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Odegaard ready for “tough battle” with Bayern

Martin Odegaard says Arsenal expect a “tough battle” when Harry Kane’s Bayern Munich visit the Emirates on Tuesday but he says his team-mates are ready for the challenge.

The Bavarians prepare for Champions League quarter-finals knowing the competition is their last hope of silverware following a torrid domestic campaign that includes being dumped out of the German Cup by third-tier Saarbrücken and outclassed in the Bundesliga by Xabi Alonso’s Bayer Leverkusen.

Bayern, who’ve won each of the last 11 championships in Germany, started their league campaign with a 12-game unbeaten run, however, the rails have come off since December leading coach Thomas Tuchel to pre-emptively announce a summer departure.

“They’ve had some strange results in the league and we have seen that,” Odegaard told the Guardian ahead of the game.

“But if you look at the team and see the quality they have then we know they are a really strong side with really good individual players as well so it’s going to be a tough battle, but we are ready.”

While Arsenal have been going great guns in the Premier League, three consecutive 5-1 defeats to Bayern run have left deep scars for those on the Emirates’ terraces. Revenge is in the air, especially with former Sp*rs’ captain Kane returning to north London.

For all Bayern’s woes, the England striker has impressed in Germany netting 38 goals and making 12 assists in 37 matches.

“I think we should of course [we] respect him but I don’t think we should fear anyone,” noted Odegaard.

“We have to focus on ourselves and the quality we have in the team. He’s a good player. I have played against him a few times and I know the quality he has, especially in the box, and he’s also good in the link-up.”

He added: “Every game we play there are good challenges. Bayern are a good team with lots of good attacking players and it’s going to be a big night at the Emirates.”

Mikel Arteta is due to face reporters later this afternoon, we’ve no doubt he’ll also have something to say about the threat posed by Kane and Co.

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Now is the time to beat them.


Kane on zero trophies, let’s help him stay that way.


I feel less antagonistic towards Kane now that he is no longer with the chicken-atop-a-ball club. I have felt really sorry for him this season seeing that familiar look of despair (which I used to enjoy while he was in England) on his face.

Of course, want us to knock Bayern out by next week. But I wouldn’t mind seeing him lift something next season. It would actually also offer us a stick we can beat Tottnum with.

Tankard Gooner

We’ll always have enough stick for that lot. Couldn’t care less if Harry ever wins any silver or not.
Let’s give Bayern their dues with interest this year.


Let him lift the golden boot award; as a previous member of the youth setup, he will love that


Once a Sp*r always a 💩.
You don’t just cure yourself of your 💩iness by moving to a different club, that stench will always stay on you to an extent


(unless like Sol Campbell you move to the non stinking part of North London, only then you get the exclusive antidote perfume that washes it away. But most Sp*rs wouldn’t qualify for that even if they wanted it)


The T on the shirt stands for Twats


Seriously, we should have no fear of them, we’ve met the expectations of the team in the Champions League this season, now play free and win it all… They’re under no pressure.
Plenty of pressure in the league, but we’re answering both. Keep winning. COYG!!!

I miss santi cazorla

Do it for Wenger!


I’d say extend the Wenger Curse on Kane – No Cup for Kane. Xhaka already done his part. COYG!


Do it for Santi too! For Per! For Aaron Ramsey! For Koscielny! For Bellerin! 🙏✨️🫶💪

We had some players we don’t have too much love for in that era but had a few good’uns too, they don’t deserve to keep carrying around that trauma. I’m sure they’ll all be watching tomorrow hoping we can vanquish this particular demon of ours.

Johnny 4 Hats

Yes! Seriously though, I hope Arteta references the 10-2 when psyching our boys up. Ok, it was a totally different team and era. But we were a laughing stock for so long thanks to that. It was utter humiliation. Arsenal is not Arteta’s Arsenal or Wenger’s Arsenal. It’s just Arsenal. So every defeat should need avenging. And no one avenges like Arteta. It came as no surprise to me to discover that Mikel’s favourite film is Gladiator. A man they call ‘The Spaniard’ on a blood thirsty revenge mission. He’s brutal. And he’s coming for everyone. No one should sleep… Read more »


“My name is Mikelus Legohairus Artetus, commander of the Army of North London, General of the Gunner Legions and loyal servant to the true emperor, Arsene Wenger. Captain of a humiliated team. Manager of a bantered club. And I shall have my revenge, in this leg or the next”.


Lol’d at my desk at Manager of a bantered club

Johnny 4 Hats



Nice assist J4H 😉

I forgot this edit though “…true Lord of Football, Arsene Wenger”

Johnny 4 Hats

I am merely Ozil to your Sanchez.


Ooh that was tasty while it lasted, wasn’t it?


Nah, this is genius!


Key question at the presser is whether Kane will be in the pocket of Saliba or the pocket of Gabriel. And when he will be subbed off….

Blackpool Albert

He’ll be like a billiard ball…Saliba’s pocket, then Gaby’s, then Rice, etc. Hoping Big Ben can get in some shithousery with Kane and the rest of that lot.


It’s a classic football cliché but ‘never been a better time to play them’ really does apply. I suppose you could also say something about wounded animals but this is the moment – the boys need to take it. Feeling confident. We shouldn’t be fearing anyone.


Never been a worse time to play us.


Following on from J4Hs Gladiator reference, we need the fans in the ground baying for blood like in those arenas. Become Galatasarayan for 1 night.

Cranky Colin






Man Manny

If we overcome Bayern, City or Madrid awaits us. Can we fit in those two rigorous games into a schedule that already has 7 “Cup finals” lined up? I strongly believe Arsenal has what it takes to win the seven games and nick the title. The EPL is my preference this season. But I also don’t want us to lose to this Bayern side for records sake. It is time to get one over them. They seem at their weakest in more than a decade, and we have a good chance to put the last nail on their coffin for… Read more »


The double is the priority of the team, manager and fans. To answer your question – we can ABSOLUTELY fit another three games into our schedule, and we’re gonna win them all! We can take down any team in the world right now. The “excuse” mentality has no place with this team! COYG!!!!

North London Forever

Not “if” but when we beat Bayern.
C’mon Gunners
In Arteta we Trust

Guns Up

As much pain as Kane’s inflicted upon us over time, he hasn’t done it against Gabriel and Saliba. I believe he’s got a grand total of one penalty across two games against them. Just like Haaland and every other striker they face, he’s in for a rough ride.

Teryima Adi

They will pocket Kane. These guys live for clean sheets.😀


I’ve seen a few Bayern games lately. Kane is still good but definitely slower. It also seems like he’s involved less in build up than he was at spuds. Bayern as a whole are dangerous but a bit all over the place. When they click they can still cut teams apart, we need to be very careful I don’t love Zink for this game.


Could there every be a more sterophyical cartoon evil character team than one that contains Neur, Muller and Kane .
Time to slay those bustards .
White and Tomi be in for tough night against their wingers so focus has to be to get help with them whilst starving them of ball from midfield..
We should overrun them in midfield if everyone plays to potential but it’s a game that might suit Partey better to start than Jorgi , jorg for th away game.


I like this team, but I would start Zinny in the home leg. And then Kiwior or Tomi in Bayern. Zinny is built for this type of game and having Partey and Rice there balances Zinny’s forward, inverted positioning.


Ya fair point and help overpower them in midfield but just worry zinny running backwards and Gnarby, sane, musilia or coman running at him


Give him adequate help and he’s a really good team defender. Always has been. Let defenders isolate him and it can be a problem as he’s not the strongest 1v1. That’s an important tactical adjustment we need to make. But his benefits are unquestionable.




I’d be interested in seeing that lineup with Rice and Partey swapping positions. Feel like Rice offers more solidity in front of Saliba and Gabi, and Partey could unlock defences with his passing???


I’ll go higher than six at £5 a point on the number of flies Harry Kane will catch in regulation time.

Bill Hall

To be fair the Arsenal teams of old struggled with Bayern but this is not the Arsenal team of old. I don’t think any of the current squad were part of that? Certainly not your typical first eleven!


The only players that was part of that squad is Elneny. Arteta himself was club captain in his last season in the 15/16 5-1 defeat at Munich, though we beat them at home in a very good 2-0 win. Still remember that Bellerin run assist for Ozil’s goal.

Teryima Adi

Let’s blow them out of the water. COYG!!!


We owe these lots a real peppering. Drive the nail hard into their season’s literal coffin and put the fear of God in them ahead of the second leg.
I know it’s not going to be a cakewalk, but i see us giving them a hell of a game tomorrow.
Long overdue afterall.

We’ve got this 🎯


Couldn’t agree more. 5-1 would seem appropriate.


5-1 please


5-0 please


Are these really Bayern players or blogs has deliberately bloated their physiques? 😳


Nope, it is their physiques…if this what they do before a match

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