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‘I have no doubt whenever adversity hits our team that we’re going to step up, step forward’ Lotte Wubben-Moy reacts to Conti Cup Win

Arsenal defeated Chelsea 1-0 in the Conti Cup Final thanks to an extra-time winner from Stina Blackstenius. Lotte Wubben-Moy spoke in the mixed zone post match. With thanks to Tom Garry and Sophie Downey for their kind permission for us to publish those here.

Q: Can you tell us how it feels to lift the cup?
“It feels good. It’s interesting because in my career I’ve won quite a few things but I haven’t won them playing. And this is a very different feeling to that when you’ve contributed, when you’ve been very much part of it. And I think today, looking at my contribution, I’m proud. Proud to have been able to give that to the team, but more importantly, proud to have been able to give it to the club and the fans I think ultimately carried us over the line today.”

Q: What are those feelings when you’re out there in person?
“It is hard to put into words. I dropped to the ground when we scored because I think when you invest so much physically, there’s part of you that obviously thinks in your mind, ‘what if we don’t win today?’ But that feeling when you eventually get the goal- I’m so happy for Stina. But yeah, it is hard to put into words. I’m probably going round and round. I’m not really making sense right now, but I think it will sink in in the next few hours.”

Q: How impressed have you been with Stina’a performances this season?
“It takes a village. We’ve got an unbelievably strong squad, obviously Stina in particular. She hasn’t started as many games as she’s wanted and I think it’s a credit to her showing her resilience, but also her pure class to be able to step up in those moments and be that cutting edge, scoring those goals that are so important for us. I think she’s had a few hat tricks this year as well. So for Stina in general… she’ll be my opponent this Friday with England-Sweden, but at Arsenal, we’re lucky to have her. I hope we can keep her.”

Q: Frida
“I have no doubt whenever adversity hits our team that we’re going to step up, step forward. I guess in Frida’s instance, thankfully she’s stable and conscious, but that instance in itself shows the depth of our squad being able to step up in moments and our fans were extremely respectful also in that moment to be cheering and clapping when times were hard.

“So, in terms of mentality, like I say, we’ve got a deep squad and adversity is what drives us. Two weeks ago we lose to Chelsea and here today we go toe to toe with them and ultimately come out the better team. I think it’s a credit to us, but also, yeah, the epitome of us that we withstand adversity and ultimately trying for it.”

Q: What did you say to each other/push each other on
“When you look in people’s eyes, we’ve been working on that quite a bit to show confidence, show security. There’s so much that you can gain when you’re looking in a teammate’s eye: ‘I believe in you, you believe in me, let’s go.’ And ultimately that was, I think what allowed us to stay in it. Particularly through those adverse moments like you just mentioned. But also to get the goal.”

Q: best chance to show what you’re about after loss to Chelsea recently
“No, I think we did. I think we can be proud. Obviously it’s been a turbulent season. Highs, lows… contribute to maybe not necessarily being in the title race as we are right now, but we will keep pushing. Like I’ve said, we are a team that can ride adversity and today showed that. But ultimately I think the last five games of the season will also show that.”

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Fun Gunner

Some of the transcription is a little difficult to make out, but that’s a great interview and very LWM.


Thanks for the transcript. I accept what she says as Lotte is a player who has been a real star in the last few months, scored goals and started for the Lionesses.


Lovely player and a lovely human being.


Lotte is everything you want from a player. Loyal, reliable, honest, intelligent and a born leader.

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