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“Let’s do it together” – Arteta calls on fans to bring the noise

Mikel Arteta has again called on Arsenal fans to create a big atmosphere when Porto visit Emirates Stadium on Tuesday night as the Gunners look to secure a place in the quarter-finals of the Champions League for the first time since 2010.

Arsenal enter the second leg needing to overturn a one-goal deficit and the manager has made it clear the crowd can play a big part in the biggest game of the season.

“I think the impact they can make tomorrow is incredible,” he told his pre-game press conference.

“I don’t think that they really realise, so we need that noise and we need them playing every single ball with us.

“We need that emotion controlled as well to understand that the game can go through certain phases and we have to be really intelligent to push in the right moments to get what we want.

“It is a beautiful opportunity to live these nights – it’s been 14 years so everything that we put in is going to be worth it.”

He added: “That’s the opportunity that we have tomorrow, in front of our people and in our stadium. For 96 minutes bring your energy, bring your noise and let’s do it together.”

So excited is he by the occasion, Arteta even joked about pulling on his boots for the first time since retiring in 2016.

“I want to go out there and play! That’s the feeling that we have; that it is a joy to be part of this club and enjoy being a part of these kind of games. Tomorrow is going to be a great night.”

In the first leg, Porto made life very frustrating for the Gunners by breaking up play with time-wasting, play-acting and plenty of tactical fouls. While he’s keen to get the crowd snarling, the manager made clear that his players will need to control their emotions against a tricky opponent.

He said: “Obviously the game context is very important and we know that we have a long match to play and there can be moments when things go your way and moments that can change dramatically quick. Emotionally we have to be very prepared to play in those games.”

On what Arsenal have learnt from the trip to Porto – a match that ended without the Gunners mustering a shot on target – Arteta continued: “Every opponent has their strengths and weaknesses and the way that they approach the game and now we know them a bit better.

“We have played these kind of games many times in the Premier League, we played one two days ago. We’ll just focus on being ourselves and do more of the things that we can control better than we did a few weeks ago.”

“We’re certainly going to have to tweak a few things to generate much more than what we did against them. It’s the level of the Champions League; you’re facing top teams, the fact that there are two games as well plays on your mind and we’re going to have to be better tomorrow.”

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Johnny 4 Hats

Maybe I’ve been following Kate Middleton too closely, but I’m not convinced that bottle of super bock is actually there…


What I don’t get is what Blogs stands to gain with this whole fake booze conspiracy.


Apparently blogs team does not like “Prime” liquid that is a team sponsor and hence they photoshop beverages that they do like in place of the pics which contain the said liquid.


I feel we gona fck them so hard in 1st 15 minutes. They will never talk about this game in their future.

Tankard Gooner

Not sure why so many downvotes apart from the strong language. But yeah, fully with you on the sentiment. First 15 mins we will look to obliterate them, their stupid 1 goal lead and send Pepe to the retirement home. Make them regret coming to our home.
All twenty fingers and toes crossed our boys and the fans will deliver something really special tonight!


I wish we could comment under the main blog. But we can’t so I’m putting it here;

Blogs, absolutely fucking spot on about Sky fluffing PGMOL for engagement.

I wonder sometimes that maybe I’m getting old/completely lost the zeitgeist of the modern fan. I think, am I alone in wondering who the fuck wants this sycophantic todger tickling? It was nice to read there’s at least one other person out there who sees it the same way.

Sorry to hijack the thread bit, ya know, therapy is too expensive.


I agree with that view on SKy. Possibly the biggest con in broadcasting history populated by “Ex Pros” Who think they know it all. More annoying is people quoting them like it is gospel. Tosh!

Martin Tornberg

I think it is because the ACTUAL analysis has moved on-line. We now go to Arseblog for By the Numbers and Tim Stillman’s analysis of the tactics and individual qualities of players, not to mention the ‘Extra for the match context and emotion. So what are the linear TV pundits going to contribute? Ian Wright is a frontrunner with his positive partisanship – but what about the rest of them (If they were any good at analysing the beautiful game they’d be employed by top clubs…)? All that remains is to create controversy…

Emi Rates

Mike Dean is a walking, talking and breathing controversy. Always was, always will be. And his head looks like the tip of a penis.


Hmm. If your penis resembles Mike Dean, I suggest you get that checked by a professional….


Or, better still, use the resemblance to your advantage with sympathetic magic!
Simply hammer nails through it while watching Mike Dean convulse in agony.

Emi Rates

No I’m alright. Thanks for the concern anyway.


Arteta is right — the energy of the crowd plays a HUGE role. We saw it yesterday at anfield; Pep and his control freaks were evidently rattled as the crowd’s zest fueled their warriors on the pitch. I know Mikel desires an atmosphere like that because he is always calling for it. Hopefully, the Emirates can cultivate such a reputation soon.

Teryima Adi

We need to really hammer the opponent. COYG!!!

Naked Cygan

2-0 Arsenal in extra time. It won’t be easy or pretty, but we will score that winner in the second half of extra time.

Mohamed Kafafy

Biggest thing is, DON’T UNDERESTIMATE them. Please no #PrayforPorto shananings, let’s play our game and get behind the team and we will progress.


We’re gonna win the Champions League. Just putting it out there.

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