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Arteta proud of his team, thanks fans for their support

Mikel Arteta spoke to TNT Sports after Arsenal’s penalty shoot-out win over Porto in the Champions League.

Here’s what he had to say.

Reaction to the win …

Yeah, so happy. It’s been 14 years, so that’s a long time for a club like Arsenal not to do what we’ve done today, but it shows how difficult it is. We had to really dig in today and find the magic moment that we found at the end. But so proud and I’m so happy.

Did you believe Raya could produce those big moments?

Yeah, we did. We started to create an unbelievable energy at the stadium and we’re all pushing to get it done and together we’ve done it. You are very nervous. You are hoping for the best, but you know that it’s a bit of a lottery. We had our preparation yesterday and the day before, just in case, and it really helped – so credit to the goalkeeper coaches as well and everybody that contributed.

How much credit do Porto deserve for making this such a difficult game?

Yeah it’s really difficult to play against them. They are a really competitive team. You don’t get many moments in the game when you can control it, because if you stop and start a direct play, battle after battle and they are a really good side.

We scored the goal in a really important moment. We tried to generate chances. We had two or three, not many, but this is Europe and this is this competition as well.

Both managers being booked …

Yeah, there’s a lot at stake and every detail is important. You’re defending your team and every decision you wanted to go your way and that’s part of the game.

Arsenal 1-0 Porto (4-2 on pens) – Player ratings

An incredible atmosphere in the Emirates tonight as well. Mikel, how much do you love these fans?

Thank you so much, honestly. We absolutely love them, the energy that they brought, how positive they are the whole game with the team and the way they contributed. They made us win, as simple as that.

What does it mean to be through with the likes of Real Madrid, Bayern, PSG etc?

That’s where we want to be. And we’ve been patient and we worked so hard. A lot of people made a lot of good decisions and showed a lot of courage as well in difficult moments. But this is where we want to be.

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Love arteta.


Super Mik


So proud of this team. We are now in the quarter finals and credit to Porto, they have prepared us for the next round(s). Despite what most belived, they were no pushovers and this is what knockout games are all about, progressing. We will blow away some teams, scrap past others but ultimately getting through is all that matters.

Here’s to praying for a BVB/PSV quarter final draw.


Our crowd was a bit nervous at times today but honestly that’s understandable. Hopefully with each win like this their confidence will grow and their trust that this team can get through these iffy moments when we’re so used to this club faltering and stumbling out. They’re showing us again and again that they can, their belief should strengthen ours and vice versa.


Back at the top table where we belong.


And top of the table too.

Der Kaiser

Back with the very best clubs in Europe. Very small margins at this stage, elements of luck ( injuries etc) but on our day with our best XI this team are a match for anyone! COYG


Plus, that ref is definitely Trossard’s identical twin. I was pissed and fuming when he blew for half time with the ball in the air but found myself laughing as he walked off arguing with Leo at half time.
Maybe that was just me but hey never seen identical twins in a an intense argument

Alan Sunderland

He got more sleep than Leo.

Jeff Febus

Great result! Curious question: how much financial payout does our club gain from advancing to the quarters? Obviously the trophy is the big prize but the financial windfall to balance books, buy players, ect. is also very important.


Just looked it up, apparently it’s an extra €10mil or so in prize money. There’s probably another 5-10mil in match day revenue I’d imagine, but I’d say even more significant will be the increase in what we can get in commercial deals from the prestige of being in the last 8 again finally (and hopefully further!) so in the end it might be pretty significant


Plus ability to attract more world class players

Santi’s Phonebox

We will definitely be shopping on high street this summer.

Old bloke

A tense night but great atmosphere, well done Raya 👏

Kanu’s Size 15s

YEOW!!!! Lovely break now for all of us to chill out for a bit… forgot how intense it is watching CL knockout legs. MØ unreal once again! What a captain…. COYG!


The ref and trossard have the most severe case of uncanny resemblance I’ve ever seen.

Naked Cygan

Amazing result against a stubborn side. We only had 4 shots on target in 210+ minutes of football. They made it very difficult for us but we passed the test. Very proud of the team and a great momentum to take into the city game.


Again, Porto aren’t a football team. Play acting, falling over, making rugby tackles at every turn, yet the referee seemed to be in on the act. Encouraged their silliness by refusing to do anything about it. We complain about the general standard of officiating in the EPL, but it appears referees on European nights are just as bad, if not worse, judging by our two games against Porto. Glad we eventually made it. It would have been such a heartbreaking moment, had we not qualified. Massive mental hurdle successfully scaled tonight. Big ups to the Emirates crowd. They played a… Read more »


What an atmosphere!! Felt like Porto were beat as soon as they lost the coin toss. The North Bank were incredible!!! Was watching and singing from the East stand. I’ve never seen anything like it


Bring on Harry Kane


Mikel is after breaking so many of our hodoos. Beating City, Liverpool Chelsea, United (there was a 5 or 6 year period where it felt like we never won those games) bringing back St. Totteringham’s day. Breaking our last 16 curse, stopping finishing second in the group stage. The man is a fucking legend.


Now the fun bit that I’ve been too scared to ask- who do we want in the next round?!

Barca as I think we’d beat them or PSG as I think we’d beat them too but I’d like to see Mbappe in the flesh for me. Then a semi against Madrid as we so infrequently play them. Please God not City.


Love to see a City-Madrid 1/4 final

Alan Sunderland

We owe Barcelona and Bayern a shoeing in a quarter final.


I’d rather Barca in that case. Tommy Tickle has a bit of managerial nous, even though he’s leaving his players sort of seem to like him, and they have a certain player prone to pissing in our cornflakes.
Broke-ass Barcelona at Montjuïc, and a jaded manager with one foot out the door? Could be worse draws


I have this recurring nightmare that we draw Bayern and ferret-face scores the winner… perish the thought!


They’ll probably hand us Harry “potter’s chubby cousin” kane and his bavarian horde


I’ll take any of the quarter finalists less City (playing them 3 times in one season feels like enough already) and Bayern (they have too much psychological advantage from the Wenger era). Anyone else is beatable though RM would be a wildcard of sorts since we’ve rarely played each other.

Naked Cygan

The winner between PSV/Dortmund

Santi’s Phonebox


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