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Jonas Eidevall reacts to 3-0 victory over Leicester City

Arsenal were 3-0 winners over Leicester City at Emirates Stadium on Sunday thanks to a brace from Beth Mead and a strike from Alessia Russo. Jonas Eidevall spoke to the press post-match, the first two questions are from Arseblog News.

On whether attracting Leicester City onto them was part of the game plan and what changed in the second half…
Leicester comes onto you, some of it is a bit result dependent. I think we managed the game well on the ball in both halves, also the first goal is a prime example of how you need to move the ball and position yourself for the way that Leicester play defence. I did not really like the way we pressed in the first half and we corrected some details and pressed much better in the second half. We suffocated them more and forced them to turn over the ball and the second half we were very dominant.

Another thing we changed between the two halves was our counter pressure, we were good on the ball in the first half but we were way too passive in our counter pressure. We backed off and didn’t go towards the ball, we allowed them too much time and space on the ball. We were much more aggressive and much more proactive in the way we counter pressed in the second half and that created much more opportunity for us. All in all, a good performance, on the ball, good in both halves, off the ball, much better in the second half.

On Caitlin Foord having a freer role to roam across the front line…
The way we could build using Steph Catley as a left central defender gave us a lot of options. There were pros and cons going on the right or left side, we just needed to be aware of those. But as you saw, we had fluidity, we were not set in that or doing one thing. A lot of that is the decision making of the players, what they need to consider is that we need to attack with balance and making sure we see that players move and start to react. They did that really well today.

On Arsenal confirming a top three position for this season…
Relief is not the right word. We want to push and have as many points as possible. The way we see ourselves when we look in the mirror, we see a European club. We see a club that should be pushing in Europe so it is a requirement to qualify but that doesn’t take a lot of my attention at the moment. That doesn’t give me less incentive going forward. We should be pushing in all games and getting as many points as possible and seeing where that takes us in the league.

On being able to bring Maanum and Miedema on…
I think you can see the reception that all our players get when they come on. It is great, we are so well supported, it is such an amazing feeling and occasion to be a part of. I think the players feel that, they feel the love from the fans and that is very nice to see.

On whether he is happy with how this season has panned out…
The season is not done. We have to push in all those three games and make the most out of them and have three really good performances. After that, we have to take a step back and assess and reflect and see what we can learn. I am not reviewing the whole season now.

On Lotte Wubben-Moy’s absence…

On scoring eight goals in the last two games…
Two clean sheets too. That is important, that has been something earlier on in the season in too many games we conceded goals in and that is not really like us. When we look here, the latest run of games we don’t concede so many goals. It is such an important starting point when we are looking to win to not concede and then to build. Of course, we want to score goals, that is great for us and great for the fans but let us not forget the clean sheets.

On Steph Catley playing at centre-half…
Brilliant. Sometimes you can think about the international breaks and they can disturb the rhythm you have in the team. But sometimes they can also prepare your players for situations that can come in really handy. Some of you will know Steph Catley played for Australia against Mexico as a left centre-half and even if it was a long time ago since she did it at Arsenal, she still has that practice from that game and that shows very well here. We are grateful for that today.

On the partnership between Emily Fox and Leah Williamson…
It is an exciting partnership on our right side. They are really good football players. Obviously they need time together to play, to find out their strengths and how they want passes and how they want communicate. But today was one of the best examples in how we want to see that right side work. They are both so athletic as well as good football players. There is one instance in the second half where Emily Fox is contesting a ball in the pocket, she loses the duel then she recovers 15 metres to win the other duel with the players who comes in the back. She plays the ball forward and from there on, she ends up in the penalty area and having a shot. It shows how athletic she is, she can cover so much ground. That right side for us can be really aggressive on and off the ball.

On not giving up on the WSL title…
For us, all games that are left we need to do what is in our control and we need to do our very best. If someone else slips, we might be there. If they don’t, at least we can look ourselves in the mirror and say we did our very best. When we are looking for next season and we speak about consistency and being ready for all opponents, this is a great test for us in the way we prepare. Sometimes you have external motivation, sometimes you do not, you still need to represent the club the best way possible and do your very best. It has been a good start to this block in that sense but now we need to go against Everton again.

1.Zinsberger, 2.Fox (26.Wienroither 90+3), 6.Williamson, 7.Catley, 15.McCabe (27.Codina 90+3); 21.Pelova, 10.Little(c); 9.Mead, 23.Russo (11.Miedema ‘81), 19.Foord (24.Lacasse ‘81); 25.Blackstenius (12.Maanum ‘66).

Unused: 14.D’Angelo, 29.Goldie, 40.Williams, 62.Reid.

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Well done girls.


Emily Freaking Fox !!!!
So good….and will only get better next season as familiarity sets in.


First goal eased the tension and allowed for a fairly comfortable last hour and routine win with nice gloss added by the 2 late goals. The competitive aspect of the season is over for almost all of the clubs in the league, only the City game is left in which to have a spark of interest. Much interest now will be centered on Squad recruitment, who out there is being targeted and whether player’s whose contracts expire this summer will be extended. The two big ones being Stina + Viv. Does Stina really think Jonas is committed to playing her… Read more »


Is there enough space ?

Jonas took us to the Semifinals in Champions League last year with a plethora of injuries. He is a good coach. I hope both renew….
Plus Beth is staying so….fingers crossed 🤞

Tim Stillman

I don’t think the decision with Viv is just about how much she wants to stay.

Fun Gunner

I don’t think he has to choose one over the other. It’s horses for courses. At no 10 he’s got Maanum, Miedema, Pelova, Little and Russo. Front three possibilities: Foord, Lacasse, Mead, Miedema, Russo, Blackstenius (and possible new recruit on the left wing). As a no 9, he’s got Blackstenius, Russo, Mead and Miedema. False 9? Miedema and Russo. The fact that Russo is so versatile means that JE *can* play her and Blackstenius more. It’s a bit like Katie and Steph – we can play both or either, and not just on the left side either. Blackstenius does very… Read more »


Played well, good watch. Our Lioness strike force is on fire at the moment.

Amor pelo futebol feminino

If Hemp could sign for Arsenal, he wouldn’t need anything else or Sofia Smith her contract runs until 2025, I thought it was strange that she would renew for a short time. the club has the money to bring her, they have to think big as it would be important for the CL qualifications


Do you mean US superstar Sophia Smith? Because they’re reporting her new salary as over $2m a year, which is way more than anyone in the WSL earns …

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