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Brighton 0-3 Arsenal – player ratings

Arsenal moved back to the top of the Premier League after an impressive 3-0 win over Brighton this evening.

Bukayo Saka put us ahead from the spot after Gabriel Jesus had been fouled, Kai Havertz doubled the lead in the second half, and a late goal to seal the deal from former Brighton player Leandro Trossard capped off an excellent evening for Mikel Arteta’s side.

Here’s how the players rated this evening.

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Read the Brighton 0-3 Arsenal match report here 

Brighton 0-3 Arsenal – Player Ratings

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I'm a Twitter Kai Havertz Troll

Kai Havertz – just not good enough for this team. He should have had 4 goals and 6 assists tonight.

If he doesn’t hit 30 goals by the end of the season, we should ask for our money back.

Tricks Popsicle



60 million down the drain! 😎


At least we keep reminding ourselves of the price we should be having back each time he scores 🤷‍♂️😊

Robert the Elephant



I am in love with this squad.


Am in love with your comment.


I’m in love with a German film star I once saw I’m a movie 🎥 ?
Misspent youth but Kai is German so it kinda fits ?


“In” not “I’m” FFS my funnyness just walked out the room !!!


Germans love that.


You are showing your age, Rocky, quality song, by the Passions, though.


I’m in love…

89 again

I fucking love this team. Can’t remember the last time we were this good. COYG


What a sublime performance, and what a fucking win. Because the media hate us it will go under the radar as to how good we were today. Brighton haven’t lost a home game in a long time, so the fact we tipped up there and dispatched them with real ease will have ruffled a few feathers. They would have all expected us to struggle today, but we didnt even flinch.

Puts a huge marker down.

Your turn Liverpool.


Thiery Henri wouldn’t have scored against this team with the invincible in my opinion.


Almost gave you a greenie for managing to insult multiple generations of Arsenal players and fans in one sentence.

And then I thought… what a twunt.

Exit the Lemming

At his unplayable peak, Henri would have put the entire current Arsenal squad on their backsides before scoring


10/10 the return of the “stadiums are empty everywhere we go” chant.

Btw, who else saw the raw passion on big Gabi and Raya’s face when they celebrated THAT block? I had goose bumps!

The Far Post

Trossard too! Outstanding attitude all around.


Trossard’s reaction was particularly enjoyable. A forward caring so deeply about a clean sheet, up 3 goals in extra time no less, shows how much Mik has these boys bought into defending as a complete TEAM.


I watched a clip of the bench’s reaction in the shoot out with Porto. You could clearly see how much Trossard enjoyed that. Glad that even those who are not starting games as much as they would like are all “locked in”.


Same here mate, genuine goosebumps after that block, these lads are just so loveable!

Steve T

We best be singing that when we play that lot 💪🏻🤣


This side is so far beyond what it was last season. 3-0 the right way round this time, and in the most convincing of ways too. COYG.

Dorset Gooner

I looked at last season 0-3 game line up and it looked so poor in comparison

Man Manny

As improbable as it looked at the beginning, Kai Havertz’ impact on this Arsenal team is closing in on Rice’ levels!
Sa(mena)² eh eh
Waka² eh eh eh
65m down the drain
Kai Havertz scores again.
MOTM for me…and he’s only 25!


Not yet he’s not. 24 until he’s 25 because that the way it works etc etc…


Not bad from “the worst signing of the season”


So many solid consistent performers in this team. Benny, Willo, Gabi, Dec, MØ, Jorginho, Jesus, Martinelli, Havertz. All gonna work their socks off for you. All so reliable.


Not even going to lie, Havertz has shocked me. Never watched him closely at Chelsea and didn’t know he possessed some of the skill sets he has shown these last few months — especially off the ball. There was a point today where he was defending at RB!

Makes me believe Mikel could have turned Mudryk into a world beater.


Your comment needs o be pinned. I wonder how Mudryk must be feeling. Mikel improves players.


Mudryk loves Arsenal, it was his club that force the Chelsea move. There were no happy face when he joined west London


But then we won’t have Tross (Plus that lovely goal today) and maybe the extra cash for Rice


I wouldn’t trade Trossard for Mudryk or any other Chelski shit!!

Exit the Lemming

Apart from Cole Palmer and Reece James, I would agree


It’s a very good point


I said it the day we bought Trosser – steal of the decade!


I would have never in a million years thought that Havertz would become this crucial for us. Mikel is a fucking genie.


That was supposed to be a tricky match. Arsenal made it look easy. Seven more wins and we’re in with a good shout for the title.


Brighton didn’t have a bad game. And they’re actually a pretty good team. And we just battered them at their stadium. I’m in love.


Might be wrong but I feel like Blogs has given Kai the “his best game for Arsenal” tagline at least 3 times in the last month or two. And it’s probably been justified every time. Love to see a player keep improving under Arteta’s tutelage and with the help of teammates who let him score a penalty when he was finding it a rough go, now he’s getting better and more confident with each game and proving the naysayers so wrong. If I’m a talented potential transfer target weighing if I should go to Arsenal or some other top club,… Read more »


Great comment ! Agree 100%


Gotta wonder what Mbappe is thinking about Madrid at this point… would you rather play for Magic Mik or Grandpa Carlo?


What a performance. On the back of Rob Edward’s praise the other day, this was the “thou shall not pass” side of the team with a little sprinkle of quality on top. I couldn’t love these guys anymore. Proud (and v. happy) supporter tonight.


Love how De Zerbi essentially just said, it was a pen, Arsenal were great, what else need I say? We have so much (very justifiable) respect coming our way at the moment from the football world, and you just know this team of legends are gonna keep their feet on the ground!


It’s a 10 from Len for everybody ! Perversely I’m not even called Len ?
It’s difficult to give individual ratings these days when the team is just one unit with everyone making it work ! However Kai Havertz was & has been immense recently so I’m giving him a 15 !!!


Is there even a point in going out into the market for a number 9 in the summer? And I’m being deadly serious. Havertz is hardly going back to left 8! His numbers are as good as what’s available, he’s learned the system and he’s improving week in week out.
I can see him being a 16-20 prem goal a season striker


Eddie goes. Jesus replaces Eddie. Kai replaces Jesus. We could still use another goal scorer and a new 8. I wouldn’t mind ESR there, but I assume he goes.


I hear there is an unhappy striker at Bayern Munich. A former youth team player i believe. Maybe we could give him a chance, i think he might make a good back up option.

North London Forever

He’s jinked to not win a trophy, so do not want him 😉

Henri Like-a-new-signingsbury

Don’t want that guy here ambling about the place

Celebration Police

Arteta has created a monster jaganut. EPL beware because this team will make EPL one team league worse than Pep.
When the team celebrates a block like a goal, then you know what it means. We will score you and you can score us.
When I wrote here that Havertz will 20+ goal contributions this season, I got some thumb down. We’re at that territory now and we still have 7 league and 5 UCL games to go.

Celebration Police


Havertz Enjoyer

I want to kiss Arteta’s big dilly ding dong

Blackpool Albert

I appreciate your enthusiasm, but not the sentiment.


We’ll, now we know Mrs. Arteta’s screen name.


Arsenal players must be tripping balls after smoking that potential banana skin

Aleksander Wło darz

Great win will give a lot of confidence before Tuesday Bayern game… Bring it on!


0/10 for some of those dirty Brighton players, I dislike Enciso in particular


This team is just oozing class just cruise control, like playing fifa PS games on a intermediate level when u an expert , they are cruising. Where can u start praising them but all solid 8s and so invested in a team ethos, it superb to see . Special shout out for me goes to Jorgi , he’s a vital guy , Martin and Dec are in running for players of the year and kaiser up top is beyond vital to this team and as I said earlier he’s a leader a quiet leader but leading by example the ethos… Read more »


I believe Zinchenko had more than one iffy moment

A Different George

He conceded a corner when he didn’t need to on what should have been an easy play. A momentary concentration lapse, which is what almost all of his errors are–not, as the narrative has it, a problem in actual defending, which he is pretty good at.


You clearly missed him being skinned by pace 3 times in the first 30 mins???
Clearly De Zerbi has seen what we’ve all (well, some of us!) have seen so far this season and had them run at him. You no doubt also missed the moment when Mik pulled him to the touchline and read him the riot act.


It seems environment matters. A lot. I don’t think anyone expected Havertz to become such an important player for us. I surely didn’t and I am very happy I was wrong. 65mil looks a good price right now.


Great performance & the ref was OK too for once.


I love this team. I love that opposing fans have to work hard to say Havertz isn’t good. And Ben White, what a hero.

And Enciso’s contribution for our second: solid pass to our team. And the way he just stood there and didn’t defend, impressive. 8 out of 10 for me.


Another calm, composed and mature performance, another clean sheet, and most importantly another victory.

10/10 for the way the lads celebrated the late block by Gabriel.
We’re breeding Mentality Monsters.

On to Bayern now.
Onwards and Upwards!

Grouville Gooner

So pleased for Havertz proving the doubters (definitely including myself)wrong. He seems to reveal new skill sets nearly every game. First it was assists, then goals, then “dark arts”, today was a right foot! Just hoping we can keep our nerve till the end.


Havertz to nail a hat-trick vs Bayern.


I bitched and moaned about Kai Havertz at the beginning of the season but I now have to admit that the man has transformed us ever since Mikel played him at CF.

Dr. Getso

I love Arsenal and thank you Arseblog for always bringing Arsenal news to us


Was a bit worried early that the missed chances by Gabriel and Saka were going to come back to haunt us, but we soon took over and created so many good chances that led to the three goals and nearly a number more. You think back to the turn of the year when we were struggling to score and everyone wanted a striker to come in, but we of course didn’t have the money and good thing we didn’t because we’ve gone and scored 40 goals in 12 matches and have earned 34 out of 36 points in those matches… Read more »


I have a feeling that Arteta will play Jesus as a no 9 against Bayern, I hope that I am wrong.


it’s the best thing to do.. he’s our top scorer in the ucl. it should be a no brainer.


I agree but it’s also a bit of a selection headache – so who do you leave on the bench? Martinelli, who will be more or less fully fit by then and offers the most potent vertical threat as well as one of our hardest working players defensively? Havertz who might be our most in form player? Or you play Kai in midfield and leave out Jorginho in the type of match you most want a player of his experience and intelligence? It’s a good problem to have but I wouldn’t say a no brainer. For me it’s a definite… Read more »


Maybe you are right, our fantastic current run in form, in the premiership, coincides with Jesus not playing as a number 9. However he is much better in the Champions league


It’s even frightening for opponents to think who’s on the Arsenal bench ready to come on to add firepower or lock the backdoor as needed: Partey, Martinelli, Tomiyasu, Trossard, Smith-Rower, Kiwior, and a nearly-fit Timber. No slight for the likes of Holding, Cedric, and Nketiah, who were tasked with helping arsenal stave off a man city onslaught last season


For American viewers, Lee Dixon: 4/10, for his constant griping about the penalty. I get that he’s old school, but he tries way too hard to not be pro-Arsenal.


yup, it was weird. And as an old school fan that’s a penalty in any of the last 4 decades. I don’t remotely understand the controversy.


Yes he must have brought up the fact that he didn’t think it was a penalty 15 times. Literally beat the narrative to death

Dennis Elbow

No, it’s because he’s a City fan, always has been.

Santi’s Phonebox

Spent a long time overlooking Lee’s weird takes on what he just saw but have come to the conclusion he overthinks things, backs himself into a corner and then digs in. Solid penalty and nothing Dixon said made any sense. weird take.

Steve T

My most played song on deezer was waka waka by shakira , I think it means havertz is playing well 😆


Things are going great and not suggesting a change… but, Declan Rice is just more effective in the middle of the pitch than on the left.

Santi’s Phonebox

Until he’s not. Manager wants the team to be unpredictable in how it plays, having Declan at the 6 or 8 adds to that unpredictability. Different set ups for different opposition. I’d say the manager is pretty effective at setting the team up to win games. He can play Declan wherever he wants.


yeah – I’ll let Mik know.

Thx for that.


There was a 15 minute period (65th minute-ish to 81st minute -ish) when Brighton pretty much held the ball yet we controlled the game. We controlled the game. It was like watching an anaconda slowly strangling its prey. Oh, it might get away…..ah….ah…..nope. I am a nervous, twitchy watcher but I was (mostly) calmed by our control. I could get used to this.


Obvious point but important: we are a very good team. It will take a great performance, or a dodgy VAR decision against us, or a bit of luck for any of our forthcoming opponents to beat us or even get a draw.

Spiffy The Dog

I don’t think I’ll ever love anything as much as Gabriel loves defending

Nic Oatridge

I think something should be said about Ben White’s reaction to what seemed nothing more than a shove, looking like he had his throat slashed. I love his football, but this incident soured an otherwise excellent performance.

Swamp Puppy Gunner

Jorginho’s resting fed up old man face throughout this game was marvelous.

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