intelligent defender. Bellerin before the injury and the nonsense vegan diet was also a significant RB.


Lay off Kosc – he was one of the best players in his position
Ozil or Odegaard – Overall Odegaard but in terms of just creativity Ozil


Think of our last 2 FA cup wins, they were the hardest semi final lineups in history. Beat City in both semis. When we underdogs, we good!

Mayor McCheese

Eric Dier plays for Munich. Lol.

Emi Rates

I used to dislike Dier. One for being a Spud but also for how he looks and comes across. Like a primitive caveman who is yet to master human sounds of communication. Then came that game against spuds, I forget which one exactly, where there was post match toing, froing, cafuffle and shoving after we’d beaten them. In the midst of things was Eric separating people and trying to calm things down. He then went on record and praised our performance on the pitch. Add to that that he’s a bit shit as a defender which has made Spuds a… Read more »


Not only are the players on this squad better, but the resilience, winning mentality, and steeliness are present. The later years of Wenger’s era lacked these traits. That’s the difference this time around. I fancy us against Bayern.

Emi Rates


Five years ago we’d be in fear of the remaining CL teams. On good grounds. Not so now. I’m not taking anything for granted, that would be silly, but I fancy our chances as much as the rest of them. I don’t expect they are celebrating playing us over at Bayern. They will know we have the potential to beat them if they’re not at their best on the day.


… and tuchel is their manager! 🤣


Tbf he’s won an UCL

Emi Rates

And then they sacked him.


Well, if we get to finals no one can say we had an easy path!


We play the first leg of the quarters at home, first leg of the semi at home and we host the finals. Not bad considering our record at Wembley


Basically, skip the formalities and hand us the trophy!

Death by 300,000 Passes

I personally consider hosting the return leg more advantageous.


I don’t think so with our current team.

If we win the first leg it means the opponent can’t close shop in the away second leg.

Perfect for Martinelli and Saka to get the space to cause carnage on the break.


If we win first leg and close shop on the return match, it’ll be difficult for any team to out score us.


Nah – rather lay down the gauntlet at home with a 2-3 goal advantage and force them to have to chase it at the Allianz.

Which assumes we will get the 2-3 lead… bottom line – we have to!!


I think most do, thus the top seeded teams from group stage (us included) get the return leg at home. But if we can build a lead in the first leg I think we’ll be well set. We are pretty excellent off the ball/defensively these days.

Heavenly Chapecoense

In 2006 we had the worst path possible. Could be a blessing in disguise.

Teryima Adi

It’s a great draw. Just make sure we give them a mauling in the first leg to make the second a mere formality. COYG!!!


I think it’s probably the hardest draw we could have had….
(or at least: one of the hardest)


Better than man city but worst of the rest. It’s sad that cunt kept giving us home games first

Walter White

It would have helped just a little, but no.


We have basically drawn Man City though…

Emi Rates

Not sure I would have fancied Atletico over Bayern.

SLC Gooner

Exactly. Bayern will come out and play, not park the bus. Atletico would have been like Porto except worse. And Bayern’s defense hasn’t been great. This is not a bad draw.


Fuck them all— COYG!!


Too much complaining about the draw. Atletico haven’t lost a home knock out tie since 1997, Dortmund are regularly around, Barca… Yeah, you know, PSG, $$$$ & mbappe. This is why these footballers play, not to run scared and complain about draws! COYG!!!


Who is complaining?


Plenty whining about our horrible draw here


Agreed. But to me those are 2 different things:
Acknowledge the reality and

Me personally: Can’t wait for the the matches!

Spanish Gooner

Definitely in the harder side of the draw. These are the kind of games we all dreamed of! COME ON YOU BEAUTIFUL RED AND WHITE BOYS


Tougher side of the draw and okay at home first in both rounds (if we make the semis). Doesn’t get harder than that. If we manage to get to the finals, though, I fancy us against any of the teams from the other side of the draw!


Hoping for Bayern – Madrid – Barcelona, if we manage to progress that is… We have a chance, bring it on.


I think the other side is setup for PSG to finally do something , barca aren’t what they were .
Glad we avoided Althletico, they are building momentum and alot of forwards hitting form, aswell as their defensive stability and shithiuse manager I’d expect them to be the greatest threat they otherside of draw but will PSG finally get the help the need to make final


glad we didn’t get Atletico and city. Would be even more difficult than Porto. Against Bayern, PSG, Real, and Barcelona we have a decent chance


Got the harder side of the draw but that’s why we want to be here, to prove we can do it against the best.


My dreams are shattered. Was hoping to see another Camp Nou Cannonball from Elneny.


You’ll have to make do with a Wembley cannonball from Partey.


Though draw and follow on

Olawale Olayemi

Wow, this draw pits the weakest teams and the hardest teams against each other. If we make it to the final, the final match will be the easiest match in the 5 game run


Beaten City in premiership and Community shield already this season so no reason to fear them


Premier League


*English Premier League (since you want to be pedantic).


Would rather have the home leg srcond, but happy enough with that draw.

Man Manny

Last time they whooped us 10 – 2 aggregate, the second leg was home.
I don’t mind really. If they play the second leg with a deficit to claw back, they’ll be in for a long night. My only prayer is that we have a fully fit team to choose from come April 9 – 17.

Cedric Fabergas

Man €$$¥ won’t have it any easier. Let’s go gunners!!!


Cobra Kai will be looking forward to this one!


Arsenal v Barca final? But done correctly this time.


Yeah – with no red cards for failing to hear the whistle with 94,743 Catalans screaming at you!

yelly ribbon

was that not a semi? Big Jens red in the final. f@@k I hate Barça

Man Manny

It was one of the second round exits after a 2 – 1 win at the Emirates.


Solid result at home should see them off.

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

Not the easiest (Dortmund or Athletico) but not the worst (Real, City). It would be better though if we got the Dortmund – Athletico winner. At this point I would prefer Real if we can manage to go through Bayern.


I’d say Atletico would have been worse. We saw how things went with Porto. Ateli are Porto Plus with better attackers

The Beast

Yeah, along with City I was hoping to avoid Atletico (or Inter if they made it through).

Dortmund on the other hand would’ve been lovely. Oh well, guess we’ve just gotta thump Bayern 10-2.

A Different George

Atleti are Porto with even more big-game experience, with (except for Pepe) more shithousery per cubic inch, with an even nastier manager and–oh yes–Antoine Griezmann, arguably the most underrated player in the world.

Public Elneny

Bayern won’t just sit back and play anti-football. The team I was dreading most was Atletico, we’ve found it tough against these kind of sides in Europe under Arteta – Porto, Sporting, Benfica, Villarreal – and Atletico are the kings of it

Although I was really looking forward to a break from Kane for a couple more seasons at least

Public Elneny

Atletico are the obligatory poison swamp area of the soulsborne games – there are a few areas that are more challenging, but none are quite as frustrating and unpleasant. Atletico Lake of Rot


They haven’t lost a home Champions League Knock out tie since 1997… Talk about a Fortress… Good luck Dortmund!
Great draw against Bayern IMO! Bring it!


This is a super good point! Atletico would have been the worst!


Big Gabi and Big Willy just need to kick the living shite outa him.


So a sort of Stoke on Manzanares then?

Jesus of Sao Paulo

Arsenal vs Barcelona in the final then! COYG!

Runcorn Gooner

I read that Bayern fans are banned from the Emirates following the goings on at the last match. True?

Runcorn Gooner

Yes UEFA ban for pyrotechnics aimed at the pitch. Listen out for fake cockney accents on the night.

Death by 300,000 Passes

Ya, gunners, ya!


I just came up the … ‘ow you say? … apples and pears.


Just wait to see if they jay walk across a street to get to the stadium quicker, if they stand waiting where there aren’t any cars…Sind Deutsch!


It’s appelz und pehzz

Bleeding gums Murphy



Bring it on! I’m more worried about the semis

Emi Rates

A lot of men are.


Drawing Arsenal first from the pot. Thank you @MikelObi😊!!


This is it. To become an elite club you have to beat the elite clubs. The pain of past results against Bayern still haunts me though, it’s going to be a stressful watch.


Yeah , and in the pre match TNT will show countless clips of our past matches with Bayern

Big Mal

If we get to the final we win 🏆


I did a Football Factory style “Yes! Fackin YES!!! When I heard it was Bayern…


one game at a time and Bayern is just perfect for the next round. I think we can take them over both legs. We should take full advantage at Emirates where they won’t have fans, score atleast 3, boys!! 😀 COYG!!


Doesn’t matter who we got they’re all good but we can be better than the lot of them & at the minute we are THE MOST FEARED of the lot !!!
For a reason too !!


People were saying it would be easier to win the Champions League than the Premier League XD


Gotta beat the Champions to be the Champions. I won’t have it any other way. Last season taught us as much anyway.


Cost me £400 for my flight this morning up from showing £200 last week. Filth. On the plus side, likely to be our last fixture abroad this season through to the final!


So, so happy we won’t play MC in the next round.


Agent Gnabry OG please.

Merlin’s Panini

Amazing that the four strongest teams all got stacked on one side of the draw. It’s almost as if someone is desperately trying to fix a Kylian Mbappe vs Real Madrid final… I would’ve fancied us against any team on that side of the draw, although there’s a little relief in avoiding the vile Atletico. If ever we had the team to beat Bayern, this is it, despite Kane’s form. We have all seen that they are very beatable this season. I think whoever wins this Champions League comes from our side of the draw. To overcome Bayern, City and/or… Read more »

Runcorn Gooner

Look out for men in lederhosen with fake cockney accents.


Honestly, copper, I just got out of a … ‘ow you say? … sherbet dab!


After playing Porto I’m glad we’re avoiding Atletico!


I was hoping for Barcelona or Bayern. Legendary teams, but not that great this season. Great way to show to the world that we’re back.


Bar Kingsley Coman I wouldn’t be afraid of any of the Bayern player, Serge does like to play against English opposition but don’t know if he’s getting much game time .
That’s an advantage they have no fans but have we anyone suspended for first leg?..
I’d be happy with the draw wouldn’t fear Kane especially with him playing g deeper and besides that we should boss midfield and if we get at them in wide positions should be us sailing through to meet either the champ£££ions or the Champion of Champions in Real .
Good Times gunners

David Hillier's luggage

Musiala is the main player we should be afraid of. Real talent.


Also Alphonso Davies. Fastest sprint in the top five European leagues, he’s greased lightning.

Emi Rates

Rumour has it their striker, Lord of Openmouth, does a mean dive too.


Liverpool may benefit but its worse for City than us.


Vini Jr v Ben White…I hope we get to see it!


I never thought I’d want us to draw Bayern at an stage of any competition, but if there has ever been a good time to play them, it is exactly now. I’ve watched them in Bundesliga this season and I’ve watched both games they played against Lazio, and they’ve never been in a worse shape since more than two decades. However awkward it sounds, out of 7 Teams we could have been drawn against, Bayern at the Moment might be the easiest to play against.

Eric Blair

Absolutely. Not taking anything for granted as they could quite conceivably knock us out, but this is the weakest Bayern team in as long as anyone can remember, despite Jane. This is a huge opportunity to progress and take revenge.

Determination Cultured

Gunners vs varca final. Revenge against the paupers


The stuff of dreams. I think we’d fucking smash Barca they are lightweight.


Be fully deserved when the trophy is lifted after rolling 2 of the 3 ‘favourites’ along the way.

Teryima Adi



Bring it on!

Declan Fried Rice with Egg

Bayern can’t even beat 1 Granit Xhaka, they ain’t getting pass 11 of our boys.

Up the ARSENAL! It’s time for RETRIBUTION!


Let’s destroy them


Death to Bayern— 10-2 to the Arsenal incoming


Do the away seats go empty or can we allocate them to our fans?


We get them. There are never any seats left empty.


I’m very surprised at some of the enthusiasm for Bayern in comments given the Kane factor. He’s an insanely good forward and will be well up for it. Yeah they’re not great this season by their steamrollering standards but they’re hardly mugs either.

Didn’t want City for quarters but a City semi would be a huge occasion. Madrid semi would be fun too.

Eric Blair

I want payback for those painful results all those years ago and there’s never been a better time for it. Jane didn’t bother us too much last season so I’m not unduly worried about him.


If we go through yo the semi, and are still in the run for the premier league, a semifinal final against city is our best option for a double 😂


Bayern is one of the best team possible for us to face. Nothing better than an old giant in crisis. These years we are WAY better than they are.


Liverpool should be ecstatic with our draw. The prospect of us vs. City in a two legged semifinal tie to the death does wonders for their premiership title hopes.


We will use the EPL as training for the city games …
Let’s go for the double 😂

Eric Blair

Love this, we owe them big time.


Oh lord – I inadvertently called this one, courtesy of my Murphy’s (not Danny!) Law nightmare of FFF (Ferret Face Fucker) coming back to score their winner against us.

Getting the juju tools out now!! Josticks already burning and will have to wear my lucky pants from now until the2nd leg.

Missus may decide to take a sabbatical!


Fantastic draw.

I wanted either Barcelona or Bayern because first, they’re both glamour ties, and second, they are both very beatable right now.

It just had to be that c**t Kane at Highbury, didn’t it?

And the rest of the draw is great too. Either City or Real Madrid will go out, making easier to win the whole thing.

I’d prefer City in the semi final: we know how to beat them.

Let’s go!


Come on arsenal two good performances away from the final let’s go!


Four outstanding performances, but yey let’s go!

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